Les dieux Cirque

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    Come One, Come All!!

    Welcome to the one and only, Les Dieux Cirque!! We’ve got it all folks from your Freaks to Freakish Acts!! Sit around, and we will astound you with all but the Kitchen Fridge! Nothing will be held back, so enjoy your snacks and we’ll get to it! We’ve got your fire-breathing heroes, and contortionists, your everyday strongman, and your tight-rope walking extravagance! (Be careful, there’s fire there darling.) No matter how dangerous, how treacherous or how life-threatening the task is, our Carnies got it covered. In fact we enjoy it!

    Currently we’re looking for people who can help with our acts. We accept runaways, prisoners, defectors, etc. Anyone who isn’t part of the government. And if you’re willing to leave your old life behind than, okay! You’re in!

    What we need is what makes you stand out, what makes you......Weird! That’s it, we want the Freaks, you can leave your Normies, and your Humans behind, I want monsters!
    What we Need (open)

    What we need (optional)
    Sword-eater {Utsuho}
    Tight-rope walker{AngelFish}
    A “Beast” woman/man{Crono}
    Strongman/ Strongwoman{}
    Magician(Man or Woman){Draeven}
    Conjoined siblings{MotherOfCthulhu}
    Contortionist {Adelaide Belial}
    Or if you have an idea for a carnie, message me for one you which one you want to switch out.

    Plot: You see underneath this bloodthirsty, show of freaks is.....that’s actually all there is. But their show is terribly illegal, as these sorts of things are illegal now. The government is getting more and more aggressive lately. Performing shows for the enjoyment of crowds and the battering of the crew. You’ve been in the Cirque for a while now, and your story is still your own. Remember our motto: “We don’t care!” This ragtag group of freaks, your home, has been hanging in town for the last couple of days. It’s about time to leave to the next one...
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  2. This is interesting... I think... I would be a sword eater
  3. Sure yeah! Of course, I'll reserve your spot.
  4. Is the spot of tight rope walker still available?
  5. Yeah, and it's yours now.
  6. *raises hand*
    can i be one of the ventriloquists?
  7. Of course you can! Welcome, dear Carnie!
  8. Bump. Still looking for Carnies that want to join.
  9. Clown!~ :o
  10. Alright then!
  11. What would the Beast do in the show?
  12. The beast, like in other shows would sort of be like the lion in a circus show. However, since this person is also half human, they mostly do acts where they can use the crowd. (i.e. trying to eat a person or throwing knives at them) Any other abilities are up to you. If you think they can help the Beasts' act.
  13. I'll join!
  14. Okie dokie, let me add you in. Welcome, dear Carnie.
  15. Bump, I've been told we're still looking for interest on this!:angel:
  16. Do you guys think I should put up the CS now? Or wait for our fellow carnies?
  17. I think we could start now and pick up new carnies as we go along, if that works for you.
  18. It'll be fine whatever we do, but I wouldn't mind if we started up now.
  19. Thread to the OOC is up!! Here it is:Les Dieux!!

    By the way, I'm sorry if you were unaware of me. I too, am a GM. Just been working in the shadows recently
  20. Bump. Still looking for Carnies.
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