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  1. Lessons

    This is a story that deals with the everyday life of young adults dealing with the struggles of Life's lessons in self-discovery, and coping with the decisions they make.

  2. Roger sat on his bed, huddled in the corner with his back against the wall. He had a huge set of headphones on that connected to his laptop. He was testing out one of the new music scoring programs required in one of his classes. He took notes as he tried different features. He also snacked on pretzels. His side of the dorm room was a mess. There were a pile of clothes at the foot of his bed on the floor. He had a bowl of half-eaten ramen noodles on his nightstand and a trashcan overflowing with wadded-up paper and candy wrappers.

    The redhead was lost into his own little world when he was working on anything music-related. It was only things that really made him happy and he had extensive knowledge on the subject varying from playing various instruments, to music history, to composition. He was also a decent lyricist. The problem for Roger was that's all he was really good at. Being his first semester he was crammed with mostly non-electives that weren't related to music. He hated it.
  3. Noah Thompson had always been a good kid. He listened to his parents, he studied hard in school, and he never broke the law. It was something about his personality that kept him from doing any harm. He wasn’t like others his age, he never had the rebellious streak or the need to break a few laws in order to have a good time. Sure, he definitely still had fun and got out a lot, but he kept it to a law abiding fun. There was just something that kept him in a good path in life, knowing that soon he would be starting his own business and would be traveling all around the world.

    That was after college, which means he still needed to work through the next couple years in order to get the degree to start his business. That means plenty of classes and plenty of work. At that moment, Noah was trying to balance a stack of textbooks as he made his way back to his dorm. It was only a few weeks into the semester, and he was just starting to get to know his dorm mate. So far classes were going good for him, and he was really enjoying his time at college.

    Reaching his dorm, the male pushed the door open to see that Roger was sitting on his bed, nodding his head in a greeting as he dropped his books onto his bed. Unlike his roommate’s side of the dorm, Noah kept all of his things tidy and in order. He wasn’t OCD or anything, he just liked to live and work in a clean environment. Sitting down at his desk, the male pulled out a few notebooks as he figured out what homework he would need to take care of next.
  4. If it wasn't for seeing Noah through his peripheral vision, Roger wouldn't have known he'd entered their room. He was so focused on his tunes. Turning his head momentarily, the redhead was stunned by the pile of books his roommate had brought in. After pulling his headphones down he asked, "Think you signed-up for enough classes?" He was taking a total of five: English composition 1, Math 105, Intro to the Humanities, Bio 101, and Music Composition 101. The latter being his favorite of course. In the short time he'd known Noah he'd discovered that he was a business major, so he was probably taking harder classes.

    The differences between the two of the were vast as far as Roger knew. Noah seemed so clean-cut and ridiculously tidy. He didn't know anyone else that was quite so organized. They also seemed to have different tastes in everything. The redhead's half of the room was dark. He crammed his wall space with as many music posters, mostly rock and indie bands. His comforter was black, his furniture was black, and just about everything excluding his lava lamp was black. He loved the comfort of being in darker surroundings; it made him feel cozy as if it were almost bed time and he could unwind. It was something he needed with the stress of starting a new school and already beginning to struggle. It was a little much for him to handle.
  5. Turning his head to look at Roger as he heard his voice, Noah raised a brow as he took in the question, “Not enough. Takes a lot to get a business degree,” the male chuckled as he looked over at the pile of books on his bed. He was taking a full schedule and would need to do so until he graduated. Mainly because he liked to keep busy, and also so that he wasn’t missing anything once he started his own business or the likes. He would like to get his own business set up, but he knew it would take a lot of time and hard work.

    Running a hand through his hair, the male sighed as he looked down at his notebook, realizing that he wasn’t doing much at the moment. He needed to design his own business and make sure that he had enough items to fill the business and to make sure it would run successfully. Flipping the notebook closed, Noah rubbed his closed eyes with the palm of his hands, knowing that he was going to be stressed for some time now. Leaning back in his chair, Noah looked back over at Roger, “How are your classes going?”
  6. "Eeeeh..." Roger replied with a sour expression, "not so good. I don't some of the things in a few prerequisites, and have no interest in others. I just want to focus on the music, you know? What I came here for..." he chuckled and looked over at the other male. He liked to joke about things that were serious. He felt less awkward about it. He knew that if things continued the way they were, there would be problems down the road before the semester was over. He set his laptop on his desk next to his various sound equipment. He looked to his pack on the group filled with his books. He really should try to study, but it made his stomach cringe and there was no masking his reluctance.

