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    Mecha ; Type-Zero
    Standard production mechas, Type-Zeros were the first to be created and are, to this day, still the most common mechas on the market. Ranging from heights of 30 to 50 feet, they generally have two legs and two arms. The pilot rides in the chest, where the most armor is focused, while the head serves as as transmission center. Due to the simplicity of their frame, though, Type-Zeros can be customized rather easily, and start off as rather average in pretty much everything.

    The picture provided above is that of a Land Combat, Anti-Kinetic, Defense-Centric Type-Zero. Long name, amazing results...but only if you're a scrub that can't make plays.
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    Mecha ; Type-Ace
    Type-Ace is the term use to denote mechas specifically created for aerial combat. Generally made with a light frame and an aerodynamic, curved design, Type-Aces are rarely taller than 30 feet, and depend largely on their shielding systems to provide protection for their pilots. Like the Type-Zero, pilots usually rest within the torso of the Type-Ace, with the shield-generator resting right in front of them to provide the greatest amount of protection. Nevertheless, Type-Aces are prone to being shot down quite easily, and are incapable of wielding heavy weapons.

    They are, though, so painfully fast that hitting them the first place is the main problem. The fastest Type-Ace created was reputed to move at seven times the speed of sound, all while performing hairpin turns. Of course, the pilot sorta threw up their lunch after that, but that's beside the point.
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    Mecha ; Type-Spatial
    Mechas designed solely for combat in space or harsh conditions, Type-Spatials are considered the most expensive of all mechas to purchase. While there are inferior substitutes to the Type-Spatial, such as equipping outer-space thrusters or what-not onto other mechas, simply put, the Type-Spatial will outperform the imposters every single time. Designed like a miniature spaceship, it's a bulky mech that stands from 30 to 50 feet in height, with tons of thrusters on its body. It consumes the most energy and fuel when in combat, but when it comes to leisurely cruising through space, the Type-Spatial is second only to...well...an actual space ship.

    Generally, Type-Spatials have both above average armor-plating and shielding systems, but are also pretty much the heaviest standard Type out there.
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    Mecha ; Type-Emergent

    Packing more of a punch than your standard power suit, but limited to only three minutes worth of functionality, Type-Emergent is generally used as an emergency escape measure for pilots who didn't die along with their mechas. They are highly energy-ineffecient power suits that create a bubble around the pilot, allowing them to survive for three minutes, up against anything other than plasma. A jetpack or whatever else is also installed, in case they eject while flying about in the air. During those three minutes, it's recommended that the pilot go and get picked up by their friends or whatever...but sometimes, people like to go out in a blaze of glory.

    Most pilots who have a Type-Emergent installed in their Mechas also have a few high-power weapons built within it, to give their enemies one last middle-finger to the face after all hope is lost.
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    Mecha ; Type-Xception
    The Type that's the exception to the rule, Type-Xception is the category for any mecha that doesn't fit well under any of the other classes of mechas. Underwater-specialist mechas are the ones that are most commonly defined as Type-Xceptions, due to their rarity, however, independently-built mechas can also be defined as such. Nevertheless, the sky's the limit when it comes to varieties of Type-Xceptions. Just better hope that their wallet is also that limitless.
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    Power Suit - Full Body
    Miniaturized versions of mechas, Full Body Power Suits lack any significant shielding system, but make up for it by being highly effective at what they're meant to do: enhance a human's body. With enough money, you can customize your Full Body Power Suit to do a whole bunch of things. Want to fly? Buy jetpacks. Want to walk up buildings? Buy special boots. Want relax? Buy a massage gel suit. Despite being faster than most humans, Power Suits are still inferior to vehicles when it comes to horizontal acceleration. Which is why you can buy a motorcycle, if you want to go fast! Call now, and you'll get a set of spare tires, for free!

    Also, Power Suits have no AI, and thus, don't really work to enhance powers and what-not.
  7. [​IMG]
    Power Suit - Half Body

    Half Body Power Suits pretty much ignore all possibility of defensive armor-plating for the wearer, and, in return, focus its precious energy resources onto pure weaponry. Definitely more outlandish than the Full Body, Half Body has the benefit of being able to have a weak shielding system instead, as well as pretty much any sort of weaponry they can stack onto the Power Suit. These are weaker than a Type-Emergent, but last longer as a result, and are favoured by badasses who think they don't need armor if they never get shot, or by people working in the construction industry. After all, who needs protection, when you can work six times faster than the rival company, seeing how you have six extra mechanical arms?
  8. [​IMG]
    Nano Fiber Battle Suits
    Nano Fiber Battle Suits are essentially clothing, made out of nanobots. Because of that, they are REALLY FRICKEN EXPENSIVE. So expensive that most people won't be able to purchase them without the government funding the majority of the cost. So expensive that each of these Battle Suits are individually made and tailored to the individual in question. Of course, because they're so expensive, they're also pretty fashionable. While the default color of this cloth is black, it can change into whatever color the wearer wishes, or even change to turn into pretty much anything, from a cloak, to a shirt, to a dress, as long as there's enough material for it.

