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      with XxX미친세상 & Taicho
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      A country inhabited with kingdoms of species that are not only human, but animals as well. Mystical creatures that you only read in fairy tales. These very humans are not only fiction, but fantasy, shape shifting into creatures that define who they not only as a being, but as a kingdom.

      Two species, two kingdoms, polar opposites, one fighting for peace and protection, another fighting for defiance and power. They have clashed swords numerous of times, one beating the other with no mercy intended, leading the weakest to bow for its own defense. Lions, the species kingdom who's powerful king, Aslan Vaarsi, that rules this country with an iron and venomous claw has been keeping a predators eye on the neighboring clan that resides deep with the countries forestry, the kingdom of the Unicorn. The prospering clan made many attempts of conquering over the weak clan that claims the forest, over the years, raids, battles, and misfortunes have crossed both kingdoms, until the finial push was made apparent with warning to have the Unicorn Kingdom to be fully taken over without hesitation within the next sun rise.

      The kingdom of peace and tranquil concluded that their own military would be no match for the ones that thirst for power and the sweet taste of the weak. They surrendered, making a pact that gave the Lions what they wanted, bits of the forest, heavy amounts of resources and money, along with one more insurance that sealed the peace between the teetering clans, the King of the Unicorn's only son, the Prince of the Unicorn Kingdom, Rois Arvada.

      The story takes place, in the tyrant king's kingdom of the Lion's, and the lone prince of the unicorns undetermined fate under a new ruler.


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      Aslan Vaarsi [ King Lion ] -- @XxX미친세상

      Rois Arvada [ Prince Unicorn ] -- @Taichou

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  2. Rois Arvada

    'You can't possibly go!'

    The stairs that lead up to the very heart of this foreign kingdom were steep and vast, the grand palace the stood defiantly tall on this mound mocked the young man that had to trek these stairs, his servants and guards following close behind, guaranteeing his safety and the pact agreement as well. His posture was poised, stiff, as if a board of wood was tied tightly around his waist forcing his back to be in the upright position, his shoulders rolled back, his hands folded passively behind his rear, and his head facing straight towards his new, undetermined fate with an expression that read with zero emotions.

    'We can find another way, we can find another thing to give away... Not my son... Just not my son...'

    It was hot. The sun shined brightly, and clearly, beaming down on the young Unicorn prince that lead his people, it felt completely scorching on his pale skin that was shone little outside of his royal attire. His skin felt damp, his hair that stuck to his forehead, the sides of his face, the back of his neck, and was perspiring under his crown, he wanted to die, dramatically wanting to claim his death due to heat struck under this ungodly temperature that felt like there was no solitude to come, no wind, no cold water. Irritation grew on him deep with his, his hot blood already beginning to boil under the suns heated pressure. Was there no end to this? Why must someone have so many stairs in the first place? How many people died on these very stairs due to this ungodly heat? It was inhumane! Unmoral!

    "Your majesty, the guards for the Lion kingdom are waiting at the top of the stairs," a husky voice came from behind the Prince's ear snapping him out of his whirling thoughts, "Prepare yourself."

    Rois nodded in a silence response. His finalizing the ceasing from cursing the uncontrollable weather, and the final words of his father that echoed throughout the throne room before his only son was sent off to a country to become something his royal blood should never be. His silvered eyes squinted at the bright gleam from that of a giant metal door, the entrance that was this grand palace at the top of the hill; his gaze tracing down only to meet the stares and arrogant grins of the dozen guards that blocked the pathway to it.

    "Well, look at what we have here, some nags in heat."

    The prince wasn't in the mood for teasing, nor was he in the mood for a bunch of roughrians trying to talk lip, for they seem to have forgotten their place. Rois kept on proceeding forward, he had no intention to stand there and have not only him, but his people talked off by a bunch of incompetents. Ignoring the problem, added more to fire that was already blazing within the pits of the heated guards of this Lion Kingdom, who seemed to have a short temper, "Don't ignore me princess," the same guard who spoke before, spatted in the face of the royal, his chest bumping up against Rois forcing the prince to stop his movement. In an instant, one of his own guards made the click to unsheathe his sword, but at the sound of it, Rois held out his hand, putting a halt to the guard who made the rash response. Locking eyes with the very man who stood on a too high of a pedestal, Rois did what he knew best, talk his way out of it, and pray to the Gods for zero blood shed to happen on the very doorstep of his enemies palace.

