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  1. While the loud people are running around trying to out trollbait each other and forcing staff members to work instead of drinking spiked lattes in the lounge, lets have a nice topic! :D

    I recently had to think about big adult things which shook everything I thought I knew about myself and was set in stone forever. O___O I've gone from ANTI-BABY to "Huh. I might want one of those." It's scary and it's forcing me to let go of an old life and old opinions and start thinking about things differently.

    Us people, we are ALWAYS having to let things go and evolve. Whether you are graduating from High School to College, transitioning from one gender to another, growing from an obnoxious forum hassling asshats to contributing members of the community, from point a to point z!

    In order to change and grow we have to not be stubborn and allow ourselves to do it! And that is what this topic is about!

    What is something you are working on letting go of, so you can become a better, happier person?

    Let's hear some POSITIVE THINGS! I need to hear them! ;___;
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  2. It's the internet, Diana. The users of the internet will never let go of things and/or troll the crap out of people.
  3. About 4 inches off of my belt size. It must go.
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  4. This topic is about personal experiences with things you yourself are working to let go of, and I would very much love to hear your own experiences! :D
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  5. I heard that!!

    I need to learn to be more confident in myself, and let go of setting so much of my own esteem in the esteem others give me.
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  6. Literally the exact same thing I was going to say.

    The thing I've learned also, is that I never stick up for myself. NEVER. Especially at school when I occasionally get picked on. I'll stick up for my friends, but never myself. So I need to learn to grow a pair (not literally) and stick up for myself.
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  7. I quite recently learned some devastating truths about my family, making me realize that they as a whole unit (instead of just a select few, like I thought) are the reason I've spent so long feeling shitty about myself, and life in general. So, yeah, lots of things to 'let go' of. :I Doing a pretty good job with the process, so far. I have a good support system.
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  8. My anger. I grow to be VERY angry, VERY Quickly.
  9. I really need to let go of my dog passing away. I can't even think about him without tearing up. I also need to let go of someone who has been my friend for a while. She's done a few things to hurt me, and it's unhealthy for me to be stressed out by her. It'll take a little time for me to let both of them go, but it'll be fine though. I've let go of friends before and pets as well. ^_^
  10. Momma Diana. O.O

    I'm scared. Someone hold me, I think the world might end.

    Seriously though, kids are great. They drive you bat shit crazy half the time, but there are little moments when you overhear them telling someone something sucks worse than a Taylor Swift song that get you. I'd recommend sticking to one though, the more you have, the more they fight like stray cats in an alley; loud and vicious.
  11. I need to learn how to let go of topics and fly gracefully away, instead of flopping about like a madfuck rabies-infested seal attempting to be clever. :ferret:
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  12. My dick.
  13. I need to let go of a few personal demons such as my father. I've hated that man for so long that I feel like it's killed me spiritually in a lot of ways.

    But I'm hardly the only one with daddy issues I'm sure. It's never been that easy for me to forgive, but I think holding on to all of the anger is a lot harder.

    After all, you aren't punished for your anger. You're punished by it.
  14. I need to let go of my awkwardness and fear that prevents me from doing huge things like learning how to cook and drive. Basically my fear of failure and looking like an idiot. I also need to let go of my tendency to be cynical towards relationships whether romantic, friendly, or familial. I've never been romantically involved with anyone (I'm freaking 20) and I can be pretty distant from others, meaning I'm not very social. After losing my parents (I was 12 when Dad died and 18 when Mom died), I pretty much gained a "What's the point in getting close to people if they're gonna die?" mentality and shut myself away even more than I normally did.
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  15. I am learning to let go of my hetronormality... I didn't even know I was clinging to it....
  16. I need to let go of my friend Mr. Procrastinate because his influence is bad :c.
  17. Faith in humanity. I work retail- need to lower expectations.
  18. I need to let go of my disgust of people with different ideas than me. I don't even give them a chance. Hippies and democrats are people, too, and I will learn to accept them.
  19. I need to let go of issues with my mother. We have some old old stuff that we have tried to work out but I've always had walls up because I'm afraid of getting hurt again. However, I am about to bring a new life into this world and I don't want it coming into a family full of demons.
  20. I'm working on accepting myself for who I am and not what other people think I should be, and in the same breath, accepting others for who they are and not how I've been told they should be.

    It's been really difficult having people constantly influence and change me through the years, and it took hitting rock bottom emotionally and physically for me to realize that it was all my fault for allowing them to control me like that.

    I'm working on creating the person I want to be and focusing on what makes me happy, rather than the person I'm expected to be and the things that I'm expected to do. My life should be about what I want, not what others think it should be.

    Also trying to let go of all the anxiety and fear I had while I was obese. People don't like to talk about it, but you often find yourself afraid to certain things because of the failure and dissapointment you feel over your own body. I'm not that girl anymore, and I need to learn to love my body and all the suffering it's been through to finally get to a point of happiness.
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