    Of course, the important part about the Battle Suits are that they are generally used by people with significant powers. Centered largely around Power enhancement, each of these Battle Suits are superior to Mechas in that area, making it perfect for those magical girls that wish to use their powers without having to hide themselves in a giant hunk of steel. Added bonuses, of course, are the fact that these nanobots aid with killing viruses, bacteria, performing first aid, shock absorption, shield generation, and a whole bunch of other cool things.

    Of course, if you get punched in the face by a mecha, generally, you'd still die.
  9. Character (open)
    Character Quote: "In order to find your enemy, you need to find yourself as if you were the enemy."

    Name: Darvik Narjin (The "j" is silent)

    Gender: Male

    A human is a human is a human, no matter how horribly "altered" they are, so human.

    Appearance: Unfortunately, this one will take some slight research, and I do not claim any credit of whoever drew it, I'm simply using the image.

    Sorry, here you go. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net...04_full.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101108145155
    Just imagine him with black, straight hair and that should be what he looks like normally.

    Seeing as how if I were to use an image, I would have particulars of which I would like to change up, but are unable, as such I would wonder if it were alright for me to give examples? First of all, I would want the general body build of Kazuma of Kaze no stigma, a great anime by the way. Secondly, replace his hair with straight, black hair that is short trimmed. Lastly, the eyes would be interestingly different, as such will be explained in the planet bio, should I be allowed.

    He has a habit of not communicating to others before doing things.

    Being an only child of a middle class family, he grew up with a decent mother and father, but that changed when he became four. His parents died when they were sent outside the protective dome, thus turning them into goo. Having witnessed the incident, the four year old carved that person's face into his memory to this day. Anyhow, since he had no parents, the government stepped in and gave him shelter and the normal necessities for children, and when he became a teenager he was given an ultimatum: either join the military, or be kicked out of the place they raised you in. Being a kid, the twelve year old did not want to leave, so he accepted to joining the military. Now, twelve years later, he is still looking for the person who murdered his parents, and wants to end the war in his mind for good.

    Job: Military career mainly focusing on combat and programming. Secondary focuses are piloting and engineering.

    Skills: Swimming, Climbing, Piloting ships, Piloting mechs, Driving, Shooting guns, Hacking, Programming, Martial arts (Muay Thai), Reading, Writing, Anti-interrogation skills, Explosives usage, and how to tie knots. He is not an expert in any of these.

    Talents: Being human was seen as weak in the military, as such they conducted experiments with his body once it fully matured to biologically make him faster, stronger, and smarter. They did this by focusing on the neural network in the brain and the chemicals it used to create thought. They found these chemicals and designed a chemical to enhance growth of these, which resulted in a faster thought process. They focused on the nervous system next by insulating the nerves with a very small non-rusting conductor, causing the signals from the brain to the arm to be almost instant. Next they looked at strength, and for this they turned to what made people strong in the first place, muscles. Muscles of ants are not that large, but being that their muscles are wider then their bodies's width, they can carry much more then their bodies normally will allow. understanding this, they designed an exo-suite for the man to use from then on, which is black and non glossy in appearance. All of this was painful for the man to go through, but he did agree to join the military, and thus had no right to disapprove.

    Abilities: He is able to sense energy.

    Equipment: Exo-suite, Movement detector, Gas propelled needle rifle, Sonic hand gun (sound), flash drive, extra clip of needles (for gun), Ion sword.
    He carries his sonic pistol and his Ion sword almost religiously. Though the power suite can be cumbersome, thus an exo-suite is a light-wight version, sacrificing armor and shields for movement.

    His sonic pistol has a bio-kinetically charged battery, meaning the more he moves, the more charge it gets. The function of this gun is to get a noise, copy the frequencies, then amplify it in a direction. The gun has three modes:
    1. Tight beam - This is the most damaging, but that depends on the sound taken to shoot and amplify. The sound is sent to an internal computer, then amplified up to twenty times, then focused into a beam. This works on the fact that sounds and energy both use a frequency and pitch. Third degree burns or worse depending on how long it is held to a single point. It can be used on mechs but with severely low damage.
    2. Wide beam - This does the same thing as before, but sacrificing range and damage, it will at most knock you back or on your bum.
    3. Self detonation - This mode turns the gun into a grenade, giving the user five seconds to throw before it explodes with no more force then the standard dynamite.

    Theme song: Warrior - Disturbed

    Mech (open)
    Name: Death

    Type: Zero

    Size: 30' tall

    Weight: light

    Image: http://themodernmage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Mecha_in_blue_by_LordHannu-660x350.jpg
    Random image I found on the internet that I think would work the best so far.

    Armaments: A large Ion sword, and a rail gun. The Ion sword is powered by the internal core, which is regulated by gyros and heat syncs. The rail gun shoots rail pumpkin balls made of a magnetic substance, probably platinum coated copper rounds. The gun has about twelve shots when fully loaded.

