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  1. View attachment 7535 Outside the train's double paned window, roads and old farmhouses, swallowed by snow, dotted the landscape. A barren stretch of frozen earth between Karlstad and stockholm was the only thing standing between two young refugees and a new life. A new hope for a young boy, and the vampire he believed he could spend the rest of his life with. He raised a small, gloved hand to the window, tracing his own name on the cold glass. Oskar.

    Oskar sat with his back pressed tightly against the padded bench seat of the train, small and unassuming, the hint of a smile beginning to curl at the corners of his mouth. His bright blue eyes stood out against the crimson red scarf that hugged tight against his neck. His booted feet barely reached the floor and swung, heels hitting the wooden panels with a rhythmic tap. With Blackberg, the murders, and everything that had happened fading into the distance, Oskar felt a warm tingle in his stomach. He moved his hand from the window to the trunk that sat at his feet. He knew Eli was in a deep sleep by this point, so he resisted the urge to wake her, to tap out that they were almost there, to share his excitement with the only person he had in his life.

    As a voice sounded over an intercom, announcing that they were only a few short miles away from Stockholm, Oskar watched as the sun dipped slowly into the western sky. Oskar exited the train via a loading ramp, small hand clutching the handle of his trunk. He had gone over everything in his head a million times, the way a bank robber might plan out the details of a heist. Eli had taken the precaution of writing everything down for him and giving him enough money for a hotel room, not to mention a fake name to register under. By the time Oskar made it to the room the sun was gone, and outside the hotel, darkness covered the snow drenched landscape. He opened the door to the room, speaking softly before unlatching the lid to his trunk and crossing the threshold.

    “You can come in..”
  2. Sweet and small, she curled her back into the wooden crate that sheltered her from the sun. She smiled to the sound of Oskar tapping on the lid, she had asked him to describe the surroundings and the sunlight she missed. But she did not fret, she hardly remembered it. She rested her head onto her soft black waves, looking through the tight cracks. It was quiet. She figured Oskar had fallen asleep, so she didn't click her nails against the wood. The hardened wheels beating against the tracks lulled her to sleep as well.

    It was sweet how they both thought that the other was resting, not wanting to disturb the other. But Oskar was right in his thoughts, she did fall before him.

    She couldn't feel the damp cold ground under her bare feet. She had watched Oskar with eyes that draw him towards her with her silence and mystery. It wouldn't matter if he already knew, and already understand. She couldn't seem to soften herself enough. She would attempt, but old habits die hard. She stood and stretched her hardened shape into something

    As he granted her permission she rushed in to hug him. "Oskar..." Her lips soft on his cheek as she whispered. Then she glanced around to make sure no one heard them.

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  3. View attachment 7627 “Eli..”

    Oskar nearly blushed as her cold, yet somehow comforting, arms wrapped around him in embrace. She was wise, achieving more life experience than Oskar ever would, and the young boy took comfort in that, but at the same time he wondered if he would ever get used to her? The way her skin felt, cold and lifeless. Or the way her eyes would, at times, seem to stare into another world, one that Oskar knew he would never be apart of. He felt that he could love her, and still, never truly get used to her. This scared him, as did the fact she had to kill in order to survive. If only there was another way.

    Too much worry for such a young mind.

    The hotel, was called ‘The prestige’, one randomly picked from the phone book the night before, also bearing a name that Oskar thought was incredibly stupid. What kind of name was The prestige? There was nothing prestigious about this place, from the burnt out letters on the neon sign to the cigarette burns on the floor, this place was a few steps short of a dump, at best! But the day had been long, and Oskar’s feet were tired. He unlaced his boots and laid back on the floral bedspread, letting his feet hang off the edge of the bed. He then closed his eyes, for the first time realizing how close he was to sleep.

    “Eli…” His voice seemed too quiet for the room, like a mouse in a cave. “I never got to thank you for saving me at the pool.” His teeth chattered, reliving the terror filled night.

    “Thank you.”

    He reached out to touch her hand, this time her skin didn't bother him.
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    Eli couldn't help the bitter cold that came off her skin. It was hard for a human like Oskar to shake off the winter winds as it was, and here he was affectionate to a thirsty living corpse. To have him was a comfort she couldn't lose. She needed him to live peacefully and have the understanding company she craved. He meant more to her than just safety.

    But in the end that didn't matter, she was stuck. She dove in head first with every opportunity just to survive this quiet life. There was only so many times you can sucker people in a small town. Word spreads fast of something with a crying voice begging for help, and lurking in the dark to steal the liquid of your life. People weren't wearing rose coloured glasses any more, they were smart now. These thoughts scared her, and she always counted on stealing the hearts of young males to get by. She shook her fears free from the roots of her black curls.

    She followed Oskar like a ghost, sitting on the edge of the hotel bed. This town was odd in the way it allowed them to get a room. Maybe it was pity? They looked like two lost children without a place to go for the night. Her chilled hands picked up his foot, smiling at the look of it just hanging there. She attempted to massage it without sending even more chills into his back.

