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  1. Important: If you ever join this roleplay, you can come in at any time. It is narrated day by day, so you'll know what day of the school year it is. (The school year usually consists of 180 days) Of course, if you join on a day that's not the first day of school, your character will be considered a transfer student/ a new student/ someone who doesn't always show up at school.
    This roleplay is about a teacher and his experience teaching a very troublesome 10th grade class. He wants to teach them language arts and math and science, but he also wants to teach them about life. He also wants his students to teach him things, because they must know things about the world he has a small knowledge about.

    To join this roleplay, please include this info in your first reply.
    1) Name. The name your character wants to be called. Is it Betty? Is it a nickname?
    2) Age. Your character is in 10th grade. Was your character held back before?
    3) Why is your character in the troublesome class? Is your character a teenage prostitute? Is your character someone with serious anger problems? Is your character someone who had bad parents, and is troublesome because of them? [Important note: If you plan to join this jump in roleplay, you must give your character some character development. Your character cannot stay a teenage delinquent who hates everyone at the beginning of the year, and does not get changed by the events that occur!]
    4) Past. What significant things have occurred to your character in the past?
    5) Physical traits. Include a photo (it can be in any medium: drawing, painting, computer art, etc.) of what your character looks like. If you can't include a photo, use words to describe your character's physical traits.

    Have any questions/ comments/ requests/ etc. related to this roleplay? Please message me!

    Have fun! Include character development! Also, one more thing: this roleplay is at a high school. I don't think a teacher would be extremely ecstatic if you started using an f-bomb in front of them. Sexual content and swearing is allowed. It's just that when would you curse/start making out in high school? Keep that in mind!


    Misty Johnson couldn't believe it! He had a passion for teaching, but that only applied to teaching well behaved and serious kids. At age 27, he decided to apply for a teaching job at a high school. When he went in to ask about occupation opportunities, the principal (a short and fat, but looking man, who most likely was married and had children) told him what was open.
    "Uh, we need a few more janitors," the principal (who's name is Mr. Drigg) adjusted his glasses.
    Misty questioned if Mr. Drigg was joking around or actually being serious. "Is that all?" Misty asked, impatient for an answer.
    "Oh, yes...class 19. There's a very troublesome class that has students from grade 10. But I highly doubt you want to teach them. I mean, the teachers from the past 8 years have all resigned!" He forcefully laughed, while Misty thought in his mind. (Where else do you think, anyways? In your ass?)
    Deep down inside, Misty was pretty advanced when dealing with troublemakers. His parents had been some of the biggest troublemakers, before their deaths a few years back. He remembered how every single night, his father would be drunk on the table. His mother was a female whore, so she was hardly home. When she was home, she was always abused by her drunk husband. The conditions of his home had taught him very many life lessons, ones he wished to share with the younger generation.
    "I want to teach class 19," he replied, and he was sure of it at that moment.
    "Are you sure? When I say that they are troublesome, I don't say it lightly," the principal's face had gotten serious.
    "I can deal with it," Misty replied, not knowing what was in store in his teaching career.

    The long summer nights (that Misty mostly spent watching pornography and preparing for his teaching career) eventually came to an end, and they slowly became cold and dark. September 20 finally came around, and early in that morning, he prepared his outfit. It consisted of a blazer and a white undershirt. He brushed his brown hair, and put on his dark red glasses.

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  2. http://a819.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/113/Purple/2b/3c/45/mzl.njophrlg.png

    For as long as he could remember, Luke had been alone. Not in a way that he didn't have friends, he was well and truly alone. No family waiting for him outside school. He walked away to...nowhere. There was nowhere he went to. He normally went to the place where most of the homeless stayed, no place for a fifteen year old. He was generally quiet, he didn't say anything in case he was rejected...his family had abandoned him so who did he have worth losing? But that doesn't stop him from kicking the hell out of chairs, lockers...other people...to express his sadness and spiral of darkness that kills him, tears him, destroys him. He chose himself to come in here. He needs the help. He also needs money.

    His uniform was pretty torn no matter if it was the beginning of the year. At least he'd bothered to buy one. Even if his shoes were far too small. He heard there was a new teacher. Who would want to teach them? What if they asked about his home life? He didn't have a home.

    He looked directly at the floor as he walked into the classroom. No bag, no books, no stationary. He couldn't cope with having to look after something. Not when he couldn't even look after himself.

