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      They call it the Empire Wasteland. A place on the East Coast where the Brotherhood of Steel doesn't have a hold. It still holds a bastion of civilization in Chinatown. The former slum that burgeoned when the world fell into ruin. The Triad Gang had taken control of the city. It offered peace and protection for those who could pay. Those who couldn't pay the caps, or angered the Triads were forced out of the area.

      The setting where our story begins....​


    Big cities, no matter the world had a certain quality to them. Any area with a large gathering of people, tended to create its own rules and regulations. For example, our here near to the Imperial Wastelands where New York City once stood, the rule was not of Steel, but rather the Triads. Thus you had less an officious looking score of guards and more an eclectic, if arguably deadlier mix keeping the peace. Massive Super Mutants lumbering with makeshift maces slung over their shoulders, guards armed with an array of guns, less disciplined perhaps but making up for it with a more intense savagery.

    Power Armor was rare, as well as a point hotly contested over with by the Brotherhood of Steel. But whatever the Triads managed to find, they gave the armor their own flourish, spikes welded onto the pieces and paint jobs more fitting with their own colors. So while uncommon, it wasn't a matter unheard of to walk the smoking streets and see from the haze, like some monstrous golem of the stories one of these obstinately named "Peacekeepers" of the Triad. Everyone else just called them the Yama for short and tried to stay out of their way. Still, life wasn't entirely bad. At least no more harsher than the rest of the Wastelands out there.

    And at least they were well protected and had shelter from the acid rains and enough to eat and drink. It was more than most would ever get in this benighted world and in a smokey bar known as the Watering Hole on the outskirts of the city, four people would be playing a game of Caravan in the corner. One drifter, three locals. A Triad middleman dealer, a sewer worker and a ghoul thug. All casually dealing out cards as they kept up a conversation about how things were going in the Imperial Territories.

    The triad middleman peered at his cards, the chinese dragon tattoo standing out starkly against his face before he raised his bet and voiced out casually.

    "So there was a skirmish between the Brotherhood and our side today. About five districts from here, was pretty bloody. Triad lured em down the street and set off a sinkhole trap. Got all of em in one blow."

    The sewer worker, still somewhat smelly from his work snorted and spat in the corner before looking back. He was a cautious man and eventually would fold as he spoke.

    "You were there? Shoot, you know how much work it gave us?! Won't have water in that area for about a week tops."

    The ghoul peered at the drifter, a desperado hat such as those out in the more rural wastelands seemed to favor covering his features. though it was little hindrance to see if he was still in. Seeing it was so, he then added to the growing pile in the middle as he spoke.

    "Smoothskins, y'all are the same. Don't matter what happens to the little guys, so long as you get your little patch of ground."

    The triad man gave the ghoul a hurt expression to which the latter amended.

    "Well not you exactly, but you know what I mean. Brotherhood won't rest till every bit of the Wastelands fall under their control. I ain't a fan of martial law, but still..."

    The triad man nodded as he peered at his cards and said casually.

    "Well, don't worry so much about em. Only place they can go is around the outer rim areas. They're too weak, to go charging up in the middle centric rings. Anyway, soon enough they'll cease to be a problem too. I ain't at liberty to say...But I can tell you with confidence, that we got something which is gonna change the face of the Wasteland powers-that-be for good!"

    He placed his hand with a flourish...And blinked as the silent drifter placed down his hand of a 27 hand value to his own 24 and the ghouls 22.

    The hat brim lifted slightly and while he had been drinking, the triad man could have sworn in the shadows of the place that the drifter had red eyes.

    Lucifer stared at the people he played with before finally speaking.

    "Now that sounds very interesting."


    About five miles from this location, in a street captured for their usage, the Brotherhood of Steel rooted in and awaited orders. An extended battle using their greater resources would crumble much of what they sought from this place, as well as take many innocent lives. So they put their faith in one who had never failed them before.

    Whatever he might be doing now this night, at the least it would not be done alone.

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  1. Riley sat in the back of the dingy bar. It was the field base for the Brotherhood's Operations in Chinatown. Owned by a former Paladin named Geng Chao, The Red Dragon was the only bar in town where the Brotherhood could catch a break from the Triads. The noise of the crowded bar, as well as the acid rain, covered the soldiers planning an attack in the small back room of the bar. The proprietor was respected and feared enough that the Triads wouldn't bother him too much, except when he had to pay his "rent." It was situated in the middle of the area, so the soldiers could spread out from there on their patrols, and it was just public enough that chaos would be caused by the people if trouble was caused by anyone. It seemed like nothing could harm the Brotherhood there.

    At least they thought until a standoff occurred over a blood 'donation'. Some Triad thugs grabbed Sentinel Riley to take a biological weapon from his blood. The Brotherhood was still trying to track those men so that they could take the weapon back, so that it wouldn't be used against them.

    The Knights, Paladins, and Sentinel all sat with their heads ducked in their heavy Power Armor to avoid hitting the light. The room smelled of beer, vomit, urine, and cigarette smoke. The light hung low over a torn up Billiards table that a map was now spread over. Several chairs and couches were all over the room, with tears and rips, and God knows what all over them.

    A Paladin stared at the map. It appeared to be an old map of The Imperial Wasteland. The soldier drew a straight red line parallel to one street, and then pointed at the dot he made in the middle. "We lost five men here due to an ambush. They just led them into the sewer, and the soldiers were as good as dead." He turned to a Knight. "Any luck collecting their Holotags?"

