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  1. "Laaaaadies and gentlemen! In just a few short minutes the Battle Surge XVII will begin! Tonight, here in the Windy City of Chicago, teams from all across the midwest have come to test their skills. The eight best teams in the midwest will fight to take the regional title! What ever team wins will advance to the national championships! People of Chicago let me hear you CHEER!"

    Oliver stood at the window facing the arena. He looked at the arena, mentally planning strategies. As the teams strategist, he had to have pre-made strategies. Defensive positions, offensive maneuvers, faints, sleight of hand, and trick plays. He knew them all. At any given moment he could make a call and his team would follow through with deadly precision. They had rehearsed the plays countless times. For the prelims they come up with new tactics and plays. Some innovated and risky, others plain but reliable. But....the true strength of the team was their ability to adapt and improvise. He had only known the team for a short while, but in that time they had become very important him. Like family. Though he didn't show it, he genuinely cared for them. Each person on the team had such stark personalities. Some times it was mystery to him how they could function as a team. They were all independent for the most part. Out side of the arena people might think that some of them hated each other. To some degree, they may be right. But in the game, in the fray....they were unified. Like a well oiled machine they performed like it was as natural as breathing. In the fight, at least to Oliver, they were family.

    And family was all Oliver had. Two years ago his parents died leaving him to take care of his eight year old sister Sarina. There is nothing Oliver wouldn't do for his sister. Nothing. He lived his life to provide for her. In fact, if it wasn't for the money they could win in the championship, he wouldn't be there. No stranger to combat, Oliver could make a easy money as a bouncer, personal security, police, or even the military. But the pay off for wining regional, or even national, was huge. It would be enough to put her through school for a year. He needed that money. Bad.

    Oliver shook his head. He couldn't focus on that now. He had to get his head in the game. Walking away from the window he walked over to his Cryo Carbine and checked all the parts. Everything was fine. Nothing was out of place. He then checked his retractable shield. It was old, but sturdy. Satisfied with his equipment he turned and faced his team.

    "You guys ready?" He asked, looking intently at his team.


    Drey was in his element. Pour latte art, brewing good coffee and pulling good espresso shots. His smile on his face was as genuine as could be. But more then that, he was pumped because his bro, Oliver, was playing today. Oliver, didn't know, but Drey had placed several substantial bets on his team winning. Drey was confident and not with out good cause. Olivers team was good. Really Good. The would win Drey knew.

    "Can I have a cappuccino please?" asked a customer.

    "Absolutely" Drey said loudly. Almost to loudly. He pulled the shot then steamed the milk. After that he poured a sun design into the customers Capp'. He handed it to her with a smile. "Enjoy"

    "Drey! Would you go on break already? Sheesh." said his manager Bryant. "You are gonna work yourself to death boy! Take 15 minutes."

    "OOOOOoookay boss! As you wish!"

    Drey came out from behind the counter with a cup of black iced coffee and sat at an empty table. He leaned back in his chair and stretched. But he stretched so far he over balanced and fell out of his chair. Hitting the floor with a loud crash.
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  2. Elizabeth gave Oliver a nod, "Courtney, stay safe," she said sharply before ruffling her sister's hair. She gave her a rare smile before putting on her goggles. She spread her one wing making sure it worked by flapping it before folding it again.

    Courtney nodded to her sister, she smiled back to her older sister. She walked over to the window. She studied the competition, she frowned. These guys didn't look so hard.
  3. The armoured swathes of his robe clacked and clicked as Fandrim went through his pre-match stretches. Left arm forward, right arm cocked in a fist behind. Body side on, feet wide spread. He could feel the flame writhing beneath his skin - his connection to the ether was nothing more than a half thought away. As well as the fire, the earth beneath his boots and the air around him thrummed with energy. Even the sweat running down the face of a teammate sang to his mind. Taking a heavy step forward, he slammed six rapid punches before him, spinning himself on the ball of his left foot to bring his right around in a heavy high kick. His style of combat magic was brutal, and used every possible channel for manifestation - even without allowing the flame in his heart to flow, the style was a potent fighting art.

    This fight was one he was looking forward to. His short form was dwarfed by the rest of the team, but he was confident that his comrades could hold their own by his side. Fandrim had been fighting the circuit since his early teens for his family, and his winnings so far had his family living in a little less than comfort. If the team won this time...he'd have enough for his dad to set up a second shop, and for his sister to attend a school of magical excellence. Unbidden, small flames sprouted from his palms at the thought. He had to win, there was no other option. He refused to allow his family to live in poverty any longer or ever again. The very passion of what he felt had allowed the flame to spring forth. Quenching the fire, he stood straight and took a deep breath. Fighting always required preparation and Fandrim knew that he was prepared.