    "Hello," he mumbled, addressing nobody in particular. Probably the teacher.
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  3. 2014-09-14-15-24-17--927093300.jpeg
    The school in front of Misty was not eye appealing. It was a dull looking school, one that he would have to come to every single day for the next ten months. He sighed. The students were all dressed in uniforms: the students all had to wear a black blazer and something underneath that. For bottoms, they were all wearing black jeans and skirts. Things like bows and accessories were optional, as long as it didn't bend there uniform code.
    Misty's classroom was adjacent to the rest of the rooms. But his room gave off a...slightly different vibe. For one, the desks in the room all had profane writing on it. One of the desks said "I wanna fuck her soul." Secondly, there were no students in the class. He had passed other rooms, and there were a few students already in them, waiting for the instructor. Lastly, the people who passed the room gave Misty a look of what was either pity or disgust.
    He didn't want to see anymore looks from others, so he sat on his spinning chair in the front of the room, and listened to the voices of strong female artists on his iPod. While listening to music, he took a look at the schedule. According the schedule, homeroom began at 7:00. Right now, it was 6:57, so the students should be coming in the room soon. He took out the ear buds from his ear, and put his head on his desk.
    "Hello," someone mumbled, causing Misty's heart to fly out.
    "You scared me!" Misty shouted, quickly putting his head up. "Uh," his sentence was cut short, because he was shocked at the appearance of the student. His uniform was shattered and torn, as if a viscous animal had used it's teeth to rip it apart. The pants the student was wearing were 100 sizes too small, and looked as if they might explode any second. The student's shoes were way too small for his feet. The kid was mumbling, and didn't make any eye contact with the teacher. What a rude and unappealing little shit, the teacher thought. "What is your name?" He finally got the courage to ask.
  4. Luke jumped as the guy yelled. He felt like crying. "Sorry...sorry...sorry..." Oh great, hadn't even done much before he was being yelled at. He looked up nervously at the teacher. He was...younger...than other teachers, and he was dressed like he actually cared about this prison. But it was a warm prison, Luke would give it that.

    "I'm Luke," he mumbled again. It was not the kind of question he wanted to be asked, but he expected it, before adding on, "Sir," because for some reason teachers like that. Not the female ones though. That confused Luke a lot. "Sorry," he said again.
  5. Misty chuckled. "Listen up kid," he sighed. "I don't want any of the "sir" crap, alright? You either call me Misty, or you call me Mr. Johnson."
    He clicked his tongue, repeatedly, thinking of something to say. "Stop apologizing!"
  6. Show Spoiler

    Kajiyama Koshiro quietly entered the classroom, after polishing a red apple on his shirt until it could perfectly reflect light. He nonchalantly placed it on the desk; the ingrained ritual weighed heavy on him. As a middle schooler, he would have expected attention, but now the ritual just didn't seem to matter anymore. It's what he had done for the many previous incarnations of teachers before Mr. Johnson. It was his small token welcome, that small hope he always raised that the next teacher could change things.

    He was from Japan, but was far from green, having been in the United States for his junior high years. The sad truth was that it was not by choice that he and his mother moved to the United States. Back in a small, modest, but modern village, it was readily known in that closely knit circle of people that he was the son of a psychopath. His father, whose name Koshiro tried bleaching from his mind with heavy drinking, killed abducted pets and wild animals in the dead of night. His alibi was usually getting drunk at a random bar, a lesser of two evils that could easily be faked.

    Now that his father had been caught and sent to an asylum, there was nothing in Japan. People there could only think that Koshiro would eventually be as 'fucked up' as he was. It was true that his father did show him his grim 'art', and it was true that Koshiro had not once told the police about it, but that alone didn't make him a psycho too. He pitied his father, though often wished that he had a different one. His father's secret darkness paled in the light of the love and dedication he gave his family.

    He wished for a new mother too, sometimes. She didn't believe Koshiro's pleas of innocence either. It was apparent, though she always put on a mask that she was on his side. After she had snooped around his room and found his drawings and journal, that were an emotional outlet and weren't meant to be found, she had consulted with school councilors, and from there, he was placed in the delinquent class. The claim by the school was that it was a class to 'keep a better eye on him' but the reality was to segregate him from the main school population. Again, treated as only the son of a psycho.