    "How's yours?" He returned the question, "What's all that you're taking?' He wondered if there was a specific business aspect he was going for, or if he planned on conquering it all. He didn't look like the tyrant business man type, then again the only ones he knew of were Donald Trump and Bill Gates. The gods smiled on him with his charming features.
  7. Noah had already found out that Roger was going to school for music, so he figured that the male would be rather bored of the mundane classes. Which was always a downfall for college students, having to take classes that they really didn’t want to in order to get certain degrees. Noah, on the other hand, didn’t mind the classes that he was forced to take in order to get his degree. He usually found most of his classes interesting for the information he was learning. Watching Roger look over at his bag of books, Noah nodded, “Yeah, I can understand that.” He knew what Roger was kind of feeling, seeing as Noah did have to take a few classes back in high school that he had rather not liked. They had offered nothing for his future, and he didn’t know why his school had made him take them.

    With the questions, Noah looked back to his own pile of books, “They’re going fine,” Looking back over at Roger, the male smiled softly, “Writing 122, Persuasion, Math Statistics, and two computer classes.” It wasn’t that many courses, but it filled up his whole schedule. And it was a lot of work, keeping him busy constantly.
  8. "Damn" Roger couldn't help but to reply. All of those sounded very difficult. Laughing he continued, "Those are all way ahead of me. Although I should try that persuasion class...I might learn how to persuade my instructors to lighten-up with the quizzes, or to convince the people who decide the prerequs to let us have more freedom." He shook his head as broke-down, retrieving his english book. It was lesser of the evils. At least there might be some poetry in which were songs.

    "I never asked you before, but how long have you been going here? Those classes are quite ahead of my basic intro levels." The redhead couldn't help but to be slightly curious about the other male. He was his room mate for the time being. It's always good to know the guy who's sleeping in the same room as you. He laughed at the own personal joke he thought to himself.

    (sorry its short n_n;)
  9. Chuckling lightly, Noah nodded his head as he looked at his textbooks, realizing that he was taking pretty hard classes, but he had been raised to take difficult classes. Noah’s parents had wanted the best for him, so had put him through all private schools. He was raised to push himself and set hard goals. He knew his parents were only looking out for him, trying to make sure he had a good life, but sometimes Noah wished they had just allowed him to go to a regular school. It would have made his high school years a lot easier, seeing as they made him go to an all boy private school. Try coming out to a school full of straight boys, wasn’t easy at all. Though, he had made some friends and even met a few other boys that had a difficult time coming out as well.

    Looking back over at Roger, the male chuckled again, “This will be my second year. And that’s because I’ve been in private schools my whole life. This school was finally my choice.” It was true, Noah had finally convinced his parents to let him choose his college, and he had settled on this one. It wasn’t private, and that’s one of the main reasons he had chosen it. Finally standing up, Noah started to pick the books up, realizing now that he had just lazily thrown them onto his bed. Stacking them and setting them on his desk, the male sat on his bed, leaning back against the wall as he looked over at Roger.
  10. Roger was from a low-income family. The youngest of 4. There was an age gap between him and the rest of his siblings; a later in life child. The lived in the city, attending some rather rough schools. He did luck out in going K through 12 with his best friends. When Noah spoke of private schools, that made him appreciate that fact a little more. "Well that's good you're able to make your own choices. That's exactly why I'm here too." He smiled as he tried to recall the page he was supposed to begin on. "I'd been offered a couple different scholarships, this place just seemed right to me. Having this dorm is a plus. I couldn't stand staying with my parents any longer." That was an understatement.

    His dad was a retired, alcoholic mechanic and his mom was a waitress at a family restaurant. Since she worked crazy hours and the others had already moved-out, Roger was forced to be around his lazy-ass dad. He bitched all of the time about how he dressed, his friends, his stupid music. When he'd found out his son was gay he'd went nuts and destroyed the redhead's room and attacked his boyfriend. He broke-up with him immediately, afraid of the bastard. So with little of the undamaged belongings he had he gathered and left the place, not telling even his closest friends goodbye. Since he'd moved to the dorm, he felt much more comfortable and could focus on his music without hassle.
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