Lethal Reword - Tatters of the Fourth Wall

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Boss Frost

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The day had started out so good, too. You had gone online, messed around a little, decided to join Frost's 4th edition RP... sure, some help this or there was needed, but still, you got your character accepted.

You didn't even make it to another forum. With a glance at the acceptance post, a shadowy hand burst itself from your computer screen with a head-splitting screech, latching onto your face... and pulling.

Though you struggle with all your might, or maybe you are too shocked to struggle, the surprisingly strong, cold arm manages to pull you into the screen...

You are placed before a grand table, various mythological beings before you... looking at you. Snickering, jeering, advising... a dissonant symphony of noise that tears at your very flesh. The mythological beings all become quiet, then...

Hands sprout out from the ground, these with cyclopian eyes staring from their palms, fanged mouths dripping a strong-smelling ink onto the floor. The hands rear back for a moment before lunging forward.

You feel something rip.


"Holy heck! Are you alright?" A slight breeze passes by, grass tickling your neck or exposed flesh. "Damn that was a long fall..." The speaker, a male with shaggy silver hair, stands dressed in shiny scale mail. Good-looking in a way, muscular, with a worried look. "You took a greater fall than I did... I managed to get most of you pieced back together with my first aid skills..." He points to a few bandages here and there."

Donning an embarrassed look, the silver-haired man sighs, rubbing the back of his head. "...I was called 'Professor Frost' on Iwaku... 'Boss Frost' before this all happened." He gestured around at the empty field. "...'Fore you ask, I have no idea what's going on. I've been here for a few days, now... I think something else was using my account..." he bites his lower lip. "...Feel free to panic."
Slowly, with pained movements, a young man with pale skin and orange hair climbs to his feet. Eyes locked on the man who claimed to have bandaged him, he did not even seem to have looked at himself.

Memories foggy at best and hardly present, he knew his body felt unnaturally large and clumsy. Perhaps from the fall... "I was called..." he began, realizing he didn't know, really. However, as the satin low rasp escaped his throat, he nearly fainted in shock, his eyes widening. Looking sharply down at his body, one thought did present itself. His memories might not be clear, but he sure as hell had not been male.

Bringing his hands to his chest, he felt himself up in a slightly awkward fashion. Solidly muscled chest. "What the...hell..."

"Uh.." a young woman sat up. "Man, my head.."

Looking down at her chest, she apparently noticed her breasts for the first time. She gave them a few experimental gropes before smiling. Yes... She jumped up and hugged the man, kissing him. Her right hand drifted downward, and she let it rest on the suprisingly attractive swordsman's rear for a while.

"Thank you..call me Katrina, for now. It's less awkward that way."

Katrina let go of the swordsman and looked around for a bit.
"So we got sucked into the game, eh? This..is going to be pretty awesome." She stretched around, seeing how her body moved. All in all, things were going...awesome. She decided to try out something, and dark energy shot forth from an outstretched hand and into a tree.

The man previously known as Frost gives the other male a concerned look. "I'm sure it'll come to you eventually. He gives the man a hopefully comforting pat on the shoulder...

It was that point when an incredibly attractive female collided with him, pressing him close, giving him a kiss, and placing a hand on his firm, perfect man's rear. His reply: "...Za?" The confused quotation was followed by a happy (but confused) look on his face.

A deep redness races across his face until he composed himself once more, "Erm... Well, according to these..." He reaches in his pocket, pulling out a piece of paper. "...My name is Roxelvi Pale." He smiles. "Spear and shield fighting is my specialty... so... if we run into trouble, I'll protect you both, alright?" He gives them a serene smile, hair blowing dramatically in the wind.

He jumped a bit when the female shot energy at a tree. "Kat! Stop that!" Shortening hername on an impulse, he looked around. "...M'guessing you're our warlock. Now I have to keep on an eye on your for danger to match the eye on your looks." He sighed at the end, putting a hand on his own forehead and turning towards the ground, shaking said head in a 'this is going to be a long trip' sort of way.
"Well, you didn't think that I'd just be the helpless girl, did you?" Katrina sat down next to her equipment cross-legged.
"So we've got a fighter and a warlock, eh? More, if the others decide to wake up sometime soon. A nice balance, so far."