    There was no seemingly no escape from the inherited sins of his father. Why even bother with taking life seriously? His only temporary escape was science fiction. He had chosen to take the mantle of Kosh, the famous Vorlon Ambassador of the Babylon 5 series, dropping his family name completely and drawing himself into an impenetrable persona. As long as he was uninteresting enough, and people here continued not to do their homework on his past, he was safe enough.
  7. Misty only had a moment to breathe and tell "Luke" to choose a seat, before another student walked inside the room. This time, the student made his appearance aware of, unlike Luke who scared the shit out of Misty. Misty absolutely hated getting scared the shit out of, one time he was home alone, and his father knocked and screamed on the locked door. It taught him what real terror was. He walked to his seat, and put a shiny red apple on the desk. It was shiny, as if the student had an obsession with making it clean.
    "What's your name?" Misty asked, in a tone of curiosity, ignoring the strangely polished apple and walked closer to the boy who just entered the room.
  8. there was a loud 'bang!' As the door slammed open and there stood Tomoe Tsukishiro. Tomoe was slim built teen with unruly black hair and dull eyes. He didn't seem to care that he had just barged into class with no warning. In fact, he hadn't even looked at the other students or the teacher, he was too busy glaring back over his shoulder at someone outside of the classroom who was smirking with a group of who were probably their friends.

    "Shut the hell up or I'll come over there and make you!" He snapped before slamming the door closed again. His demeanor seemed to tone down after that.

    He walked into the room, giving the teacher a sour look muttering to himself. "Another one. Wonder how long this'll last." Before making his way over to a random desk.

    Tomoe didn't like school. Or rather, he didn't like many things in general. Most of all, he hated people. People were nothing but a bunch of obnoxious, narcissistic idiots. Especially the ones at places like school. It wasn't I that Tomoe was looking for trouble, he was just a place for others to find it. Even his own uncle who had taken care of him since he was a baby couldn't stand him. Tomoe didn't care though. As long as he didn't have to spend more than a few minutes at a time with the man he could put up with living in his house until he got a place of his own.

    He sat down and pluged his headphones into his ears, ignoring everone else in the room.
  9. Show Spoiler
    orange hair anime girls.jpg

    Lucy stood at the doorway that she caught before it closed. She looked over at the new teacher. She smirked, “So we have a new teacher.” She whispered to herself, at least he was pretty hot unlike the last one. From the way Lucy looked she didn’t seem like she would be a problem child. She was actually quite a beautiful sixteen year old, which caused a lot guys to ask her out. Surprisingly she always said yes only to break up with them after a couple days or so. Although, that wasn’t really the reason why she was in the troublemaker class. See, Lucy didn’t have a very good personality. She was manipulative to everyone just to get what she wanted, could be very rude and deceitful. Sometimes she would act like the sweetest person, while others she wouldn’t. It was all just an act to benefit herself.

    Lucy touched up her hair and made sure she was looking good, it was the first step to deceiving anyone. You had to make a good impression, then they wouldn't think or suspect anything. She walked in and took a seat in the front, hoping that she could manipulate this new teacher into giving her good grades without really having to do anything. She put her bag down and crossed her legs.

    It wasn't known why Lucy acted as she did, nothing really seemed to be a problem between her and her parents. So, they were shocked when they found out what was going on. They tried to figure it out, talking to her about it every day, yet she never said anything. She just smiled and claimed nothing was wrong. It was probably just an act too. What her parents didn't realize was that there really was a problem with them, yet she wasn't going to tell anyone that.
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  10. "Kajiyama Koshiro." the student replied simply in response to Mr. Johnson's question, though it sounded oddly too deliberate. It had always been that he mentally separated himself from this true name as far as possible. To him, it was akin to pointing to an island in the distance and saying that was the ground he stood, a truth which became a lie over time. It was the name on the roster Mr. Johnson would have, but that name was worn and warped since his birth.

    The question of a person's name was not a profound interesting as his favorite questions, posed in his favorite TV show. Who are you? followed by, What do you want? A name doesn't matter in who a person is, and teachers before rarely remembered names unless that student was a famous troublemaker. It was a risk to allow for a teacher to use a nickname at this point, though he learned by overhearing the conversation with Luke and Mr. Johnson, 'Misty' allowed an informal basis for interactions. In Japan, such a first name basis with a superior was pretty much unthinkable. Honoraries were not as important here, however, as he learned over time in junior high.

    He was trying to think what Luke's deal was since the start of the school year. Koshiro had his supplies ready, but Luke only seemed to have his clothes on his back. Standard school fees shouldn't be that crippling. Koshiro always wanted to give Luke some supplies, but 'mercy' was not a well received trait in class 19. You'd get a shaft stuck in you made of metal or flesh if it was thought that you had a soft spot. He did have one plan, though it never worked, because the previous teachers never caught on.

