Let Sleeping Demons Lie

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  1. It was late October, heading into November. The leaves have changed from their lush green colour to crisp colours of red, yellow, orange and brown. Many of those leaves have fallen off the trees already as well. Small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks and birds hastily gathered what food sources were left. A large and fat squirrel saw one last acorn and quickly plucked it off the ground, only to disappear into a hole in a tree. Chill winds blew as a figure wearing a long, red trench coat like garment passed by some of the trees. The coat was worn opened, exposing the figure's bare chest. Across his bare chest was a brown, leather stray thing that looked like it either held his coat together or it was just worn for shits and giggles. On his hands were a pair of black, finger less gloves. His pants were an olive-tan in colour and were rather baggy. On his feet? Boots.. combat or work type that was. On the back of his garment was a V like strap that held two guns, resting ever so snugly in hostlers.

    The rest of the young male's features seemed to be rather... amusing. He seemed to be a young male around the age of eighteen or nineteen years of age. His hair was white. White as a winter's snow fall on late December. His eyes were blue. Blue as the day time sky. It seemed like he was walking through the forest. A nice stroll before he would head into the city. Maybe heading to the city for a drink or to get a pizza pie and a strawberry sundae for dessert. He did hope that the pizza had no olives on it. The young male always hated olives.

    Chill winds blew around him, causing his coat to flutter a bit. He didn't care. The cold against his bare skin didn't phase him one bit. If he was younger, he would've been scolded at by his mother. Which has happened to him and his elder twin brother when they were either five, six or seven. Those were the times... Those were the times...

    He placed his hands in his pants pockets as continued walking. It was mid afternoon. Some people were also in the forest, but enjoying strolls or picnics. Speaking of picnics, the young male felt rather peckish. Which resulted his belly giving off a small rumble. Stopping a bit, he remembered when hsi father, Sparda, his mother Eva and his elder twin, Vergil would take walks in the forest. Young Dante would feel hungry. This was when his mother or brother would pick a ripe, red apple to settle his tummy. That or if his mom packed a picnic lunch, they would find a perfect place to sit. Either by a tree or by a lake. Picking a red apple, the half demon leaned on a tree, remembering the times he spend with his mother, father and brother. Those times were...

    After eating his apple, he continued strolling through the forest, giving a small smile. A lot of this did bring back memories to him. Was it the same forest he spend his childhood the entire time? Maybe it was. Maybe he should go look for that strange rock that he and his twin found when they were only six years old. Maybe it was still there? No careless person could've moved it.. or some stupid teenagers repaint over it with their uncaring attitudes. He decided to walk deeper into the forest.
  2. The ground surrounded by rows and rows of trees, was untouched no more. Burn marks and scorched plants decorate its exterior. Small, blackish red tongues of flame burned the nearby plants. It did not seem to be affected by the wind, even though the cold air was enough to extinguish fires as small as those. The noon sky was as brilliant blue and clear as the ocean.

    Tiny squirrels and such forest animals scurried around hastily, searching for food before winter comes. It was not far away from the seemingly peaceful and serene forest. A strange rock was by the scorched trees, but luckily it was not charred. A small honey badger pawed at the leaves, the leaves parting to reveal a human sized being, unconcious in a scorched hole under them.

    If it looked closer, it would see a female, seemingly unscathed by the tongues of flame burning beside her, turning some of the leaves into burnt cinders. Her frame seemed to be fragile, and her height was about 5 foot 3. She had very pale skin, contrasting the fiery symbols on her forehead. Her only attire was a ripped and burnt cloak, surrounding her whole body. It did not help protect from the elements much. Her features were doll-like, with gentle curves and long lashes.

    Her closed eyes fluttered a little bit, before they opened, showing greyish blue eyes. They looked hollow, as if she had no soul. No strength was left in her body, and so she lay there, surveying the area around her. The honey badger was not in sight anymore. Damn, she thought absentmindedly, it would've made good food.
  3. As the half demon was traveling, he saw a honey badger skitter away. That was odd. What startled the creature? Oh well, he didn't want to ask anything or even have a say in this. He gave a shrug as he kept his hands in his pockets. His warm breath meeting with the chilly air, causing him to make puffs in the air. He closed his blue eyes as he exhaled a sigh. He felt like someone was near. Was it an animal? No. Animals such as squirrels and deer gave off a small aura to them. Something that wouldn't mean any harm whatsoever. He continued to walk, whistling a tune to himself. as he was walking, he was lead to an area scorched plants. Odd... though, it could've been caused by anything in the past. Luckily it didn't ignite into a massive brush fire or anything. Though, he felt something tickle the side of his cheek. Turning around, he gave a small smile.