    When he heard Oliver ask if they were ready, the short man replied with a nod. He didn't need to provide the other man with much more information. The flame caster was a man of few words unless he was drunk, or very eager to impress a lady. Not that he'd been that eager in a while - reaching this level of competition had been the focus of his life for so long now...we'd better win he thought going home empty handed after something so big isn't an option I consider palatable. He slammed on his heavy cowled helmet and nodded to his team mates - Oliver, their tactician, had been waxing lyrical about plays and plans before it all. The fire mage rarely listened; he knew his place and needed no instruction. The offensive arm of the team was always to the front, dodging and giving back as good as he got. As for Elizabeth, he knew he could rely on her to watch his back - the woman was stone cold but she protected her team like a lioness her cubs. Speaking of cubs, the child that Fandrim had dubbed the 'team mascot' was in the ready chamber - little Courtney. He walked over to her, his height barely greater than her own, and smiled "You keep safe, little one. Cheer loud for your sister" his deep, heavily accented voice rumbled from beneath the steel lip of his combat headgear.

    "Lets kick us some ass"
  4. Courtney giggled but nodded to Fandrim, he didn't speak often but he was really nice. "Of course I will, you stay safe too," she said happily in her high pitched voice.

    Elizabeth watched her sister, she chuckled at her sister's respect for everyone on the team. She ran her hand through her bangs.
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  5. Drey quickly got off the floor. Various customers laughed at him. A few asked if he was okay. His manager looked at him and rolled his eyes. Drey how ever was not embarrassed. In fact his best friend Oliver would say that Drey had no shame whats so ever.

    "I am okay, happens all the time....?" The word time reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite remember. "Time...time....uh.." The announcer for the games interrupted his thoughts.

    "FIVE minutes ladies and gentlemen! Five minutes until GO time!"

    "Shoot!" He thought. If he was gonna wish his bro luck, he had to get to the prep room. And if he wanted to see her.....

    Drey took off running. He blasted through the doors of the lounge and sped down the corridor. He tripped going down the stairs and nearly smacked his face on the ground. Still, he managed to get to the prep room door. He then slowly opened the door. They were still there. He breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Oliver!" Drey said walking straight to him and embracing him in a hug.

    "Drey....let go of me" Oliver said, not with annoyance, but as if this happened all the time. Which it did.

    "Sure thingy Oliver! Oh by the way, I totally checked out the other teams, and let me just say they look pretty tough! But not as as tough as you guys!" Drey said turning to the team. Drey looked over at Elizabeth. He had had a crush on her for months now. But for some reason, she seemed to wish for Dreys utter destruction. Which only fueled his awkward attempts at compliments. "Elizabeth you look as pristine as always!"
  6. Elizabeth snorted ignoring him, "Oliver what's the plan for today?" She said in a deathly calm voice. She made her final adjustments to her gun.

    Courtney tilted her head to the side, before walking over to Drey. "Hello Drey!" She chirped cheerfully, her metal wings had spread. She frowned folding her wings, they were attached to her nerves like her sister's one wing.
  7. Oliver fixed his gaze on Elizabeth. He looked at her wing, her one wing. He'd often heard other people ask about it. Which usually ended with them on the floor. In pain. Surely it was a curious sight. A one winged girl with a two winged sister. It wasn't odd that her sister had two wings. Heck, just earlier today he saw a man with a metal lizard like tail. Things of this nature were not uncommon. The odd part was that Elizabeth only had one. Oliver had never asked about it. Had never had the notion. Not because he feared her, but because he respected her. Like him, she raised her sibling by herself. Knowing first hand the hardships that come with that, Oliver did his best to give her her space. Plenty of people have been trying to tell him how to raise his sister for years. Acting like they know who Oliver was and what was best for Sarina. Telling him that he didn't have to try and live up to his parents. Oliver hated that. He wasn't trying to be Sarinas parent. He wasn't trying to replace them. He was trying to be her big brother. Her only remaining family worth speaking of. So when people pried into his life, tried to tell him how to take care his sister, nothing made him angrier. What ever happened to Elizabeth's wing was surely personal to her. Oliver had no bushiness asking her.

    "The plan is not to waste. This isn't a one game deal. This is a tournament, a marathon. We can't waste our energy all in one game. We need to take down our enemies fast and hard. We can never take the defensive for very long. We also can't let the other teams ever know what we are planning. Always keep them guessing. We also won't know our opposing team until we step into the arena. So there's no pre meditated plan to start with. I'll make the call when we get in." the strategist said.

    Oliver looked over to Fandrim who was already suited up and ready to go. Before they made this team, Oliver was certain nobody would be as focused and determined as he was to win. One practice with Fandrim completely changed that notion. Fandrim was lethal. Some casters favored less aggressive forms of casting. Some preferring to cast from a distance, using as little energy as possible. But not Fandrim. Fandrims style was ferocious and unrelenting. If the man had a limit to how long he could fight, Oliver had never seen it. Oliver had rarely seen him out of breath. Fandrim could take on two players, sometimes three all by himself. Oliver was glad that Fandrim was on his team, and not his opponents.


