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  1. Character Sheet (open)

    Character Sheet

    Full Name:
    Hairstyle and Color:
    Eye Color:
    Occupation in the Cirque:
    Clothes Description:
    How did you get to the Cirque:
    (You may include a picture if it helps you visualize your characters)


    1.) Obey the GM/GMs
    2.) No God-modding
    3.) In the OOC, respect others
    4.) Keep character conflict/hate IN role-play
    5.) Be creative!!


    Please be on the watch for the criminal circus Les Dieux. They are charged numerous crimes against the government, and against humanity. If you encounter one of their shows, proceed with caution! Contact our Government Hotline at 1-800-1998, stay where you are, and do not alert them to our impending presence.

    Repeat: Do not engage! Each member is considered armed and dangerous!!

    The group was last sighted in the Moonlit Bay Area.

    The Les Dieux Circus is just preparing for their last circus, before they head to the next area. However, the government is aware of thier location and closing in.
  2. Full Name: Marie "Tipsy" Peterson
    Age: 23
    Hairstyle and Color: black hair, long and curly, when she's preforming it's pulled back but when she's not it's usually loose.
    Eye Color: blue
    Occupation in the Cirque: tightrope walker
    Height: five foot
    Weight: 115
    Clothes Description: When she is preforming, she is wearing a black leotard, a black tutu, and black ballet shoes
    Personality: Tipsy is a prankster at heart; she loves to laugh and make others laugh. Were she not so good at being a tightrope walker she'd be a clown.
    How did you get to the Cirque: She ran away from home. She was too adventurous for her calm, countryside life and she wanted more excitement. She wandered from one place to another doing odd jobs for cash before she ran into the Cirque.
    Backstory: Tipsy started out in a quiet countryside home with her parents. It was a very quiet life, one that she detested. She wanted adventure, she wanted excitement! One day she finally gave in and left. She wandered from place to place, doing odd jobs and looking for where she belonged. She finally found the Cirque, and she found that she loved it there. That's where she got her nickname Tipsy. She loved tottering around on the rope and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
  3. Full Name: Piper Selene Leroux
    Age: 21
    Hairstyle and Color: She has medium length straight chestnut hair, curled into ringlets at the bottom.
    Eye Color: Auburn (bonus, she's got freckles going under her eyes and across the bridge of her face.)
    Occupation in the Cirque: Contortionist
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 135 lbs.
    Clothes Description: She wears a a leotard suit with a sort of space theme to it and fish nets that ride all the way up her legs meeting the leotard so that it looks like one suit. She also wears a butterfly hairpin. She "found" it one day

    Personality: She's sort of quiet and nice to everyone, kind of motherly to even those who are older than here, and often acts years older than she seems. She's just one of the mother bears of the Cirque.

    How did you get to the Cirque: Piper was part of an execution squad tracking the Cirque down, before she practically fell in love with the old Ringmaster, and taking out most of her squad so that they could get away. She became a sort of trained lackey ever since, and with the Ringmaster's guidance, found out that she had more talents than she was worth.

    Backstory: She was a military brat, very tightly wound, and always prim. proper and respectful. She enlisted into the military to take out the one and only threat: that Godforsaken Circus. But she came to love it, quickly, finding it hard to do her job, gradually messing up her squad's missions. One day, when they almost had the Cirque's deranged ringleader cornered. she final fully defected and made sure the man got out alright. At the cost of her twenty-man team's lives. She's never looked back since.....Well every once in a while she will, but only for the show.
  4. Character Sheet

    Full Name:Victor Artillian
    Age: 23 yrs. old
    Hairstyle and Color: Short d. blue hair, with one side of the hair pulled into a strand.
    Eye Color: Emerald Green eyes
    Occupation in the Cirque: Ringmaster
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 139
    Clothes Description: Black, mid-rift turtle neck shirt, d. grey slacks, and combat boots.
    Personality: Slightly twisted and has a massive protective problem, he'll literally murder you if you mess with his friends. Is also very cunning and likes to mess with people minds, which could make him slightly sadistic.
    How did you get to the Cirque: Was born into the Cirque, the old ringmaster being his father.
    Backstory: Victor was born and raised into the Cirque, with the old Ringmaster as his father. His Father was a mad scientist who did untold horrors to humans when he was in the government, so when his dad died, all of the wrap fell onto him. He carries the Cirque just as his old man would, and would probably make him proud. He doesn't like to talk about his mother much.
  5. Full Name: Nagito Eiji Hagehsi
    Age: 20
    Hairstyle and Color: Long and wild, styled so it isn't obeying gravity. Also dyed white.
    Eye Color: Green
    Occupation in the Cirque: Sword eater
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 120
    Clothes Description: He has dark green coat that goes down past his knees. He wears a plain white shirt with a strange red symbol on it. His pants are typical black jeans, and his shoes are brown, and they appear to be zipped up rather than being tied or using velcro.
    Personality: Kind, an self-depreciating, usually. He is often quiet when others aren't talking to him, preferring not to interrupt others. He strikes a balance between seriousness, and quirkiness.
    How did you get to the Cirque: During their tour, he was found alongside a road that they had decided to camp near, walking along with a sword. He approached the camp, his interest in the circus piqued, and, at the time, they didn't have a sword-swallower. He decided to join, and, managed to swallow a sword without killing himself... He has been doing it ever since.
    Backstory: He hasn't told much to the circus, other than he got tired of having a family, for whatever reason. His family had been too strict in their teachings, and despite loving to learn how to use a sword, he just left, walking about on his own. His willingness to swallow a razor sharp katana immediately after seeing the cirque group, and succeeding, leaving his family, and, the various other things he has done has had him pegged as whimsical, or just someone who doesn't care about life.
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  9. Full Name: Nexxus Blecant
    Age: 26
    Hairstyle and color: Never cut or combed, jet black.
    Eye color: Icy blue
    Occupation in the Cirque: The 'Beast'
    Height: 7'3"
    Weight: 93

    Clothes Description: Normally doesn't wear a shirt unless it is cold. In that case he will wear his old, ripped white street jacket. Now don't get any kinky ideas, he wears white pants with torn and broken buckles on them and white shoes. He has quite a few bandages on his arms, torso, and head, dotted with tares and the occasional bloodstain.