    "Please, let us pass calmly and without problem. We bare money, resources, and the pact between ours and yours kingdom. We cannot afford to spill blood in this country, not when the border is so thin."

    Talking seemed futile, for a cat that was ready to pounce on an animal that had no chance against its sharp fangs, he could feel the hot breath of the feline release, as he huffed away from the pleading Prince. A low irritated growl came from the back of the guards throat as he stalked around, contemplating his actions, moreover contemplating the consequences. "Pass." He said lowly, leading the way into the palace, entering the main room that show casted a giant thrown that was placed at the end of the grand hall entrance.

    It was memorizing, not only of the exterior, but the interior. Rois was in awe as he entered the palace he's only heard rumors from the King and Queen who made their trek. Although feeling the starstruck of it all, it didn't take long until the guard's rough voice, that sounded a lot more passive than aggressive compared to before, spoke breaking the silence of the groups, and calling attention towards the throne.

    "You're grace, the Prince of the Unicorn Kingdom, and your riches, are here for you to collect."

    Rois didn't know when he was going to introduce himself-- or would it be more of presenting himself to a man of much higher power? But, by the feeling of this great presence, he never felt so small in his entire life. His knees wanted to buckle, his hands clasped behind his back tightly and firmly to stop the image of his fear to, and he felt out of breath. The King of the Lions was a man to be feared, and there was no doubting his unknown capability.

  3. A S L A N _ V A A R S I

    It was the world in the palm of his hands
    And nothing stood in the lion's way.

    "You're grace, the Prince of the Unicorn Kingdom, and your riches, are here for you to collect."

    His voice was low, one full of confidence, languid and almost certainly, just a little bit amused. "Thank you, Guard." He sat upon the golden throne, an elbow perched upon the armrest, and in his hand, a letter from the King of Unicorns. The King did not spare the young prince in front of him a glance and the few moments passed in silence. The audience in the king's court held their breaths, eyes locked upon the idle king, who silently read the hand-written letter. Finally, he spoke, his hazel eyes landing on the frail form of the unicorn prince. A slow smile spread across his lips and the corners of his eyes crinkled just the slightest. He moved to sit at the edge of his seat, his elbows upon his knees, and his fingers interlocked to rest his chin upon.

    "Welcome, Rois Arvada, to my kingdom."

    In return for peace upon the Unicorn land, the King of Lions would receive riches and best of all, the only heir to the kingdom. Looking upon the prince's ethereal beauty, the King was just the slightest surprised. He'd always known the sort of beauty that the unicorns held themselves with but the prince was something different entirely. He was nothing short of gorgeous - and the King was pleased. He rose from the throne and stepped down. The gold-speckled cape that donned his shoulders dragged against the marble floors as he approached the unicorn, stopping only when he was a few inches short of contact. He was taller and bigger than the unicorn by a tenfold - perhaps more accurately, a good six inches or so.

    "I am King Vaarsi," a lightly tanned hand lifted to tenderly perch beneath the prince's chin enough for their eyes to meet, "But you may call me Aslan." His smile was a kindred one, though the pointed teeth may have told otherwise.

    There was a clatter from somewhere in the room, breaking the moment between he and the prince, and the King was not pleased. The smile disappeared without a trace and his head snapped up, eyes searching for the perpetrator that ruined the moment. But unable to find the person in the span of five seconds, Aslan bared his teeth, a golden tail peeking out from beneath his cape and irritatingly swishing side to side.

    "All of you, leave!" Aslan nodded at the guards, who promptly dispersed with the crowd until there was no one left but the lion and the unicorn.

    He peered down again, down at the little unicorn in his presence. A smile took his lips once more, his cat-like eyes observing the gentle features of the prince. "I apologize for the interruption. Shall I show you to your room?"

    The lion was tame,
    like a predator waiting for its prey.

