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  1. Jason was a bad boy who doesn't care for school. He was never the best at anything really. He was one of those kids who are forced to be in detention. Sure he was 19 but they try their best to keep you on the path of doing the right thing. He loved to doing the bad things, like smoking or drinking of course that's against the law but he doesn't care at all he wants to be an adult too early in life and it would lead him into the wrong life clearly. Though he tries his best when he's in class usually because he is great at certain classes and he skips other class depemding on what they are and how long he wants to deal with them. He isn't really good with caring about people and their own stuff.

    Though the only thing he really cares about is his professor. She is older than him but she is young and cute, she had to be not used to being a teacher since she is sweet. He loved her and has started to have a crush over the girl. Though she hadn't shown any interest in him. He started to hope that she would love him but he hasn't seen anything yet. He soon just went to her class and started to drift off and once that happened her fell asleep in his class with the teacher of his dreams.
  2. Alexandria sat at her desk and waited for class to start she taught college freshman English. She saw Jason walk in and rolled her eyes. She stood up and started talking. She walked the rows and stopped." Some used literature as a way of expressing themselves, other's seem to sleep through my class." She kicked Josh behind the knees to wake him up" Welcome back Mr.Maine, wish to stay in my class you need to stay awake and pay attention other wise there is the door. Your not in high school any more." She said and went to sit on the desk." So tell me Mr.Maine what are we learning in class this week. You do your assignments but prove to me your not just copying from a fellow classmate. 10 page paper on my desk by Monday make it fantasy and medieval era. Now moving on " she said. She started to talk about a book she was having them read and wrote on the board.

    Alexandria was dressed in jeans a black shirt and heals. She had her long hair down and curled. She wore a light perfume and light make up only eyeliner. She finished the lesson." That's all for today." She said." Mr. Maine make sure to bring coffee if you find my class so boring." She said.
  3. Jason was asleep and soon he received a kick right to the back of his knees and she spoke as if he was a child. He was a teenager still and all teens have an idea of being 'cool' even if it wasn't right. Jason always tries to fit in with other but he found himself perfect as a bad boy. Though soon he was asked a question "Well Miss, we were learning about literature and how it helps others if I'm right" he told her. His last year teacher recommended he should retake freshmen year for English since he barely passed in general. He was also assigned a hard task that was not gonna be possible that's nearly three days before he has to turn it in and he figured she would want him read it out to the class to make sure he's doing it.

    Before he knew it the class was over and he was happy he doesn't need to deal with everything anymore. Though he walked up to his professor and spoke "Miss, I'm constantly busy and I can't get that paper to you by Monday do you think I can do something else or could I change you mind?" He asked his teacher sure he was a teenager but he wasn't able to say no to her. She makes him want to do everything but since he is a bad boy he can't always do what she wants.
  4. " Monday Mr.Maine or don't bother coming back." She said and opened the door."have a good day Mr.Maine." she said. She le him walk out and closed the door. She went back to her desk she looked over her paper work and got ready for another class. She started to write on the board and get ready for class. When her day was over finally Alexandria locked up and walked for her car.

    She put her stuff in it and went home to her house to relax for the weekend. She worked out walked her dog and fed him. She took her food and wine and set her table. She didn't date much but she did enjoy her literature as well. She heard a knock and with a reluctant sigh she walked for her door.
  5. Jason sighed as he started to get forced out of Miss Moretele's class room. He was a bad boy not a student that listens to people even if she was the hottest and youngest of them all. Jason atleast listened most of the time but now she was forcing him. He needed to make her feel bad and begg for another way out. He never begs to a teacher and requests to not do it but he wanted to stay in her class at all costs that isn't worth writing that long.

    After about an hour or two he soon got into his car and waited for her to drive home and once he saw her. He started to casually drive behind her but not enough to look suspicious. He wanted to do something to make her change her mind even if it's for a temporary time point. He definitely can convince her if it he might have to risk another year in Freshman college English. Though he wanted to convince her maybe he can offer her something she desires. Soon as she arrived at her house he realized that she lived near his parents.

