Let's build a harvest-moonish town.

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  1. [​IMG]

    image by http://rudolfherczog.deviantart.com/

    I want this to be a casual roleplay where I will act as the NPC and you as the players. Do whatever you want and I will post accordingly. But first, I need help in building the place. Post your ideas and thoughts down below. :)
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  2. This sounds interesting: But I would be horrid in trying to plan. I can help build off ideas though!
    *replied so I can see replies* ;D
  3. Ofcourse :) so, what ideas do you have in mind?
  4. We should assemble what places there should be and what kind of people lives in the town or village. There should only be few people so that I could play as each and every one of them. We should set how many families there are in the town. I imagine this would be life the first harvest moon where your character can woo a villager and ask for their hand in marriage. It has been a long time. I don't remember the kinds of family there are in the first harvest moon. This is where I need your help :)

    I still remember farming, mining, chopping stumps for wood, reading the dramas on tv, soaking in the hot spring, buying chickens and horses. I think that's it. I don't remember much else.

    But we should add more interesting things if we manage to think of them.
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  5. Im a harvest moon player myself. i can give some ideas, and maybe use some charecters from actual games too, like how the valley usually adds mineral town charecters.
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  6. I am looking for a Harvest Moon esque role-play as well. If I could, would it be alright if my character was a mythical person, like a witch or something, I think that would be fun for me.

    And usually when people play with Harvest Moon Themes there are:


    Master Carpenter
    Carpenter Assistant

    Ranch Hand

    Farm Hand (optional)


    and so much more, what do you all think should be in it?
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  7. cool ^^ help are very much welcome in this thread.

    I saw your interest check thread. XD I thought you that you hijacked my idea. But as I said earlier, help is welcome. Once anyone help, this world becomes yours as well. A witch is very much welcome. I love magics. XD I want this to be a world of machines and magics.

    I am currently thinking about families. If I remember it correctly, there was a family owns a restaurant and a family that owns a clinic. And I think each roleplayer could roleplay as one of the workers or citizens. This will be a casual slice of life roleplay where the players interact with each other, yes? :P
  8. I'm really sorry about that, I just had that idea for so long I posted it without looking at other interest checks to see if there was one like it. I did not intentionally steal your idea.

    Yeah it was just a basic town, so all we need to do is come up with a town and its location and have jobs surrounding it that people would work at, because when there are jobs there are people. So what kind of town are you thinking? Mountains, ocean, fields, access to each of these, etc?
  9. I am thinking of combining all of those elements since it is harvest moon. There will be paths leading to the mountains, the sea, the forest, and the farm, and the town. The mines and hot springs may be located in the mountains. :)
  10. /me peeks out of her 1x1 shell

    I might be interested if this doesn't get too huge O.O
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  11. I hope it doesn't. Too much people is a crowd which is difficult to manage. I just want this to be a relaxing roleplay where we don't have to plan much.
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  12. Oh also, insofar as
    You should post a help request in the Worldbuilding Guild! Building settings is kinda what we do ;P

    The images are a bit different from the fairly standard villages in the HMs I've played, so I'd like it if there was like, some history and intent behind why the town is built how it is and in the style that it is :P
  13. I would prefer if the players themselves contribute in the creation of the world. :) it will make things more interesting.

    If you like, I could think of how why the building was built as it is, but it would prefer if everyone give their opinion and thoughts as well. Why do you think the buildings are constructed as they are? :D
  14. Okay, you should post the finished result as a showcase though :P

    Well, it looks like there's a lot of water around, which explains all the stone and the lack of earth/wood in the buildings/ground level. If there's fairly consistent (ie: annual or bi-annual) flooding, as well as higher tides/storms, these would rot and wear away over time. The round door also looks like a sealing type, maybe it's designed to be able to seal when the door is below water (fantasy supertides!) and open when it's above again?

    It also looks like, despite having most of the area built of stone and metal, there's still a regard for nature (good for an HM setting!) so there's probably some improvised accommodations for plant/animal life within the village; maybe indoor gardens/greenhouses, rooftop atriums? island gardens?
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  15. I love the idea of super tides. :D I love to add constant changing seasons and weather as well because they interest me :D

    Because of the tide, there should be multiple level of town area as well.
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  16. There should be a smith who creates stuff for people. There should be monster hunters as well. XD ... and there shall be monsters!
  17. To be honest, I think if we wanted to go with a basic set up of about six people, so it is not too large but it has a few people in it, we should have someone play the doctor, farmer, rancher, cafe owner/waiter/waitress, forest witch (who makes potions and stuff for people in the town), and blacksmith (who would do carpentry). Other people can be substituted but everyone after that would be NPCs.


    How have you been? How does six people sound, too large or too small for this type of role-play?


    And I love the idea of fantasy super tides and like Shade said make a few different levels for the town. Maybe the forest, ranch, farm, and other such places are at a higher altitude so they are safe from the tides. And if we have the tides there should be a shelter for the townspeople.

    Maybe the island, or wherever we want to place the setting, is disconnected with the Harvest Goddess and the Sea King and because of that plants and animals don't prosper much and the tides and storms are all over the place making trade and travel very hard to accomplish.
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  18. @Tarot
    Not too bad, bud, how 'bout you?

    Six should be okay if people aren't speed-posting back and forth like buttmunches :/
  19. Harvest goddess? Sea king? I'm not familiar with that. What are they?

    I think the small town should be located on a cliff beside the beach. There will be the lower part of the town where fishing happens. I want to create a Naga who is a smith as well as a fisherman who sells gadgets and fishing items for the townspeople.

    I think each player should control one family. One family will handle one or more type of work. One family could consist of one or more people. :)
  20. Am I too late to jump onto this adventure?
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