She thought silently. She had been a guy with a normal life, and now she was A) a woman, and B) had ARCANE MIGHT. Yep, things were going great. Though what sort of time dialation they had going on would be a bit of a worry, but that would probably be solved once they all got out.

"...I'm looking forward to this. You?"

Grimacing slightly, the man rubbed his temples as he watched the pair. The female was... at best? Exuberant. The man seemed falsely confident, in charge because he was here first. Licking his lips, he ran his fingers again through his hair.

"I suppose... I shall have to go by a name. I will call myself... Nerusai," he glanced down at the ground as he spoke, picking up aq quarterstaff and testing its weight in his hands. Twirling it, he could come to no conclusion than that it was his own. A soft of.. monk? Bard perhaps? He doubted highly he was a bard, nor had he any inclination to a religion.

Focusing his mind, he tried to scan his thoughts for some arcane bolt, like the warlock, something to mark him as... anything, really. A swirling pillar of flame scorched all it touched as neatly, the fire scorched only what was within its circumference.

Looking expectantly around, he sought some sort of remark, someone who knew what it might mean.

Clearly, everyone would be casting spells to get used to it, so he just sighed, folding his arms across his chest with a smile. Said arms flexed a bit when this pose was struck, and he looked down at them with a happy smile.

A happy smile with pointy, pointy teeth. Upper and lower canines.

They weren't there when he looks to the spear ans shield at his side. Kicking up the spear, he lets it spin in the air a bit before catching it. Not as impressive as some sort of blast of arcane power, but it was enough to satisfy him.

Once that was over, he looked over at Nerusai, offering a charming smile. "My best guess is that you're a wizard..." He points with the hand not holding a spear. "At least, if that is your spellbook down there."[SIZE=-1]

He chuckles a bit, turning to observe Kat. "Nah, this sort of thing tends not to stick defenseless people in here..." He's quiet for a moment. "...Not that I'd know or have experience in the matter, of course." He nods, striking his own shoulder with the haft of his spear. "Yeah, I'm looking forward to this, too. Sunlight, medieval weaponry, a new world to explore, adventures to be had..."


He's cut off by the sound of a roar. Said roar got louder and louder, though it's source could not be seen. When a breeze ruffled the grass and nearly bowled those standing or sitting over, one looked at he sky.

A plane. A grand airplane, decorated with strange arcane symbols, passed neatly overhead, turning slightly and zooming off into the distance.


Roxelvi stood, mouth agape, at what he had just seen. His spear dropped to the ground next to him. If his eyes stretched any wider, they'd probably have fallen out. He just stood there... speechless.
Face down the grass a little way off a hooded figure struggled to his feet spitting out a small amount of grass as he did so. He was facing away from the others and was still unaware of their presence.

"How did I get here?" He put a hand to his head pushing his hood back he noticed his clothes for the first time and almost did a double take. "Why am I dressed like this? That is this?" he asked, reaching under his shirt and pulling out a gleaming katar, the unfamiliar blade felt light and without ever seeing it before slipped the fingers of his right hand into the handle.

He stood, examining the blade, giving it in experimental swing though the air, following the motion into an upward thrust and then a back-flip, he caught sight of some upside down figures in an upside down field and once he was on his feet again turned around.

"Greetings!" he called out "I am err... lost....." He didn't know if he was lost or not, he didn't really know anything. He realized he was still holding the katar and sheathed it. Just then an aircraft flew overhead and he instinctively ducked going into a crouch. "What the.." the breeze of the aircraft pulled his hood down revealing his features. He blinked in the light raising a hand to shield his eyes from the sun.
He started as he heard loud roar of something flew over him. He raised his sore hand as he tried to shield his eyes from the glaring sunlight. He noticed that his arm had been bandaged and examined it. He slowly sat up, groaning a bit as his body ached. He began to look himself over, still a bit dazed. Nothing seemed to be broken or out of place. It seemed that someone had bandaged up most of the cuts. Looking back at the bandage, he realized something that he didn't notice before. His skin was a dark grey, with a few patterns which were in a pale grey.

