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  1. (Hey guys I will be on hiatus until sunday or monday I will be out of state and I wont have computer access.)
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  2. (Hey guys)
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  3. (Hey it's been quiet since you left)
  4. (Sorry about that I was at camp for the week and then I had to do PT... it was totally horrible, I thought I was going to die.)
  5. (sounds fucking horrible glad u finally escaped)
  6. (It was totally horrible I literally almost passed out like 6 times and I have bruises for days, they want me to come back I was like... nope.)
  7. (are you alright now?)
  8. (Yes im alright still a little sore but ready to get this RP started XD)
  9. (cool. You take care, okay?)
  10. (Will do XD)
  11. * :( this is one of my favorite RPs*
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  12. @CrimsonFang

    Second reminder! We don't allow purely Out of Character posts in the In Character sections. I've moved your post to the OOC thread again. Please keep OOC comments to this thread.
  13. Sorry bout that wont happen again.
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