    Maybe he could convince her that he was told where he was coming from his parents. He parked his car at his parents lawn and walked to her house and soon did a knock on the door. She answered it about a minute later and he looked at her dead in the eye "Miss please don't make me do that essay I have a lot going on and that last thing I need is to go back for another freshman English. There has to be something I could do to convince you to not do it" he told her.
  6. "Mr.Maine this is flat out stalking me. No I gave you sufficient time. I told you can stay in my class if you get that to me by Monday in our class. I didn't give you a hard assignment or stipulations. You can seriously do anything with fantasy medieval, you can also double space and make the font bigger if you must do so to get it done. Now get off my stoop please." She said with a sharp voice. She was not happy to be stopped at her own home.

    She called her dog over.she looked at him." I told you Mr.Maine my class is not a sleep through my class. You will fail and I will kick you out. I may be young woman but I went to college to give an education to kids as yourself. Your Mr. Badass aren't you. You will figure it out with all this stuff you have to do. Now dont make me call your parents I know they live down the street." She said and went to close the door.
  7. He looked at his professor as she was giving him a speech though she called him a stalker though all he did was simply follow her but that doesn't really count as stalking. She didn't understand what he had to go through and if he told her she wouldn't understand. If he let down his tough guy act he would no longer be apart of his group and not only that he would get bullied by a lot of his friends. He was under a lot of pier pressure. Then he sighed as he was getting kicked off her property.

    Though he soon was looking at the ground and sighed. She was giving him a speech and he didn't like it at all. He felt like now is the time to lie to his teacher. "Miss, Do you think I want to do this? I just wanted to tell you why and you just don't seem to listen. I am forced to not do my work or if I do, then I do little amounts. If I'm found out that I did your work they wouldn't be happy with me and I would end up bullied. I don't think you want that guilt feeling on you" he told her as he sighed then started to walk away to see if his nasty trick worked.
  8. " I am listening I don't care about your reputation. I care about your school work and how you do in my class. What you do in your spare time is no concern of mine. you end up bullied maybe you should change your demeanor an who you spend your time with. Now stop trying to guilt trip me." She said with a slight snap. She did not like being manipulated

    She sighed" if you must you can have your parents drop it in my mail box that way no one sees you doing work. I however will not let you in class with out in my hand by Monday." She said and went to close her door.
  9. Justin sighed as he was basically forced to do what she wanted. He looked at her close the door and sighed. It was almost as if she wanted him to fail but he had to hope she wasn't. She was strict and he wanted to prove he can make her feel bad since she isn't going to 'trust' him. He was going to get her to be less strict to him and be a better teacher. She thought that he wouldn't try to convince her. He finally decided the best way to trick her into giving him a chance and letting him do what he wants. He soon snickered and walked to his car and drove home.

    Monday came and he saw his teacher the first day and he knew that he has a chance though if this doesn't work he might not even be able to pass her class. He soon went to the door and of course he was stopped by her and he gave her the paper in an envelope so she can't read it at first. His goal was to make her turned on during her free period and he might want to take advantage to see if she will get caught doing something. This was most likely not going to work and if it did she was probably gonna force him to stay awake.
  10. Alexandria stood t the door and took the envelope. She nods to him she let him in and set it on her desk. She looked at the Class and sighed." Alright today will be starting Fahrenheit 451 now ray Bradbury is a very complex man I want you to read the first few chapters and tell me what you think the author is saying and what he is actually trying to convey. You have till the end of class to hand it in. We will go over it tomorrow." She said." Also this is not sleeping class it is literature class you're all in college let's grow up." She said.

    Alex Sat to read the paper. She marked on it and circled at the tip. She put it aside and went about her business. She looked up "Mr.Maine may I speak with you before you go, rest of you hand your papers in before you leave." She said. She waited."Now Mr. Maine I graded your paper nicely done but if you put some time and thought to it that could be an A+. I gave you an A minus. See what hard work does pays off brings that grade up to a B-. Drop your paper and you may leave." She said.
  11. He sighed as she was reading what he wrote and she didn't seem to be affected by any of smutty things he put in. If his professor is really not affected he was surprised. Though he was told to do reading and write what they want to know what the author was trying to say to them. Though at that time Jason was writing on how boring the reading was and why reading had to exist for this class. He is afraid she might be mad on what he wrote but he didn't care long as he was able to slip through college.