    Notes: This model is meant for its speed and maneuverability. Being faster and slimmer then the normal mecha on the ground, it easily can dodge incoming fire, or in the case of tracking rounds, run until the fuel runs out, then continue on. This mecha runs on a biological-fission energy source, meaning inside it's core would be about 5 tonnes of plant life and other things alone. Death cannot fly, but it can however jump. Note, the projectile would be registered upon impact and analyzed based on the sound it emitted, force of impact, and estimated speed.


    Armor: Low.
    Shield: Low.
    Running speed: High.
    Jumping speed: High.
    Energy Efficiency: Medium. Operation time, Indefinite, so long as allowed time to cool off.
    AI: no auto pilot, but lets the person know if it is being locked on by an incoming projectile, and which way it is coming from by constantly scanning in 360 at a rapid pace with thermal scans during a fight. Other then this, it adds nothing to the user, so Medium.
  10. Character Auric design.png

    "I'm about a metre and three quarters tall. But this world has a diameter of twelve thousand kilometres. The star it flies around is about 11 million kilometres. The whole star system is a light year and a bit, and it's part of a 250 thousand light year galaxy, in a supercluster a hundred times that size, among a bunch of them that spans 1.3 billion light years. That's not a billionth of the size of the known universe. But despite my insignificance and the hubris of my existence, I can honestly say that I'm happy to have been born. But no wonder I can't find my keys, huh?"

    Name: Auric Oktonia
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Sephyrian Nephalem

    Appearance: As a Nephalem, Auric is distinguished by his long ears, and has a black iris that would be totally indistinguishable from his pupils if not for a slightly lighter rim around the latter. His face is slim and kind of feminine, but pretty all the same. He is taller than the average adult human, despite looking about 19, though this may have been due to his homeworld's 0.92G. His dark brown hair is tied back in a ponytail, in recognition of sharing ancestry with humans too, who have the opposite custom when it comes to hair. He also likes to wear loose black clothing, though this isn't symbolic, it's just practical.

    Personality: Auric is a lateral thinker. He freaking loves puzzles to bits, especially good ones, because they're "funny and smart and then the answer is always oh-my-gosh-awesome and then that one gets old and you want ten more or something", which sums up his attitude towards them relatively well. Because of his love for puzzles, he's become very clever, and he'll pursue anything that takes his curiosity. As a result, he's very good with words; while he may not seem it, he's good at getting a point across, but it's difficult to tell if he's about to say something profound, meaningful, witty, or just plain stupid until he's actually said it: his quote range is anywhere from Gandhi-level wisdom to 5-year-old-level matter-of-factness, and sometimes just a little bit creepy. Because of his outside-the-box thinking, he's also developed an intimate sense of empathy, which in turn he can exploit to make himself more charismatic, though that's probably helped by his sense of morals and believes in just being nice to people in action, even if not in words sometimes.
    However, he's extremely stubborn. It takes a lot of evidence to change his mind about something, and he'll still argue his point for weeks on end if he wants to, and boy, can he argue. This is partly down to a hatred for and fear of being wrong: he's smarter than anyone else he knows, so he's often right, and he's very aware that this means he'll be defined more by his intellectual failures than successes. He also has a habit of "stealth insulting" people he doesn't like, because he wants the satisfaction, but not to hurt their feelings. The side effect is that it's often more hurtful when he is understood.
    He has a very specific procedure when it comes to interacting with the real world: if he can see a living thing, then he prioritises its welfare above whatever else is going on. Unfortunately for him, he can't actually see himself without a mirror, and the mirror isn't alive either, so even though if someone else is suffering, he's not backing down, he can be pushed around quite a bit by others if there aren't significant stakes at hand.

    Biography: He doesn't really like to open up about it.

    Job: He used to be a quantum/theoretical physicist, but he quit working so he could work on controlling time instead. (See Talents for a decrease in the amount of WTF)
    Skills: Auric has a honed talent for puzzles, riddles, and problems. He has an advanced knowledge of the sciences, especially physics, and as a result had to learn some pretty advanced math. Also, due to the terrible funding mentioned earlier, he had to learn some software engineering skills so he could program the equipment in the lab (although almost all of his knowledge was gained through trial-and-error, so he's a very messy coder). He can cook a wide variety of relatively basic things, though nothing especially well without treating the food less as food and more as a number: he can't make anything on intuition alone, and has therefore kept a large portfolio of exactly how to cook things, although it generally assumes he has his old lab equipment on hand. Oh, and he's really, really smart, since he uses what is effectively a homemade dark matter transistor system as a built-in computer for himself.
    Talents: Auric has a natural aptitude for his matter conversion craft (see below) and is working out how to alter the flow of time with it. It's taking some time to do, however (read: it's ludicrously hard), but he and a few others he's working with over the internet are slowly making their way there, being able to slow the rate of time to about 0.2 s/s, but he doubts he'll ever be able to travel back and forth through it. Not to mention, slowing time puts more stress on the user the faster they go, so unless he really is in a life-threatening situation and he doesn't have adrenaline to back him up, 250% speed is really his limit.
    Power: "AMC" or Alternate Matter Conversion, otherwise known as conversion of dark matter into normal matter and back, obviously with all the energy required for it to not destroy the world whenever it's used, as well as being able to reconfigure properties as needed while the stuff comes through. Nephalem have also evolved to convert harmful things to dark matter or send energy to the non-baryonic side of the universe via reflex action.
    Equipment: A short, but pointy, carved stick (which is made of metal BTW), as standard issue for those who use AMC. It helps to have a small point to focus on when processing alternating matter, and it's good when you don't accidentally merge that block of glass you're forming with your finger.
    Theme Song:
    Show Spoiler
    Because it fits him and the title made me laugh.

