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  1. The amazing Aomine Daiki... The only one who could beat him was him... Right, people from back then should see him now. One knee injury turned his basketball career to dust, so now what? He lived in a small apartment that he could barely afford. Had no job. Just sat in his apartment all day and watched Momoi's kid whenever she needed a babysitter. Pathetic. The amazing Aomine Daiki, Generation of Miracle's Ace, was no long. He was nothing anymore.

    Aomine opened his eyes when he heard his cellphone ring and sat up from the couch before picking up. "What?" He asked. Only one person called him, Momoi. She was the only one who stayed by his side after high school. He sighed softly when she pleaded him to pick up her 5 year old daughter from kindergarten. It wasn't like he could say no so he agreed and got up to get ready. He was still in his clothes from last night.

    An hour later he stepped out of his apartment to pick up his "niece".
  2. Kuroko Tetsuya had finished off High school nicely after winning the next final Winter Cup of his high school career with Seirin. They had lost the next year to Akashi, but reclaimed their title and reputation in their final year to leave behind a legacy that would build on the new school. Kuroko went to a somewhat well-known university to become a teacher and play in the basketball team there. Kagami had followed him, the shadow-light duo living together up until this day.

    After graduating, both males decided to stay together in their shared apartment to save money with their jobs. Kuroko worked as a pre-k/Kindergarten teacher, while Kagami worked as a firefighter. It was the end of another good school day with the children being picked up with smiles on their faces. "Goodbye, Kuroko-sensei!" "Goodbye everyone.. Please be safe.." Kuroko waved after his students and looked down at the small brunette clinging to his leg.

    "Yuuma-chan, who is picking you up, today?" He had not lost his looks over the years. He still had those large, doe-like eyes that seemed blank and unemotional to the world. his hair was cut a bit shorter than normal, but he had bangs mostly sweeping over his forehead and covering his eyes partially. "My uncle is! Ah! There he is!" Yuuma pointed to the approaching bluenette, causing Kuroko to raise his eyebrows in surprise. "Ah. Aomine-kun. It's been a while."
  3. Aomine was a little lost in thoughts as he walked over to the kindergarten to pick up Yuuma. He had never really picked her up there because Momoi would always pick her up, but apparently something was wrong at work and she couldnt pick up her daughter and drop her off at his place. He wondered why he had become such a failure in life. He did police work for a bit, but a case went wrong and he started having flash bags and PTSD and now he was just another nobody that couldnt find any work. He sighed and took a deep breath as he got closer to the kindergarten, though he snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a voice he hadnt heard in a long time.

    He looked up and saw the same doe-like eyes that only one person had. "Tetsu...?" He asked slightly confused. "What are you doing here?" It was the first thing that came out of his mouth, now hey how are you or anything like that. Getting defeated by Seirin over and over again Aomine hadnt really talked to them or any of the Generation of Miracles... Besides Momoi and sometimes Kise when he was around, but the blond would just never shut up.

    Aomine took Yuma's hand and pulled her up with a small smile. This little girl made him really happy somehow. He didnt want to babysit, but when she was around and once he had the little girl near him his day always seemed a little brighter.

    (Ooh! What if we make it sort of a love triangle thing between Kagami, Aomine and Kuroko? Aomine and Kuroko kinda had feelings in middle school but never really did anything and now that they start meeting up as none rivals their feelings start to come back, but Kuroko is with Kagami... Dilemma, dilemma! I don't mind playing two characters.)
  4. Kuroko tilted his head upwards to meet Aomine's gaze; it seemed like he had gotten even taller over the years, while he only grew a couple of inches over time. Now he was stuck at a measly 5'8 height, and Aomine seemed even taller than when they were in high school. "Ah. I'm one of the teachers here. Yuuma-chan is in my class.." The petite man looked around the entrance and stepped out through the gate with Aomine after making sure no students were left to be picked up. It seemed like Yuuma was the last one for the day, so Kuroko pulled out a key and locked the gate. Any teachers inside had extra keys or wouldn't leave for a while.

    After high school, Kuroko had kept in contact with most of the GOM in college. The one who mostly made him keep up-to-date was Akashi, of course. The two men had grown closer over time, and were now like brothers with their similar interests in books. Kise did contact him to keep him updated on his life as a Pilot now, sometimes calling him or even sending pictures of his flights. Murasakibara sometimes contact him to invite him to his cafe for sweets, which Kuroko accepted at times when he wasn't loaded with school work. Midorima was the one who he rarely spoke to because of their past, but did say Hello every now and then.

    Tetsuya watched Yuuma interact happily with Aomine, and stifled a small smile that tugged at the corners of his lips. Though his observation skills did spot slight circles under Aomine's eyes, hidden by his naturally dark skin, and the messy status of his short hair. "How have you been doing, Aomine-kun? Taiga-kun and I have wondered after our high school days.." The smaller man walked besides Aomine and Yuuma on his way to his apartment, which was only about 10 minutes from the kindergarten.