    "Saving you..." She smiled to herself. "No one will threaten you like that again, Oskar." She spoke softly, meeting his hand halfway. The gory scene buzzed through the back of her mind. She fed so well on their disgusting blood. Horrid people were of a sour taste.
  5. View attachment 7820 Oskar smiled weakly through a heavy cloud of fatigue. He had been up since the night before and the only thing, besides Eli, on his mind was the warm bed. He didn’t protest at all as she reached for his sock covered foot and began to kneed it with experienced hands. He closed his eyes for a second, letting everything disappear. All the worry, all the stress about this new way of life he must assimilate to, gone. There was just him and her.

    Oskar didn’t know a lot about being a vampire, other than what he had read in books. He knew about the sun light. He knew they had to be invited in to a home. And he knew they had to have blood to survive, and not just blood, but warm blood, from a living creature. He knew in the back of his mind why Eli had came to him, he had deduced that he was to fulfill the role of the man he originally assumed to be her father.

    Could he ever do that?

    He opened his eyes again, watching as Eli lovingly messaged his foot.

    Could he ever…kill for Eli? Take innocent life?

    There had to be another way.

    Something came to him at that moment, as he thought about extracting blood without having to kill. One word stood out, Hospital. Hospital’s had lots of blood, he thought, people, sometimes in comas, that were hooked up to a constant drip! If only there was a way. It would take some work, some research, but perhaps it was possible. Until then Eli would have to kill for herself, he couldn’t -wouldn’t- do that.

    He broke himself away and stood.

    “So I guess you’ll have to leave soon then…I bet you’re hungry.” Oskar said dryly, the hint of regret in his voice, offering her no support. He knew she would eventually try to school him, show him the ways. After all, she was centuries old, but for now Oskar would play hard to get as it were.

    Tomorrow, after he was rested, he would go to the library and learn all he could abut Hospitals and Coma patients. Until then, he would sleep. He unzipped his new jacket, the one his father bought him last winter. It was very nice with a warm, wool lining. Perfect for those sub zero winter days. He hung it neatly on the provided hook near the door and laid down next to Eli. Wanting her to lay with him, but knowing she would have to feed soon. He only wished she waiting until he fell asleep.
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    Eli sensed the distance and was bothered by it. He had no right to push her away now, to act so cold with her. She frowned and saw right through it. It seemed to feed anger that she didn't ever see the reason to have towards him. It was a little more vibrant that she meant to sound.

    "I'll be going." Her naked souls were quick to move and shuffle across the soft carpet. She was too angry to even stomp her feet. In her mind she became cool and collected after slamming the door behind her. The nip of winter she could not feel, swept up into her hair and she followed the into the wind. The smell of what she craved thickened the sound of her growling pains. It drove her to hunt, made her eyes spark with hunger and desire to feast.

    Much like the old town she came from, there would always be dark places to hide. Before exiting the building moments before, she already had her attack style in mind. She was still weak and would need to be sly. Her fox-like hunt wouldn't be easy to pull off. She knew people probably already heard of the stories from the last town. It bothered her. But she quickly picked a dark corner.

    Off in the distance, her voice could be heard. She mewed like an injured kitten. It was soft and sweet but still quite desperate. There weren't many brave and stupid enough to wander down a dark alley. But the odds increased with the likely hood of a small girl being injured.

    "Help..." She stiffened and waited for the sound of foot steps in the hallows of her ear. "Help..." Her voice continued, welling out crocodile tears in the attempt to sound more authentic. Her mind started to wander. She realised that maybe Oskar only pulled away because he was tired, he did attempt to lay back down but she was so quick to jump. She shook her head and quietly whimpered again.

    Her mind snapped with excitement. Her feast was about to begin.
  7. View attachment 8262 Oskar had so much on his mind and found that sleep would not easily come. His thoughts twisted from this to that, and back again. He remembered first meeting Eli, knife in hand, stabbing a tree while fantasizing about killing. Was he any better? No. The answer came at once and with it a sadness welled up inside his chest. He had pushed her away because he was scared, underneath the layers of bravery and maturity, he was a little boy.

    Outside near the ally.

    Underneath the dim flicker of a street light, a homeless drunk stumbled down the street. His unshaven face showed serious wear and tear, making his 35 years on earth look more like 50. While he was sober, for the time being, that would change if he could scrounge up enough change when the bars let out at 2. He fumbled his way down an ally, but then stopped as a small voice cried out for help.

    He was shaking, partially from the alcohol, partially because the voice belonged to what he imagined to be a young girl. This particular man liked young girls. He was, in every sense, more of a monster than Eli.

    “Can..can I help you.” He bent down towards the small figure, a slight smile twisting across his alcohol aged face…..