    Name: Achron
    Type: Type-Ace
    Size: About 19-20 feet
    Weight: Light-mid weight, due to purpose.
    Appearance: Think of a combination of this and this.

    Weaponry: Twelve hypersonic missles, a machine-gun about where the wrist is, containing a maximum of 6k rounds, aaaand... that's it. Huh. There's gotta be some more weapons around here somewhere...
    Special Features: Ah, here they are. Achron's name isn't a misspelled version of archon: it literally is Greek for "without time". In other words, Achron was built with combined efforts of a handful engineers and physicists (and some Internet-goers) specifically with AMC in mind. More accurately, AMC used not only for firing dark matter, which is its primary form of offense, but also it is unaffected by time alteration. This gives it a considerable combat advantage while the pilot's mental stamina remains.
    In addition, Achron has a few Type-Spatial elements, so it could survive a few minutes in orbit before being totally pummeled by micrometeors.
    There is a fatal weakness though: if the pilot is mentally exhausted or cannot use AMC for whatever reason, Achron goes down like a rock.
    Armor Strength: Medium
    Shielding Strength: High
    Horizontal Speed: Medium
    Vertical Speed: Medium
    Energy Efficiency: Medium, High if you factor in usage of AMC to make fuel (though this obviously is very difficult to do mid-flight)
    Intelligence: High
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  11. [​IMG]
    "Fight, if there's a battle worth fighting."
    • Name: Ri-Sa
      Age Appeared: Early twenties
      Gender: Female
      Race: Meridian

      Appearance: "Risa stands at a height of five feet and seven inches, her body is at an athletic tone decorated subtly by her ample features. Her hair is a bright pink in color that lightens to a whiter shade towards the ends of her long locks. To match this, her eyes are a vibrant shade of light purple. Her voice matches here appearance, though is a little more calm than her words would admit."

      Personality: Risa is fairly normal by any human standard. She's not the type to dive headstrong into socializing with people, but she's not antisocial to the point where she actively avoids those around her. She does have a curious side to her, a yearning for knowledge that takes control when something catches her interest. She has a habit of researching things she doesn't understand if it's within her power to be able to, and more so, she collects books of various ages and topics just per chance they may one day hold value to her. Risa has a strong sense of honor, feeling that people should act their best and do their best for the good of everyone they hold dear.

      Biographical Events:

      [] Born to peacekeeper family on Meridia []
      [] Family relocates to Nozion []
      [] Living in constant exposure to crime convinces Risa to become an officer []
      [] Crackdown in Nozion []
      [] Outlives most of her colleagues, retires from Police Force []
      [] Sets out for Adventure, to find herself, spiritual journey []

      Job: Unemployed, Former Policelady

      Skills: Crochet, Sewing, Overall Arts and Crafts Specialist, Baking, Wrestling, Piloting, Navigating, Marksmanship.

      Talents: Like most Meridians, Risa has an extended lifespan.

      Power: Electrokinesis

      Equipment: Multi-Purpose Plugsuit - The epitome of excellence, able to be worn while piloting her Mech and also worn for casual or formal events. Or as pajamas.

      *Theme Songs/Battle Music*

      Positive [+]

      Negative [-]

    • [​IMG]
      Name: West Wind
      Type: Spatial [Because she can handle herself on the ground]
      Size: Large [32.8 Ft]
      Weight: Heavy [Slow]
      Appearance: Large, White, Blue Lighting Effects, Pointy.

      Weapons: Rowell-22[Standard Mech Rifle], The Mordakka[Sub-Machine Gun, Magnetic Rounds], Jakyll-Mk2[Missile Launcher Attachment, Left Shoulder], Other Mech Weapons.

      Special Features: Deterrence Field - Fueled by Risa's electrokinetic powers, West Wind is constantly exhuming a magnetic field around itself to draw in solid rounds of a reasonable size, speed, and material. Once the fired ammunition is drawn in, they are able to repelled or nullified.

      Symbiosis - Within the West Wind's legs are two large generators which fuel themselves separately from the rest of the mech itself. These generators are fueled independently and work as an emergency power-source for the mech when it runs out of basic fuel. The other benefit of these generators is that, Risa is able to draw the electricity they generate for herself, or on the other hand, she is able to channel some of her own into these generators 'Super Charging' the West Wind.


