Let us nap under the stars...

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  1. I'm Counting Ewes and I love to sleep. Seriously, I sleep and average of twelve hours a day, a fact that make my lack of job a blessing considering. I pass the rest of my time writing and plotting and chatting with my partners, and have a board range of tastes that, I hope, would fit most one way or another. I'm an adult female struggling with a cocktail of mental maladies, that strangely helps with creativity but make social situation particularly painful and exhausting in real life. As such, you will see me here often.

    I play mostly males, just because I don't understand my own gender all that much, especially teenage girls. They be scary! I love plotting and getting to know my partners, and I love developing both character and setting even more as we play around with our creations. I'm not a native English speaker, so mistakes happens, though I'm doing fairly well, I think.

    Anyway, feel free to talk to me any time, that it may be for an idea that would fit around the range of Adept or just to talk and swap ideas. See ya!
  2. Welcome to the Asylum Family!
    We're terrified ecstatic to have your unique brand of style~
  3. So that's what the man in white meant when he said special place for your creative mind... oh.
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  4. Greetings Ewes! ^o^ Welcome to the community!
  5. Thank you, fluffy owl named Diana!
  6. *bows* Welcome to the madness, I hope you enjoy countless adventures.
  7. [BCOLOR=#000000]It's nice to meet you Ewes! :3 Hope I get to speak with you some time.[/BCOLOR]
  8. Thank you! Feel free to send me a conversation should you want to talk one day!
  9. Hey there~ Welcome to Iwaku! :)