Let me be your dominant.

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  1. So, I just spent five minutes laughing over the fact that when you hover over the BDSM tag selection option, it says "Slap Dat Ass."
    Bless you Iwaku

    I'm craving lately to use my dominant female, and looking to see if anyone has an idea that's lacking one. But keep in mind, I only do Hetero pairings. Her name is Isabella, a select few already know her and her attitude; she is most definitely a top cat. Not just in bed, but she has quite the fiery reckless, 'I'm boss' personality. But quite literally, she will fight to stay top in bed as well.
    I'll post a few original pairings I just have on mind below, but I am 100% open to any ideas others would like to shoot at me.

    My only request is that you do not post below, but instead shoot me a PM. I prefer pm, and I prefer roleplaying over it too as opposed to forum. Just a heads up. Hope to hear from a few of you lovelies soon~

    Original Pairings - MC x YC (open)

    Sex Addict x Sex Addict
    Master x Slave
    Vampire x Human
    Younger Vampire x Elder Vampire
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Demon Hunter
    That's like, all I have
    So uncreative
    Someone give me better ideas
    -Sips pure lemon juice-

  2. Very interested pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.