Let Me Kiss You

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  1. Nick Grimshaw bounded out of the taxi, and waved to his mates as they drove off. He was back in his hometown of Oldham, Manchester and he was so excited to have this week back at home after so long. The last time he was here, was six months ago, and he regretted not having the time to visit sooner, being the host of both the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, and also his own comedy panel show. There was one person though that he really was looking forward to seeing again.

    His best friend from when he was little, still lived here, and he was planning on surprising him after he saw his family.

    Just then he spotted that familiar shock of hair, which he instantly recognised, coming out of the post office and he grinned. Surprise time. He quietly crept up behind his best friend , and then wrapped his arm around his shoulders, "Guess who's finally home, mate?"
  2. Alex Rider had no idea how he ended up at the post office. He remembered trying to find his way to some park his little sister and his parents were at, but somehow ended up here. He had just went in the office to ask for directions, but he could not understand a single crap that they said. He hated directions. If only he could teleport or something...

    He ran his fingers through his wavy black hair that had neon red streaks in it, thanks to his little sister, and walked out of the office. He was wondering if he should go home (it was right next to the office) or continue wandering about until he bumped into his sister, or maybe his parents, when some random person decided to sneak up on him and give him a back hug.

    He was about to turn around and knee the person in the balls when a families voice spoke. It didn't take him long to realized that it was his childhood friend.

    Alex smacked him.

    "What the hell man? You left 6 stinking months ago without telling me then come back and glomp me as if nothing had happened? Where the hell were you?"
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  5. Nick chuckled. "Come on Alex - don't you listen to my radio show? I've been so crazy busy that coming home wasn't really an option for a wile, but hey, I'm home now. I like London, but I love home even more." He playfully ruffled his best friend's hair. "Nice hair by the way."
  6. "Still, you didn't told me first!" he growled. Alex was almost a head shorter than Nick. It's not that he was short, Nick was just insanely tall. And he really hated it.

    But he couldn't stay mad at him for long. Tears were prickling his cloudy eyes that were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. He was a real softie on the inside, but he would never admit it. He sniffled and hugged Nick, which was kind of strange because Nick usually do the hugging. He was so much bigger and taller than Alex, who often get mistaken for a girl.
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  8. Nick hugged him back with a smile. "Alright, I'm sorry I went off without telling you. Next time I have to go back to London, you can come with me and spend a week with me in my apartment in Primrose Hill. So, how's the love life been?"

    This was one aspect of their friendship which brought them closer together - Nick was openly gay, but the first person he had ever told, was Alex. The tall Dj remembered the day that he had told his friend about his new-found sexuality, and smiled at the memory.
  9. Alex rolled his eyes. "You mean the lack thereof?"

    He pulled away from Nick and wiped his teary eyes. "Sorry dude but I'm not the type that goes around flirting with people. I lock myself up in my apartment and paint all day and night, where the hell do you think I get the time to find some chicks or dudes?"

    And also people didn't really want to hang around him. They either think he was a) helpless b)super boring c) way too clingy or just plain weird. He had no idea why Nick sticks around for so long. Maybe it's because they met when they were babies and go though lots together. Yep.

    "Hey... Can you lead me to a park? My family is there..." he mumbled. "I think it's called... Uh... Green something... Greenview ... Bleh..."
  10. Nick chuckled, "Oh come on, any girl or guy would be lucky to go out with such a goodlooking guy like you, Lex." He recognised the name of the park however and started leading the way towards the nearby park which happened to be just around the corner.

    "Well, I am sick of all these rumours going around that I'm dating Harry Styles - he's nine years younger than me, for heaven's sake." Nick rolled his eyes as they walked. "Besides, I already like someone else, so there's not much point in my roommate trying to set me up with every goodlooking guy that comes through London."
  11. Alex hummed softly.

    "Who is Harry Styles? Sorry but I don't catch up on the latest news and gossip," he said. Alex was never interested in the media. He would read the Braille version of the newspaper every now and then when he was bored or he go on the net, but he never search up stuff about Hollywood and celebrities. He hated the idea of somebody stalking him and taking pictures and ask about his private life, then give the information to the media and by the next morning, pretty much the whole world knows about it.

    "And for your information, I'm not good looking. I have scars. Lots of them. And I look way too much like a girl."
  12. "He's a curly-haired singer in a band, and admittedly he is goodlooking, but he's just a mate to me." Nick shrugged. "And you are good-looking - the scars just make you seem even sexier, and besides, if you looked like a girl I wouldn't fancy you in the slightest, but I do." The moment that slipped out, Nick went bright red, and shut his mouth promptly before he blurted out any more of his secrets.
  13. Alex's cheeks flushed slightly. Did Nick just say what he think he just said? A part of him hoped that he had, the other part was very confused. He decided to change the topic to avoid anymore awkwardness.

    "My sister is really pissed when you left. Beware, she might murder you. Or destroy your hair." Alice was two years younger than him, and she wanted to become a make-up artist. His father was a designer and his mother was a sculptor. Art runs in his family. He used to sell his paintings for thousands of dollars before he lost his sight in an accident. Now he work in a boring office and paints in his free time simply because he couldn't stop. His mom nagged about how he was skipping his meals and not getting enough sleep because he was always painting. She said that she was fine if he paints every now and then and actually create something, but he never show his paintings to anyone so she thought that he was just smearing paint all over random pieces of paper and then throwing it away.

    This was not true, though. He had completed over twenty paintings, he just never show them to anyone. He was too afraid to. He couldn't see his artwork anymore and he did not know if it was good enough to show anybody. To him his paintings were just blobs and smears of paint.
  14. Nick was grateful when Alex changed the topic, and he chuckled at the comment about Alex's younger sister. "I'll stay away from her then - at least until I'm sure she won't ruin my hair." His quiff was his pride and joy, well, other than Alex himself. They turned onto the street with the park, and the 28 year old led his best friend through the park gates.

    "So, you don't have a special someone - but is there someone you like? As in like, like?" Nick tried to hide his curiosity, but it slipped out. He couldn't help it though - he had always been insanely jealous of anyone his best friend had dated in the past.
  15. Alex pouted a little. "Like like someone? Not really... I haven't been in a relationship for 5 years now..."

    He was about to rant about his sucky love life when someone cry out.


    He imagined adults' disapproving looks and a crazy girl running towards them. Her short raven pixie hair had rainbow streaks in it and some random hair clips. Alice pounced on Nick.
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  17. Nick was taken aback when he was suddenly pounced on, and the tall 28-year old went tumbling to the ground. "Alice - good to see you." He wheezed out, having had the breath briefly knocked out of him by the impact of hitting the ground. "Still as strong as ever!"

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    Alex was laughing at him.

    "Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe you just left us!" Alice wailed. "So! Did something interesting happen over there?"

    Alex pulled her off, then offered his hand to his friend. He missed days like this. When Alice would be hyper and crazy and Nick would be her victim.
  19. Nick rolled his eyes and took Alex's hand, pulling himself up. "Al, I was in London - not New York. I was only a few hours away. And life's just been so busy - the breakfast show is getting loads of publicity, and I'm also doing my own tv show now on BBC Three." He ruffled her black hair. "You know, your hair reminds me of a guy I did an interview with a while back." Nick teased.
  20. "Nobody touches my hair," she snarled, swatting his hand away. "Thank you for bringing Lexy here. It will probably take him forever to come to this place. Hell, he might even ended up across the world or something.."

    "Hey!!! " Alex pouted. His sense of direction wasn't that bad... Was it?