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  1. Being a new girl in school sucked.

    Being a gorgeous, new girl sucked ever more. (She's not cocky, trust me.)

    As Ariela walked down the halls to find the class (with her schedule clenched in her hands) She found it hard to ignore the blunt stares coming her way. Not only was she a new (pretty) girl in the school...she was the youngest of ten siblings--and the only girl! Rumors were already spreading. Her favorite one of all was that she used to model, and even had a not-so secret admirer (Drake, yes the rapper.) She was tired of the celebrity life, and wanted to live normally so she and her nine brothers ran off with their young parents off to have a normal life.

    None of which is true.

    In all actuality, she and her 'wolf pack' all moved back to their parents' hometown because of her mother's guardian's loneliness. But enough about that, let's move onto what's happening with Ariela.

    Finally, she made it to her English class. Once walking in, the stares were even heavier. Smiling lightly, she took the seat up front--directly in the view of the teacher. She placed her gray leather knapsack onto the desk, and waited for the teacher to start. She wanted to blend in for a bit, get the heat off of her back. She hated being treated like a new subject, and that's why she didn't tell the teacher she was a new student. Which by the way...where was the teacher?
  2. Being a young man at a school, aged 23, a teacher and one that was a very good looking teacher as well and had girls in all years falling at his feet along with the female staff, what could he say he was cocky and vain, knowing he was good looking and was flirted with by girl students and female staff, yeah you could say he slept around a lot with women he met at clubs and had one night stands with him but he never knew that one student would change his mind about that.

    Colton Hale was aware sort of aware a new student was starting today but then again he was going to be late today, he was woken up with a banging headache, having a hangover which was never a good idea before an early start and left a blond girl in his bed, leaving her a note and to help herself and he didn't even remember her name- what you get for getting drunk and sleeping with someone for pleasure

    He grabbed some aspirin for his headache as he made his way to the school and was glad to see he was only a little late and walked into the class "Sorry i'm late class, i'm going to be honest with you, i have a huge hangover" he said as he finished doing his tie

    "But enough of that, you guys are more important" he said smiling and noticed a girl at the front and his heart actually sped up a bit but he furrowed his eyebrows at the new feeling he had never gotten before but quickly looked away from her as he wrote on the board what they was doing today

    "Mr Hale?" A girl asked and fluttered her eyelashes as Colton turned around and leaning over the desk so her breasts where showing a bit, but Colton really wasn't interested

    "Yes Alexis?" he asked looking at her, "Are you single?" Alexis asked. Colton looked at her "And Alexis you might want to sit up, i don't want to see your breasts thank you very much and yes i'm single"
  3. The entire scene before Ariela's eyes was entirely amusing, and pathetic. A breathy chuckle fell off her lips as she hid it to the best of her ability behind her hand. The man before her was extremely handsome. Something out of a GQ magazine, and it made Ariela pay all too close attention. Though, right off the bat Ariela could tell he was a cocky ass. Most boys were like that, now man were too? It bothered Ariela, to see such a handsome man be placed in the category of 'heart-breaker'. She had seen way too many of those in her short life time. Being seventeen, Ariela was what most would call a 'wise, and old soul'. It was inherited by both of her parents. They were children at heart, wise by soul, and wonderful in the mind.

    Back to reality, Ariela opened up her notebook and began to write the date in the upper right corner and waited for the lesson to begin. The hungover man before her was amusing, and she was waiting for more.
  4. Colton raised an eyebrow when he heard the new girl chuckle and hiding it and couldn't help but smirk a little and will admit she must be the most beautiful and stunning girl he had seen in his life and he had seen a lot of girls that had been pretty and he's slept with but no other girl had ever to him been beautiful, he never used that word and it was always hot, sexy, fit not beautiful at all. However he had to get them faults out of his head because she was a student and he was a teacher, it was just wrong but he couldn't help but keep glancing at her

