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  1. In a town where everybody lives normal lifes, a new arrival will make an impact.
    Not on everyone, but how will those who will face him react to the supernatural? Or isn't he the only one?
    Will he be loved by those he cares for, or hated like he was in the other towns.

    Will you let him in..?

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    It was early, the sun was up, and it was time to leave.
    Kory was getting ready to move on after running into some trouble.
    He had no intention on hurting anyone, he wasn't vicious like the rest.
    He considered himself a gentle soul.

    Kory grabbed his ring and put it on, he smiled for a moment.
    Just than, he remembered how nice the witches he met years ago were.
    They made him the ring so he could walk during the day.

    He let out a sigh and put on his jacket, before heading out.
    Kory travelled fast, and it was no surprise to him that he found the next location of residence quickly.
    He slowed down and walked into town, looking around and enjoying the scenery.
    It was an alright day, not too sunny.

    He roamed the streets and just enjoyed being him for a while, before walking into a real estate office.
    Kory was sent to a small house in a quiet neighbourhood, it's surprising how fast people work when you're willing to pay in cash.
    He took in everything there was, and returned to town in hopes to find furniture.

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  2. Courtney aimlessly walked around town, looking into store windows and pausing occasionally to stop and look at street signs and nothing in particular. She didn't like the feeling of being lost so she just decided to enjoy the sights and see what this city had to offer, and worry about finding her way home later. She was making her way across the street when her foot caught on the curb and she found her self pitching forward. Before she could fall she held out her hand and waved it at the air in front of her feeling the magic surge out of her hand. Her hand was shaking and It seemed as if the air had caught her. She straightened herself out and looked around her to make sure no one had been watching her. When she was satisfied she headed for an empty bench in front of a cafe and sat down. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

    She was really on her own this time. Her family was not here to coddle her and she had to make do with what she had, it was tradition. She had to hone her skills and keep them hidden. That mean't next time if she tripped she would have to fall. She groaned. Just as she went to look up she felt a wetness drip down her face. She brought her hand up to her nose and saw blood. Quickly grabbing a tissue out of her bag she brought it to her nose and pinched down on it. Great now she was lost and bleeding. That hadn't been the first time she used magic today and it was starting to show. Courtney took a deep breath through her mouth. What did she even come out here for. But she didn't want to go back to her apartment yet, she was not used to the silence of an empty house, it was... disturbing. She leaned back in the chair once more and began to watch the people that passed in front of her.

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  3. Kory smelled blooded, the veins in his face started to show, and his eyes went red.
    He pulled his jacket up and took a deep breath "no.. please not now.." he whispered.
    As the air did him good, his face turned back to normal and he started walking.

    Kory saw the girl and rushed to her, within seconds he was behind her.
    He knew using his speed would do nothing good if noticed, but nobody's around and so he could chance it.
    He pulled out a tissue from his inner pocket and scraped his throat "excuse me, are you okay?" He continued as friendly as he could.
  4. Courtney was startled by the sudden voice behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned around to look over the bench and her eyes came upon a man. Where had he come from? He towered over her and she suddenly felt extremely small. He was fair skinned and upon closer inspection had what seemed to be blue eyes. He was extremely goodlooking but something was off. The feeling he gave off was unnatural, and being a which Courtnet knew all about unnatural. But she was still new to all this magic stuff so she could be mistaken.

    He held out a tissue to het and she greatfully accepted it. " Thank you, I really needed it, I was running out. It happens all the time im used to it, nothing to worry about. It must be the... weather or something." Not because im overusing my power. She looked up at his face and smiled.
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  5. He smiled "don't mention it."
    He walked around the bench "mind if I sit with you?"
    Kory was nervous, the woman he found sitting alone was extremely beautiful, and he didn't quite know how to handle that fact.

    He noticed a necklace and observed it "while we're at it, may I ask you something?"
  6. Courtney waved her hands in a looses manner." No, no I dont mind at all sit away." She turned to face him as he walked around the bench and stuck out her hand for him to shake. "Im Courtney." She noticed how his eye caught on her necklace and absentmindly began to play with it.

    She nodded her head when he wanted to ask her a question. He was polite which put her a bit at ease. And his smile seemed to draw her in. "Sure."
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  7. As he sat down he shook her hand "Nice to meet you, I'm Kory."
    He was trying his hardest to make his friendly intentions clear.
    Kory scraped his throat and began "I can sense some sort of power coming from you. Now I'm not one to make assumptions, and if I'm wrong, please do correct me."
    He smiled "but.. are you related to Sage?"
  8. Ruby was on her way home from the market. Carrying her groceries whistling, she noticed two people. Getting curious of what could the two of them be doing in that place with just the two of them, she sneaked up to them to eavesdrop. It seems that the guy was helping the girl in a way. "Well, it looks like it's nothing." she muttered to herself before noticing her necklace then Her face which was kinda pale. "A witch? And a young one at that." she realized. She looked closely and saw her with a tissue that has blood on it. Eyes squinting, she turned her attention to the guy. He appeared normal but she felt that he's not what he seems to be. A hint of red crossed his eyes and she gasped. "He's a.." her voice trailed off. "I got to help her." she told herself. Bracing herself, she put on a smile and went to them. She hurried and called out to the girl in a loud voice. "There you are! I've been looking for you. Your folks told me to help you." She smiled at the guy as way of apology with her interruption before showing her necklace to the girl and winked.
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  9. Kory looked up, he could see.. no, he could feel that she knew.
    Was she scared? She was trying to get this girl away from him, but his intentions were good.
    He was kind of hurt, to say the least. People always assume the worst, and it wasn't right.