    "Why hello there..." Dante said in a playful voice.

    On his shoulder was a red squirrel. It's ears looked rather long with fuzzy tips on them. It's bushy tail, twitching back and fourth. The young male gave a smile as he brought his two fingers to the squirrel. petting it's head gently.

    "Are ya here for somethin'?" He asked. "Or are ya gatherin' nuts for your winter storage?"

    The little, bushy tailed rodent gave off a friendly chitter as wanted the male to see something. Was this thing acting like Lassie or something? Giving a shrug, Dante poked the side of his cheek with his index finger.

    "Eh li'l fella. IS there somethin' ya want me to see?" He asked.

    The Squirrel hopped off and wanted the half demon to follow it. Doing so, the Squirrel lead Dante to a fallen figure. His eyes widen as he knelt down. He looked at the young female.

    "Are you alright..?" He asked in a soft tone. "You look like you went through some shit or hell."

    He sat down next to her, crossing his arms across his chest.

    "What are you doin' here alone?"
  4. She didn't respond, and did not seem to notice him at all as she lay there, strands of her short pure white hair getting in her eyes. They stared into empty space hollowly, as if dead. But dead she was not, for there was a barely noticeable rise and fall of her chest, which proved that she was at least breathing.

    None of the fire affected her, nor did the damp earthy ground. It was strange, because normally, she hated water. Pieces of the torn cloak sizzled on the floor, blending well with the rich colors of autumn.

    As if just noticing his presence by the sound of his boots crushing the crisp leaves, her eyes blinked and she managed to move her head as to stare at him. Wonder if humans are edible, she thought hazily, giving him a grin. Those actions alone proved too tiring, it seemed.

    She was thinking nonsense, she thought as a tiny giggle slipped out of her mouth, the sound breaking the silence. " Sir...you look funny." she managed out, thinking it was quite hilarious.
  5. Dante gave a small smirk. The half demon rested his hands in his lap as he gave a soft chuckle. Rubbing the back of his head, he raised a quizzical eye brow at her. He wondered why such a pretty face like her would be alone in the woods. Only with the animals and one random half demon. Maybe she was on a stroll and decided to rest up? Or was she hurt? Dante couldn't bare to see someone injured. Though, he hoped this female was not armed. He did not like guns pointed at his head, belly or near his manhood, where some would like to shoot him in as well. He pressed his luck with this person, though.

    "Me?" He asked. He pointed to himself with his index finger. "Me? Lookin' all funny?" He gave a soft laugh. "Do I have something on my face or somethin'?"

    He laughed again as he cleared his throat. The white haired demon half breed closed his blue eyes, smiling still. Exhaling deeply, Dante fumbled around with his long coat. He wondered if the young female was rather chilly. He would take off his coat and offer it to er for warmth if she was.

    "Say... wanna go elsewhere?" He asked. "Maybe learn each other's names, head to town for some pizza or somethin'?"

    Smiling at her, it seemed like he would show his 'cute little fangs' at her. "I'm Dante. Son of Sparda. Demon hunter to be exact."

    However, his expression changed when he felt something was near by. Something he could sense. Slowly standing up and offering his hand to her, he gave a rather serious look to the young woman.

    "Things are gonna get hellish around here if we stay longer. I have a bad feelin'"
  6. " Mmm? Hellish?" she slurred, the words coming out barely audible. Her thoughts cleared a bit as night drew near. She struggled with the foreign sounds that they called "English" back home. It was a strange language indeed, she thought. Every word felt strange on her tongue, and she could hardly understand the young man. Was he human? Didn't seem like it.

    " Help me up, and then we'll talk." she half commanded, half requested with a soft voice like a flute. She was not too big on the action of asking people nicely when in a situation like this. None of that polite crap humans often used, while concealing their true, ugly selves. She was who she was, most of the time.