    Dreys spirits were not bothered at all when she ignored him. He only smiled and thought to himself "I'm wearing her down" When Courtney came over to him, his thoughts completely changed. Courtney, the sweet innocent girl was the life of the team. Drey admittedly had a soft spot for her. Much like everyone else on the team.

    "Hey there girl!" He said going to one knee to talk to her face to face. "Are you going to cheer real loud for the team? What am I saying, of course you are! This team wouldn't have the heart to fight if it wasn't for you encouraging them! So, would you like me to make you a hot chocolate? I brought my gear!"
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  8. “Have a drink, little girl. You’ll need it for your match,” Mr. Rowley said in his rumbling drawl. He clapped his daughter on the back, and pushed a glass into her hand. As far as fathers went, he was one of the more unorthodox, and likely the most eccentric, of the Great South.

    “No, thank you,” said Lena, and set the stout glass on a passing server’s tray. “I should be down in the stadium with my team.”

    “Nonsense! Your family is where you belong. See that?” Mr. Rowley gestured to a mass of people at the bow of the deck. Glittering gas lamps shone upon three handsome men and their admirers. The identical Rowley brothers basked in mirth and merriment. Flashbulbs popped and smoked while heavily-painted women adorned in their scanty best swooned. “You could be part of that, you know.”

    “I think I’m better off where I am, Daddy,” said Lena. This she meant in every sense. She could neither charm nor flatter as her brothers did, she did not look like them, and she most definitely did not care for the attention they constantly received. She had thus far lived on the outside of their jokes and allusions. She did not intend to ostracize herself whilst pursuing her career as well. These lavish parties too, full of socialites, secrets, and scandal, made her uncomfortable. Everyone came outfitted in their most expensive attire as if attending some formal soiree. Even in her nicest breeches and leather spencer jacket, Lena felt embarrassingly underdressed. Her presence was likely tolerated only because her father was the host.

    Just then a burst of shrill and raucous laughter pulled Mr. Rowley’s attention back to his sons. He smiled broadly and raised his glass in their direction. Grateful for the distraction, Lena backed around the airship’s cabin, across the gangplank, and into the upper tiers of the Chicago Battle Stadium.

    `~.~` `~.~` `~.~`

    The inner corridors of the stadium that linked the non-spectator zones wove and crisscrossed and branched like a serpentine labyrinth, a long one at that. Somewhere beyond the walls, the band began to play to thunderous cheers. Lena could feel the stadium’s excitement reverberate through the hall, and her heart began to hammer.

    As she approached her team’s prep chamber, a group of copper-coated techs marched toward her. They clanked and clashed with every step, and each had the same symbol etched into their plating. They might be fierce with all that armor if they weren’t so clunky and loud, but their tinted goggles were rather unnerving. Lena pushed them from her mind as she entered the room. She muttered a quick “Sorry” and nodded apologetically in Oliver’s direction. Her whole team was already assembled. How long had they been waiting? How well would she have to play tonight for them to overlook her absence?

    “I saw some techs heading down the hall,” Lena said. “I didn’t recognize their sigil. Does anyone know of an armored team whose seal is a seal?”

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  9. Courtney smiled brightly, "of course I want hot chocolate, you make the best!" She cried happily clasping her hands together.
  10. "Little Lena!" Fandrim rumbled, walking towards his team mate who had just entered. He completely ignored Drey, as he usually did. The man was not part of the team and he wasn't very palatable to the fire-caster either - he thirsted after Elizabeth like a dog and was very blatant about it, no matter how much she cast him off. Determination and persistence were good, but when it came to women? Trying for months on end without change was pointless. The heavy-set firemage had never had time for romance himself, but he'd seen enough of his friends fall to its traps.

    "Little Lena" He said again, walking over to the slightly taller woman and grabbing her around the shoulders, pulling her into a heavy hug "How was your father? Do your brothers look nervous today? We'll be showing them our power soon!" It was unusual for Fandrim to say too much, but he knew Lena had trouble dealing with her family, and he always liked to try cheering her up when he knew she'd been seeing her family. "The Circle isn't the sort to back down from a trio of buffoons, are we?" He smiled, his mouth barely visible beneath his mask. "Especially with our brilliant earth-mage on our side! Strong little Lena will watch our backs"
  11. "Excellent!" Said Drey with booming enthusiasm. From his bag he pulled out chocolate and milk. He ground up the choclate as fine as he could with a nifty hand grinder he had on his belt. Then He put the chocolate into a cup where he also put brown sugar and honey. After that he pulled out a device he nicknamed handspresso. Typically used to make espresso on the go, Drey had modified it to be able to do a few more tricks. Putting in some chocolate powder into the the device he pressed a button and pressurized hot water blasted hot chocolate into the cup. Drey pulled out a metal spoon and stirred the cup till it was well mixed. Then using the other end of the device steamed some milk that he pulled from his bag. Getting the milk to the right texture he poured it into the hot cocoa and formed a heart design.