    Kory had been fighting the urge for so long, he wasn't going to give in any time soon.
    He slowly shook his head as he looked down "Hello, Ruby.. Isn't it?"
  10. She was trying to avoid any fights so she smiled at him again and nodded. "Yes. I'm Ruby." she replied with underlying serious tone in her voice which was her telling him to let her take the girl away. She thought he looked reasonable but at these times one couldn't be so sure. Besides, the girl clearly needs help. Her own sister died because she was careless and naive to let her on her own. She wasn't going to make that mistake again.
  11. Kory got up and looked at her "I'm Kory, I know you know, and you're scared I'm going to hurt someone. I am not going to, I am not like the others, I was just trying to help."
    For him honesty was always the best option, he knew that she was taking the girl either way.
    But deep down inside he hoped she would resist, and stay.
  12. She was surprised by his statement but she recovered almost immediately. She looked him in the eye. "She needs help for reasons you can't be told. If you truly want her no harm, then let me help her. In human terms, she's losing blood which is kinda deadly. I don't think you can hold yourself much longer too." she told him in as much calmness that she could.
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  13. He looked her dead in the eye "because she overused her power. Also, I don't think you are in a position to judge whether I can hold myself, I haven't let go for years. I use substitutional methods to feed."
    Kory just wanted a friend, just one. It was always the same story.
    People always judged him, he didn't like it.
    He sighed and looked at Courtney "I'm sorry.."
  14. Courtney looked up at Kory."sorry for what?... wait...how do you know my grandmother? How do you know about me? what do you mean by feed your not a human or a witch are you?" She looked at the girl called Ruby and back at Kory again. Was she that obvious or did other supernatural creatures have the ability to recognize others. If that was the case then why couldnt she. She turned to Kory. She did not know what his intentions were but he had been nothing but polite to her, even going as far as showing concern for a stranger. Ruby on the other hand seemed to know something about him that she didnt. "You have the same necklace, that means..."
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  15. Kory looked down, and showed his ring "your grandmother made this for me.. it's to protect me from the sun. She was a good friend of mine.."
    He sighed "I'm.. uhm.. I'm a vampire.."
    He knew the next step was either her freaking out or accepting it, but everybody always freaks out so he prepared for the worse.
    He looked at her "All I'm trying to do is find a friend.. but your friend here is not very keen on you being around me because of what I am."
  16. My grandmother gave him a ring? She had never heard of this. Courtney raised an eyebrow. "Your a vampire, you mean like an actual vampire with like fangs, and the whole' I vant to suck your blood bleh bleh bleh'" She mimed dracula. "... vampires actually exist, I always thought my mother was just Iindulging me in my twilight and vampire diaries phase. Does that ring keep you from like sparkling, or the original burst into flames bit." She looked at him with a dead serious expression on her face.
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  17. Kory sighed "vampires don't sparkle. That's just bullshit. And it protects me from burning into ashes by the sun."
    He was confused by the expression on her face, neither does he understand all the questions.

    Kory sat back down and looked down "It's not that big a deal."
  18. Courtney hoped she hadn't offended him with her vampire stereotypes. She gave an awkward smile and rubbed the back of her neck. He must have been able to smell her blood, and thats why he had come over. And it did not seem like he was trying to suck her blood or anything, he seemed pretty cool. He said he was looking for a friend even. She looked at Ruby. Was the only reason she wanted to keep her away from him was because he was a vampire? "Sorry about that, It's not everyday that you meet a vampire... at least a real one anyway. If you were good friends with my grandmother you cant possibly be all that bad." she laughed.
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  19. Kory nodded "yeah.. she wanted me protected so I could live a normal human life.. I'm not like the rest. I don't feed on humans, I mean, I wish I didn't need any form of blood, I never chose this life, but I am what I am now, so I have to."
    He looked at her, she seemed cool, she took it better than he thought she would "so you like twilight?"
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  20. Courtney looked into his eyes and smiled. One thing that was true about vampires were their looks for one. Then she laughed." I uh... kind of went through a phase, but now I realize that a guy who admits to sneaking in your house and watching you sleep does not quite scream romance." She grinned.
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