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  1. Hello, everyone!

    You can call me Chey. I used to roleplay a fair amount through messages on here, but I lost internet for awhile so I had to go on a hiatus. Well, now I have too much free time since it's Christmas break and I have my internet back, so I'm looking for people to roleplay with!

    I normally write one to two paragraphs, but I can do more, depending on what's happening in the plot at that moment (and what I have going on in real life at the moment).

    I love coming up with plots with people, love angst and drama. I play a lot of MxM, but can do FxM, too. I haven't done as much FxF, but give me a good plot and I'll try it. I prefer to do original stories, but if it's based off of something from a fandom, I don't mind.

    Ideas/Plot Bunnies/Cravings:
    • Drug addict- I would love to play an addict right now, as weird as that may sound
    • Demon x human
    • Assassin x Prince/Prince
    • Rich kid/Young Royal x Body Guard
    • Serial killer x Young copycat killer that idolizes them
    • Relationship between rival bands
    • Friend x Best friend's Brother
    • Reincarnation x Immortal

    More may be added. If you see anything you like, or have any specific cravings, message me! What's the worst that can happen?

  2. Still looking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.