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  1. Hello there! I am looking for some new partners to create an awesome story with. I have recently had some roleplays fizzle out and die, while others haven't been responded to or I'm simply just losing interest.

    I love to write. It's an excellent stress reliever and gives me something positive to focus on. I love to let my imagination flow into a detailed story and I need a partner that can help contribute. I have been wanting to play more female characters lately, though I can write for male too.
    General Expectations:
    • Please write 2 - 3 paragraphs for each response. I tend to match what I get, but have been known to write anywhere from 7 - 10 paragraphs back, depending on the plot and what's happening.
    • PLEASE NO ONE-LINERS! I cannot stress this enough. I need something to work off of, otherwise my responses will not be my very best and I will lose interest in the story.
    • I prefer decent grammar. I hate to be a stickler, but I write to the best of my ability - you should too. I understand we all make mistakes, but run-on sentences for paragraphs aren't very fun to read.
    • I love to communicate with my partners during the course of the RP to make sure we both are still interested. This is also a great way to add new candies and further the storyline.
    • Please, please, please add your own ideas to the story. Reaction posts happen, but if every one of them is simply reacting to my character, I will lose interest.
    • I would prefer a partner who can respond at least once a day, though we could have more depending on the day or story. Please don't respond with a short, hastily-written post for the sake of responding. It makes it seem like it was done out of obligation as opposed to wanting to continue the story.
    • I write in past-tense and only use first person within quotations - I would prefer my partner to match that.
    • Please use details. I want to know what your character thinks, what their hopes are, even a bit of their history would be fabulous. I want characters that are compatible and have depth to their personalities.
    On to some ideas! I have been really into fantasy and pirate adventures lately. I would also like some more cyberpunk or dystopian settings to work with.

    Idea #1:
    Cyberpunk War (open)
    Futuristic year. Technology is booming and humanity is becoming more and more dependent on its creations - robots, transportation, communication implants, whatever else you'd like to include - totally open to suggestions. Every citizen is required to be chipped for medical and job assignment purposes. The world is split with technology supporters and those who oppose chipping and lack of physical communication. Those who oppose are naturally educated in the ways of technology and have been working toward shutting down the grid. A war is brewing among the two groups and only fueled when an army is built off of the trust of the microchips - a rise in crime and altercations becomes worrying for everyone. This conflict culminates into a civil war, forcing our characters to flee the city for their lives. One of our characters is for tech, the other against - your choice. Their purpose is to find who is right and discover the reason for so many chipped citizens' uprising.

    Idea #2
    Pirate Fantasy! (open)
    Our characters are sailing the seas on their own, searching for a key. The world in which they live is a torn society, those with the gift of magic and the rulers of each piece of land, who rely on their riches for control and have no magical ability. The separate kingdoms have become corrupted by greed. Those who do not share the idealizations of royalty are being hunted one by one, whether they are magical beings or not. On to the key - this key is not necessarily an object. It has the ability to build a kingdom or destroy it - the way the RP goes can be discussed in PM, as well as the various magical abilities our characters may or may not have. I want krakens and dragons, swords, ships, thievery, and spells - the whole shebang!

    Idea #3
    A Dystopian Rebellion (open)
    The world is finally recovering from a massive epidemic that wiped out nearly 60% of the world's population. Natural resources are taking the planet back - forests are consuming cities, the oceans are expanding, and the weather is extremely unpredictable. Our characters are assassins - one employed by an organization that does not support the current government, the other working for the government, being forced to impose a strict martial law. The opposing organization will stop at nothing to gain control, sending their assassin on missions to kill civilians and make it seem as though it was a hate crime or the end product of a faltering government. The government's assassin is forced to hunt the organization and discover their secrets. This plot revolves around moral struggles, which inevitably forces our characters to rebel and flee the city - reasons for this can be discussed in PM.

    I will update this list of ideas periodically. If these don't interest you, that's okay too! I would love to hear your ideas and collaborate. Each of these plots have room to be changed, so if you have a great idea, I would love to hear it! I am pretty much open to anything, so if you're unsure, just ask :3
  2. I find the Dystopian Rebellion idea to be interesting, otherwise I'd be up for anything as well, so shoot me a pm.
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