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  1. "She thinks we don't trust her. You put her in a bedless cell."
  2. "I better be." Astaroth went back to licking Kunari.
  3. Astaroth shrugged. "What were you writing?"
  4. "Do you expect me to give up?"
  5. Kunari moaned louder, “Ahh..”
  6. “Thank you..” Kunari mumble.
  7. Kunari pull a little harder on his hair as she moan pleasurably.
  8. “Alena won’t be quiet. She’ll be passive aggressively making us pay for giving her an assistant.”
  9. "Sophie had a surprise for me."
  10. Belle

    She smiled "Sorry, just Ray." She shook her head "Its not the company, Ray, we are looking for assistance, from you,"
  11. "But I don't know how to raise a kid."
  12. Astaroth chuckled. "I'll go let Alena know."
  13. Astaroth smiled and started thrusting faster.
  14. Ray

    "What kind of asset?"
  15. Belle

    "We call him the Time Keeper, but he doesn't do much out in the field unless necessary." She shook her head and blinked at the articles "How the hell did you do all this research? Don't you have a social life or something else to do with your time? My word this is freaking me out slightly." She turned to John
  16. "Harmony is younger."
  17. "I have yet to sleep with Anya."
  18. "She's bigger than you in several regards. And I didn't do it."