Let the Stars Fall Down (Sci-Fi Fantasy Fun~<3)

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  1. A civil war is being waged on a galactic scale, as the aptly-named Galactic Empire is split between two powerful sides: those who serve Prince Arei-Qua, and those who fight alongside the commoner, Berri Merxs. The trophy for the victor of this interstellar conflict? Rule of all one hundred and forty-four main solar systems under the Galactic Empire, but more importantly, the hand of Princess Kalri-Qua in marriage.

    As worlds collide, fleets clash, and space is torn apart for the ambitions and ideals of two men, in the far side of the universeno one really gives a shit.


    Isolated from pretty much every other big, ongoing, manly, hotblooded, melodramatic conflict in the universe, the Malstraza Solar System lies in a tentative peace. Terraformed and colonized 53 years ago, the twelve planets of Malstraza share relatively the same orbit around the sun that serve as their epicenter, and were originally set up to mine an ore that scientists back in the capital planet of the Galactic Empire were interested in. Dubbed ‘Ley’, this particular ore radiated a particularly interesting energy that caused the rapid development of supernatural powers to humans that were exposed to it. While it merited scientific interest for a few years, after a while, those white-coated scientists realized that there was no point in developing super powers, when powersuits were already strong enough to make children into super heroes.

    Needless to say, it was considered a failure on their part, and the Galactic Empire was quick to withdraw their influence from the Malstraza Solar System, forsaking the pioneers. Fortunately or unfortunately, the civil war popped up soon after, and pretty much everybody in the Empire forgot about the Malstraza Solar System once the romantic war story got under way.


    As years passed without any sign of help, the Malstrazan pioneers eventually got off their self-pitying asses, brushed the dirt off their buttocks, and got to work trying to live once more. Inadequate knowledge and resources led to the regression of technology, while the difficulty of maintaining interplanetary communications meant that every planet eventually ended up setting up their own system of government. Well, outside of the few planets that went full anarchy or full dictatorship mode.

    Needless to say, after fifty years of being on their own, with no news from the outside world and a bunch of defunct warp gates chilling in outer space, technology had rebounded in a few interesting ways. While many structures still resembled that of ancient 32nd century architecture, holographic displays and satellite television were becoming more and more popular. Manufacturing facilities were becoming increasingly effective, and soon, even authentic Italian pizza could be mass-produced.


    The most significant event, though, was the creation of the first mechs, spawned from the mind of some nerdy genius with too much time and money in his hands. Standing at a maximum of 15 feet, with both armor plating and shielding systems, these mechs are the pinnacle of badass. They can fly like a supersonic housefly, and they pack the same amount of punch as whatever weapon they currently use, which be anything from their metal fists to a mountain-busting railgun. Even better is the fact that every mech comes along with a supercomputer that serves to not only assist with piloting and combat, but also with the usage of whatever psionic power the pilot may possess. Brought up to scale, these enhanced powers can cause just as much havoc as the giant robots that manifest them. Thankfully, only 30% of the population actually possess useful powers, as the rest only have silly things such as ‘bending spoons with their mind’ or ‘warming up drinks’.

    Of course, the best thing about these mechs are that they come pre-installed with all 504 episodes of the galactically famous anime series ‘Mathematical Girl Logical Manoha’.

    There’s also extra stuff, such as jetpacks to allow mechs to reach space, or turbines for them to go underwater, but who cares? It’s the free in-flight entertainment that matters!


    While there are many stable jobs available to young ones in the Malstraza Solar System, the one that catches the fancy of many of the new generation is that of becoming a freelancer, travelling from planet to planet on one’s mech in order to do a variety of odd jobs. It’s a dangerous life, but for those who hate the restrictions of a 9-to-5 job pushing buttons like an educated monkey, it’s a very rewarding life. Joining up with fellow freelancers usually provides much more protection from space pirates and other dangerous outer space things, as well the added bonus of probably being able to pool enough money together to buy a space carrier to symmetrically dock your mechs in.



    Basically, space adventure shenanigans in a solar system that no one gives a shit about. Freelancing and worlds-building and fun and FUCKING EDGY AS FUCK DESPAIR.

    Featuring mechs and super powers and manliness, of course. Imagine if Knight Run and Sunrider made a baby that wasn't a super depressing brat.