      Armor Strength: High
      Shielding Strength: High
      Horizontal Speed: Low
      Vertical Speed: Low
      Energy Efficiency: Medium
      Intelligence: High

    • Name: Meridia
      Hours in the Day: 25
      Basic Description of Environment: Lush landscapes with few cities scattered across the small planet. Most wildlife is peaceful other than a strange predator species known as Recreants which are capable of adapting to their surroundings constantly, from sprouting wings to avoid falling to death to fins and gills when they're drowning.

      Level of Technology: Mid to High. They are caught up with the developing times, though the older Meridians usually stay away from the rapidly developing weapons and other tools of war.

      Style of Government: Freeform, some would say that Meridia is currently an anarchy, though the race of a whole is not governed by any figurehead or republic. Instead, due to the small population, they console Magisters[oldest wisest of them] for advice and have them make decisions for the populace of the planet.

      Dominant Race: Meridians, they're long-lived humans that look very little different than others. They do however have a stunted birthrate, and a strong bodily defense system called an "Exoskeleton".
    • Name: Meridians
      Appearance: Forever youthful, usually having strange eye or hair colors-, even multi-colored of both.
      Culture: Modians are for the most part, a peaceful race. On their home planet, they apprehend violence of any kind within their walls and will offer hospitality to many without reconsideration. Though many have been shying away from their planet to seek other planets and places to call home due to their continuously shrinking population as a race. Their names are often short and lack a last name altogether, though when being wed to other races their name is usually humanized into something of the race they are being married to.
  12. [​IMG]
    Weaponry – Railguns and Plasma

    Railguns and Plasma weaponry are cool things. Considered the absolute pinnacle of destructive force for mechas and most space ships, these are classified as heavy weapons, generally two-handed weapons with massive recoil. Every shot from a railgun or plasma cannon damages its barrel, meaning that they’re also extremely expensive to maintain. As a general rule of thumb, barring incidents where you get scammed, the price correlates with how many shots you can blast out before the weapon explodes in your face.

    Railguns, compared to Plasma, are more energy efficient, but it’s still possible to deflect or destroy the projectile before it blasts a massive hole through your defenses. They generally have an average projectile speed of Mach 12, with the fastest recorded one being Mach 16.

    Plasma, compared to railguns, use so much energy that it’s ridiculous, have a lower range, but is pretty much impossible to defend by any means. If Type-Aces could use Plasma, they’d be sorta invincible, probably.

    Both of these weapons are powerful enough that they straight out ignore shielding and armor plating that isn’t dreadnought-tier. Both these weapons, thank god, require time to charge up for every shot.

    They are classified as heavy weapons. Type-Aces are incapable of using them, while it requires both hands for other Types to use them. However, there are always exceptions to these rules.
  13. [​IMG]
    Weaponry – Ion Swords

    Ion swords are lightsabers. Simple, eh? Despite their classification as melee weapons, however, it is shielding that defends against them, not armor plating. With enough time, they can melt through any type of armor, but in generic sword play, another melee weapon would still be able to trade blows, if only because of the difference in weight. After all, ion swords are weightless, so, unlike standard melee weaponry, which can smash what it can’t cut, ion swords are used strictly for melting, and are impracticable for extended fights.

    If two ion swords clash with each other, they’ll make wubwub sounds and bounce off each other. Why? Because Star Wars.
  14. [​IMG]
    Weaponry – Sonic
    Strictly anti-personnel, sonic weaponry…well, it pretty much makes noises. And focuses them. And the noises cause vibrations. Vibrations that become shockwaves. That blasts people about and causes burns. Probably also hurts their ears. Useful because of how easy it is to adjust the power of the weapon, and how recoil is pretty much non-existent, it’s often used as a self-defense tool by civilians. Of course, it’s also generally useless against anyone wearing armor.

    Or if you’re in space.

    Yeah, if you’re in space, that’d be awkward.
  15. [​IMG]
    Defenses - Shielding
    There's a science behind shielding. There really is. But after people realized that shield generators were pretty simple to manufacture, they just hooked it up to their mechs and plugged away. Yup. That's about it. People tend not to think too hard about the mechanics behind this scientific witchcraft.

    There are two different layers of shielding.

    The outer layer serves as a sphere around the mecha or person in question. This layer is the one that disperses most ranged energy-based attacks, such as lasers, masers, shockwaves, and what have you. Of course, it's not a perfect defense, but it's pretty useful. It also has the ability to retain oxygen and alter the surroundings just enough that humans can live within this 'shielding' bubble. And by live, it means that they won't instantly die if thrown into space.

