Lesson in Love



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Suki yawned as the day drew to a close. This day had been like any other, boring. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. Nothing seemed worth her time or her effort. Lazily finishing up the homework, she threw it on the teachers desk, waving and leaving the classroom. Stepping outside the doors to the school, the only noticable thing was the bright pink and orange sunset that adorned the sky. Smiling slightly, she bowed her head and headed back home again.

In her train of thought, she thought of all the days events. The art class she attended bored her. She loved art a lot, but that class was teaching her nothing she already knew about art. She didn't like to be cocky, but she knew for a fact that she knew more than the teacher in this case. While in her thoughts, she occasionally bumped into people. It was common in fact. Bumping into another random person she apologized.

"I'm so sorry..." she looked up at the stranger and bowed her head. She was on her way after that. Reaching home, she meticulously cleaned her dirty dorm that her dorm mates failed to help her do. She knew that they only put up with her because she was the only one who cleaned. She sighed and cleaned the whole dorm room, again. After that, she showered and fell asleep on her bed, not bothering to change out of her day clothes. She hated to see how tomorrow would turn out. Hopefully it would be better than it was today....She hoped that stranger didn't hate her for bumping into him...She didn't know why she thought like that, but maybe, that was just the way she was. She pushed it aside, too worried that she wouldn't get a goodnight's sleep. She hoped that tomorrow might yield something interesting.