"What the hell..." He checked his other arm, thinking he may have been just hallucinating. His other arm hand was grey as well with the same pattern as his other arm. He then realized he was wearing different clothing as well. He was wearing some simple clothes, a pair of normal leather boots and he seemed to have cloak on as well.

He looked around and took in his surroundings. He saw that there were four people standing not too far from him, they all seemed to be distracted by something that had flown over them. As he got up to go see what was going on, something caught his eye. It was a gleaming sword lying them next to him. He picked it up and looked it over. It was a heavy blade that was about 5 feet long, with a handle that was 1 foot long and wrapped with leather. The sword was heavy, but it seemed to move smoothly, like an extension of his body. It was almost like the sword and him were meant to be together. He noticed that there was a strap that went across his chest and figured that he had a sheath on his back. He placed the sword into the sheath and turned to the group.

"Does anyone know what's going on?" he asked, hoping someone could help him, "The last thing I remember was reading the words 'Accepted' on a thread and some weird hand reaching out for me..."
"Well, that brings our merry band to three. And now we can truthfully call ourselves a party."

She smiled at the wizard. "Getting used to the new body, eh-" she stopped talking as the plane flew overhead.

"..well, it appears that the man in charge of the setting was smoking something." She stood up and looked off in the direction of the plane, shading her eyes with a hand.

"Planes don't usually fly that low. There is totally plot that way, otherwise we wouldn't have noticed it. Chances are it's going to a city, or we're about to run into a plane crash."

Then, more people woke up.
"Ah, hey yo. I'm Kat. I have a feeling that we will get to be very intimate soon...as for what's happening, we got sucked into the game, and now are our characters. Which is why I can channel nameless horrors from beyond time, and why Roxy can use a spear. It's like Tron."
Roxelvi nods, though his ears... seem to move. Without warning, the human ears switch to white vulpine ears, folding back in an annoyed manner as the rest of his face becomes more bestial... seems he wasn't expecting being called 'Roxy'. Said face returned to normal in a moment, however, and he looked towards the assembled others.

"I've been here for the last few days, ever since I put that post up on the forums. That hand dragged me through into here." He sighs, looking up at the sky, silvery hair glimmering. "...I had meant for this to be a normal fantasy setting. Seems it's... not. I've no idea what'll happen here... this is not my setting."

"Anyway... I feel sort of responsible for this, seeing how it was my RP you got sucked into.." He mumbles, 'even though it's not my fault'... before continuing, "...So I'm the party fighter. I've got my spear and shield here..." He pats the shield on his back with the spear. "I'm more than happy to take some damage for the good of the party." He grins, revealing the canine teeth again. "I'm sure I can take it."

"As for the... plane." He turns, looking at it go. "...I'd rater not run towards a plane crash, but if it's landing, I'd like to go into a town and find out some information." However, he doesn't start walking just yet. "...If you guys want, however, we can wait here for a bit... let you get used to your new bodies."

He, however, looks down at himself. "...I didn't really change." His ears flit out to the vulpine ears again, dropping into depression. "I look the same." Roxevli sighs, stands there a moment, shrugs, and straightens back out. His ears return to normal. "Okay, depression over." He shrugs - joking about the whole thing. He figured some humor might improve the situation and prevent the others from panicking, if any were the type to.
The elf man grunted as he slowly pushed himself to his feet. He imediatly felt his ears,and then checked the swords strapped to his back. Satisfied he pulled one out of its scabbard and experimentaly swung it. After a moment he sheathed it agian. After a moment he walked over to the rest of the group, "It seems I am um, Johe Keel, Ranger."
Nerusai gazed in awe at the plane as it passed overhead, missing much of the following conversations as his eyes followed the craft out of sight. Lowering the blue-green orbs to examine the people around him, he swallowed and his stance shifted slightly. To the creature with ears, the seeming leader, he had been open, welcoming though... I'm male now? Should I think like that still? To the female, he had been genial and warm. Yet all these people who crowded in, they made him feel out of place, talentless and faded out.