    As the man mentioned a bad feeling, she became aware of it too. A strong and frightening aura was nearby, overwhelming her senses. "Carry me, I can't walk right now." she said, trying to conceal the panic in her mind. Something with that kind of aura would surely sense them too, and it could be hungry..
  7. The demon nodded as he helped her up, hoisting her up with his one arm. Lifting her up again, he put her on his shoulders, sorta like he was carrying her piggyback style. He made sure she was supported on his back as started to walk. Heaving a sigh, he wondered if he would head to his home, "Devil May Cry" first and treat her wounds. Or just try to get the hell out of this forest. Whatever was near did not seem human or even friendly. It sure wasn't an animal or anything. ​

    "Hold on!" He said. He started to dash with her on his back, dashing at super human speeds. That was one joy of being part demon. Better speed and endurance than a normal human. He leaps over few rocks as he stopped for a moment, catching his breath. He looked back at the forest and didn't see anything. He stopped to look at the sky. It was getting rather dark. He wondered if he would make it in time out of this forest. Though, when he was making his rounds of a walk in this forest... he did remember a cave.

    "One moment.." He muttered, still carrying the female on his back. He ran down a path and wandered to a large cave. He entered it, with the girl still on his back.

    "Sorry if it ain't humble or home.." He said as he gently set her on the cave floor. He pulled off his long coat and folded it next to her. He was bare chested as he rubbed his arms. "Whatever is comin' would be headin' where I live.. so.. hopefully it loses track of us and doesn't find us here."

    Giving a few grumbles to himself, he picked up a few kindling sticks to make a fire.

    "We can talk about each other..." HE said, "Already said my name was Dante an' all."
  8. The ride was uncomfortable and bumpy, but she honestly was not in a condition to complain. She wondered if the portal was still open. She absently listened to the various sounds of nature, such as the fluttering of feathery wings and the rippling brook. Such a beautiful thing, she thought. Nature was more mystical and full of surprises than even the underworld. Without the constant famines and wars too. but then again, the underworld was not meant to be enjoyable.

    Was there a chance of possibly being able to stay here? She had not come to earth with favorable circumstances; she was a runaway fugitive, one of the tortured souls meant to be trapped there for eternity. None of the memories of her past life could be recalled, and it was just as well, for they often whispered that she had committed a grave sin which could never be forgiven.

    Soon, they reached a small cave. She watched him silently as he began to make a fire. Soon, it was done. The warm flames of the fire comforted her greatly. He had just finished speaking when she actually registered that he was talking to her.

    "My name? ........" there was a long silence as she closed her eyes and tried to recall it to no avail. " Sinner number 0813." She murmured, disliking the cold, insincere feel to it. "But that's not really a name, is it?"
  9. He raised an eye brow at that name. Such an odd name. It was merely a lab rat name. He leaned back on the cold cave wall , crossing his arms across his bare chest. Sinner Number 0813. Such an odd name for the young girl. He laughed a bit as he rubbed under his nose, watching the fire. Dante looks back at her and sniffs a a bit.

    "A pretty face like you havin' a name like that? Nah.. can't be real. Is that really yer name?" He asked. He looked at her as he retsed his hands in his lap. "You really should have a better name at least. Can't be callin' ya by a number name." Tapping his index finger on his chest, he locked his sites onto the young girl's. Giving his savvy grin, he smiled huge.

    "I have a name for ya!" He gave a huge, fangy smile. "How about I jus' call ya "Sinny"? He asked. "Y'know. SOunds better than me callin' ya 0813 an' all.."

  10. BeFunky_Instant_1-2.jpg

    Strangers being led by an invisible hand, would soon findthemselves crossing paths. Even now as Eveline traversed the woodlands Danteand this Sinny had begun to exchange words and strengthen their bonds. It wasfunny how some of the most enduring relationships often begin with a meeting ofchance, while these strangers conversed idly. Eveline found herself weaving acomplex maze of webs. Woven no doubt; by a spider of unimaginable size. Apredator that undoubtedly over towered most. Amongst the webs Eveline spottedthe copses of various men and cattle. All of which had the blood drained fromthem. A sight which would disturb most, but she wouldn’t as much as flinch atthe grotesque display of superiority.