    "Oh sir, but you know you was looking and all guys like a bit of a show, i'm sure you do as well" Alexis said flirting with him. Colton rolled his eyes "Look Alexis, i am not interested, i'm your teacher, now i would stop trying to flirt with me before i give you detention and i will make sure it isn't with me either" he said pretty annoyed and started writing on the board on what they was going to do

    "So we are pretty much finishig off what we was doing before and working on the essay's you are going to be doing, so if you need any help or want me to read what you have done, then just come up to my desk" he said as he went over to it and had a sip of his water

    "And you must be new, so here" he said softly and handed her some paper on what they had been doing so far "You look smart, i'm sure you will be fine" he said smiling as he sat back in his desk and marking some work he had left over
  5. The teacher spoke to Ariela, and assumed she knew what to do. Luckily, she did. She began to write down topics she would soon write in her essay. Once doing that, she raised her hand to catch the teacher's attention. Before speaking, a boy next to her turned around and grabbed her attention. "Hey there, cutie," he murmured, with a chuckled falling off his lips. He made Ariela laugh, and she already began to imagine what was going to happen next. "Hello yourself," she spoke calmly. "The name's Louis. I heard you were really pretty but..." Louis whistled, showing that words couldn't explain what he thought of her.

    Ariela inwardly rolled her eyes, trying her best not to laugh in Louis' face. "Thank you. I'm Ariela, now if you excuse me..." she trailed off, as she got up and walked over to the desk to get away from Louis. "Mister..." she trailed off again, waiting for the handsome teacher to fill in where his name was supposed to be. She stopped herself, and merely asked her question. "I have two questions," she stated openly to him.

    "Is there a course for creative writing in this school? And is this what you're looking for in the essays?" she asked as she handed him the first two paragraphs of her essay.
  6. Colton gave her a smile as he watched her begin to write and went back to marking and sipping on his water to try and keep rid of his hangover. He did noticed the new girls hand in the air but pretended he didn't notice as he listened to the boy he knew as Louis speaking to her and his jaw actually clentched as he called her cutire and said she was pretty and didn't know why he was getting actually....jelous of the boy.

    He noticed her roll her eyes and found out she had a beautiful name as well as her beautiful face and had to look away quickly and pretend he was marking the work when Ariela walked over to his desk and he looked at her "Hale" he answered her with a smile and nodded at what she said "Sure, what do questions did you want to ask?" He said sotfly and bit his lower lip as he sat up in his chair

    "So you have a thing for creative writing then? well there was and i used to run it but everyone dropped out so not anymore" he said and took the papaer from her and read over her first two paragraphs and was amazed by her work "You will be able to do this eassy so easy..Ariela is it?" he asked with a smirk "I'm really impressed if i must say so"
  7. A chuckle fell off her lips. "They should bring the class back," she suggested. "Yeah, I write poems and short stories." Patiently she waited as he read her essay. Ariela took the time to study him. Seeing his dull eyes scanning the paper quickly, looking all too interested. His hair looked wild, probably didn't have time to do it. She chewed on her bottom lip subconsciously, then jumped a bit as he spoke again. The smile on her face was genuine as she thanked him for complimenting her. "Thank you. I'll uh...go finish now," Ariela muttered as she took the essay from his hand.

    Silently, she walked the three steps back to her seat. Louis quickly engaged into her once more. He began asking where she came from, her background story, and if it was true she was a model before. Ariela hadn't had time to answer any of his questions, for he kept asking them. "Curious, I see," she teased him. Louis chuckled, and nodded confidently. "I'm from a couple miles East. I'm a complicated girl with simple needs, and I was never a model nor will I ever be," she admitted easily. Then, she continued doing her essay.
  8. [Btw i see Colton sort of like this http://weheartit.com/entry/48260515/via/Tsanislava]

    Colton raised an eyebrow at what she suggested "So you want the club back? well if you want it back i can see what i can do but it could just end up you and me in the club because no one seems interested but i do love writing, i have written a couple of short stories and i write songs" he said with a smile as he scanned over the two paragraph's and didn't even notice that Ariela was studying him at all. He didn't say anything when he noticed her jump and gave her a smile "No problem at all" he said smiling and let her take it

    He went back to marking but then heard Louis bombarding her with a lot of questions in a rush and once again felt that jelous feeling that he never got before and the feeling where he felt like telling Louis to stop talking to her and get on with his work. He even sighed out loud as he took some aspirin again for his headache and really would need a smoke once it got to break time.

