Lesbian or Gay roleplay ideas!!!

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  1. What I can provide:
    • 1-3 paragraph post on average
    • complex characters/characterization
    • flexibility
    • at the very, very least 1 post a day and if not I will warn you ahead of time
    • being super friendly
    What I REALLY want:
    • friendly people
    • NO one liners please
    • romance
    • keeping it pg-13 on the sex aspect
    I have changed the ideas to be more gender neutral because I am accepting yoai/boyxboy/boy's love​

    (note: I tried to leave most of the idea kinda open end so that the characters will depend on the people who play them. I am willing to play either girl all prompts except New Eyes where I really was hoping to be the new girl in town. Also I am still very available potentially open to playing a M/M thought I had F/F in mind.)
    Pretty in Punk
    This first one is about a rough and tumble student is known for being so punk that everyone leaves them alone.Since they never talks to anyone and breaks the rules for mysterious reasons so people ignore her most of the time but one student just so happens get to know them better and they end up falling and love while starting to realize perhaps they both are quite similar.

    A young student dreams of being an actor/actress and spends everyday practicing in an empty classroom. One way or another though another student learns about their secret training. The very same student just so happens to have fallen head-over- heels for the aspiring actor/actress.

    New Eyes
    There is a new student in town and your character has begun to notice how interesting they are so you approach them. They turns out to be even more than she appears, which is saying something, and slowly your curiosity turns to something as you learn the tale of this brand new person in your life.
    Fairy Tale Twist
    Two students get stuck in stereotypes they don't want: a fiery tough kid who is short and an innocent-looking face and a shy total sweetheart in a lanky body with mean-looking face. Both envy the other's looks and both and both love the way their personality compliments the other. Will this fairy tale have a happy ending even if they got the start wrong?
    Finding Words
    Once there was an author who feel head over-heels for a classmate sitting across from them and that's all they could write because this author had no muse, no crush for inspiration so in desperation they set out to find love. Little do they know there is a poet in their class already admiring them. Could this be lucky chance, fate, or something else?

    Glass Walls
    Lying behind thick frames of their glasses is a broken and lonely student who need someone to break those fragile walls for them. Luckily, for them there is a student who plans on doing just that in front of them one day after school.
    Love's Barrier
    Conflict brings people together, which would explain why the two students that had never had anything to do with each other before are suddenly friends. Then again they didn't have much of a choice with bullies alienating the poor victims from most people in their grade.
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  2. Hello~ I would like to do the Fairy tale twist role-play with you?
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  3. awesome would you like to do it on thread or PM?
  4. Whatever is easier for you ^^
  5. Okay I sent message
  6. I would love to do a roleplay with you if your interested! But I would rather do a fantasy one if your interested. My phone is being weird, so if your interested shoot me a pm?
  7. Hello there

    I'm interested in striking up a roleplay with you, and I understand I doooon't have much of a posting history on here (is there even a record of that you can access?). But I can work out some samples if you require.
  8. Don't worry I like roleplaying with all kinds of people and stuff so you don't have to do samples and I would love to roleplay with you ^^
  9. Awesome sauce. :3

    As for which I had in mind, it's actually the New Eyes one. Going off of what you have up for it, I'm guessing you have some ideas in mind for it (you don't have to tell me right off the bat, but it would be interesting to know). I'm more than willing to plot some things out as needed.
  10. I do have quite a few and I could tell you them. How about you PM so we can work out the plot stuff
  11. Hm.. I seem to have some trouble with the PM system. I's not allowing me to start up the convo.
  12. no worries I'll start the convo then
  13. Hey there! I would be interested in roleplaying your Pretty in Punk plot O: I have a new punk-ish character that I'm wanting to play with :3
  14. I'd be interested in doing Love's Barrier!
  15. Hey sorry for the late reply and I would love to have you so shot me an PM and we can talk about it
  16. awsome! Shot me and rp and we can do it!
  17. It won't let me PM you.
  18. okay fixed the problem should work now
  19. Hey I never got your pm
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