Lerago's Rise to Power [Signup]

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  1. Who are you? You have come here every day for the past week at the same time.
    Why will you not speak?
    Fine. Stay quiet, but leave me be! I have no reason to bother myself with a frail little girl like you.

    13 years later....

    Hello again. I still can't get over how much you have grown. It seems like only yesterday that you were the five year old girl who I believed to be a little pest. Today is your birthday, right? Eighteen... You are growing into a fine young woman. *The man sighs a little* I'm sure you are wanting that talk I promised to give you when you are older. Well listen closely... Beyond this world that you know, there are millions of others. Some of its creatures are just like you, and there are others that are drastically different. Same with the world that they know. ... I am a God whose soul is bound to the mortal realm, and I can also travel to these other worlds. I know exactly when, where, and for how long these doors to another world will appear. Tomorrow one of these doors will open, but I will not tell you where for the fear that you may be too curious and pass through the door. ... Do not worry, I will not leave you...

    A fight broke out between the God and a few bandits. He did nothing but anger them, and the girl paid the price. She was murdered by one of these bandits when trying to flee once the God commanded her to. He broke into a rage when seeing her corpse, killing all of bandits and then bringing his rage into the village, slaughtering everyone. As his rage died down, the God rushed back to the grassy hill and actually cried over the girl's death. The God buried her body and left her favorite flowers on her unmarked grave. The next day he passed through the door and moved on to the next world. Any kind emotions he had were killed when that girl died. The God now had a goal... Destroy every world he comes across, and this one was his first target. However he had no idea that that girl's soul would be reborn in this very world in a few decades...

    I have tried to get The Fight for Asis to work twice now, and both attempts failed. So now I wish to try out Lerago's Rise to Power, the story on how he actually killed the king and took over. I need people who are truly interested in seeing this through, even if some parts of the roleplay become boring. Trust me, it will pick up again and become exciting from a war breaking out. If this does go well I will try starting up The Fight for Asis again.

    INFO ON THIS WORLD: (Adding more later)
    The name that its people call it is Asis. Their king of this world is named Stephen (73 years old) , his wife is Moyna (59), their first child is William (21) , and their second is Kandace (12).

    1) You must post at least once every two to three days.
    2) If you are going to be gone, then please inform me and the others in the OCC thread, which will be made if there are going to be enough people roleplaying.
    3) No taking the spot light from another person! It's their scene so don't steal it! That's how some roleplays go out of control is when people want the spotlight on them 24/7, so the main plot is put on hold.
    4) Do not make your character all powerful and invincible. Lerago is a God, yes. But he has his weaknesses and can get injured as well.
    5) Don't be bringing anyone down for their writing style or how long their post is. This is supposed to be Newb Friendly.

    Race: (Human, Demon, Elf, Dwarf, etc. Whatever you can think of)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Appearance: (It can be a picture, a paragraph, or both. Just make sure people know how tall they are, etc.)
    Goals in Life: (Optional. This is just to increase the depth of your character, making them seem real and gives you a better connection to them.)
    Type of Magic: (Elemental magics are the most common. Keep in mind that not all people in this world are able to use magic. Usually humans that are able to use magic have a little blood in their family from a creature(s) that is able to use magic. Same for those other races that are not originally able to use magic. A human that has no relative in the past that was a magic user but is able to use magic themselves is rare, but has happened before.)
    Abilities: (Explain their natural talents here.)
    Disabilities: (Explain what their handicaps are if they have any. And if it's an obvious weakness, who knows about it, etc.)
    Miscellaneous: (Add anything else that you can think of here if it doesn't fit into one of the categories above.)​
  2. Name: Raeger Halfurion
    Age: 42
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is about 6 foot

    Personality: He is probably the most cunning man you will ever meet. Always has a good comeback for everything. Raeger will never back down until he wins an argument, and if he loses you had better watch out.

    History: Little is known about Raeger's past, except his father was Gerrion the Bold. Everyone thinks Raeger and his father the complete opposites of eachother, Gerrion being strong and non-intelligent, and Raeger being strong-of-mind rather than body and extremely witty and smart.

    Lately he has been paying close attention to the king, for he seems to die at any moment.

    Goals in Life: Become the King of Asis by whatever means necessary, even though no one knows this as of yet.

    Extremely intelligent

    Disabilities: Tendency to lose his temper when things dont go his way
    Likes to freguent brothels