    ((Ooh~! That sounds fun~! If you don't mind doubling, I'm fine with it~! Also, would you want it to end up as all three of them staying together, or just Aomine and Kuroko? It'd be funny to have Kagami and Aomine competing for Kuroko's affection~ cx ))
  5. (I don't mind doubling. At first they slowly grow together, Aomine knows about Kagami, but Kagami doesn't know about Aomine. We can have him find the two together and leaves Kuroko, but the two of them can't stay apart so then they start competing for Kuroko's love =^^=)

    Aomine had grown a lot since high school. He had one last grow spurt in college and he went from his 6'3 to 6'6 (Kagami is still an inch shorter). He started walking back to his apartment, though slightly annoyed that Kuroko started walking with him. That wasn't supposed to happen! "I went to the police academy." He mumbled with a slight frown. He didnt really want to talk about it other then that. He didnt need more people to see him as a failure. "I was scouted for the NBA in America, but I didnt go." He said and shrugged as if it was no big deal. Did Kuroko know about his knee injury that basically fucked over his life?

    Aomine stopped about a block or two in front of his apartment building. "Why are you following me?" He asked his former shadow. He placed Yuuma down and held onto her hand. She looked just like her mother, thank god for that. Why would anyone want to look like Wakamatsu? He still didnt know how Momoi and Wakamatsu fell for each other, it was still so weird for him.
  6. (Oh~ Sounds a bit sad but awesome at the same time~! Let's do that~!)

    Kuroko took even strides to keep up with Aomine's larger ones, internally huffing that Aomine was now almost an entire foot taller than him. Even Kagami was towering over the petite man, but he was still shorter than Aomine after checking his height with the dark-skinned man. "Ah, that sounded like an exciting time for Aomine-kun.." Kuroko murmured in response, easily blending in and being unnoticed by pedestrians like his old school days. While his body and facial structure was a bit more mature to suit his age, he still had those natural curves he had inherited from his loving mother. Though his uniform and apron seemed to hide it rather well to give him a more masculine appearance with the children.

    "I assumed the same for you, Aomine-kun. This is where Taiga-kun and I have live for the past couple of years.." Kuroko seemed honestly surprised that his former light had been so close to him without him even noticing. He supposedly knew almost everyone in the complex after surprising them in the mornings. Momoi had never mentioned that Aomine lived in the same complex as him, since she seemed to spill everything to him and know about where everyone lived. "It seems like Taiga-kun must be home by now.." Kuroko looked at the watch on his wrist and seemed to be mumbling more to himself than Aomine, his eyes having a small sparkle at the thought of his current light being home.
  7. Aomine groaned slightly and rolled his eyes. Why was this happening to him? How could have not have known that his former shadow and rival lived in the same building as him?! He didnt leave his apartment that often only... That was probably the reason, he only spend time at Momoi's place or he would go to bars once in a while, get hammered and bring home a hot busty chick for him to enjoy. Aomine noticed the sparkle in Kuroko's eye when the shadow mentioned Kagami. Kuroko used to have that sparkle for him back in middle school, but that seemed like ages ago now a days. "Whatever." He muttered and headed for the building.

    He stepped inside, still holding onto Yuuma's hand as he pushed the button for the elevator. "Well, I'll see you around Tetsu." He said and pushed the button to the floor he was on, please don't let the lighter blunted live on the same floor as him. The horror, that would be the worst! Luck surely was not on his side the last years.

    (A little bit of sadness makes a good story though.)
  8. Kuroko stepped into the elevator with Teiko's old ace and didn't seem to press a different button for a different floor than Aomine. It seemed like the dark man's luck got even worse, since Kuroko and Kagami also lived on the 14th floor. Once the elevator beeped, Kuroko stepped out first and went a bit down the hall to room 1425, apparently near Aomines room as well. In all honestly, Kuroko was actually glad he had run in with his former light after so many years.

    The petite man turned around and gave a slight bow before opening his door for Aomine. "It was a pleasure to see you again, Aomine-kun.." Tetsuya gave the taller man a small smile that showed how honest he was being about seeing his old light again, before giving another bow to Yuuma. "I'll see you tomorrow at class, Yuuma-chan.. Be good, alright?" Kuroko knew it was a meaningless request, since Yuuma was one of his best students at the Kindergarten. When she smiled and waved, he stood up and waved with a gentle smile before unlocking his door to step in. His work pants seemed a bit tighter on him than what people would consider normal, so his strong legs from continuously playing basketball were apparent as the door shut and got locked.

