Lethal Reword 3: Lost Dice!

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  1. By popular demand (meaning on a whim), this one's created for those of you who... well, don't want to try D&D. So, I present to you my FREEFORM version of the Lethal Reword Series... "Lost Dice!"

    Like the others in the series, you're playing as yourself. Unlike the others, we don't have the dice and rules system to slow you down or limit your imagination, or waste your time in character creation. Nope! Instead, pick up a sheet, slap us down a character, and jump right in! Of course, the usual RP rules apply - no godmoding, actually really the posts above you, don't break the setting, etc...

    But first... the plot!

    It's the year 2012. The onset of virtual reality games has finally begun, and other than the first few of them - remakes of Super Mario Brothers, Sonic, and a few other 'newer' games (including a new Elder Scrolls) - there isn't much to do with them.

    Until several people get a new game in the mail. A single disk, labeled 'Lethal Reword - Beta'. It's a bit of a shock to some, who remembered playing the game of the same name back as a play-by-post forum game.

    After loading the game up onto the console and making a character, you log in... little did you know that something wasn't quite right.

    Character Name:
    Species/Race: (fantasy race or Human, please)

    Physical Characteristics

    General Appearance:

    Mental Characteristics

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:

    (Remember that the point of Lethal Reword is to play as yourself! That is, the 'you' behind the computer sucked into another world!)
  2. Astrath lied down and pulled Harmony on top of him.
  3. "Why did you decide to wear my shirt?" Astorath asked in an attempt to change to a lighter subject.
  4. Must. Play. I'll get a bio up soon. *lol*
  5. Heh heh. I'm back...

    Character Name: Noise/Xenoxis
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 21

    Physical Characteristics

    General Appearance: Stands about 5'11", weighing 195 lbs. Fairly muscular, but in a 'fit' kind of way(as opposed to a body builder). Black, straight shoulder-length hair pulled back. Wears small, oval glasses, and has olive-colored eyes. He wears long, dark green pants, with leather padding on the knees. His shirt is a long sleeved turtle-neck of sorts, also a dark green, with more leather padding on the elbows. His shoes are leather hunting boots. He also has a ghillie suit which he keeps in his pack. Whenever he changes location, he remakes it with area foliage.
    Strengths: Great shot, good at sneaking, brings a knife to a gun fight, and vice versa.
    Weaknesses: No magic, rifle is inacurate at non-melee close-range, of only average strength.
    More: Caries a .22 calibur Newport* lever-action rifle with a basic scope, along with plenty of ammo. He also has an hunting knife strapped to his belt, and another one on his right ankle, just in case. In his pack, he carries a ghillie suit, heavy and light blankets, green and black camoflage face-paints, and flint-n-steel.

    *Newport is used in place of Winchester

    Mental Characteristics

    Current Goal/Purpose: To become the top rankiong hunter in the game.
    Talents: Highly skilled sharpshooter/sniper. Skilled at wielding knives, inlcuding wielding two at the same time. Expert tracker. Master of stealth.
    Inabilities: Close-range combat, magic, feats of strength
    Fears: Bodies of water with fish and/or plant life(ie, anything but pools, bath tubs, etc), heights(including even taking the stairs, unless going down to or up from a basement)
    General Personality: Always looking for a group to join. Brings logic to the group, as well as sometimes anti-logic. Some see him as a genius gone mad, while he sees himself as simply seeing what is obvious. He also doesn't trust magic, and never uses enhchanted bullets. He can aslo be somewhat sadistic, randomly stabbing things repeatedly. After all, it's just a game.
    Inner Personality: In truth, he probably is a little mad. However, most likely he is just over-enthusiastic about a few things. His true reason for looking for a group is to use them to get to treasures and beasts he normaly wouldn't be able to on his own. He is willing to sell out his party if the price is high enough.
    Secret: In the Real World, he is trying to hack the game to add tacos to the list of foods served at inns and lodges.
  6. "They smell like me."
  7. "Mm.. if you stay home more, you get to enjoy me instead of collecting all the dirty laundry."
  8. Ok, a few questions: Since this is us playing a game, are the character goals that of us playing the game? ALso, since it's us playing a game, are we allowed to use words and phrases that we would use in conversation today?

    All of this similar to how .hack// was, with people realizing they were in a game, as opposed to how LR2 is set up.
  9. Yes, and yes.

    The only exception to the first question is Fro’siv, who doesn't seem to realize he's in a game (plot-induced amnesia)!

