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  1. It's names after the Avril Lavigne song because that is where it came from. So, let's start with some basics and then move to the small details and then the general plot, Staring now:

    • I want a partner that is loyal enough to last the whole rp, sorry, that sounds really rude but I have people disappear on me and some were really cool.
    • I don't care for the length, I need something reply to. I don't think a cliff hanger is nice, so please don't.
    • I don't care if you are a beginner or have been at it so long you are really Intermediate, I care that I don't have to question you as much as you question me.
    • If I have an idea, don't tell me that doesn't make sense....I will never say that to you, just ask for an explanation.
    • I do one liners when I have very little to put in or my detail matter is low, which happens if your post puts me there. THIS IS A HEADS UP!!!
    • Lastly, talk to me, I know we hear this a lot, but if you cant rp because you have a bad day, your mood is not up for it or your personal life just won't let you, PM me, I will listen. I am empathetic by nature, sorry, but I will try my best to be sympathetic. It's not that I don't care, but I'm that person that wants to be physically there to threaten people on your behave then just talk shit about them. I will get attached and I will give you as much focus in anything you want to talk to me about. WE DON'T NEED TO RP EVERY TIME WE ARE TOGETHER!!!!
    • I will take on more then one partner for the same RP, so don't think this is taken and you can't do it with me. I also don't mind if you use this idea with another rper. But I would rather you do it with me.
    • I play either character, but honestly I like my males better.

    Small Detail
    Setting is a mix of Ancient times and modern day​
    Is a fantasy RP​
    Character 1= Female, one on side (Will explain) will be identified as C1​
    Character 2= Male. One the other side; will be identified as C2​
    Passive Character =Male, Can be controlled by either player; will be identified as PC; additional characters should be identified by Character Sheets that WILL BE on a OCC PM.​

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: (prefer a picture, anime or real will be discussed)

    C1 and C2 have loved each other for so long they have decided to marry on the return of C2 from the war. PC is in love with C1 and is there with her as C2 is ff at war. PC comes up with a plan to get rid of C2 and take C1 all for himself. Phase one, PC sends word that C1 is having a close realtion with another, as a close friend of both C1 and C2, he is trusted by both. So, when C2 gets the message they are heart broken, he fought fro protection of their country but mostly for C1. With C1 with another, C2 lays down his armor and leaves the battle field to be dismissed. But he returns home, in hopes of seeing C1 just once more, but instead is meet by PC before C1 can see him. PC casts a spell, locking C2 in a mirror, not just a mirror but a powerful teleporting mirror. Locked in the mirror, C2 witnesses as PC tells C1 that C2 deserted his post and left her. C1 is devastated and is pushed into the arms of PC. After centuries of watching as C1 and PC are together, C2 finds out the he can move through mirrors, any mirror. The mirror that holds him is connected to ever mirror in existence. In any other mirror he can be seen, but not heard. Another part of the curse that he found out was that he was about to mirror one world to his. (EX: if he writes a note in his world, it appears in the world C1 is in, exactly where he placed it.) C2 decides to use it as a way to connect with his beloved again. C1 has so many questions and she has no idea if it really is C2. Through time he proves that he is her beloved and they create a plan to free him. C1 has to find the mirror he is trapped in and shatter it. But PC is smart, when he is not with C1, to show C2 to torture him, he covers the mirror in darkness. C2 has no idea where the mirror is, so C1 has to find it the only way she can, looking for it.​

    Thank you for your attention, I hope to find a partner or two or more for this.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.