    The hoarse whisper of steel fractioning against steel didpierce the normal clamor of the wilds. Firmly she held her blade while creepingthrough this glade of death. Remaining ever vigilant, her nostrils flaring asthe intoxicating aroma of decay filled her lungs. Greatly overpowering thepotency of spring’s spice. A few idle bones would snap under the influence ofher weight and stride. As the once slumbering beast awoken from its state oftorpor. Its eight legs stretching as it slothfullycrept forth from the mouth of a nearby cave. The tiny hairs on its legs pickingup the vibrations her movements left in the air. And though it thought of itself as a hunterof shadows. Truthfully the kimono clad woman was more than aware of itsmovements.
    For though she may seem impaired due to her lack of a secondeye. In truth she saw the world in a way few words could hope to describe.Something that proved to be as much of a blessing as it did a curse. Still forthe moment she would play the ignorant prey helplessly and willingly waltzinginto it’s very death.
  11. "...Alright then. What do we do for tonight, considering that there's a possibly threatening creature lurking in the woods?" she returned his stare equally, hiding the weariness in her eyes. Her mind had blurred slightly again, and the burning sensation had gotten stronger. The hard ground seemed like the softest of mattresses right now, considering the previous events. It was almost impossible to resist the growing temptation to go into that possibly dangerous slumber.

    "Do you mind if I take a slight nap..?" before the sentence was finished her eyelids had already closed shut, her head sinking onto her knees, putting the mind into a sweet dream. One that could never be fulfilled. The dream of living.
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    "I'll keep night watch... heh..." He pulled out Ebony and Ivory and spun them on his fingers, giving a smile... not a smile, but his famous, smug smirk. He covers Sinny up with his long red coat. He seemed rather doting and caring at the moment. Alone in a cave with a female. HE put a hand on her back and hid a small yawn behind his gloved hand. He closed his eyes a bit, knowing he had to stay on night watch. He couldn't fall asleep. He was indeed a night owl. He could stay up all night if he had to. He sighed a bit as he stretched a bit. Pulling up his trousers a bit, he decided to walk outside the cave, getting some fresh air in the night. He brought his two guns with him as well.

    "Eh.." He said to himself as he walked around, only in his pants and boots. "It's a nice night. Makes me wonder what I am gonna run into..." He puts one hand on his pants pocket as he walks around a bit, staying near the cave's entrance. He looked up at the sky, seeing the stars and the moon. That moon... full and shining brightly. He then pulled his hand out of his pocket. He could sense someone was near. SOmeone other than That girl and himself.

  13. Eveline was ignorant of the other two folks location. Her attention focused on the giant arachnid which crept across the scene. Autumns leaves rusting under the influence of its stride. At first one might think that her steel sword was her weapon. However this was but a diversion. Designed to draw ones attention away from her preferred tool of destruction. Drool had begun to run down the spiders fangs. Moistening the leaves as it’s tiny hairs picked up her scent which was carried by the evening breeze. Without hesitation the spider would spew forth a ball of webs. Voluntarily Eveline would allow the projectile to connect with her steel blade and right arm. Letting out a false scream as she was hurled against the trunk of a tree.
    Her arm was not stuck against the tree as the arachnid lung forward. Leaning against her before speaking. “Foolish humans. You rely on a single weapon and are shocked when it fails you. Once we removed your blades you are like flies.” The spider spoke outloud. Eveline would maintain her bearing as she retorted. “A blade is just that…an extension of the arm. However foolishly you presume much. This steel blade was but a distraction. To lure you close…” She calmly replied. “Foolishness. Try as you may but you do not frighten me mortal!” The demon bellowed. “I do not need to frighten you. All I need to do is kill you.” Swinging her left arm the sheathe would bang against the spiders exoskeleton.
    “I thought you said you were going to kill me? And with what that sheathe?” Arrogantly the demon replied. “This sheathe is my power. And I already killed you…three times.” The spider would let go of the woman, taking a few steps back. “What?” Eveline would simply swing her sheathe shattering the web which kept her bound. Walking away from the spider calmly. “I am the weeping willow. And this sheathe is the Devil of the Pale moon. Farewell punny Demon.” The demon would let out a roar before exploding from the inside out…from three location across its body. Leaving but a hollow exoskeleton.
    “I have no time to waste on such creatures. Somewhere within these woods rest my true objective…” She whispered as her sheathe began to emitt a silver glow. As from emptiness a handle would form. It’s once hollow form becoming solid as the black wooden sword became decorated in various silver engravings. This was her true powers form.
  14. After a short dreamless sleep, her eyes opened at the faint smell of death. Death and blood. Being the sinner she was, she couldn't help but relish in that smell. Wrath, they would call her if they actually knew her. The hard rocks on the cave cut her bare feet as she stumbled trying to find the exit, but she took no notice. Where was this "Dante" person, she wondered.