    Humans are pretty much the only thing that's around, but they've diversified to the extent that having features such as three eyes or a tail or six arms isn't TOO weird. Of course, two-arm masterrace racism also exists, so yeah.

    Feel free to think up whatever character you want. I can connect them to the main plot pretty easily, as long as you aren't stubborn about it. q.q

    And finally...any questions? I'll make it prettier after I have time, but yea, that's what y'all get for now.
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  2. I need thicker glasses to read this.
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  3. Will possibly join
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  4. I wanted to comment, but unfortunately I lost track of myself between so much text. My apologies, the plot seems very interesting, but after reading

    all of that, my eyes kind of went cross, please forgive me. No harm meant, the plot interests me, but for now at least, I will have to decline.
  5. There. Pictures added. Guess this needs to be a habit of mine, now that pure textual stuff isn't enough to keep people's attention.
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  6. Much easier to read now, thank you! Ahem, now since you have asked for if I had questions, time to let me be curious.

    I love this line, just saying!

    So, were they all terraformed and colonized at the same time?

    Interesting to me the most so far.

    Interesting as well, I actually have a few ideas now.

    Aw, sadly I do not have the prerequisite of being an adept in role playing, thus please forgive me for taking your time.
  7. Yeah, they were terraformed at roughly the same time, because they were basically the same distance away from the sun, so the lazy-ass scientist dudes didn't have to calculate quite as much.

    And fair enough, I guess. Out of curiousity, what's your definition of adept the first place? I put Adept there mainly because it's a balancing point between Intermediated and Advanced, so yeah.
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  8. My definition of adept should not matter, as I rated myself on the example ratings given by the website. Though, Should you need, I can attempt to up my game for this and participate. This has given me many ideas, should you like.
  9. I like the basic concept, and the ideas are pretty solid, though I could see quite a bit of room for plot improvement, such as a long term goal and a general plot direction. I'll keep an eye on this to see how it develops.
  10. Eh, go for it. Dip your feet into the pool that's considered 'Adept', and let's see if you can float or not, eh? XD

    I have tons of ideas for plots. It's just that they're in muh head, to prevent spoiler-y things. But sure, keep an eye on this if you want, though stay back a bit, lest you get poked in the eye.
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  11. Exactly, this should be interesting for me to say the least.
  12. As awesome a concept as this looks, I'm definitely nowhere near adept level - I'm only in my second RP, and I'm currently barely treading water in Intermediate. I will probably keep on eye on this one, if only to view it as a non-participant
  13. The only reason I am willing to give this a shot is due to my fourteen years of role play experience, of which seven of that was playing D&D second edition, and then the last seven was playing GURPS (Generic universal role playing system) in Traveler 2300. The latter was done on real time, meaning if I stuttered or stammered, my character would lose their turn since he would do as I said. It would also make use of real physics and sciences that are known. It was fun because everything was unexpected and there was always room to improve. The core part of the role playing was always survival, thus I may go back into that mode during role playing, so I apologize in advance.
  14. Man, it's like the only thing my Int Chek is attracting are people who are interested, but only feel like watching it. Literally an RP of spectators. XD

    And dang, that's a lot of years in Tabletop. Wish I knew those people IRL.
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  15. Well, most people I knew that would role play D&D have either left, joined the military, or have life to deal with, so I found a group of people that role play other things. Then, this past few months ago, they made me lose interest in table top GURPS by only ever playing their most over powered or most experienced characters, which I find both boring and cheap. The reason I found it boring was because I had to play an equally powerful or adept character as they did, since they always worked together in everything, as such I lost interest and left them. I have no problem with character development, but just using the same thing over and over and over to explain everything was both boring and annoying for me.
  16. Ho.

    Heh, it reminds me of an RP I'm currently in, where there's a whole bunch of veteran RPers that have crazy ass abilities and histories, while everyone else are pretty much just normal kiddos...but it's still fun, from a character interaction point of view. Guess it could be boring though, if you're justthe useless mascot to everyone else's superhero.
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  17. Yo.
  18. No, I mean, One would play a goddess which has no specific sphere of influence, which means she was able to do anything she wanted. The other was a jedi dragon which was infusing magical abilities with force abilities. See the issue?
  19. Off to work we go? Are you interested or something dude?
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