lets be friends

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  1. :err:

    pleased to meet you all! now bow down tome!
  2. Why, the pleasure is all mine!

    And no! You bow down to ME! :duck:
  3. We bow to no one here, we are all smartasses packed into one small community, welcome to Iwaku! Have a pleasant time and do ask for help or advise if you feel you need any.
  4. Hello there! I am Lady Moog!

    Hello. <3
  6. I'm a Mistress, I cannot bow to you~

    But I will welcome you. <3 Get my attention if you need anything, anytime. I'm fun to talk to and I love to roleplay. *Welcome hug!*
  7. Welcome to the site. I bow only to those with bacon.
  8. By your thread title you imply there is good reason we wouldn't be friends....

    *strokes beard*

    Then I welcome you to the field of honor, let us bow to each other before he cross blades for the final time.
  9. *puts paw on Moog's head* Now, now I only serve Silverwing *some wolf I created* not you,aside from that welcome to the Iwaku if you need any help just ask and I can help.
  10. Asking a Loveless to bow down to you, is complete and utter nonsense.

    But nonetheless, welcome to the Iwaku, where the dark and evil is our power source.
    Now, I must be on my way. And I better see some posts from you.

    Good day~ *tips hat*
  11. *bows politely* Welcome to our humble abode, Lady Moog! Please, make yourself at home, feel free to browse the Roleplay OOCs board and fill out a character sheet in any thread that interests you. Have fun!
  12. *steps on Char's back with one foot* Howdy! I'm Zypher and I'm your local RP global mod, I only bow to Diana~ But if you have any questions or need help starting/finding and RP just come to me and I'll be sure to help~
  13. Stiletto heel in the back....... ouch.
  14. Ggrgll... see what trying to be nice gets you around here? Medic! *blood gushes from his gaping wound*
  15. I stabbed the medic to see what he'd do.... He died. Here have his bandages.
  16. Hello and welcome... wait, that's been said already, huh?
    Well, it's nice to see you around here. Please look around, take a look at anything that looks interesting, and I hope that you find yourself enjoying it here.
    I'm Kitti, the pleasure it all mine.
  17. I'm not, am I? =o
    It's a pleasure to welcome you the the site, Lady Moog.
    I'm Miru, and I serve Ki-chaama. ^_^
    Is it bad if you thread title reminds me of that one episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", where all the giant clowns were like "Let's be friends! Let's be friends! Let's be friiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeends......."

    That outburst aside, if you find yourself needing help, feel free to ask me. ^_^
    Enjoy your stay. ^^