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  1. Hello, all! It's been quite a while since I've participated in a group RP and thought it was high time I started having fun with them again. I have a few inklings here and there, but overall I'm free for any and all plot discussions. Feel free to comment and get involved with the discussion! You can even message me with ideas if you'd like.

    Things to know about me:
    When I roleplay,I like my partners to post at least a paragraph in their replies, and to use good grammar. I'm cool with playing girls or guys, so no problems there. I'm literally open to most any type of roleplay, so any suggestion are well liked and accepted.

    Base Theme Ideas:

    Demon RP (modern or historical)
    High School RP
    Delinquent RP
    Teens with powers RP
    Slice of Life RP
    ((multiple others i can't think of because my brain is dead))
    Most any mix of the above, and your suggestion.
    RP with a love triangle in almost any genre.

    Base Plot Ideas:

    Demons and half-demons have traveled back to the human world to find things different than the way they left it. The human world is in chaos as an evil being pulls the strings. If the evil isn't stopped, the chaos will soon spread to the spirit world as well. Characters would be demons, half-demons(only a few), and humans. You could play as a good guy, a bad guy, or even a neutral.

    A girl enters in to an all guys' school, disguising herself as a guy and living in the dorms for -as of yet- an unknown reason. (I love the girl-disguising-herself-as-a-guy thing for some reason, so anything with that is cool: to be on a certain sports team, to fight, an OHSHC type thing etc.)

    Something along the lines of what happens in Sword Art Online, but different somehow.

    A girl/guy wakes up with no memories surround by people who claim to know him (friends, family, lovers, enemies, etc.).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.