    Koshiro started to unload his backpack onto his desk, meticulously separating things as though taking an inventory of what he had, though it was going to be homeroom class. He couldn't say anything in case since other students came into the class; he could only hint at what he wanted to do as he separated a notebook and a couple of pencils into a separate pile at the corner of his desk. The rest of his organization indicated the opposite as he consolidated the rest according to type, looking at Luke again exactly once for Mr. Johnson to plainly see. Misty would have to take these books as an Alpha, or Koshiro would have to abort.

    (Edited for previous two replies)

    He liked to stay out of Tsukishiro's way; if he continued to ignore you, you'd have no trouble from him, though he was loud. His loudness was always annoying. As for Lucy, he could never be sure about her, for he was clueless just like any other.
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  11. Luke had sat down quietly next to Koshiro, because he simply looked like the nicest guy in the room, but he didn't know. He watched him take out stuff, was he doing maths? He liked maths, he could practice it everywhere. Everything else you had to read and write. Maths was simple.

    He had saw Lucy come in. He hadn't seen Lucy around before. Then he saw Tomoe. He hadn't spoke to him before, and he didn't think he ever wanted to. He watched the door, seeing who would come next.
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  12. Misty was walking closer to the kid who entered with a light-reflecting apple (it was early in the morning, so there was no need for lighting, therefore, there was technically no reflection). He stated his name: "Kajiyama Koshiro." Japanese name? I have a hard time remembering them, he thought. I'll cross his name off the roster, but first, I wanna see who this kid is. But before he could get closer to Kajiyama, the door slammed open, making Misty's heart beat faster. What the hell, is this kid another Luke? The kid gave him a nasty look, muttered something, found a desk, and put in his headphones, before Misty could even ask him for a proper introduction. While Misty could personally relate to wanting to listen to music, and escaping the words of the world, he didn't accept it. He wanted respect, not some dirty look that probably meant "ah-another-naive-teacher-we-can-do-what-we-want-again-this-year."
    "What was that argument you had outside of class about," Misty asked, tapping on his shoulder and wondering how he would reply. The way he replied might give him a hint or two about his personality. While he was waiting, he took a quick glance at the clock that was located at the back of the room. It was 6:58, and class was due to start any minute. He had to get the class settled, and begin teaching! The kid noticed his question and hopefully was thinking of an answer.
    Another student barged into the room, and her appearance was superior to someone like Luke. (At this moment, Luke was sitting in his desk, looking sad.) She had orange colored hair, and very enormous beautiful eyes. It was the type of girl who's appearance was something you wanted to look at. What was a beautiful girl like that doing in here, Misty wondered. She's probably some sorta secret troublemaker. He sighed. These kids always get excited about trouble!
    Misty's attention was focused on the beautiful girl. She chose a random seat, and crossed her legs.
    "What's your name," he asked her, and made eye contact. At the same time, he was waiting for an answer from the headphone boy, he realized that the clock struck 7:00. Time to start class, and his fighting power came back to him.

    [OOC Note: The next time any of you reply, these are some additional character details you might wanna think about adding to your character: sexual orientation, race, parents/guardians (and how they treat the character), any physical/ mental disorders your character might have (cancer, hallucinations, multiple personality disorder, etc.), and any others you can think of! Of course, you can keep these details to yourself until it comes to the correct time in the roleplay to use the details. c:]

    [The educational part will begin soon.]
  13. Luke looked up to Heaven. Tomoe wasn't the kind of guy he expected to reply with a smile or something. He opened his mouth to say that, but closed it as he thought better of it.

    He watched Tomoe and Misty quietly to see what was going to happen. Every moment worse than the last. And that wasn't many moments.He took a deep breath.

    Koshiro looked friendly, but not really like he wanted to really speak, so Luke just sat there quietly.
  14. Lucy had noticed that the new teachers attention was now focused on her. She smiled at his sweetly, "I'm Lucy Lullaby." She let out a little giggle, "I know, you can laugh if you like. People find it a bit strange that my names rhyme. It doesn't really bother me at all. I just like to think that my parents are fond of rhymes." For a long time when Lucy was younger she hated the fact that her name rhymed, she felt like some comic book character from Stan's Lee superhero comics. But, she found there was nothing she could do about it, and began to embrace it. In fact, sometimes she used it to her advantage. One, it sounded sweet which added to her nice girl act and two it was easy to claim someone was making fun of her for her name, which meant she wouldn't get in trouble the other person would.