    Soon she asked if he could stay for a little bit and he was hoping she was gonna force him to explain to her why he wrote a story like that. Though all she did was talk about how great he did and what type of effort he did trying to do the paper. Maybe her goal was to keep reading it later or reread if that doesn't work, his only hope in convincing the teacher that he wants to have her not give him any hard work but by the looks of it he failed his attempt. Soon he just left the room and he went to the window that no one bothers to look to see if isn't doing her job.
  12. Alex looked at the paper and put it in a folder. She put the folder in the file cabinet and locked it. She grabbed her purse from the bottom drawer and walked out of her classroom. She locked them door and jumped when she saw Him."don't you have a class to get to Mr.Maine." she was not liking running into him this often. She sighed and turned to walk for the teacher lounge.

    Sh looked as he walked next to her."can I help you Mr.Maine?" She asked him. She stopped in the hall to look at him. She knew he wanted something from her." Spit it out I don't bite." She said
  13. Jason found her doing nothing at all his reading didn't even affect her. He was wondering how the heck she didn't do anything. Nothing caught her interest and he wondered if she was turned on or no but he doubted it. He wonder how does she do it. Though he soon was caught when she saw him in his Hiding spot.

    He happened to be heading to his class now and it was a coincidence that he had to pass by the teachers lounge where his hot teacher would enter though she figured he was doing something. "It is nothing I'm only heading to class" he told her when she soon stopped.
  14. She nods her head."Have a good day Mr.Maine." she said. Alex walked into the teachers lounge to go use the bathroom. She grabbed her lunch and ate while she read a book and checked over papers. She was a teacher first and did her job. She finished up her day and drove home to her dog l. She fed her and got dinner ready before she went to sit on her bed and watch a little adult videos and turn herself on and get off. His story had been very good and ha turned her on. She was just a professional at work.
  15. Jason sighed something has to force her to show out that she was turned on or something nif he tried though she can call the police and place him in jail for however long. Though if she got herself off at work he might be able to trick her though if she wasn't ever horny enough he might catch her on the job. Just he thought of how impossible it was for him to take over the idea. Though he just went straight to his dormitory. He soon started to run into his room and started to write another story and he sighed.

    The night he was tired of waiting and he wondered if could slip a note into her room. He wasn't really in the mood to deal with english though if he skipped she might want a longer essay and worse is that she might kick him out of the room for a day or two though he does have a possibility to take advantage of that.
  16. Alex woke in the morning and walked out to her living room. She went to her kitchen and started the coffee. She sighed and leaned on the counter. She didn't have to work today. She wasn't going in she had gotten a substitute and made plans for her. It was some where around noon when she heard the door. She frowned and went to open it. She had worked out and showered but was in sweats and a sports bra.

    " Oh Mr.Maine come on in." She said and looked at him she nods her head. she grabbed her jacket. She had a slight cold." How can I help you." She asked him and sat down. She blew her nose and tried to clear it.
  17. Justin tried to trick his teacher. Though she wasn't ever the best but he might be able to succeed. He soon walked in when she had invited him in. He was surprised he was even allowed to enter. She should've reported him but she hasn't and he wasn't sure why and he had to figure it out.

    "Well I have two questions, the first one is how did you like my story. The second question is if I was always bothering you why haven't you reported me?" He asked his own teacher tilting his head.
  18. "Look Mr.Maine I told you it was good. You got an A shouldn't that be enough." She said with a stuffy nose. She sighed." Look I have a flu or a cold so if you could leave me alone that be great." She muttered and put her head into her hands. Her head was killing her. She heard the microwave and got her tea and put some lemon and honey in it.

    "Show yourself out." She said and went to sit on her couch and cover up with her dog and curled up. The curtains we're closed and she closed her eye's as she turned the tv on low. She grabbed another tissue an blew her nose. She didn't care to show him out.
  19. Justin sighed and looked at her she didn't look too well but he didn't bring it up. The one day he doesn't have her was today and she was sick. He soon saw she still had no effect he wished he could somehow see if she was wet or not though it would work if she wasn't really a professional. He just stared at her cute body as she was trying to rest.

    He soon was told to get out because she wanted alone time. "Do you think I can help you since your sick because I might as well I have nothing today" he told her as he was walking towards the door to leave.
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