    "Louis, i hope you have at least done one paragraph with the amount of talking you are doing and it better be a good first paragraph as well Louis because you're the only one who can do this essay, i can't do it for you" He said as he marked the last of the work he had and then glanced at Louis
  9. He's gorgeous. I'll show you Ariela later(:
    (I have an idea for Louis.)

    Ariela stifled a giggle, as she finished up a few sentences on her fourth paragraph. She was doing pretty well for her first day. She'd soon be done with her work, and would be able to work on her own pieces of writing. Hearing that Mr.Hale also wrote himself. It made Ariela smile, and she even found herself glancing up at him. Oh, she had a crush. He was cute, but completely off limits. He wasn't even her type. She liked men who took charge, had a genuine smile, knew a thing or two about books and handy. She was looking for a man. Mr. Hale was still a child (and also a tad older).

    Ariela avoided her provactive thoughts, and finished off her essay. Louis was once again talking to her. "Ariela, I'd love to get to know you here..." he trailed off, sliding a folded piece of paper closer to her. "Hit me up when you can," he charmingly smiled. Ariela licked her lips and faced him. "I come from a family of ten kids. Nine of them are boys, do the math, Louis. Unless you like a challenge try all you want," Ariela spoke nonchalantly. She looked over to Mr. Hale. "May I please have a pass to the bathroom?" She asked. Louis looked at her with an awestruck face--no girl spoke to him that way before.
  10. [it's his eyes that are nice :P, he doesn't really look 23 but you know, that's what i imagine him to look like XD awesomeee, do i hear the idea or have to wait?]

    Colton put his head on his hand as he finished marking and moved the work aside and started planning for his next couple of lessons seeing as he didn't do it last night but at least knew what he was going to do anyway and making a rough copy of things. Not many people would actually think that he did write because of what he was like and noticed Ariela smile when he mentioned he did write, even if it was short stories or music, it was still writing. He had no idea what it was about the new girl that he liked so much and all he felt like doing was flirting with her and getting to know her, he didn't want to use her but had to make himself stop thinking about that because he was older and no way could he go out with a student

    He sighed as he checked the time and also how many cigarette's he had left and frowned that he had none left and ran his fingers through his messy sex hair because he really didn't have time to do anything with it but raised an eyebrow when he heard Louis talking once again to Ariela but ignored it this time and went back to planning the next lessons in the day. He looked up though when Ariela spoke "Sure" he said and passed the pass to her "Don't take too long though" he said as he got and put the cigarette empty box in the bin, the time he really needed one, he had none left
  11. I don't care, he's just gorgeous. and yes you are able to hear about the idea now (:
    message me?
    Ariela took the pass with a delicate hand, and noticed as he placed the empty cigarette box into the bin. "Those are bad for you, you know," Ariela murmured past her shoulder as she opened the door to leave. She walked out, and quickly noticed two of her brothers roaming around the hallways. Exasperatedly, she sighed as a roll of her eyes occurred. "Drayke, Lukas what the hell are you two doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be in your classes?" she asked. It was no use, the boys wanted to skip class--even on their first day. Drayke lazily shrugged his shoulders, peeping into a random class and waving.