    "As ordered, Hot Chocolate made perfect for you" Drey said with a smile.


    "Lena, we are all just glad you could make it. No apology necessary." The fact that she was late did nothing to diminish the faith he had in Lena. She was always reliable both in and out of the arena. Oliver knew that if she was late, it was not her fault. "South Bend Seals. They hail from the South Bend Indiana. Factory district. Likely sponsored by one of the major engineering company's. That's why they had so much gear. They have the money. From what I could gather they are a tough lot. They prefer older but reliable tactics. Phalanx maneuvers are there specialty. At least from what I gathered." Oliver had researched all the teams. He knew how they played. He knew how to circumvent almost any squads strategies. If a team did something new, he knew that he could rely on his team.

    A knock at the door broke his train of thought. A short portly fellow with widows peak poked his head in. "Go time in one minute. Be ready." said the man in a raspy voice.

    Oliver went to the double doors that led to the arenas from the prep room. He stood in the middle like he always did. He looked over his shoulder and saw Fandrim and Lena conversing. Not one to want to break up team bonding, he simply waited till he caught Lenas gaze then motioned to the lever at the door. Lena was always the one who pulled the lever to open the door. When she pulled the lever they would enter the arena.
  12. Elizabeth gave Drey a glare before nodding to her sister. She joined Oliver at the doors, she cleaned dust off her goggles. She flapped her wing, she ran a hand through her long hair.


    Courtney gasped taking the cup, she sipped the hot drink. She smiled her red eyes lighting up, "it's good as always Drey," she said folding her wings again.
  13. Relief washed over Lena in glorious waves. No reprimand came, no snide comment about the value of her talent and presence. Already a year had passed since Lena began practicing with The Circle, but so prone was her mind to her father’s style of coaching that she often forgot a team could function in any other way. That a team could stand on camaraderie and teamwork, and not just pure ambition and showy tactics.

    In that ordinary moment, and as she always did when she stood among her teammates, Lena Milligan Rowley simply became Lena Milligan. The Rowleys were her opponents now.

    Fandrim’s hug was not the most comfortable, but the gesture was comforting.

    “Thank you, Drim,” she said, and she meant it. More playfully, she added, “Little? Need I remind you, young man, that I am a full five years older than you, and nearly five inches taller?” But she didn’t mind the pet name. Coming from her teammate, it was an endearment; from her father, it was condescension. Lena suddenly pursed her lips. Even the mere thought of Mr. August Rowley made her tense.

    To relax, Lena watched Oliver’s barista friend entertain Elizabeth’s sister, and admired the unadulterated casualness of their interaction. Yes, Drey acted a little on pretense, but he seemed to genuinely enjoy Courtney’s company. Sometimes, Lena wished she had that same social comfort and ease of conversation with kids, or people in general. Drey wasn’t an athlete, and probably wouldn’t last a minute in the arena, but he had qualities more substantial than physical strength and raw power. He had compassion and empathy. How he and Oliver had ever become friends was a complete mystery, but it was clear that their stark personalities complemented each other spectacularly.

    On the other hand, there was something awesome about Elizabeth’s quiet ferocity. Even as she stood in the room, with that menacing metal wing of hers and her eerie alabaster complexion, she was a fearsome thing to behold. Over the past year, Lena could not remember having spoken to her more than a handful of occasions, and even then none were personal. Yet, from this distant proximity, Lena learned the benefits of Elizabeth’s aloofness. No one bothered her (with the exception of Drey), but no one gave her serious trouble. Any potential adversary was too afraid. It must be a lonely life, but at least Elizabeth bent her knee to no one.

    Finally, Lena turned to Oliver, stalwart leader of their doughty crew. Warmth crept up her cheeks. That there was a handsome man, exactly the sort the public fawned over. The team’s recent success, young as this roster was, had only increased Oliver’s popularity and renown. If only he had Drey’s charm, thought Lena, then he’d be the perfect package.

    “South Bend Seals?” Lena asked, but mostly to herself. “Wasn’t that the team that pulled out of Districts? Someone must really want to see them compete.” Of course when speaking to Oliver it was always business. But the issue was a serious one. Sponsored teams were tricky. Sometimes maneuvered for political reasons, it was not unheard of for a team to bribe their way into the higher division championships in order to promote some product, cause or politician.

    “Go time in one minute. Be ready.”

    Lena met Oliver’s gaze. He said nothing; his smoky gray eyes said everything. She nodded her assent, and silently moved toward the doors that led to the arena.

    “Come hell or high water,” she said. And then she pulled the lever.

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  14. Elizabeth watched Lena, the girl was strange indeed. She wasn't always social, and on there occasionally talks. She didn't know if the girl was afraid of her or if she was just bad with social interactions.

    Her eyes narrowed on the boy talking to her sister, God he was annoying. She had always been told she was pretty, but this boy hounded over her. It made her want to hit him with her air gun. Instead she ignored him, which only made his flirting worse.