    The hallways they passed through was one of extravagance. There was nothing else in the world that could compare to the sheer marvel of the palace. The room they stopped upon was one that took yet another flight of stairs. There were only two doors on this floor. On the left, was a massive door with its intricate curls and twirls of ivory. On the right, a plainer but equally impressive door. Aslan showed Rois to the right and pushed upon the doors, stepping aside to show Rois what would be his room.

    Inside, the same marble flooring as found throughout most of the palace. A golden chandelier hung from the canopy bed, bookcases filled with the rarest books lined the walls, and velvet couches for the upmost comfort. It was a room fit for a king. A pleased smile spread across the king's face yet again, motioning the young unicorn to enter. The lion's crest made itself known only on a single piece of furniture - just at the headboard of the mahogany bed.

    "Your room, my prince." He turned slightly and waved at the door across the hall. "That is my room, should you ever need anything."

    Aslan dug into his pocket and drew out a sort of necklace. A metal clasp meant to lock and hold held tightly onto a black wire - hung delicately from the center, a shining moonstone fit for a unicorn. On the back, were the inscribed words: Bona regis. Property of the King. He held it out for Rois, waiting until the prince's hand was outstretched.

    "For you," he placed it in the prince's hand. "Rest well tonight, my prince," Aslan stepped back, "Tomorrow, I will show you my kingdom. One of my servants will bring you something to dine on tonight."

    He turned to make his way to his own room, pausing just for a moment. "If you need anything, remember, I am right across the hall." And with that, the king bid the prince farewell before disappearing to his own room.

    The lion had found its prey.

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  4. Rois Arvada

    A fearless king, sat so leisurely on his golden throne, reading the settlement that the opposing King, bestowed upon the Prince to be given to the other. The silence stole the right to breathe from everyone who stood in the King's Court, let alone his presence, waiting, for his Majesty to give the command to exhale once more. Rois watched in composed silence, his eyes resting on the young looking King who flickered his feline gaze away from the folded paper, rich hazel meeting that of a pure silver. It was then, he spoke, a voice that was so new, so different, the pure sound of something that felt like velvet flowed so smoothly, grabbing the unicorns attention in a frozen response.

    Welcome, Rois Arvada, to my kingdom.

    Rois remained in his mute state, remaining cautious as the alpha cat ascended from his throne, only to get up close and personal with mythical stallion. His features were that Rois has never witnessed before, his jaw was cut, chiseled to an impressive, and handsome edge, his complexion was lavishing tan, as if he was kissed perfectly from the sun, although nicked with scars on his cheek, neck, and briefly peeking from his upper chest, his hair dark and disheveled, his bangs covering and rounding around his face, not only that, but his structure was massive, boarding, much stronger than Rois could ever be, his height toward over the unicorn, clearly showing the dominance over the other. He was strikingly alluring-- the Prince couldn't take his eyes off of him.

    I am King Vaarsi, The touch of his rough hand that was so hot against the Prince's skin, caused Rois to catch his breathe once more, his heart began to flutter. But you may call me Aslan. He didn't like the way Aslan looked at him, it caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise, and his body to tense up to the point where he felt unbelievably uncomfortable. His smile was endearing, but the fangs that flashed with it, made it look utterly dangerous. Rois was the prey in Aslan's eyes, and there was no turning back now that the Prince was placed so openly in the hands of the King of Lions.

    Although, presenting himself as a welcoming King, it didn't take much for that vicious snap to reveal the true colors that give this Lion to be known for being merciless. The sound came from the audience, Rois also interested on who made the noise, he hoped for their camouflage to stay true, away from the searching eyes of this now irritated King. Shouting rang in his ears, then the sound of shuffling of feet, soft whispers between others, then followed by a silent click of a door after. Rois was alone with the cat who seemed to have tamed his rising fur now.

    He would be lying if he said he didn't fear for his life the moment Aslan barred his fan, his person shifting slight to reveal the tail of the animal he really is. Remaining in his silent position, he simply nodded when offered to be shown to his room.

