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Searching for you.<3
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Hello I'm Bunny I am in need of a role play to escape reality and just have some nice relaxing fun! I do have a few pairings I want to do! If you would prefer others or have other ideas tell me! (All of the ones I would prefer to be will be in purple.)Seriously people I am dying for some roleplays!

Ghost X Monster

Mad hatters daughter X Anyone!

Elemental mage X Shifter (I dont care which I am)

Horse trainer X Ranch owner( Or business man)

Shifter X Shifter

Girl X Bipolar guy (Don't care which I am)

UnicornBunny X other magical creature or human.



homeless girl X rich boy

poor farm girl X rich boy

These are but a few of what I would like! Seriously message me and we can find one that we will both enjoy
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