    Oliver was a interesting character, like her he had a younger sister. He was there strategist and she trusted him. Though like any other person she wouldn't get close to him.

    The there was Fandrim, let's just say she uunderstood his motivation for fighting. She knew he would be there to help her when she needed it.

    She saw Lena pull the switch and got ready holding her gun up. She gave her sister one last smile before going back to her normal blank expression.


    Courtney smiled brightly at her sister before watching as the doors opened. "I'll be here watching with Drey," she called. She looked at Drey with her big red eyes, "Will you watch with please, no one else does," she said pouting slightly.

    Drey Is like a best friend for the young girl, she always enjoyed his company. She came up with an idea, she drank her drink before gently nudging Drey playfully.
  15. As the door opened and the crowd started cheering, the initial chaos of stepping into the arena hit him like a tidal wave. Screaming fans yelled and jumped in the air. Oliver couldn’t make out most what the people were saying. He saw plenty of people holding up paper circles, the typical thing for fans of The Circle to do. He saw a group of some young girls with I heart Oliver blouses. Well, they were hardly blouses, more akin to corsets showing more skin then cloth. He had never paid heed to fans like that. The thought of any of those girls repulsed him. Claiming love for him even though they did not know him. Oliver would never show any interest in the scantly clothed bimbos, but he wouldn’t show his disgust either. Public image for the team was important whether Oliver liked it or not. So he would remain distant and ‘mysterious’ to the sickly infatuated girls. As long as his life remained drama free and his team held together, he was happy.

    He pulled out a metal bottle cap from his pocket and fiddled with it in his hand. It was his good luck charm. Only two people in the world knew what it was and it what it meant, Drey and Sarina. He was pretty sure no one on the team had ever noticed it. He hoped they didn’t. He placed it back in his pocket and closed his eyes. “Focus….focus” Oliver thought. He knew he had to push out all the distractions. He calmed his mind and thought only of the here and now. He only needed two things on his mind right now, his team and winning. Breathing a deep breath he pushed out the screaming fans. He pushed out thoughts of his sister. He pushed it all out. He breathed again and opened his eyes. He was ready.

    The starting spot for the team was set thirty feet above the lowest point of the arena. A set of stairs lead down to the ground floor. Out on the other side he saw the other team. It was the Storm Chasers, a team that came from the plains of Iowa. They were known for their speed and ability to take the advantage of the arena. Oliver deduced that they would make one of two moves. Either they would rush to meet us head on, using their speed to put the fight in our territory. They would try and force us to take the defensive. The other option was to take the center tower. They would rush to the center and gain the advantage of the high ground. Which one would they choose? Oliver narrowed his eyes looking at his opponents, reading their body language. The two disk slingers were bouncing from toe to toe.They were looking straight ahead. From this distance he could not tell where they were looking. The two casters of the team, one fire caster and one water caster, seemed relaxed. They were facing each other, conversing. “Those two don’t intend on making any kind of rush.” Oliver thought.

    “They are going to take the middle platform. Let them. They think they are faster than us, let’s keep them thinking that. Once their Battle Mechanics take the center, the casters will move in on either side of the central tower and attempt to overwhelm us. Elizabeth and Fandrim, you are going to take out the mechanics. Get close but wait till they start attacking us before you climb the tower. They won’t expect you to be there that fast. You should be able to get to the top before the casters get there. Lena and I will keep them preoccupied with a phalanx maneuver until you get to the top. I’ll defend and Lena will press the attack. Once you have engaged the slingers, we will break off and take down the casters.”

    Oliver barely finished speaking when the horn blew to start the match. The Storm Chaser casters immediately started casting. Both mages shot their elements in front of them making a wall of steam to mask their movements. Within moments half of the arena was covered in steam. Oliver knew what they were doing. It was no secret that The Circle was adept at seeing through their opponents plans. They were trying to throw Oliver off. They had no idea that Oliver already knew what they were doing. The team was at the bottom of the steps by the time the casters had made their third steam cloud. Oliver hefted his Cryo Carbine in one hand and deployed his shield. He stood in front of Lena and went into a defensive crouch. A few seconds went by and the slingers were in place. Working in unison they whipped there disk launchers sending two earth disks at Oliver’s position. Surely Lena could stop both disks with ease, but that wasn’t her role, it was his. Oliver waited till the disks got close, before he acted. Using his carbine he shot the right disk out of the air and used his shield to block the other. The slingers knew their first attack failed and assumed an attack formation. The slingers were quick, sending a stone at them every few seconds. Oliver had his work cut out for him. He tried shooting some out of the air but it became too difficult. So he holstered his carbine and focused on blocking with his shield. With every break in the attack Oliver inched forward, moving closer to the center. Lena was casting earth like a pro. Oliver couldn’t see her movements, though he really wished he could. The way she moved as she casted stone was almost alluring. Her flow in battle always astounded Oliver. Few people could move like she did. She wasn’t matching the two slingers attack, she was out performing them. She might even score a few hits herself before Fandrim and Elizabeth got there. Oliver stayed in his position waiting for Fandrim and Elizabeth to scale the twenty foot platform.