    There rooms were connect, right next to each other. 'So much for privacy' Rois thought to himself the moment they reached the right side of the hall. The room was different compared to his own back home in his Kingdom. The marble floors glistened, the chandelier dazzled with hanging crystals, the bed was magnificently huge decorated grandly with the crest of the Lion Clan on its headboard, this was a room fit for royalty, but it was a room Rois never thought he was going to have when first arriving on this foreign land. Taking a few steps past the king towards his his bed, his hand rested on the crimson colored satin cover, it was soft to the touch, in a color that represented so differently compared the light blue colors that once decorated his past bed. This wasn't his bed, his heart wrenched at the realization, the man who stood behind him wasn't his loving father, but a dangerous predator, the thought of it all stung his eyes, threatening tears of pitiful hopelessness.

    He turned around facing the King who held a necklace, a stone that matched the color of the hydrangea's the made up his favorite garden back in his own palace. The necklace was beautiful, something he had never been in possession of.

    For you,

    "For me?" Rois couldn't help but repeat due to shock, as the King placed the necklace that was polished so nicely in his hands. He turned stone around only to so an engraved message that read in a language he barely knew, but he had studied the basics of. "Property... Of the... King?" Looking up meeting the enticing hazel eyes of his Majesty, he spoke, wishing the Prince to sleep well, offering him to pay a visit whenever he pleases, and with that, he disappeared behind the door.

    It took a moment for Rois to take it all in, but the feeling of it all was too much for him to even comprehend. His breathing became shaky and uneven, his heart pounded against his chest, and his head felt light and airy-- he felt faint. He stumbled to his bed, where he collapsed into the smooth soft sheets of a bed that smelt so differently than his own. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears that came to his eyes. His head rested on a pillow, his body curling into a ball, while his arms hugged his knees close to his chest. Laying there in silence, he stared off, his thoughts completely engulfing him with memories of the last moments with his mother and father, on his travel here, and the past hour of him meeting the king, and being left alone in this substantial room.

    The King, there was something about him that didn't click. He was gentle towards Rois, he gifted him a present that held an 'off' sort of significance, but the very thought of this beautiful gem that now rested so loosely around his neck made his feelings so unsure. He wanted to resent the King, he wanted to be cold and heartless to the feline that threatened his kingdom, his clan, his family, his father. But, this random act of kindness, this sort of house warming gift made his heart settle on the thought that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't in so much danger than he thought?

    The sun began to drift down, the window that lite the room so brightly began to dim, the room turning into a dark glow of orange, that was then Rois noticed that the day was almost at an end, and he spent those hours that passed in his bed, lost in thought. A silent knock came from the door, but it didn't faze the dazed Prince.

    "Your highness, would you care for dinner?"

    He did not feel like talking, his throat was dry, and the effort to become audible did not seem pleasing.

    "Your highness?"

    It didn't seem as if the servant would stay from behind the door, for the click of the handle softly sounded, and the door cracked only a few inches, a young maid peeked her head in. She had golden blonde hair tied neatly back in a long braid that flown down to her waist, her eyes were that of an crystalized ocean blue, her skin was also tinted a honey tan, and her figure was that of a delicate woman. Rois did not dare move from his fetal position on the bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets, he just simply looked at the woman with blank, tired stare. "I do not wish to eat." He said softly.

    "But.. His majesty had ordered to to be fed... Young Prince, may I leave the food in here for you just in case you were to change you mind?"

    Rois simply waved his hand, in response, "Do what you want." He turned his back to the girl, who pulled the cart into the room, leaving it by the small rounded table with two chairs, and a simple red chrysanthemum a narrow vase that decorated the middle of it.

    "As you wish." She said politely with a respectable curtsy to follow after, then shutting the door behind her, leaving the Prince to his privacy.

    It didn't take long for Rois to fall into a deep slumber. He did not wake to feed on his dinner, he did not wake until the sun peeked past the crevices of his heavy red velvet curtains that covered the window from the new morning.
  5. Aslan was excited. Right across the hall lay a gorgeous new prize for the king. A unicorn, and a prince, no less. It was the most marvelous thing - long fairy-like lashes, and silver eyes like an ashen storm, brewing with emotions waiting to be unearthed. He was quite the delectable thing - Aslan wanted to take him as his own right away. But he had to be patient, wait until the time was right. Until then, Aslan could do nothing more than entertain the little unicorn. He stepped forward and in a blink of an eye, stood a lion in the place of a man. The lion was massive, larger than the average lion, its coat a glimmering golden. The mane was golden, stretching to black at the tips and ruffled proudly along with his coat. The impressive animal gave a low rumble, large paws padding against the ground as it jumped onto its bed, curling up against the pillow. Tomorrow, Aslan would play with his new toy. How fun it would be, to see what the unicorn had to offer.