    Finally having found the exit in the pitch black, she stepped outside to welcome the clear moonlight washing her of weariness. The crimson rune marks, usually hidden by her bangs glowed in the soft light, as if giving a signal. But nothing seemed to happen. After a few more minutes of walking, she chanced upon Dante. " The creature is destroyed." she said, half to him, half to herself. "So what now?"
  15. Dante scoffed as he crossed his arms across his chest. He closed his eyes as he gave a small sigh. He looked over at Sinny. He put an arm around her and pulled her close, facing her so she could be at eye to eye. He gave a caring nod. Maybe it was not safe to stay in this forest. Closing his blue eyes, a small chuckle escaped his mouth as he let go of Sinny.

    "Let's head to a town. Maybe get something to eat drink. Y'know... I am feelin' a bit hungry in a way."

    However, he could sense something was still near. His senses still channeling something. He clenched his fist.

    "We are not alone, Sinny.." He said in a manner... his tone changing.

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  16. A frigid foul wind would grip the land. As the faint whisper of leaves rustling to it's call would echo delicately through the woodlands. Something seamlessly so harmless and without import did prove as an invaluable agent for Eveline. For her swarthy wooden sword, the devil of the pale moon was not your normal wooden blade. It was forged from the bark of a very old yet strong demonic tree. A tree which has sown seeds into her very soul creating a bond. Like a parasite they fed off of each other. Each ensuring the others survival. And each imparting experiences and skills between themselves. Even now the whisper of the trees few could understand became clear to her. For in her mind she could hear their thoughts. Her blade serving as a mediator of sorts. The trees spoke of strangers in the woods. Beings which were unnatural and simply did not belong. However if there is one thing Eveline has learned...it is that trees are often both cynical yet senile. And so she would set off to survey this party for herself.

    Fading into the shadows she would melt away from sight. Her scent and even signature becoming suppressed; nearly undetectable as she closed the distance between them. Remaining vigil she would jolt from one trunk to the next at uncanny speeds few could achieve. Least of all that of a mortal. Without so much as a snap of a twig she would embrace the school of shadows and serpentine. Weaving elegantly through the terrain until such a time as both this Dante and his girlfriend (Or so she'd assume) were within her line of sight. Her form guised by the embrace of mother night, her audible movements choked out by the expected clamor of the nocturnal wildlife. Even now as the moonlight tried to pierce the shadows they'd still remain. Her gaze galloping from one to the next. Knowingly embracing the notion that these strangers would feel the barreling of her attention.

    Leaping skyward she would nest within a nearby tree. Jumping and swinging from branch to branch. As if to display her flexible and acrobatic abilities. Assuming of course they could accurately follow such swift movements during the night. If they were unaware of her approach by now the suddenly thump of her feet planting against the earth behind them would remove all doubt. With both silver and wooden blade in hand her eye would survey them more closely. Remaining silent as the disturbed leaves launched in the air by the force of her impact twirled and danced toward the ground. Once more decorating the soil in a lush array of vibrant decay. The hoarse friction of silver grinding against steel would resemble that of fingers scrapping across a chalkboard as she sheathed her blade.

    "The tree's whisper against you. They call you demons. Unnatural beings with no place within their home. Thieves and intruders as blightful as the spider entity I so easily disposed of. The epicenter of decay and the harbingers of disorder. But even trees can be fools. Though they stand for thousands of years...they are living proof that wisdom does not come inherently from age alone. I am both relieved yet disappointing. Neither of you are what I hunt. I will tell the trees to mind their manners and cease spreading such defamatory gossip. But before I take my leave I must request that you pardon my intrusion..." Eveline concluded with a simple humble bow. A bold cultural move on her part. But manners must never die or be withheld. No matter the manner of man or woman one might find themselves conversing with.
  17. She blinked, staring back at him. "Hungry? Oh, as in a desire for nutritio-" she cut off her voice, noticing the slightest movement near them. A tiny swoosh of wind which would be unnoticed by most. " Hello there. " she called out, hoping it would make the being reveal itself. The slight wind gently ruffled her hair, comforting her a little. Reminding her that she was alive, and breathing. But for how long?

