Lesbians. Lesbians? Lesbians.

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  1. Alrighty, so I was looking through my pile of ideas and I realized that I wanted to play a lesbian character. Normally I play straight characters so I wanted to branch out a bit and play some more lesbians.

    So here are some plots that I've got. If you have any interest feel free to reply here or pm me! Or if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to pm me! Alright here they are:

    Bolded are Characters I would prefer to play. :)

    The Unconventional Suitor
    Possible fantasy or historian. FxF

    The two nations had been at war for many years, but now was a delicate time of peace. Nation A, fearing another breakout into a war, decided to give his only daughter to the prince of Nation B. So, setting up a meeting, he invites the royal family of Nation B to meet him and his family in a neutral zone to discuss this marriage that would unite the kingdoms and bring about the greatest era of peace. However there is a slight problem. The princess of Nation A isn't interested in the prince. Rather she is interested in the prince's sister, girl the same age as her. With the weight of the two kingdoms on the line, will the two girls realize their feelings and fight for them? Or will they be subjected to lives of misery?

    An Imperfect Aria
    Modern. FxF

    Life had been slow going for Character A. She had been trained in the arts, was a fantastic singer, but couldn't write songs for crap. No matter how she tried to audition for any gigs, somehow she could only manage to get small bar jobs. It seemed like she would have to let go of her dreams when she came along, Character B. Character B is an amazing songwriter with no singer to sing for her. Hearing one of the songs Character B wrote, Character A saw her opportunity. Stealing the song she approached a producer who loved it. The only problem? He wanted more like it. So, Character A begs Character B to write for her. It started out as a business agreement, but soon they got to know each other and sparks started to fly.

    Bloody Perfect
    Paranormal. FxF

    Vampires had always prided themselves on being hidden from the world. They waited until the night to prowl, always killed swiftly and cleanly, and never ever let their victims live. Character A was extremely proud of her ability to leave no witnesses. She was the best at stealthily feasting, known throughout vampire circles as the best of the best. At least, until that night. Character A had been thirsty and went out to find a victim when she met Character B. She started her routine, leading Character B away without raising alarm. However, as soon as she tried to bite the girl, she had a horrible reaction to the blood. Character A didn't know that Character B was anemic, nor that such a disease existed. Since she couldn't kill her, Character A decided that she would nurse Character B back to health so she could properly drain her and not ruin her perfect record. What could go wrong?

    Broken Lives
    Modern. FxF

    They were both messed up in their own ways. The fact that they both were in a mental hospital could attest to that. Character A had been in the hospital for a year now, and refused to interact with anyone else in her ward... until Character B became her roommate. Suddenly there was someone who shared her space, sat next to her in group therapy, and generally forced her to interact. Her therapist insists that this is a good thing for her, but Character A is skeptical. However, Character B intrigues her. So for once in her extended stay, Character A makes the effort to try and talk to someone, and possibly help her own recovery along.

    A Mermaid's Tail
    Fantasy. FxF

    The two mermaid tribes had been in a heated war for as long as they could remember. Neither could quite remember what ignited the war nor how long the war had truly lasted, but they still held animosity toward one another. So far they've been stuck in a stalemate, one tribe not managing to get a leg over the other. Battle after battle either ended in draws or the two tribes retreating. There seemed to be no end to the madness, however Character A hated the war. She wanted nothing more than to end it. When she found Character B injured, she took her in. However, Character B is from the opposite tribe. Hiding from her own protectors, how will Character A get out of this mess?

    Knights and Ladies
    Fantasy. FxF

    For every princess, there was a knight at her side, guarding her. For every knight, there was a lady who tended to his needs. This role was set up for generations upon generations. Always a defenseless princess and a strong man. However, Character A was a princess who wanted adventure. She didn't want to be tied down to the castle, waiting to be pawned off to the highest bidder. She wanted to set off on a journey, however her father would not allow it without a knight. So, the princess was assigned a young, scrawnier knight, Character B. He seemed to be withdrawn, not willing to take off his armor around the princess. Being the curious person she was, Character A caught Character B while he was bathing only to find out that the knight was none other than a she. Now caught with the traditional roles being broken, the two must travel across the land to gain supporters so the king will change the laws and they may be freed from their boundaries.

    And that's all I got. If you have your own ideas or pairings you would like to try then just shoot me a message! I'll see you all around! :)
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  2. Of the many I have read, your ideas that is I have decided these are the ones, in order, thay I enjoy the idea of most.

    1. Knights and Ladies - I had a similar story to this at one time, only difference was the knight being a female wasn't a secret but a privilege for it showed she was greater skilled then the men. However yours allows for more mystery and interest.

    2. Broken Lives - I have the perfect two characters picked and primed for either character A or B.

    3. An Imperfect Aria

    4. The Unconventional Suitor

    I am open to these 4 the most, in that order, whichever one you apeal to the most is perfectly acceptable to me.
  3. Alrighty, sweet! I'll pm you about Knights and Ladies then! I'm glad you liked my ideas, I didn't expect such a fast reply.
  4. I'm interested. Sending you a PM.
  5. I like these two plots. :) If you're open to either one of them, I'd love to roleplay with you. ^^
  6. Goodness y Gracious I didn't expect so many people to respond so quickly! I'll send you a pm, @Hana as soon as I can.