    Drey feigned pain at the girls nudge. He howled like a goofy dog for a second before breaking into laughter. "How can I say no to you Courtney? Hmm....I will be late from break...but that's okay. I'm sure my boss will understand.” Drey said as he looked back and saw that the door was open. Not wanting just anyone to feel like they waltz in, he moved to close the door. When he got close he heard talking, in somewhat hushed tones. Drey stepped closer and listened. He couldn’t hear everything, but he heard mostly everything.

    “So the deal is set?”

    “Yes, everything is in place.”

    “Good. As long as everything happens right everyone is happy.”

    The pair walked by as Drey closed the door. He did catch one of the faces though. It was one of Lena’s brothers. The other guy wore a long blue coat with gold trim. It was a pricey one too. “What were they talking about?” Drey shrugged it off and went back to sitting with Courtney.

    “Now where were we, ah yes, I believe you were telling me how awesome my hat is.” Drey joked as he nudged the girl back.

    ****OOC- I am posting a clarification of rules in the other thread. Also a map detailing what the enemy teams movements and ours look like on the map I made. ****
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  16. "I am the Circle" The words softly slipped from Fandrim's lips. He had broken away from Lena with a grin, but now his mouth was impassive. Inside, he burned. The fiery wrath of the mana beneath his skin was slipping into his mind. Battle lust was common for him - he'd been known to pound his enemies into the dirt with fists wreathed in flame if he didn't pay attention to his own inner urges. In the back streets, that was okay - here, it was not. He had to maintain his inner peace and keep his thoughts clear. He focused. Strangely enough, all that was in his mind was Lena.

    Having never admitted it to someone other than himself, it would come as a shock to many to find that he found more than a passing, familial interest in her. The heavy fire caster had always been too driven and too independent to let such a thing pop up - he'd had women, but never feelings for them. That wasn't his thing. When it came to the earth caster, he found himself unable to help it. She wasn't an enemy, and she was as close as anyone ever had been. It was a funny development that he meant to never act on - he had a competition to win after all. He had a family to care for.

    "And the circle is me" the mantra finished. When Lena pushed open the door, he followed slowly. He could feel the flame burning; it wanted out and the fire in his heart was very willing to let it run rampant. He raised a fist to the roaring fans, wreathed in bright flame. He knew they could see. Flags adorned with his own sigil - a snarling dragon within a circle - waved above several parts of the crowd. Oliver's fangirls were here and there, bodies flagrantly exposed. Fandrim growled with distaste - that sort of attention was unnecessary - Oliver might be handsome, but he was a pro fighter and strategist. They were simply deluded if ever they thought they could attract his attention. Fandrim found it especially funny, knowing Oli's stern moral fibre.

    When the horn sounded, he felt his heart quicken. It was a rush - the blood to his brain, the mana in his chest breaking out into his limbs. It was like a liquid force of death and destruction at his fingertips. The Stormcasters had already brought up their cute little fog, and when a disc from one of their mechanists slashed through it towards him, Fandrim grinned. With a stomp and a fiery uppercut he smashed the stone into splinters and dust, a spinning turn bringing his flame wreathed fist into contact with another disk and pulverising it. He slashed an arm down and around, a long line of fire sweeping out from his outstretched limb through the mist. Cutting a swathe in the cover temporarily he saw his opponent charging across the ground towards their positions. He was still on the other side of the tower. A quick forward kick and several punches sent a flurry of fireballs towards the mechanic - his shield stopped them but he was hardly ready to see Fandrim charging a thirty foot drop towards the tower. When he reached the edge of the platform, he leapt out into the empty air.

    A focused moment brought his power to the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. He could feel the weight of his robes and armour wearing him down as he channelled the flame. With a sound as loud as gunshots he fired himself through the air towards the scaffold tower - arms windmilling. He landed on top, curling into a roll. When he was standing he could see down on his opponent. Hopefully, Elizabeth has the other occu-That thought was cut off as a disk whizzed past his head from the other side. "Fuck" a handspring and a crouch in the centre of the tower took him out of sight - sometimes, being short was an advantage. He heard the 'whizz-clink' of a grapnel and saw the shiny hook digging into the top platform. A fireball burning in his hand, he was ready to meet whoever came over the top.

    He wasn't expecting them - no, her - to fly up so high above him, grapnel detached at the last moment, and long blue cloak streaming behind her. The mechanic did a somersalt midair and landed with her shield ready to accept the incoming barrage of fire. A barrage it was - several streams of flame, and blasts of pyromantic fury slammed into the shield projector. She returned just as many disks back towards Fandrim, one even managing to score a hit on his left shoulder. With a heavy growl he leapt at her, rolling under more disks to take her legs out and slam a fireball into her stomach. A kick to the upper body sent him sprawling.