    You could play a non-Reworder character (as in, not 'yourself'), but it'd be because that character is a 'sentient' piece of the game.
  10. "I guess since you like them then it's ok."
  11. Harmony shudder gently.
  12. Alrighty... Diana, Vay, and TNT - you're in. Post whenever.
  13. General
    Character Name: Ivan Alexandrovich Ushenka
    Gender: male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: mid 30s

    Physical Characteristics

    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    tough Ivan has medium length brown hair and a long, full beard that looks rather like this:
    Strengths: Musketry and fighting with a short sword (such as a Cossack sword)
    Weaknesses: not so good at dealing with magic (any form of magic tends to become a target for Ivan to shoot)
    More: HATES Wizards. oh, and Gnomes, but he isnt so genocidal when it comes to gnomes.

    Mental Characteristics

    Current Goal/Purpose: Kill Qizards, get rich, survive and live a good long life.
    Talents: Crack shot, courageous, walking arsenal
    Inabilities: diplomacy, dealing with mages (in any way other than shooting them or cuttign their head off)
    Fears: Magic
    General Personality: Ivan is hottempered, arrogant and entriely too bold. I like that, reminds me of me. (Karma for the people can name the film that quotes off, even more karma if they embed a youtube vid of the quote)
    Inner Personality: Ivan is loyal and humble on the inside, hsi arrogant exterior serves only to hide the intense fear of magic that he harbors.
    Secret: Ivan has more guns than the US army, they are strapped to holsters on all parts of his bod, theres even a sawn off blunderbuss pistol inside his hat.

    il finish the rest later

    and the forum can shove that ticket bullshit up its arse.
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  14. "Yes, I am." Astorath gave her another lick.
  15. Sa'll good, Myn (one of my other Reword characters is female). You're in.
  16. Character Name: Vincenek Havel
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Half-Elf
    Age: 29

    Physical Characteristics

    General Appearance: Vincenek is around six feet tall, with short brown hair, a stubbly goatee, and slightly pointed ears. He has pale green eyes and a vaguely athletic build. His starting clothing is a black T-shirt and a pair of faded jeans, with shitkicker boots.
    Strengths: Vincenek can do a bit of everything - low-level magic [At Lv. 1 - "First Aid"], average marksmanship, and he can hold his own in a brawl. His unique skill? Song-magic. That's right - he's a bard. He can grant buffs to his allies and debuff enemies. The strength and variety of his effects will grow as he levels.
    Weaknesses: Vincenek is a J.O.A.T - Jack Of All Trades. While he has a wide variety of skills, he gains skill in each more slowly than a specialised character.
    More: Starting Equipment: Fender Teknokaster [Starter Guitar], .38 Thaumatic Industries Adventurer's Revolver [Starter Pistol] [Does not require ammo, but relatively low damage and slow reload rate]

    Mental Characteristics

    Current Goal/Purpose: Spend some time killin' shit and relaxing away from work./ Make the haters-of-bards eat their words!
    Talents: Guitar! And, occasionally, shooting things in the face.
    Inabilities: Suffering the Blatherings of Stupid People
    Fears: Getting shot in the back.
    General Personality: Generally fairly easygoing. Usually easy to get along with, though extremely opinionated. He can be intense at times.
    Inner Personality: About the same as General. He tends to wear his mind on his sleeve.
  17. Astorath continued to lick her deeper.
  18. Rouge abilities? How is he with blush?
  19. "Ahh..." Harmony let out a startled cry.
  20. General
    Character Name: Esperyan "Esper" Souhait
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Drow
    Age: 17

    Physical Characteristics

    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Around five feet and six inches tall, most elves scoff at her small stature.

    Strengths: Archery, rapiers, and speed.
    Weaknesses: Sun burns her eyes and she distrusts people in general.

    Mental Characteristics

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find a new place to call home.
    Talents: Esper can easily outrun a human, she is agile and fast with superior accuracy.
    Inabilities: Unable to defend herself well from heavy blows, her upper physique is far weaker than her lower body strength.
    Fears: Being stuck forever in blinding daylight.
    General Personality: Quiet and studying, Esper does not judge and often gives the mistaken impression of apathy.
    Inner Personality: Esper longs to be cheerful and optimistic; she wants people to like her and like being around her but she cannot shake her ingrained wariness and is unable to be effervescent and bubbly like the girls she sees attracting attention.
    Secret: Wants to find someone to adore her, more than anything else, and is always looking at people from that perspective at least initially.