    That would be determined by the intentions of this stranger, it would seem. She did not attempt to take out any weapons, even if she had any of the sort. It would be a meaningless battle with no energy left. " Isn't the night beautiful tonight? " was what came out, in a bad attempt to start a conversation.

    After hearing the woman(or so she assumed)'s words, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was a good thing she did not heed the trees. They were right, at least about her, but nobody needed to know that, and they would be better off not knowing. Hopefully, they would not find out anytime soon.

    " Thank you for being considerate, miss. Im guessing the spider was taken care of?"
  18. He could still sense someone or something was near. Maybe he shouldn't be so paranoid. The silver-haired male let off a sigh and brought his two index fingers to the side of his head and rubbed it. He closed his ice blue eyes, trying to remain positive. It may just be the wind. It may just be an animal. Nothing to worry about. He then opened his eyes, seeing another person. The silver haired demon slayer nearly fell back in surprise. He then shook his head as he adjusted his fingerless gloves on his hands. He gave her a simple wave before turning back to Sinny.

    "I have met so many strange faces here.." He said. Ah well. Not that it matters. At least it isn't Jester or bein' eaten by Leviathan again..." He rubbed the back of his hair, feeling rather confused. He brought that hand down and placed it in his pants pocket, shaking off the feeling and thought. Maybe this third person would be a good person to come with him and Sinny. Not that the Younger Son of Sparda minded that. More people would be fine t travel with. They were both females anyway.

    This seemed rather baffling to Dante, but he didn't care. He just wanted get the hell out of the forest and maybe get a nice, cold beer and some pizza. He tured back to Sinny.

    "Who was that?" He asked.
  19. Eveline remained silent for a few moments. Permitting a rather uncomfortable aura to settle in. Her cold eye moving toward the female demon who seemed to be suffering from some form of exhaustion. Arching a brow toward her mention of a spider demon. "I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about. I have a bad habit of forgetting small fry. You have to understand if I had to give an account for each one I slayed during my travels we'll be here all day." Her reply seemed rather cold yet detached. Her body language and eyes conveying a sense of sincerity.

    The platinum witch would divert her attention from the female toward the male with silver hair. Who obviously was a bastard child half breed. An abomination; though being an abomination was something they somewhat shared. "The being she speaks of was insignificant. Undeserving of a name let alone a memory. I advice removing it from your minds." She would interject before this sinny could conjure up a reply. "I have seen many weird faces but none of you are what I am looking for.If you wish to leave the woods I can show you the way...If not I suggest you keep your wits about you." She forewarned. "For there is something truly wicked in these woods. Yet something truly innocent as well. And I seek to draw out both..." Cryptic her words had become.
  20. He Look through out the forest. Sitting on the moss covered rock. He can see animals in the distance cowering but refusing to take their eyes off him. They feared me. They felt a dark presence near him. As if one with him. Only a single wolf pup came forward. It was to young to understand what everyone else was doing or why they were doing it. He came up to me in a sort of trot. He sat in front of me and barked excitedly. Wondering who this stranger was it tilts it's head. The man, the pale man with dark hair looks down at the small creature. He didn't know what it was. He was too tired to care. He sleepily raised out his hand attempting to pet it.

    As he reached down a larger wolfram through the crowd and lashed out at my hand. It was an adult wolf. It was afraid for it's cub and stood defiantly and growled at me. I look at the bite mark on my hand "Ow." I say softly. I put my hand to my mouth sucking the blood. My dark eyes studying the creature. He registered the urgency in it's eyes. He then understood. It was just protecting it's pup. He lowered his hand and smiled.

    He reached out slowly for the adult wolf. "Don't be afraid. I won't harm you I promise." He swore he heard people talking in the distance but first he would have to deal with all these creatures before he could go check it out. He had almost touched the wolf that had lost it's bravery from earlier before more animals rushed out Biting my arm. The shout could be heard all around the forest. Then animal squeals and the sounds of animals scattering.

    He stood there covered in bite marks and scratch marks. A black sword in my hand disappearing again. He stood sighing. " Guess there is no point in asking for a pet." He walked to the sounds of conversation the black clothing torn and black crosses on chains clinking. He followed the sounds of conversation till he saw the three figures in conversation. He stood back a distance hoping not to be spotted the animals attacking him without warning fresh in his mind.