    "Doing all right, Drin!" She yelled. He paused for a second, considering her. Then it dawned on him - the Stormcasters had gotten her back.

    "Celia" A callback to the past - that's what this was to Fandrim. He'd met her early in his career. A sponsor had called him into a low level fight in Idaho, but he'd never gotten to fight in it. He'd been having a quiet drink in a bar when someone took issue with his accent and thrown a punch. In the midst of the ensuing bar brawl he'd bumped into the blonde haired farm girl standing before him and they'd ended up back to back...well, in his case his head only reached the bottom of her shoulder blades.

    They'd found in each other kindred spirits - determined, uncaring and un-frivolous.

    He was now fighting one of his best friends in a tournament for a great deal of prize-money.

    The top of the tower descended into a flurry of flame, disks, punches and kicks - both seeing a particular look in the other's face. There would be no quarter concerning friendship. They'd laugh about the bruises later. For now, they were just going to try and smash each other out of the game...and possibly consciousness.
  17. Elizabeth nodded to Oliver, she flapped her wing testing it. She bolted as soon as the horn blasted. She was very agile for her height. She dodged a disc before using her wing to balance herself as she got to the tower.

    She quite swiftly climbed the tower blasting one of the hooks. She smiled slightly, she again blasted a hook. She flapped her wing, she used the wind that was blowing to power her gun.


    Courtney smiled brightly and giggled lightly. She heard the horn and ran to the window. Her sister was standing on the tower blasting downward. She could feel the air from the blasts like everyone else.
  18. Ladders. Chain vines. Swinging pulleys. Rickety scaffolds. Suspension bridges. Obstacles with difficult purchase limited mobility, speed, and vision. Floating, rotating, and unstable platforms hindered most maneuvers. Surprise complications almost always surfaced. And then there was the opposing team…

    Fortunately, the anticipation was worse than the reality.

    As the doors opened on to the arena, Lena’s imagination slowed. From the deck, the stadium was symmetrical – good news for the team. A terrain easily memorized was one easily conquered.

    So they said.

    `~.~` `~.~` `~.~`​

    Lena stomped on a nearby stone cylinder embedded in the grating. A metal chute extended from above, propelling smooth, flat stone disks in Lena’s direction. She sensed them before she saw them. The soles of her feet tingled.

    The first disk proves you’re equal.

    In one swift move, Lena fell forward. She kicked her right leg back, up, and over her head. Toes pointed, she brought her foot down with rigid intent. The stone followed the trajectory of her motion. It ricocheted off a tower and shattered, spraying sharp debris into an earth mechanic’s face. Had Lena aimed an inch to the right, she would have broken her opponent’s nose.

    The second disk proves you’re better.

    Mist and sparks rained down on Lena’s unprotected body. Luckily, Oliver shielded most of the attack. No time to waste. Lena shook the water from her curls, took a preparatory bounce, and then jumped.

    Both feet lifted off the ground. She spun, twisted, flipped. The opposing casters launched fireballs and water jets through the steam. Lena’s stone sliced through a fireball with ease. Cheers thundered from the stadium, but not because the opposing team had taken a hit. The spectators boomed because Lena’s stone snubbed out the fire completely.

    The stunned Storm Chasers hesitated. The time allowed Oliver and Lena to advance. With every yard they gained, the more stone chutes and reservoirs they had access to. The advantage was the Circle’s.

    Lena whipped another couple disks toward her opponents. Quick and precise were her arabesques. Powerful was her pirouette. She panted with exertion, but the battle spurred her on. Oliver’s steadfast strength gave her energy. With him protecting her, Lena felt untouchable.

    Movement toward the middle of the stadium caught Lena’s eye. Something flashed near the peak of the central tower. She saw Elizabeth’s silvery hair flip around the side of the tower and out of sight. Another flash glared from the platform. Lena chanced another look. High above the arena were Fandrim and one of the Storm Chaser mechanics – the one she had startled – in physical combat.

    “Oliver,” Lena called out, “We need to break rank.” More steam filled the lower levels of the stadium. “I can’t see Elizabeth or Fandrim anymore.”

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  19. Elizabeth gripped the side of the tower, she growled with frustration. She had used her wing to stop herself from falling when she almost been hit. She tried to pull her wing free from the crack it was stuck in. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a disc flying towards her.

    She jerked her wing free rubble flying everywhere. She aimed well with her gun, she fired shattering the disc. She then turned her gun to the person who had thrown the disc. She fired hitting the person square in the chest.

    She hit the ground hard, she gasped, she had felt her wing breaking along with a rib. She pushed herself to her feet before running back to Oliver and Lena clutching her side. Her wing dragged on the ground, instead of standing tall. Some blood dripped down her chin.


    Courtney gasped when she saw her sister emerge from the mist holding her side, her wing dropping. Her wings snapped out in shock almost hitting Drey. She didn't care that the speed of her wings opening hurt, she was worried for Elizabeth's health..