    Back in the hotel room

    Oskar finally slipped into an uneasy sleep. He would wake up again, hopefully before Eli got back. At least then he could spend some time with her and tell her, tell her what? He didn’t know. That he was sorry? That he loved her? That he wanted to become a Vampire? She would never do it, and even if she would, would he want that kind of life? Questions circled his mind and the dream world took over. He had a short, but pleasant dream of living in a far off land with Eli. A place that never snowed, a place where people didn’t need things like blood, or oxygen to survive. A place where there were no Vampires and he and Eli could live, not run, but really live.
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    The apparent injured child reached out. She pretended to be oblivious to the dark deeds the man may have in mind.
    "Please, help me. I can't move." She knew she would wretch from the smell of him and his breath.

    The sound of glass grinding to a fine polish against the concrete, urged her to creep a little closer to him. The man was too slow. Her excitement was getting to be hard to deal with. This easy meal, just hanging above her face. His neck within reach for her fangs to rip into his jugular. This could excitement was almost the four play of a vampire's hunger. This usually was the closest thing she'd come to sensual stimulation.

    At this point any human would have turned after finding the her cold hand cupping their cheek. The curious minds may linger for only a second longer. After that all run and the word of her spreads. Like a horrible disease. "Horrible disease I am." She muttered with anger and chomped down into the man fiercely. The weakness in her in her joints pulsed and life bubbled into. It released her from the pain of hunger.

    The yelling of the man still echoed long after his eyes were closed and he lay stiff as stone. This was around the time Eli returned to Oskar. Her lower half was dusted with black soot, and blood on her sleeve. It smeared on her right arm like a snooty cuff of a child. She ran one hand through her mangled hair, it was more rough and untidy than when she left the crate.
  9. View attachment 10243 After about an hour of tossing Oskar managed sleep. It was deep and restful, but plagued with churning nightmares. Oskar usually didn't have nightmares, or rather, wasn't frightened by the ones he had. These were different, more real, like a movie filmed with an 8mm camera held by a shaking hand. He saw the faces of the boys Eli had killed at the pool hall. Their skin had rotted away. Old blood, brown and crusted, clung to the parts of their bodies Eli had savaged. They weren't dead in his dreams, nor were they alive. They followed him as he ran down hard-packed snow lined streets that led into an infinite blackness.

    Oskar awoke with cold sweat all over his body and his hair matted to the side of his face. His shirt was soaked, as were his pants. He took them off and hung them near the heater then turned on the shower.

    A hot shower is what he needed.

    While the water was heating he walked over to the window. Yellow light from the street lamps shone onto snow covered cars and roof tops. It was late in the season, so only a light dusting stuck and Oskar imagined it would melt away by dawn.

    The door creaked.

    Oskar flinched, then relaxed as Eli came into the room. She was covered in soot and blood soaked her sleeve. She had killed again, he knew she had to, because she was beginning to get that smell. The one that Oskar had at first hated, but now could tolerate. It was like old meat that had been sitting in the freezer for too long. Now the smell was gone.

    "You're dirty." He walked up to her and brushed some of the soot from her thigh. "You should take a shower, I can wait."

    He shivered a little, truth be told he hadn't expected to wait and now that he stood here in only his underpants the cold was getting to him. Unfortunately, in this cheap room, the heater only went up to a brisk 65 degrees, hardly warm enough to keep the goosebumps away.
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    She almost scoffed at the idea. She turned away, feeling a bit of pity towards him. She could feel the breeze on her back from the open door. It was the distraction that caused the delay in her answer. Oskar would stand there shivering till she answered, he seemed like the kind to do that. To just wait for an answer from Eli. To wonder what her next move was.

    The door pulled to shut with a stiff slamming sound that followed. Another door opening sucked out the air from the room Eli stood in with Oskar. The draft was strong, regardless of air pressure issues. It was all sort of odd. She finally looked back at him, wondering what he was doing, it was obvious she could wait to clean up. She didn't really need to clean up, it wasn't important in the end. No human would see her, and her food wouldn't care how she looked. Eli's clothes only needed to be washed and her hair combed.

    "Oskar, go in already." It came out more bitter than intended. But she didn't apologize for it. She would have joined him, but she felt he was too young for that still.

    "I'll be here when you get out." She tried to appear more loving.
  11. "Fine, I'll shower first."

    View attachment 10954 His arms were wrapped around his bare torso and he shook noticeably. Wasn't it the mans job to offer girls things first? And he was a man, after all, he left home and was now living with Eli. The girl he loved. He knew they would never be able to have kids, and he was still about 3 years away from being attracted to her..like that, but still he wouldn't have minded seeing her in the shower, but would never ask.

    Oskar grinned at her, flipping her hair as he walked by. The bathroom was like a sauna when he opened the door and walked in. well at least the water is hot, he thought to himself. He dropped his underwear to the floor and jumped in, at first the hot water was almost too much, but a quick glance out the window at the frozen world beneath made him appreciate it and soon the water was tolerable and felt great on his skin. He washed with the bar of soap provided buy the hotel, and even scrubbed behind his ears. When he was done he toweled off and put his underwear back on, his clothes were still in the front room drying.

    "All done, you can use the shower now"
    He sat next to Eli again "You don't have to, I just thought....." He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Her skin was cold as usual, but Oskar didn't mind. He got up and began to dress.