Creeping backwards slightly, Nerusai retreated into the only area that did not seem to be suddenly teeming with people. The distance from the group gave him a good look of everyone but at the same time, it made him feel smaller, less connected and he bit his lip. Roughly six fet tall now, he had little right to feel so little and vulnerable but it was hard to fight the emotion away. Realizing he had forgotten his spell book, he watched it as his eyes clouded slightly, willing it to escape the crush of heavy footfall unscathed.

Roxelvi turns, looking past everyone for a second to look at Joe." He offers a kind smile. "Well, we're turning out to be a rather large party. At least we' be equipped for whatever lies ahead. Strength in numbers and all that." He nods, "I'm sort of a Legionnaire-style fighter with my spear and shield, so..." He thinks for a moment. "...We've got a pretty tough front-line, I think."

He looks around. "I'll be counting on your guys to take down most of the stuff we're fighting. I can take a beating, but I probably won't be able to hold whatever we're fighting off forever..." He nods to the four strikers - Rogue, Warlock, Avenger, and Ranger.

"As for you... hey, where'd...?" He looks around for a moment, before spotting Nerusai. "'Cha doing over there?" He sticks his spear into the ground, walking over to the wizard... nearly stepping on the wizard's spellbook. He kneeled down and picked it up, walking over to Nerusai with a smile. His ears 'popped' out again as he spoke. "Hey... this is a pretty important object. I'd hate to see you loose it... I'm counting on you to take down all you can, okay?" He hands Nerusai the book. Sure, Roxevi had NO IDEA that this one was once female, he was in 'bring comfort mode' at the time. "Don't worry - I'll protect you. Let's join with the others, we've got a bit of a journey ahead of us."

Roxelvi's shaggy silver hair rustled slightly in the wind, and he smiled at Nerusai, eyes twinkling. "Okay?" He held his hand out to the man, sort of in a gesturing way rather than to take it. It was the sort of pose a female anime fan would have of their favorite character on a poster in their room. The sunlight glinting from his armor in such a 'knight in shining armor' way helped that image a great deal.
Nerusai tried to fight back a blush as the man with the silvery hair turned his focus to him. He took the spellbook, nothing more than a slim leather book with smooth pages in creamy white, and tucked it beneath his arm with the quarterstaff in the same hand. The sunshine glimmered from the silver hair and flashed across Nerusai's vision in a twinkling halo.

Extending a hand, Nerusai tried to step forward but the worn boot on his right foot caught the heel of his left and he stumbled forwards, into the man. Thick tendrils of orange hair concealed Nerusai's face for the second he let his face press to the other man's chest. An instant feeling, like liquid energy singing through his blood coupled with the gentle, unoppressive woodland smell of the man caused Nerusai to pull backwards. Words escaped him and instead he clenched a hand around the quarterstaff.

"I... Sorry..."

Disjointed and ungrammatical, but Nerusai couldn't even lift his head to speak, letting the fiery hair fall across his visage while he stared at the ground before his feet.
"Hey now." The man wraps one arm around the wizard, reaching downwards to gently take the man's chin, peacefully bringing it up to face his own, higher elevated face. "...'Chu sorry for? Tripping's not any sort of offense. Not for you, anyway."

The intricately-muscled fighter offers one of his kindest smiles, wrapping an arm around him and guiding him towards the group. "That was an impressive fire attack you pulled off earlier. You're able to flex your mind to do such incredible acts... I'm envious, to be honest. Here I am, my main skills involve hitting things and having them hit me."

His eyes had caught the bush earlier. The evil in his heart wanted to coax it out more... though the kindness in his head knew it was a poor idea to toy with your party member's emotions. Besides, he was even sure Nerusai was just embarrassed to be so close to him. Roxelvi WAS acting pretty gay. He gave a mental shrug... Nerusai was cute, though.