    Personality: Despite his frightening appearance Nexx, as he is commonly known, is actually quite friendly and understanding. He will go to great lengths to protect his friends, even death. He has a fear of needles and White Coat Syndrome.

    How did you get into the Cirque: He was found in a old asylum the circus had taken shelter from a raging storm in. What got him in was the fact that he was sitting with them for five minutes before they noticed him. His freakish look and ability to sneek around without being seen or heard made him a perfect Beast. He exepted the offer almost instantly.

    Backstory: Captured by slave traders when he was very young, Nexxus was sold to a corrupt mental facility where insanity is studied rather then treated. Years and years of experiments gave him clawed hands, skin of a unheathy grey, a near skeletal apperance, and countless wounds. The acylem was abandoned and succumbed to ruin over time. All of the test subjects that were abandoned to rot starved to death or killed themselves but Nexxus. He fed off smaller cretures like rats and drank from the grimy sinks, never leaving the acylem for fear of being called a freak, a monster. Until he was found by the circus.
  10. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Celest and Luna Degrassi.
    Age: 21.
    Hairstyle and Color: Celest has long auburn brown hair that's in soft natural ringlets, while Luna has short black hair that's given a 'Cleopatra' style inward curl.
    Eye Color: Celest has green eyes with gold flecks, Luna has grey eyes with blue flecks.
    Occupation in the Cirque: Conjoined Twins.
    Height: They stand at the same height of 5 foot three.
    Weight: 280lbs (140lbs each).
    Clothes Description: Celest prefers to wear bright, tight clothes that accentuate her body and curves, corsets and Leggings being among her favourite. Luna prefers more flowing garments such as bell sleeved shirts and long baggy trousers or skirts. They are conjoined at the hip.
    Personality: On the face of things Celest and Luna couldn't appear more opposite. Celest is light, bubbly, kind and gracious while Luna is moody, quiet and disinterested in those around her. Though this couldn't be much further from the truth, behind those sweet apple pie smiles Celest is a crafty and insanely protective of her sister, she has gone to great lengths to keep them together and will continue to do so. She is very much the big sister, decision maker and protector of the pair. While Luna takes up the role of the younger sister, she's more sensitive than Celest -though hides it as well as her sister hides her wickedness- and often times looks to her bigger sister not only for advice and help but for inspiration. She will do anything Celest asks of her, even if morally she is uncomfortable with it. This being said they are both intelligent, deadly women.
    How did you get to the Cirque: Found by the ring master while travelling between cities.
    Backstory: Their mother was a piece of work, having run away from home at eighteen claiming she didnt' need anyone she quickly fell prey to the cities viler temptations. She couldn't get work so started as a dancer in a bar, it was tasteful at first but the money was pitiful and she soon became a whore for the extra green. Hating herself she took up drugs and the doctor thought that and the potentially shady donor of the sperm, was why her daughters were were born fused together. A relatively simple operation would have fixed them but the cost for such was high. So she didn't bother, instead she intended to put them up for adoption. It was thanks to her doctor though that the girls were never separated. Having informed his bosses about the conjoined children a local newspaper caught wind of the story and offered a large cash sum if the mother would sell rights and pictures to their newspaper.

    The babies were a sensation until Political correctness took away her ability to use her children's deformity for money. Once again she decided between keeping them and selling them off until one of her clients mentioned he knew a guy who'd pay a fortune to fuck conjoined twins and the guy had little scruples about age. With a crack habit to fund their mother agreed and took them to meet the man at a hotel.

    At first it was fun, the girls hadn't experienced much affection from their mother, who barely looked at them at the best of times, their peers rejected them for being freaks and so making friends had been impossible. So when a man treated them to a movie, all the sweets they could eat and new clothes they thought they'd finally met their dad. It was when the guy began groping at the top of Luna's thigh that Celest got the first inkling that something wasn't right. When she told the man to stop and that Luna was uncomfortable them an told her that this is what her mother had bought them here for.

    Celest saw red and grabbed for the lamp by the bedside and hit the man over the head with it knocking him out cold. Helping Luna redress she comforted her sister and hand in hand to avoid attention, they went home. Once there Celest confronted their mother who was already in the process of getting high on her latest purchase. She confessed to everything with no shame or remorse and Celest, still livid threatened to leave.

    That was when her mother made a fatal mistake, grabbing Luna and a steak knife she said Celest was free to leave but Luna would stay and they'd be separated forever. Luna cried and Celest grabbed the blade of the knife, twisting until her mother had no choice but to let go of the handle. Even while blood ran down Celest's hand she turned the blade over and stuck it in her mothers throat. "No one is ever going to separate us."

    Luna came up with a plan to destroy the evidence and as they left their apartment ablaze the twins set out, much as their mother had before them. Only they had something she hadn't, each other. A miserable year passed, purse stealing and bus shelters were their way of life until one night as they were chased from their spot a hand slipped out of the darkness and in soft tones not unlike music whispered to them, "Aren't you tired of being pushed around?" They were the first words spoken by their beloved ringmaster.
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