    The inner layer serves as a secondary skin, which is what mitigates damage caused by ion swords, electricity, heat, and some degree of kinetic energy. It's not a replacement for armor when it comes to protection against physical objects, but it's something. Sorta like cloth armor. Except it doesn't burn.
  16. [​IMG]
    Defenses - Armor
    Armor is armor. Probably made out of metal. Your mecha probably has it as an outer layer of sorts. Get lots of armor to laugh at people trying to beat your mecha up with metal things and such. Lotsa armor also helps with dealing with all the things that shielding helps with, just not as well. Ultimately, there's not much to say about it, cause the concept hasn't really changed for the past few thousand years.

    Also, armor is heavy. Having lots of armor is going to make you heavy.

    But even if you stack enough armor to become a mountain, that still won't save you when someone blasts a railgun into your face. So yeah, better find other countermeasures to that, eh?

    • [tab=Character]

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Platinum Fallen
      Type: Ace with minor Spatial capabilities.
      Size: Almost medium at 21'.
      Weight: Light


      • Tri-Beam Cannon: Basic laser beam weaponry mounted on the unit's right arm. Not exceptionally powerful, but can punch through weak shielding and melt armor.
      • Multi-Missile Launchers: A pair of launchers fitted to the unit's lower back, they detach and open to reveal half a dozen missiles which shoot forth. Guided by the unit's targetting system, they will home in while accelerating to hypersonic speeds.
      • Luka-Launcher (Linked Picture) : The unit's main weapon that can shift between solid ammunition and energy beams. The weapon holds up to five rounds and each of the "talons" at the unit's waist holds an additional five rounds. Comparable to a Mech-sized sniper round, numerous hits can penetrate even heavy armor.
        • Its energy beam mode is also much more destructive than the unit's wrist mounted cannon, capable of dealing with heavy shielding. Sustained fire requires a few seconds between each blast to build up energy, though there's no real indication of charge-up.

      Special Features
      • Drones. Four of these small buggers detach from the Mech's wings and buzz around acting as relays for Icturin's portal powers.
      • Designed to enhance the pilot's power even more so than a conventional Mecha, the Platinum Fallen is made with bio-tech. Armor and technology laid over a resilient organic framework that interfaces with the pilot at greater effectiveness. The frame is capable of regenerating minor damage when not in use and supplied with power.
      • Top-tier maneuverability. While vertical movement is still handled with thrusters and is nothing incredible, the unit's horizontal movement is downright astounding. It's not apparent how, but the Platinum Fallen is capable of shifting directions in a heartbeat with no apparent method of doing so; the only sign is movements of the four "wings" attached to the unit's back. Has a top speed of around Mach 5 horizontally.
      • Exposed cores. The Platinum Fallen has a rather blatant design flaw in which the cores that power the unit are not only exposed, but brightly colored and identifiable. Thankfully the cores don't explode in a horrible spectacle when damaged or destroyed, but simply shut down and cease function. The red spheres that dot the unit generate and channel the unit's entire reserve of energy. The sheer number means running short of energy with its base equipment is essentially impossible, external factors aside.

      Armor Strength: Low
      Shielding Strength: Medium
      Horizontal Speed: High
      Vertical Speed: Med
      Energy Efficiency: High

      Intelligence: High/Med (Boosts pilots powers extensively and allows greater control than conventional neural links, but basically doesn't aid in piloting. Drones are AI controlled though and will take action to ensure survival.)
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  17. [​IMG]

    "Holy shit, that part's going to look great on my mech."

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    Name: Ierin Custom Mk. 3
    Type: Type-Zero
    Size: 38 ft.
    Weight: Medium

    • FU-32 LMG: Standard mecha-sized light machine gun.
    • Pneumatic power fists: Capable of punching through most armor.
    • Chainsword: A sword with chainsaw blades. Cheap substitute for an ion sword. Saws through mechas much slower than an ion sword, not too useful for combat. Mainly used by Aeia to hack limbs off mechs for salvage.
    • Shoulder-mounted missile pods: Locks on to targets and fires hypersonic missiles.
    • Crotch laser: Exactly what it sounds like. A laser blaster installed in the crotchular region of the mecha.

    Special Features: The Ierin Custom is cobbled together from standard aftermarket parts and salvaged limbs, making it only about comparable to your average mass-produced mecha, but it is highly modular, thanks to Aeia's technomancy. Thus, even custom parts made solely for one specific mecha can be fused onto the Ierin Custom. While the torso is impossible to switch out without first disengaging every single limb of the mecha, every other part can be switched and replaced on the spot, and thus makes the mecha highly versatile to the point where it can be quickly outfitted for specific conditions if the parts are at hand. While currently limited to whatever parts Aeia can scrounge together, no part is off-limits to this machine, and its potential is theoretically limitless.


    Armor Strength: Medium
    Shielding Strength: Medium
    Horizontal Speed: Medium
    Vertical Speed: Medium
    Energy Efficiency: Medium

    Intelligence: High (Enhances piloting ability and amplifies power greatly. Aeia's technokinesis is only capable of being used on large objects such as mecha when being amplified by a supercomputer.)
  • Character

    Character Quote: “Why hunt for animals when you can learn how to fish?”