    Morning came, but the lion had awoken long before sunrise. He'd taken care to get an early start on his duties, planning well to finish it all by lunchtime for his prized unicorn. For as merciless as he was, Aslan was as good as the kings would come. His kingdom flourished, his military one of the best, and trade nothing short prosperous. But with every kingdom was always an area ridden with poverty and famine. The lions called it the Inanis. There was only disease and the black market there. Now, Aslan would rarely bother with matters regarding the Inanis but as of late, there had been wind that unicorns from the neighboring kingdom had been taken. With the new peace treaty set in place, Aslan was already aware he needed to act. After all, he didn't want his new toy to believe he wasn't doing his part of the agreement. Time passed quickly for the lion. Then it was noon, and Aslan had finished all that was needed to be done.

    Just off the formal dining hall, there was a balcony. Its curling black wire frame encased the balcony of a glass table and casual metal seats. There was an awning overhead to shield the diners from the sun's heat, a perfect setting for lunch with a unicorn. Aslan was already seated, waiting for his prince to arrive. The balcony overlooked the garden in the back - a garden full of vibrant flowers and hills that seemed to never end. The King called for one of the servants to retrieve Rois.

    It was the same servant as the other night, a young maid who pattered up the steps until she reached the prince's room. She gave a single knock, announcing that she'd be coming inside and the door clicked open. The unicorn was still in bed but the maid was determined. With great vigor, she pushed aside the fanciful curtains to allow sunlight to flood the room, and gathered appropriate attire for the prince to wear in the king's presence. She neatly folded and settled them upon the armrest of the couch and marched over beside the bed with her hands upon her waist.

    "Your highness!" she clapped her hands thrice and moved to tug the blankets away from the prince's form, "His majesty requests you join him for lunch."

    She did not wait for the prince, grabbing his wrist and hauling him up with surprising strength. She was a lion as well, albeit a lesser lion, but a creature of great strength regardless. "Hurry, your highness. His majesty doesn't like to wait," she ushered the prince into the washroom, closing the door once he was inside.

    It wasn't long before the unicorn came into view. Aslan respectfully stood from his seat, giving a slight bow in greeting, and took a seat once more when Rois was seated.

    "You look quite stunning today, my prince," Aslan nodded at the chef to begin setting out the platter. "I assume you've slept well? I had my best prepare your bed."

    The first plate set out was a simple weaved basket of bread and butter, one that Aslan did not bother touching. He rested his elbows upon the table and leaned forward with interest clear in his eyes.

    "Tell me about yourself, Prince," a smile graced his lips. A light wind blew by, bristling his hair, but breaking his eye contact with the unicorn as Aslan pressed his hand down on some napkins that threatened to fly.
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  6. Rois Arvada

    What time was it? The curtains, so thick with fabric, blocking the light of day that tried to make itself known in the dark room, the tired Unicorn, who had seemed to have slept the morning away, was aloof to his surroundings. Expecting an all white room, the sweet smell of drifting forestry that would flow into his room making an earthy aroma was replaced with a scent that he couldn't quite uncover. Tossing in his sheets a bit, he pulled the covers over his head, encasing himself in absolute warmth, and darkness. He didn't want to leave his bed, there was no point in doing so. Besides, if he would even leave his room, the possibility of running into the King, Aslan, was to great, and the very thought of it made him panic. He didn't know what he would do, nor say, and if he was to open his big mouth, who knows what would come out.

    He forced his eyes shut, attempting to go back into his slumber state, to get a few more hours in just before dinner would be knocking at his door once more. It would be the same frail maid who dealt with the young Prince's attitude every meal period, with the same excuse that he was not hungry, and to leave it over by the table just in case he got around to it, which usually wasn't the case.


