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  1. I just made quite a bit of progress in Mario Sports Mix, which got me asking,

    What are some leaser known video games you want others to know about and/or avoid? Anything you can compliment or roast?
  2. Legacy of the Ancients, which came out at a time when Electronic Arts didn't completely suck, was an extremely enjoyable roleplaying game with a wide open landscape and a 'magic' museum that allowed travel to other lands and dungeons.
  3. My favorite game, apparently it's considered a severely underappriceated Game Cube title, Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure! Before you ask.....Yes, it's a game about cleaning. No it doesn't suck. It's just a super relaxing game.
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  4. I'm not sure if it's lesser known, but The Talos Principle is a great puzzle game that reminds me a little bit of Portal. It's absolutely gorgeous, has some cute easter eggs, and has a good story if you're willing to read through the walls-of-text which, personally, aren't that bad, but a lot of people that stream the game just ignore them and then wonder why the game doesn't make sense. There's also little audio logs scattered about that you should definitely seek out and listen to.
  5. I mention it a lot, but what the heck lol. Chzo mythos series. It's a point and click series, though the third game (second timeline wise) is more type based. It's horror, suspense and mystery all in one. And the fun part is it won't take much at all to play on the lamest of laptops.

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