Let me off at Jupiter

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  1. All aboard the SS.Saint Louise, next stop Pluto!

    Our luxury cruise shall be arriving at our destination shortly, but until then, feel free to explore the Premises

    Take a seat in our luxuries lounge! The comfiest bean bags this side of Mars!

    Take a swim in our luxury pool! It's the galaxy's largest!

    Take stool down to our luxury bar! Get pissed in record time?


    But halfway through the ship something went wrong; a crew meme be probably left the gas on or something. Maybe we should try reversing the polarity....nope....that just made it worse....let me see

    The pool has turned into an acid pit

    Sewage is flowing into the bar...

    And the lounge is full of aliens


    The maiden voyage as gone to hell hasn't hit.

    So come on down to the SS.Saint Louise! You have the time of your death!

    Character sheet-
    Specie(you can make it up)-
    Crew or Guest-

    Background Information
    This is designed to be a comedic Si-fi RP, where fans of all levels can come on down and d*ck about. You could try to solve the mystery of the sabotage, or you could go shoot some bloody aliens. You could save the levies of everyone on the ship, or you could go down to wats left of the bar and get wasted, your choice!

    1. Because this is a parody game, you can essentially do whatever you like, but no sex; it takes up too much space.
    2. You cant just break the ga,e though, e.g. I blew up the Ship and killed everyone or something. Use your head
    3. No OOC drama. What are you? 9?
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  2. Just post your bio and get going, really. Use the blue part of the Overview as your welcome into the ship, aside from that, just have fun really. First GM post will be up in 6-7 hours, so you can chat and make backstory and stuff until then
  3. Oh gosh this seems it could be really fun. But it seem to be a bit inactive.
  4. Yeah, I kinda forgot I made it lol
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