    "Taiga-kun? I'm home," Kuroko called out softly, knowing that his lover could hear him despite his quiet words. He went into the laundry room and placed his apron in the basket to wash later, walking around to look for his hidden light. "..Taiga-kun?"
  9. Aomine gritted his teeth. but tried not to show it. He was going to kill Momoi later. How could she not tell him when she knew where everybody lived! There was a reason he isolated himself, he didnt want to bump into people he knew. He clicked his tongue and let Tetsu get out first. Yuuma waved at Kuroko before Aomine left for his apartment which was on the opposite side of Kuroko's. "Damn it." He mumbled, but got punched by his cute little niece, she always did that when he cursed.
    Aomine sighed and opened his apartment door before quickly walking in. He closed the door behind him and took Yuuma's little bag and jacket. "Go watch TV or something. You want a snack?" He asked her as he headed to the kitchen, man he really needed to do the dishes at some point.

    Kagami had just gotten back from his night shift at the fire department and was collapsed and a sleep on the couch which he didn't fit on if he laid down like this. He heard his shadow and lover as he stirred awake an pushed himself up with tired eyes. "Hey, how was work?" He asked and yawned as he stretched.
  10. Yuuma pouted after punching her Uncle for cursing, being taught that cursing was rude to everyone and to hear. When she walked into Aomine's apartment, she handed him her things and went into the living room to sit on the couch. "No, thank you, Uncle!" Yuuma gave the tall man a grin and turned on the t.v to the news, being one of those odd kids that loved seeing the news instead of cartoons or Anime after school.

    Kuroko walked into the living room and smiled when he saw his light trying to curl up on the couch. "It was okay. Yuuma-chan was the last one to be picked up again," Kuroko hummed as he leaned down slightly to kiss the sleepy redhead. Even when standing, Kagami was almost at his standing height when sitting.

    The small man left to their shared bedroom to change quickly, throwing his stained uniform into the hamper before walking back in a red sweater with a pair of boxer briefs covering him. Autumn was starting to get colder, so Kuroko straddled Kagami and wrapped his limbs around the muscular man, happy with the large amount of heat his partner gave off. "How was work for you, Taiga-kun..?"
  11. Kagami looked at Kuroko with a lazy smile when he walked up. "What's with that girl and always being picked up last?" He asked when Kuroko kissed his head and watched the bluenette walk into their bedroom. To him it was still a mystery how they got together. It was probably after the loss of the winter cup, that was a hard time for him, but then Kuroko was always there for him. He went to lay back down on the small couch with his legs sticking out when Kuroko came back and straddled his waist. Goddamn it, he was so cute! Kagami looked up and pushed himself up on his elbows. "Looooong night." He answered. "Some brats kept shooting fireworks at houses and trees, they kept us up all night, driving around before the cops caught them at 4 am." He complained and shifted a little more up so he could kiss Kuroko's lips.

    Aomine watched Yuuma and shook his head with a small smirk. Weird child. He hung up her stuff and then took off his own jacket. "Do you have any homework?" He asked her as he moved to the kitchen to find himself something to snack on. If she didnt want any, more for him. He wasn't complaining.
  12. "Momoi-san is sometimes caught up with work," Kuroko responded softly, arms wrapped around the redhead's shoulders while his hips were settled over Kagami's. The petite phantom listened to his partner's story from work, humming to show he was paying attention at certain intervals. "I'm glad you're home safe, Taiga.." Kuroko smiled into the kiss, loving the warmth his boyfriend radiated in the heat of the apartment. They had the rest of the afternoon to catch up and enjoy eachother before Kagami left for work, so Kuroko broke the kiss to litter kisses across his lover's face. He placed his calloused hands in Kagami's hair and lightly tangled it in his fingers as he kissed the taller man.

    "Hm? No. Kuroko-sensei helped me finish it during class," Yuuma responded with a happy grin at her Uncle in the kitchen. She was sure her mom or dad would come pick her up soon, but she enjoyed spending time with her Uncle. It was always funny to see people's reactions when she went with him to the shopping mall, or even to the park to help her play basketball. "Uncle, did you know Kuroko-sensei before? You called him by his first name."
  13. Kagami chuckled softly as Kuroko kissed his face. "I'll always come back safely for you, you know that." He said as Kuroko littered his face with small kisses. He put his hands on Kurokos cute little butt before he pulled him as close as possible. Kagami hummed feeling his lover's hands in his hair. This was just what he needed after a long and tiring nightshift.

    Aomine smiled back at Yuuma and turned back to grab some chips. He froze for a second before he grabbed a bowl to pour it into. "Mommy never told you?" He asked the little girl with a slight sigh before walking up to her and sat down next to her. "I went to middle school with him and your mommy." He said and tossed a chip in his mouth. "I used to play basketball with him." Aomine didn't know why he was telling her this though. It was in the past and no longer important, including the feelings they had for each other. It was all useless now, they were just memories.
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