    Name: Radsul Avirk

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Tyrant

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Unlike the picture, Radsul prefers to wear practical clothing that does not snag or get in the way. He is especially fond of tough pieces of clothing with many pockets, which put as much protection between himself and the environment as possible. He wears a simple, black backpack at nearly all times, but sometimes, he will arm himself to teeth with bags to get the supplies he needs. He usually chooses clothes which help him to blend into the environment.

    Personality: A man who is as xenophobic as they come, Radsul is sure to view everyone with more than a healthy amount of paranoia when he first sees them, a trait that he inherited from his home planet. Fortunately for him, his penchant for discovering new, amusing things as well as the lure to a life of complete independence that does not rely on a tribe’s help is usually enough incentive to overcome his nature. Though he is not the friendliest person on the planet, once he gets to know people a little better, he is a rather helpful man who likes to have fun, though not at the expense of others.

    One of his strangest and perhaps most annoying habits is his rejection of comfort, for example, he prefers to remain standing at nearly all times, or when he is offered a bed, he instead sleeps on the floor. He also has a habit of conserving food and water, so he has to be constantly reminded that he is not at home anymore. A more positive habit of his is to stay silent while someone is ranting at him rapidly, as well as the rigorous safety or security checks that he makes. He is also very quick to stir to suspicious noises from sleep, which makes him an excellent night guard.

    1) Born in one of the smaller, less significant tribes of around four hundred people.
    2) Passed his rite of passage at seventeen, which is on the younger side. This earned him some recognition in the tribe.
    3.) Got in trouble with one of the tribe leaders at eighteen and was sent to another tribe as an exchange. There, he had to pass the rites again.
    4.) Became an Outsider at twenty because of constant conflicts with the leader of the tribe and started his journey for independence. He also became fond of gambling and competition.
    5.) Won a mech and a ticket to one of the spaceships as a result of a gamble. He took this opportunity to travel to another planet then start a life as a freelancer.

    Job: Outsider. A difficult, dangerous, but often disrespected job that involves helping out wherever one is able, often moving from tribe to tribe without any assistance. Lethality rates are quite high amongst those who take upon this career and one is only considered a fully-fledged outsider if they had survived at least four years.

    Skills: Survivalist: Radsul learned how to survive in the forests, oceans and jungles of Entomon and while a lot of his knowledge is useless on other planets, he still knows how to conserve his resources as well as what to do when confronted by unknown predators or entities. He has a knack for avoiding or deflecting dangerous situations involving wildlife, not to mention his many methods of testing whether a native species is edible to humans or not. Expect him to be cautious around unknown food and properly paranoid in unknown areas filled with wildlife.

    Improvisation: If there is anything that Radsul is good at, it is making things up on the fly and reacting to the situation incredibly quickly, even if it is not in the most efficient or best way. He has learned the practice of making the most of moments of quick inspiration. Furthermore, he is does not hesitate to use whatever is available to him to get out of a sticky situation.

    Talents: Flexibility: While his athletic coordination leaves much to be desired, Radsul is more flexible than your ordinary person. His range of movement is wider than that of a normal human, not to mention that his joints do not injure as easily.

    Power: Domination: The natural consequence of bonding with a seeker is the ability to telepathically communicate with other human beings. Further training along with some cybernetic adjustments allow Radsul to dominating the minds of lesser creatures provided that those creatures are made receptive to telepathic suggestions through augmentation.

    Equipment: Gearpillar core: A light armour that defends against some hand-held firearms and is designed to connect to the special interface of gearpillars, marking any bug as a particular machine’s main control unit. The machine of choice depends on the blueprint stored within the suit, which in this case, is Locust.

    Theme Song:
    Awesome Action:


    Type: Xception

    Size: 5 metres (16 feet) individually, 13 metres (42 feet) assembled

    Weight: Light/Very heavy

    Appearance: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/356/a/d/centipede_by_deckardx08-d4jw94p.jpg

    The mech is composed of the creatures depicted above, which have been genetically modified and heavily augmented with mechanical parts. Because of their role as a building block of machines, they have been named gearpillars by the native populace.

    Weaponry: Cracker claws: A mechanical augmentation of the gearpillar’s limbs, these artificial legs have incredible strength and sharpness that makes them a deadly point-blank weapon able to cut through most types of armour, then crush whatever is underneath it. These weapons require little to no maintenance as they are quite sturdy, not to mention self-sharpening.

    Charged rail: Each gearpillar carries one of these devastating weapons that allows them to launch another one of their kind into the enemy at high speed, causing heavy damage. The gearpillar that impacts automatically latches onto the target, but it can not act for a couple of seconds due to system shock. Alternatively, it can discharge a massive amount of electricity through specially created channels, which then burns through armour and can potentially disable the target by short-circuiting critical parts. Needless to say, this attack is fatal to any human who is not wearing protection.