    She looked at Drey her ruby eyes filled with worry, Elizabeth would be pissed after this. She probably would take that anger out on anyone who messed with her. Most likely Drey, she didn't want him hurt.
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  20. “Oliver,” Lena called out, “We need to break rank.” More steam filled the lower levels of the stadium. “I can’t see Elizabeth or Fandrim anymore.”

    She was right Oliver knew. The time to break and pursue was now. Steam was still filling the arena. By now steam had poured over into The Circles half of the Arena. The only place not affected by the steam was the top of the twenty foot platform where Fandrim and Elizabeth were locked in combat with there opponents. Oliver had a thought. The steam was making the match boring and dull. The game masters would change that soon. They had to act now. He needed her full attention, so he placed his hand on the back of her neck. Not affectionately and not aggressively, but passively so. He made a point to look into her eyes, to make eye contact.

    "Lena, the Game Controllers are going to vent out the steam any moment. We need to find and engage the casters before that happens. Move out." Oliver said calmly as he gestured for Lena to go to the left of the twenty foot platform. There she would find her caster. The casters were going to try and pincer attack Lena and Oliver, who they thought were still in phalanx position.

    When Elizabeth came to him and Lena, he did not loose his cool. She was hurt, but she didn't quit. That meant she still had fight left in her. She wouldn't walk away unless she was sure her opponent was beaten. But he would not risk her getting hurt more. "Follow me at a distance, but do not engage unless I am eliminated."

    Oliver ran to the left side of the arena. He slid and hid behind one of the barricades on the left side. Peering over he saw the water caster come running around the corner with water floating around her in a circle. She didn't see him yet. Oliver hopped over the barricade and fired a shot of cryo at the girl caster. She barely had time to put up her force field to block it. She took a few steps back in shock at finding Oliver. Her shock was amplified by the sound of the arena vents turning on and rapidly sucking the mist out. The cryo user pressed the attack. He retracted his shield and hefted his ice gun in two hands. As he fired he adjusted the nitrogen levels higher. His next two shot of cryo were significantly bigger. Oliver heard the familiar sound of the kinetic shield breaking. The caster was far from done though. As soon as the field broke, she shot a powerful water blast at Olivers upper left side. Oliver leaned far back to dodge it. Oliver realized as he was at the crux of his lean that a second blast was surely coming soon. Snapping his torso forwarded Oliver threw himself into a forward roll barely avoiding the anticipated second strike. Coming out of the roll he fired another shot. He scored a hit one her hip. The hit nearly knocked her over. Ice and frost clung to her, but it wouldn't slow her. The woman screeched as she sent a volley of water strikes at Oliver. Several vicious dagger sized water shots came at him in rapid succession. For a moment, a split second, Oliver saw each water dagger in it's place. He knew in that moment he could likely dodge them all save one. Oliver stepped left, then right. He ducked under the next and spun to his right narrowly avoiding the fourth shot. The last one came hot on the trail of the previous one, to close for a dodge. So he braced himself as the water struck him leaving a welt that broke skin on his arm. Oliver didn't feel it.

    Oliver had to close the distance fast. He charged firing shot after shot. The caster blocked them all with her water easily. As Oliver came close, she spun and did a low sweep kick send water aimed at Olivers legs. Just as Oliver hoped she would. Oliver jumped over the attempted trip bringing him right in front of the water caster. Oliver hit the girl with his whole body, grabbing her around the waist he picked her up and slammed her on the ground. Breaking her connection with the water. With the mounted position ,Oliver fired two ice shots into her chest, eliminating her from the match.

    Immediately Oliver got off his opponent and ran to Elizabeth. He tore off his sleeve and put it to her wound. It was bad, but Oliver couldn't tell how bad. "Put pressure on it and stay down" Oliver ordered as he turned and deployed his shield. He stood protectively over her looking for danger. Oliver was certain that she could fight if need be. But this was a tournament, she needed to be 100% for the next match. So Oliver would not allow any more damage to happen to her. More importantly, he just didn't want her getting hurt more because she was his team member. His family.


    Drey looked at Courtney. Worry was written all over her cute little face. Drey hated for anyone to feel bad. He tried to think of a way to cheer her up. "Courtney, you're sister is the toughest girl I have ever met. Besides, my bro is out there. Oliver will watch over her. Take it from the guy who used to get beat up in high school. Oli's got her back."

    Drey remembered those times in the early years of high school. He would say something stupid, jocks would beat him up, and Oliver would come to his rescue. He had always been thankful for Oliver sticking up for him. But Drey also hated it. He longed to be able to pay him back. To be able to do something as selfless as taking on three testosterone induced jockeys by himself to defend his friend. Drey pushed the thought aside. It didn't matter. Oliver would never be caught in a situation that he needed Drey to save him. Despite Olivers life, he had always stood strong. Even when his parents past, Oliver barely shed a few tears. Oliver was strong, Drey was stupid. That wouldn't change.
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