    The young knight shook his head. "Not yet. We probably won't be welcome in that area for a while, even in civilian clothes."

    The Paladin shook his head. "Damn." He looked back down at the map. He marked something on a scrap of paper.

    Riley spoke up. "I suggest we try something new. We take the underground areas. The Subway tunnels, the sewers, basements. Whatever we can use. That way, we can mobilize troops faster and with less issues, like in The Capital Wasteland. It may also add the advantage of surprise." He said, taking the pen, and making a mark between two Subway Stations.

    Two of the Knights looked at him like he was crazy. "Not even the Triads have managed to clear those out of ghouls." One said. "If they can't, you think we'll be able to?"

    Riley shrugged. "It worked with the tunnels in the Capital Wasteland, it should work here."

    The lead paladin stared at the Sentinel incredulously. "Alright, I'll relay this plan back to the Throne. Meanwhile, you need a rest. Have a beer on me, Sentinel." He said, handing Riley a few rusty bottlecaps.

    "You're the one who needs rest. I'll be fine. I have a project I need to work on." Riley said.


    Meanwhile, back in another part of town, a game of Caravan was continuing. A discussion on the state of the Wasteland was happening, and a mysterious figure sat ominously at the table, listening to the Triads plans and gathering information.

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  2. It didn't take too much really to loosen a tongue. All he did was return all their money and buy them all a round. It was enough to get a few details, though nothing Lucifer didn't really not expect from this. These were low-tier folks, only the barest details and yet, enough to confirm his suspicions. Whatever they had here? It was the end of Lucifers search since he came to this benighted world.

    He got up as they began a song, heading out into the streets, ducking the rain as he angled his Desperado Hat to hide his eyes as he moved into the night. He had much to think about.
    It all came down to there in the end. The seat of power where all things were treasured and hoarded. The distant rumble of explosives told him that things were going on in other districts and he avoided them.

    He knew his destination.

    The only question was how to accomplish it?

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  3. The Brotherhood soldiers slowly stood up. They tried not to let their heads hit the low ceiling. They slowly filed out of the bar's back room, with a plan in hand. The evening crowd had entered the bar. Everyone from Brotherhood Initiates, to Super Mutants with heavy clubs, to Families with children. Everyone in the bar got along, mainly because Geng Chao was such a feared community member. If you fucked with Geng Chao, Geng would ruin your life. A dim light shone through the bar's filthy windows, and from the bare light bulbs around the room. The Sentinel made his way to the front of the bar and picked up a medical bag hanging off of a stool.

    The Sentinel looked funny. Stepping outside of a dingy little bar into a rainy Chinatown street. Several skyscraper ruins towered in front of him. Skeletons representing Humanity's once grand views and their hubris. Several people pushed in front of him, going about their busy days. Raiders in their rusty armor carried Ill-Gotten gains to stands to sell. Triad Guards carried Sub Machine guns, and wore their clothes with Neck Tattoos showing their allegiance. Super Mutants trying to fit in with this society carrying their giant pieces of meat. Every so often, the helmet of Brotherhood Power Armor could be seen. The ruins were bustling with what the Triads had done. It was like what had happened to San Francisco after the war.

    Riley made his way through the crowd. People avoiding him. He had a job to do. That was get this information to the Brotherhood Elder about the Subway tunnels. He ducked his head into the crowd. His bag was recognizable as the bag of a medic. He bumped into several people, and his armor was hit with several rocks as he neared the sidewalk.

    "Soldiers go home!"

    "Stop Crusading!"

    "Steel Pigs!" People started throwing pieces of rock and shouted at him. He hadn't done anything, and was in fact, a non-combatant. The civilians were gaining Anti-Brotherhood sentiment due to one of the Brotherhood's recruitment methods of "Drafting" locals into the order. It was essentially a form of kidnapping in order to get more troops. It was one of the Brotherhood's more corrupt practices that the Elder had instated.

    The people continued throwing rocks at Riley in his Power Armor. Several Brotherhood soldiers came over that they threw rocks at as well. It would turn into a full scale riot if people didn't calm down. A massacre if the Brotherhood began to open fire.
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  4. It was more then just a riot.

    There was anger yes, there was frustration- Even discounting the Triads propaganda and the Brotherhood of Steels own forced recruitment, there was more to it that Lucifer sensed.

    In nature, there were animals who always seemed to sense before a huge disaster occurred. Dogs, geese- Cats. Lucifer drew on much the same instincts as he glided through the crowd, the stranger in black as he pushed his way gently through the protesters. Rocks flew and he knew this would become bad in a bit.

    And then from the crowd, he saw them.

    Brotherhood of Steel members. Fighting a war on two fronts, overworked in the further reaches...Some turned traitor. He looked at each one carefully, before finally locking his gaze onto the one known as Riley.

    He made his choice.

    His eyes began to glow a faint red. more noticeable as he invoked his darker gifts. The skies rumbled and the promise of a storm approached. The winds began to pick up as the smell of rain hit the streets like a punch in the nose. Thunder boomed and fog began to drift....

    If it worked, everyone knowing the dangers of radioactive rain should be heading indoors.

    Leaving him alone in the street as he moved to approach the medic, remarking casually as he came close enough, his desperado hat tilted at an angle to hide his eyes.

    "You always this popular?"

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  5. [​IMG]

    Been two weeks, not even a token attempt and ye be making new RP's. This was a good idea, but it requires a bit more commitment. So I'm just gonna take my ideas and just write em in the lore fics. Thanks anyway. At least my writers block is gone.
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