    "Ah, we found Luan," Drayke piped up happily, and looking back at his only sister. "We got bored, so we asked to use the bathroom," Drayke answered her, wiggling his hand in Ariela's face. Lukas peered into the room Ariela had just exited from. "What class is this?" Lukas asked, nosily. "Oh, there are some hotties in here...that one looks like my future wife," he whistled lowly. Ariela pulled him from the window, seeing Mr. Hale eyeing the window curiously. "I'm transferring to that class!" Lukas admitted.
  12. [mmm i would love him as my teacher that is for sure :)]

    Colton looked at Ariela as she went out and what she murmured to him over her shoulder "You sound exactly like my older sister saying that to me, i know they are bad but i've been smoking since i was 15 and i'm now 23, i think you can say i'm addicted" he said to her before she went out and glanced out the classroom window to see her talking to two boys but didn't feel jelous like he did when she was talking to Louis because he could tell she was related to them just by one glance. He raised an eyebrow and went back to his desk and finished off the water he had.

    "Class i will be back, i hope i can trust you lot to carry on with the work in silence and if you do then i will treat you guys to watch a DVD or something but i will know if you just fall silent when i walk back through the door and i will be able to hear you" he said and looked at the window curiously as one of the boys looked in "I'm leaving the door open so you guys better be good" he said as he picked his bottle up and went to the door and pushing it back so it locked "Ariela are you going to the bathroom or just talking to these two and boys, you're meant to be in class" he said as he went to the water holder down the hall and filled his bottle up again
  13. I blushed feverishly, all too ashamed of getting into trouble on the first day. "I'm sorry, they just..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say. What *was* I doing? I was scolding my brothers for not being in class, and here I was being scolded for the same thing. "She was showing me back to my class. This is our first day and all but lil' Ela already knows her way around unlike us," Lukas saved the day, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I went along with it, though it was obvious I didn't like to lie. Especially to Mr. Hale. He seemed like the type to keep on your side and not against. Afterall, he was going to reconsider having a creative writing class just for me. He was nice, why would I lie?

    Licking my lips, I muttered a sorry and started to fumble with my fingers. "Uh...do you know where the bathrooms are? I kinda' forgot to ask for directions," I asked shamefully. My brothers hugged me goodbye, yelling that they'll see me later today.
  14. [we can skip after this if you really wish to and just do it from your person from where she gets a note sent to her classroom?]

    Colton noticed her blush and raised an eyebrow with a smirk that she thought he had actually told her off and looked at the boy next ti her and laughed "I wasn't even tekking you off Ariela you know, i was just stating that you asked to go to the bathroom and you are out here talking to your brothers by the look of it and trying to get them back into class" he said smirking "I was the same and my sister used to tell me to get my ass back into class" he said smiling

    He smiled a proper smile at Ariela and laughed "Are you good with directions or do i have to take you to the bathroom myself?" he asked smiling as he screwed the lid back on the water bottle and started walking towards the bathroom and nodded "You need the bathroom" he said gustering her to go before him
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    [Her hair is different, though :3]
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    Time had gone slow, but finally it was my last period. I was in History, which I shared with one of my brothers—Luan. “I’ve already gotten three numbers, on the first day. I think I’m going to like it here,” Luan animatedly spoken once I sat next to him. We sat all the way in the back, left corner and kept to ourselves. However, wanting to be left alone didn’t seem so clear for everyone. Two girls continuously eyed Luan, while a boy from the front row glanced all too often my way. When would the glances ever stop?

    I tried to ignore them the best I could, until the teacher—Ms. Wayne—called me up. “Mr. Hale would like to see you. He’s just down the hall, last door on the left.” She spoke gently with a sweet smile. She had a pixie cut, something that looked new. She was a reserved woman, and her haircut showed that was a confident move out of three hundred shy ones. “Thank you,” I murmured, and walked out. What would Mr. Hale want? I traced back all the way to first period, running over all of the things I possibly could have done to upset him. I chewed my lip, deep in thought as I continued walking. My outfit consisted of tight denim jeans, and a loose sweater that hung off my shoulder. My waves of chocolate hair were out, flowing gracefully with each step I took. I knocked on the English office door and turned the knob to see Mr. Hale deep in thought.