    Lucy continued to smile, hoping that it would catch the attention of the teacher and the other guys in the classroom. It was easy to get what you wanted when someone was head over heals for you. Considering she was straight, her attention for that sort of thing was focused on the guys in the room which probably made other girls really hate her; but oh well...that didn't matter. She didn't need them anyway, they would be a waste of time.
  15. Tomoe groaned and pulled out one of his headphones, looking up at the teacher in irritation but not anger. At least not yet. He looked the teacher up and down for a moment. Maybe this guy didn't get the memo that this was to 'troubled' class, he didn't seem to be condescending him, much. He looked down and went to pick another song from his phone while he replied to the question.

    "That 'argument'," he bagan as if he we're talking to a child. "Was none of your business, but if you must know, it was because school if full of judgemental pricks who get amusement on looking down on people." He growled before turning his gaze up to the teacher with a cold stare. "Like you. Bet you have come to a hundred and one conclusions by now of how you're better then me. Let me give you a head start and say I've heard it all from others so hold your breath" he looked back down and clicked on the next song on his phone.
  16. "Lucy Lullaby," Misty nodded, as if he were accepting her name. "What an unique name."
    In all honest aspects, Misty thought the girl looked perfect. Her uniform was in perfect order, and it was eye appealing to look at. An amusing uniform? He silently snorted, for Misty was one to laugh at the most ridiculous things.
    "You might as well get ready for class," he suggested, and tried to stop making judgements about Lucy. The time for that would come sooner than later, he hoped.

    Now his attention was all focused on headphone guy.
    Misty thought, and wanted the kid's attention. He tapped his shoulder again, and a look of annoyance crossed the kid's face.
    Misty clicked his tongue, and a smile came appeared on his face. He couldn't control his laughter, and it came out softly, but it was there. "Are you daring to call me judgemental? Someone like you who assumes that all instructors are judgmental adults who look down on students: you might wanna consider it yourself!" Where do kids learn to assume this, he thought? "For saying rude things about a teacher, you get after-school detention!" Misty waited for his reaction.
    "I'm just kidding," he replied, and winked at the kid.

    He walked to the front of the room, where the black board and his desk was located.
    Misty raised his voice. "Now that I've dealed with Mr. Cocky right here, I'm glad to say that we can begin class!"
  17. Luke let out an almost silent sigh. He knew school was for learning but learning was boring. He knew dates and maths and Shakespeare and loads of stuff, but he'd learnt it at home...or what he called home. Still, he listened. He watched. And he was bored but he didn't show it...much.

    Please don't be written work, don't be written work, please, he begged in his head.
  18. Tomoe gave the teacher an appalled look, feeling angry but shocked all in one. Who the hell was this guy? He must really not have gotten the point. There was no way this guy would last long with that say-what-you-want-I'm-the-teacher-and-I'm-on-top attitude. Yet, he left his headphone out, watching to further gauge the teachers methods.

    "Cocky?" He scoffed to himself. He was compelled to speak up, however he didn't really want to go up against actual after school detention. If he was late home again he was going to get it, properly this time and he didn't fancy coming to his next class with a black eye. Though, he thought that this guys reaction to something like that would probably rather laughable.
  19. Lucy nodded when the teacher mentioned that she should get ready for class. She pulled her bag into her lap and began to pull out some of the supplies she thought she might need, such as he notebook and pencil. If it looked like she was trying her hardest, than she really wouldn't have to. She turned to look at the guy who seemed to not like the teacher at all, and gave him a cute little smile then faced the front of the room. She brought her pencil into her hand, seeming like she was ready to take notes. Really, she was most likely not going to take notes at all, only write what seemed like notes.
  20. Misty stood up, and counted the amount of kids in the room.
    "My name is Mr. Johnson, but I prefer Misty," he introduced himself, because it was the right thing to do. "I'm going to be your teacher, for all your subjects." He looked around, watching the reactions of the students. They should know this, he thought. "For the first assignment, I want you guys to pick a partner," there were currently four students in the room: Luke, Lucy, Koshiro, and Tomoe. "You and your partner are going to act out a major detail about yourselves," he stood in front of his desk, so he could demonstrate. Misty loved reading erotic novels, and he tried to act that out. He pretended to fix his glasses, look down at the floor, and flip the page of the invisible book. Then he started moving around, and put his hand on the area near his penis, to demonstrate how he got sexually aroused by reading the invisible book that was in front of him.
    "And someone has to guess that important detail," he smiled. "Pick a partner and practice for 10 minutes, then you will demonstrate in front of the entire class."