    "The door, it must be her... But I don't recall--" he spoke sluggishly, almost as if he was in a daze as he lifted the covers from over his head, only to see the door swing open, witnessing the meal maid with a kick in her step as she went straight for the curtains to reveal the brightest sun in all of the country. He knew this wasn't going to be good, his eyes weren't read for what was about to come next, so he took cover, throwing all the blankets over his head, acting as if he was asleep, hiding from her and the very sun that were now invading his once dark room. The sound of her heels clacked on the marble floor, they got closer and closer, and with each step, his hands tightened on his hold of the covers.

    Your highness!

    "Have mercy!" He groaned as he shield his eyes, his half naked body exposed to the sun and the heat that encased the room.

    His majesty requests you join him for lunch.

    Dread washed over him as his body became limp in the bed "Must I go? I really am not hungry, Miss--- Hold on! Wait!" She would not give him a single moment to think or even make up a single excuse, her tiny hand grabbed a hold of his wrist, hoisted him up with immense strength, and dragged his body to the wash quarters where there was already a bath made, filled with bubbles, and a red towel that awaited for him after. The maid washed him thoroughly
    exclaiming that there is a big lunch date in the wonderful garden waiting for him, not only that, but for the King as well, who which Rois will be accompany with today. She spoke how the King did not like to wait, so they must hurry and not waste another minute. It was no use, this woman was on a mission, and it was best for him to just sit through it, besides, the unicorn could not try and avoid the lion forever, this was his palace to begin with.

    Dressed in loose clothing, that to match the ungodly heat of this clear sunny day, it was respectably white, with the traditional complimentary colors of shades of blue to go along with the design, it matched almost identically with the necklace that Aslan gave him yesterday, that hung around his neck. Escorted outside to the terrace there was a singular glass table set for two with a grand umbrella that hovered over it. There, sat the feline in his own respectable attire, he stood giving a bow in greeting, Rois gave a nod of his head in return, then to his seat on the opposite side of the table.

    You look quite stunning today, my prince, I assume you've slept well? I had my best prepare your bed.

    A grand basket filled with breads of the sort, accompanied by a bowl of butter sat beside the two, at the very sight, his stomach began to growl lowly in protest. "Um!" Rois began abruptly, trying to drown out the sound of his growing appetite. "T-thank you, a-as do you." he said, resuming in a softer, more passive tone, "I slept fine, the bed was... lovely indeed. Thanks for that." He couldn't help but speak in a way that just showed how slightly uncomfortable he was, nor did it help that making eye contact with the dashing feline was nearly impossible.

    Lifting his eyes slightly, he stared at the bread, only to hesitantly shift his eyes to see the cat like hazel staring at him, then shifting back down at the bread, eyeing a piece at which he reached out for, ripped in half, and began picking at its delicacy. It was warm, fresh out the oven, how delicious it was, it was a clear mistake not to eat last night, but his starvation had to be compressed, for he couldn't make himself look barbaric just for food.

    Tell me about yourself, Prince,

    "O-Oh! U-um... Excuse me.." Rois began chewing what was left in his mouth, placing the nearly finished half down on his plate, following with wiping his mouth with a napkin that was placed over his lap. "I... Don't quite know where to start, your Majesty." He spoke, bringing his gaze upwards only to meet the smiling face of the one in front of him. "Why don't you begin, it is only polite to let the master of the house go first."
  7. Oh, the poor Unicorn was so nervous - dreadfully so. It only made his smile widen. The little unicorn was awfully precious, Aslan just wanted to eat him up. The way the little prince avoided his eyes, and how he tripped over his own words incited something inside Aslan, the way a predator locked on its prey. The lion yearned to reach out and litter the unicorn's porcelain skin with marks of possession, to show the world what belonged to him. The necklace just wasn't enough proof of it.

    But, just to entertain the prince, Aslan leaned back in his seat and folded his hands across his waist. He wasn't particularly fond of having his questions avoided but nonetheless, for a little while, he'd try and please his unicorn. One glass of wine just wouldn't do. The cat called over the chef and quietly requested a bottle of another glass of merlot, a personal favorite of his, with an extra pinch of alcohol. Aslan eyed Rois, taking notice of the way he eagerly bit into the loaf of bread - it made the King wonder if Rois even bothered with the dinner brought up to him the night before. This just wouldn't do at all - missing his meals. He couldn't have his unicorn starve. If the prince kept it up, Aslan would need to take action, and he certainly didn't enjoy making his favorite toys cry. His smile faltering just the slightest, Aslan drifted his eyes down to the garden, where large lions could be seen roaming the hills.