Reaching down to pat some imaginary dust off of Nerusai (thus taking getting a 'feel' for the wizard while still seeming nice and kind), he lets go of the wizard, looking around. "...Nerusai, can you do anything else like that? I'll be happy to know what you spellusers can do... so I know what I can help set you up for... we're all here to work together, after all."
Nerusai smiled weakly, looking up at the fighter with a bemused expression. The corners of his lips tilted upwards and he slid open the cover of his spellbook. His eyes flicked across the small list written neatly in black ink on the page, his expression becoming vague but serious. Closing it with a soft 'thump', he set it on the ground.

Eager to please, he shot a quick glance back to Roxi before turning back to the now much abused tree. Licking his tongue across his lips, he held out his hands and focused on a single image, a concept, and willed it to work. From his hands shot an arrow that seemed to be sickly green on color, tipped in black steel. He felt the small pouch at his hip lighten slightly as it did so. Where the arrow hit left a noxious looking wound in the tree. HAd the tree been alive, one could picture it seeping nastily.

Embarrassed at having chosen a spell that seemed so highly... unpleasant, Nerusai kept his vision focused on the tree, willing himself not to simply curl up in failure.

Vagre moved closer to the group. There where a lot of them, and they all seemed to have come through their computers. He rubbed his shoulder wishing he had gone all our and bought the 23 inch LCD screen. Though the bruising he has sure had happened seemed to be gone, everything seemed different, from the leg that no longer hurt, to the hair that had blown in front of his face then the aircraft had flown overhead.

He stood loosely at ease when the fighter spoke, so he was the tank, and he was.... what? He didn't feel any different, he had the same height and was in the same shape, he had written a rogue so guessed that is what he must be. He remained near the edge of the group not speak just watching the others. Of all of then he had seemed to have undergone the least change, and seamed to be the least concerned by that had happened to them, as far as he could see this was an improvement, and it might just be fun.
The earth next to the group splits and opens with a crackling roar and a figure, clad in very new, shiny but dark chainmail over a white shirt and a grey-white-black patterened cargo pants is flug out of the hole, a Glaive, it's haft black and it's newly forged, shiny metal blade glinting in the sun flys out after him, as does a bag full of gear, the glaive lands blade first, a few centimetres from the figure's head, but the bag lands squarley on his, for it was clearly a male's back.

"When i find that scum sucking whore-man-woman-thinbg I'm gonna tear it a new arsehole and...." the man sat up, he was around 20 or so years old, under average hight and his rather rounded face looked like it hadn't been shaved for quite some time, the figure was regarding himself with suspicion
"the hell? wheres me gut gone? why am i wearing all this....."again the man paused, though this time it was to regard the glaive, backpack and everyone else that surrounded him.

"so....i take it since you all look like the character sin the RP, and since im even dressed like my bastard, that we're royally" the hole in the ground clsoed in on itself at that moment, drowning out the word the man said next
"Im Michael...Petrenko, man, if i knew this was going to happen, i would have given my self some sort of super awesome name, not jsut my first name and the surname of a Cod5 character, in any case, I'll be your stabby/killy/decapitatey/fighty guy for this clusterfuck" Michael smiled lopsidedly, whilst absent midedly flexing his much-larger-than-they-used-to-be biceps.

"dude, i didnt even have to work out to get these, this isnt all that bad now i think about it, big muscles, facial hair growing equally, stache and all, even no enderchin bald spot" Michael stopped feeling up his face and drew his galive from the ground, hefting the weapon with reletive ease
"So, where to?" he asked, the shock of his arrival giving way to his curiosity and excitement.
Katrina watched and stared a bit at Nerusai and Roxelvi. So..much...bishieness...But wait! If they fall in love, that means I won't get to hit on them as much. Eh..still, if. If they fall in love I'll have issues.

She grabbed her stuff and sat down next to Roxelvi.
"Well everyone, I say that we stick together for now and get going to the plane crash. We can all get to know each other along the way."

She looked up at the fighter.
"What do you say, fearless leader?"