    Fibre launcher: Gearpillars naturally produce a sticky, tough substance similar to spider-silk which has been turned into a weapon through a mechanical launcher integrated directly into the gland responsible for the production of this substance. This mechanism allows the bugs to launch ball-sized projectiles at a rate of about two projectiles a minute, which stick to the target and can lock up joints, blind sensors or in sufficient quantities, disable enemies. The projectiles can be burned or torn off.

    Scrambler: A complex and easily damaged mechanism that is located on the belly of gearpillars, this machine enhances and distorts the subtle sound that their legs make, turning it into a horrible, ear-grating racket. The noise that results makes it incredibly difficult for humans to focus with prolonged exposure resulting in loss of consciousness. The only drawback to it is its short range of a few metres.

    Special Features: Instead of being composed of a single entity, Locust is made up of twenty-one independent sections made from gearpillars, which work in sync with each other according to Radsul’s commands. Should the situation call for it, the independent units can assemble into a humanoid construct that is about thirteen metres tall (42 feet) for the sake of engaging in ranged combat using external weapons, or turn into a greater version of the base form for a devastating advantage in close combat.

    The unique construction of the machines that make up the mech allows them travel to any and all surfaces, not to mention that it gives them a frightening regenerative ability that can recover even seemingly fatal injuries within a matter of hours. The only method to destroy Locust is to destroy the pilot, thereby causing it to lose cohesion or to completely roast it from the inside out.


    Stats (Describe as High, Medium, or Low)
    Armor Strength: High
    Shielding Strength: N/A
    Horizontal Speed: High
    Vertical Speed: Low
    Energy Efficiency: Medium
    Intelligence: Low

    Name: Entomon

    Hours in the Day: 37

    Basic Description of Environment: Entomon has an atmosphere that is hostile to ordinary humans and most of its surface is covered in huge, continent-spanning forests. Especially prominent is the gigantic jungle present around the equatorial regions which reaches even into the ocean to satisfy its need for water. The planet is also peppered with mountain-ranges, dry deserts and frozen tundras, but there are very little plains in general. Trees seem to be the main type of flora that spread through the many, scattered continents

    The rich forests are home to an even richer, incredibly diverse life including a very large, dominant predator that strongly resembles a centipede from Earth, not to mention many other lethally dangerous species found by initial exploration parties. More careful examination of the planet revealed that it has rich deposits of heavy industry metals, not to mention easily accessible, huge pockets of hydrogen that is necessary for fusion reactors, which lead to its colonisation and rapid development.

    Just as the forests are filled with life, so are the seas, but unfortunate, most forms of sea-life are either dangerous or poisonous to regular humans. Armoured fish are especially common and while there are no especially large animals recorded, it is not unheard of for foreigner vessels to sink because an assortment of shells busted their hull open. The only thing that is not deadly or dangerous or its planet seems to be its lack of a moon.

    Basic Description of Civilization: Because of its harsh conditions and hostile wildlife, the population of Entomon is very sparse, hovering around the tens of thousands at most, but it is very concentrated. People organise themselves into strong, mobile tribes that never stay in one place for too long, opting for a nomadic lifestyle that exploits whatever their current surroundings have to offer. There are only a very few actual settlements on the surface, mostly around the mines and the cities that have been established by the first initial expedition before the Galactic Empire pulled out of the system. The communities are tightly knit together and very xenophobic when it comes to people from other planets, but are welcoming of their own kin.

    Despite the scattered nature of the people, they are very advanced when it comes to genetic manipulation, biology, cybernetic implants and recycling. They have turned many native life-forms into useful tools for their own purposes, culminating in the gearpillars and seekers, their two most versatile tools. However, they have little to absolutely no heavy industry, not to mention that their information technology has plummeted back to pre-internet ages. Their fusion power plants have long stopped working because of the lack of parts, forcing them to consider alternate sources of energy, which resulted in electricity only being used in military machines or by important leader figures.

    They are also lacking in spacecraft, with only a few in their possession that have been in service for decades. New ships only get added to their fleet if their soldiers manage to capture a foreign vessel, then they figure out how to operate it. Because of this, they get off their planet incredibly rarely and it is considered to be a great honour to be a part of a starship’s crew.

    Style of Government: Tribal alliance

    Dominant Race:

    Name: Tyrant

    Appearance: They appear as normal humans save for the symbiotic life-form attached to their chest. Called seekers by the natives, these creatures are usually located at the centre of the collarbone. They look like white spinal cords reaching to down to the middle of the stomach and they are connected to the shoulder blades with visible ‘roots’ that branch into elaborate patterns that depend on the individual. The roots reach back to the base of the spine where they unite and they lead to the back of the skull.

    Culture: The culture is dominated by a strong community spirit that also places a great emphasis on an individual’s skills, especially their survival. Particularly important is the rite of passage into adulthood: when children become old enough, they have to bond with a seeker, then learn how to control a gearpillar. While this rite of passage is not exceptionally difficult, it is considered to be the culmination of the individual as well as the start of an adult life.
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