    "The Vaarsi family has always reigned the lands," Aslan began, "And as you know, it has been a long time since peace had been settled between our families." There was a fleeting glance, one of dark warning hidden beneath the allure of a tight-lipped smile. "Peace rests upon your shoulders, my dear Prince." He looked away once more and continued, idly twirling the glass of wine between his fingers. "I was the eldest-born to three siblings, two sisters and a brother. My two sisters, as you may know, are wives to the eastern kingdom across the Ulna Sea. They are frequent traders with the Arvada Kingdom, yes? My brother had always been one for intellect. At the moment, he's gone on a trip to gather missing information in our books regarding neighboring villages and tribes."

    The chef set out two plates. Aslan's plate consisted of tender meat, bright red in the center. Rois' plate was much more mellow, with plenty of greens and a light side dish of pasta. The beast ate slowly, taking his time as he continued his chatter, knowing well that there would be plenty of time to question the unicorn in the garden. "While my occupation leaves little room for play, I must say that I'm rather fond of the violin. I can't, however, say I am any good. My playing - or, if I am to be honest, my attempts - are nothing more than dragging the bow along the strings and dancing my fingers without thought across the strings," Aslan laughed aloud, and continued, "It isn't quite something I am proud of - but a fun instrument to play. If you'd like, I can get you one as well. Whatever you like, my prince." He finished his last bite and called for the chef to take his plate. Folding his hands upon the table, Aslan leaned forward with interest. "I will show you the garden today. You can see just a slimmer of the garden from here," he peered over the railing, then pointed at one of the hills, "I will take you there. You can't quite see it, but over those hills, a meadow to run and beyond that, my garden. It is forbidden to go there except myself and now, you as well. Should you ever long for home, do feel free to find comfort there." He dug into his pocket and pulled out a silver key, one that was dropped in the prince's hand. "It will open the gate."

    He waited until the unicorn had finished dining and stood, the metal chair scraping backward. Aslan held out his arm for the little prince, waiting until their elbows had interlocked and smiled. "Come, my prince," he guided the prince out down some flight of stairs and out two massive doors that let out into a world of green. Flowers of all colors sprouted from the ground, trees of impressive height towered over the king, roses curled up the sides of the castle walls. Aslan gently released Rois' arm and when he stepped forward again, a massive animal stood by the unicorn's side. From the ground to the top of his head, Aslan reached just below the top of Rois' head. The beast huffed, pawing the ground and rounded the little unicorn, its hazel eyes peering at the prince. He presented him his pack, and lowered himself to the ground, as if motioning the prince to climb upon his back.

    When the lion felt the light body climb upon his back and grip his mane, he was off like wind. His powerful paws dug into the ground and his legs pushed, speeding off to their intended destination. They ran for a while, covering a great mass of land until the beast's pace began slowing, eventually coming to a slow gait. Aslan made a noise, mix between growl and a sort of purr, passing by a herd of lions that openly stared at the unicorn upon the King's back. They were much smaller than the King, respectfully bowing when he passed but glancing a curious gaze upon the white-haired male that gripped so tightly onto the King's mane. Only when they were out of sight and far did a lone metal gate come into view. A massive brick wall encased the area beyond the gate and Aslan paused upon reaching it, waiting for the prince to unlock the gate and enter.

  8. Rois Arvada

    The Unicorn decided against going after the bread, for it was apparent that he wasn't just there to eat, but to have a conversation with the Lion. Although, offered a glass of the merlot that smelt heavily of alcohol, Rois politely declined, his tongue was quite prude when it came to alcoholic drinks, and his tolerance was that of zero, it was best to stay fully conscious when in the presence of a predator. Relying on the class of water that perspired on his left, he took a few sips, before the King began his response to the Prince's request.