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  16. Colton's day had gone pretty slow as well but clamed down at lunch when he could go to the shop across the road and got a new box of cigarette's where he had one and made him feel better and had a nice lunch as well before he made his way back to his class and luckily enough didn't have a last lesson at all and sat in the chair on his desk as he looked down at Ariela's work that he loved or more loved the girl and had a crush on her and wanted to talk with her about the club again that he would start up if she wanted to do it

    He sat paitently as he waited for Ariela to come to his class and had sent a note to the teacher she had and was just looking down at her work and running his fingers over her handwriting and was just thinking about how beautiful one girl could be and all the feelings he felt when he was talking to her or even just thinking about her and all the feelings being new to him and never heard the door knock because he was in deep thought a lot until he glanced up and had to try and actually not blush "Oh hey Ariela, you're not in trouble so you don't have to think that, i just wanted to say how amazing and well written your work was and about the club you asked about" he said with a smile
  17. Heat crept onto my cheeks, as I looked down at my swirling thumbs. That was all he wanted to talk about? He could have seen me later on tomorrow. However, the flattery radiating from Colton had me smiling brightly. "Mr. Hale it wasn't all that great, honestly. Do you do all of this with your other students?" I asked quietly, taking the seat in front of him. Were my eyes deceiving me, or was he blushing? Seeing him blush, had my heart accelerating. This older man was officially a crush of mine. I clasped my hands together, looking at the paper before him. It was mine's.

    "So, what about the creative writing? Since it will possibly be only us two...how about we just critique each other's work from time to time?" I asked quietly, suggesting a mild idea. If it was only going to be the two of us--at the thought of just us two, like right now, had my heart beating fast--there wouldn't be a real reason to have a club. It would just be...mentoring, I guess you could call it.
  18. Colton noticed that Ariela blushed and smiled because she looked really cute when she blushed. He knew he could of seen her later or tomorrow but he couldn't help bujt want to talk to her and be close to her. He smiled back at her and then bit his lower lip and ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head "Erm no just with you, i have done this with no other student but you" he admitted and looked at her infront of him "It's just something about you that erm- never mind forget i said anything" he said softly before looking back down at her work infront of him

    He looked at her when she smiled and nodded with a smile "Yeah sure Ariela, i think that's a good idea because i think it will be just us two in the club, what day or days did you want it to be on, i'm free most of the time" he said smiling at her and if this went well then he would be spending a lot of time with her which he didn't mind the idea of that at all
  19. Colton cut his statement short, which peaked my interests. If I hadn't hung to every word, I would not have noticed. Thanks to him, I'd be deep in thought about his unfinished words later tonight. I had no problem with that at all, his face was something I could dream of all day. (I wasn't afraid to admit that much, and nothing less.) He agreed with my idea, and my smile grew bigger. "All I have been doing is unpacking. I need a distraction. Do you mind if we start out today? I always keep a couple poems on me," I suggested as I shrugged lightly. "Whatever works for you the most, Mr. Hale," I murmured lightly. His calming aura made me feel at ease, not afraid to whatever. Most teachers had an emotional barrier, which always had me on edge to make sure I didn't cross the student/teacher boundary. With Mr. Hale however...it was hard to find that fine line. I was beginning to wonder if I should test the waters, be a little rebellious...
    Sorry it's short, I hate it, honestly.. I shall start writing more soon.
  20. [it's fine, sorry i had to do work again yesterday]

    Colton bit his lower lip to stop him from talking because he was about to say that he liked her and she drawed his attention and he wanted to get to know her more, but he couldn't say that to a student that was younger than him and it was just wrong to have a relationship with her but he really couldn't help but think they could pull it off without getting caught and in trouble. He smiled when hers grew bigger at what he said and nodded "Then i guess you want a break from unpacking, we can start it out today after school, i'll look over your poems, i'm not sure if i will have any of mine on me though, with being late this morning nearly" he said smiling and laughed "A lot works for me and i'll allow you to call me Colton or Colt after school" he said smiling and he was acually a very laid back teacher and let anything happen unless he didn't like it and then he could be a strict teacher
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