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  1. I'M SO SORRY!

    I didn't mean to stop posting on here. I feel TERRIBLE. So terrible.

    I'm really sorry. I feel like people here will hate me now for just not responding. I just hit a bad depression and it got me stuck.

    Plus, everyone on here is pretty much literate and I'm over here like semi-lit on a good day, but otherwise at the very bottom of the RP totem pole. I'm slowly working myself up, though. So maybe I'll be a lit RPer one day soon. I'm working my way up slowly.

    I don't want anyone to think I stopped just because. It was because I was depressed and I only replied to one person at that time and she was an email partner...so I'm sorry. Maybe one day I'll be confident enough to rejoin the RP scene on here.

  2. Kris, honey, you are typing and you are reading, hence forth you are literate. As Diana beautifully puts it in her signature:
    Actually let's go back a step. You are online with a large amount of intervert geeks and nerds with some dweebs mixed in and some crazy extroverts to keep things real. We are ALL human. Most of the "adults" in this community went through depression at least once in our adolesence and many still are learning to deal with it to this day. We are not going to shun you, unless you act like a complete and wreckless idiot.

    Now get put there and RP and makes some friends on this board. And if you ever need to talk that's what this section is for!
  3. Thank you so much, Ochalla.

    I actually feel a bit better after reading that, but now I'm working with RPers so that I can learn from them--offsite RPers--and I'm thinking of enrolling in the academy thing here to help myself out a bit.
  4. The Academy is a Great idea. Osso put up an announcement that it was temporarily closed for the transfer. But once it is back up, have at!

    edit; due to the forum having the transfer during the days of its scheduled return, it will be up as soon as possible.

    Depression sucks. I know. It eats away at you and most of the time you feel like you dont want to do anything because you dont feel your greatest.

    But you can do it. Even starting small and working your way up- like doing the academy, is a great way to build a nice foundation to combat it. You can do it, because there are people who will be willing to support you.
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