    So he did have a family, his thought responded towards Aslan beginning on the topic of his family, bringing up his sisters of who Rois was familiar of due to economic reasons, but a younger brother was not to his basic knowledge on the Vaarsi family linage. An intellect, leaving Aslan to be the power brooding one, it made sense, each one of them had their respected personalities, just one was meant to be a King in more ways than one. "Intriguing..." Rois said as he twirled his small glass of water, hearing as the ice clinked against each other.It wasn't long until the food was brought to their table, of course, the carnivore was given his meat, and the herbivore was given a vast selection of greenery, that looked absolutely delectable, and a past that looked savory in the wide-eyes of the hungry mythical stallion. As they partook in their meal, the feline then directed the conversation onto a new topic, a hobby of his, the violin. Describing it in a sense, it was different from how one is suppose to be used, it was nonetheless comedic to hear the other laugh at his own actions. Although the prince preferred the piano himself, the thought crossed his mind, that he wouldn't quite mind watching his Majesty do what he likes best. The moment was light-hearted, although Rois went into this meeting in secret dread, he couldn't help but find himself in mood that was far from it-- it was almost comfortable.

    Pushing the cleaned plate in front off to the side a little, indicating to one of the idle maids that he had finished his meal, but Aslan was more audible with the request of clearing the table, and to move on to the next thing. The cat laid his paws on the table, leaning his body forward a little, Rois responded with slightly leaning backwards, for the King's innocent excitement radiated strongly.

    I will show you the garden today. You can see just a slimmer of the garden from here.

    Peaking his interest, Rois was always fond of gardens, flowers, nature in general. His very soul felt more free when he was able to shift into his natural being, and run freely, feeling the dirt against his hooves, and the wind whipping his purely white mane wildly as he picked up his speed with every passing second. It was riveting.

    Should you ever long for home, do feel free to find comfort there.

    The sudden statement coming from the merciless alpha set the unicorn into utter shock. Given permission to use this silver key that was so big in comparison of his hand, to use that space that only belonged to the King, but now for himself. The gesture made his heart flutter rapidly in his chest, his cheeks hinted a tint of pink. Embarrassed by the act of kindness, Rois's eyes drifted away from the one who's looked so gently back at him, "Thank you... Aslan." He spoke with innocent benevolence.

    The King rose, out of instinct the Prince followed. As the other offered his arm, he Prince politely obliged, linking with his, and having him be lead to a new world of forestry that was so different in comparison of his home kingdom. His surroundings flooded him with the nostalgia of home, he felt humble surrounded by nature's beauty. Taken in so greatly by the setting, he reached out to one of the roses that grew so profoundly and beautifully his fingers barely brushing against the rich velvety red of the rose, before a vibration came from the ground and the sound of the soil beneath his feet being split. Rois turned, only to meet the eyes of a beast, but the eyes that pierced his heart with familiarity, it was the King himself. Massive, his build, the beauty that was his golden mane, his fur glistening from the light of the sun, such a creature that was so different towards his own.

    Rois took the invitation, lifting himself on to this unpredicting animal. His mane was soft to the touch, leaning himself forward, the locks were tickled underneath his chin, but the aroma of his golden coat smelt that of strong musk, it was completely enticing. They took off, into the distance, the power that pushed this creature into speed beneath him was overwhelming, he could feel the muscles of his body tense and loosen with every stride. Aslan was truely a spectacular being.

    There was a pack of them, following, scattered around and gathering around the King that towered above the rest. Insight, was the gate that the two have spoken briefly before on, the place where Rois was given permission to seek solitude in. The feeling as they approached it made his heart race, it pounded hard against his chest, the adrenaline was unbelievable-- he couldn't remember the last time he shifted into his rightful form. The cat stopped his short journey, and lowered down enough for the much smaller figured unicorn to safely dismount. The gate was much taller and much more grand than he expected, a secret garden of the sort that was gifted to him-- the sense of flattery rushed to his cheeks once more.

    The key he held tightly in his right hand went into the slot, twisting to hear the gate open, and being pushed upon release of its lock. At first, Rois was hesitant to enter such a place, but his body couldn't wait any longer. He himself shifted, shifting into that of a mythical, majestic unicorn. His own main and tail, long and white, flowing long and freely. His coat was glistening pure white, and his eyes the same silver color that complimented the glimmer of the 8 inch horn that protruded in the middle of his head. He trotted his way into the garden, the grass felt so soothing on his hooves it made him squeal in satisfaction. He maneuvered his body around, only to face the image of a lion that was almost his same height, he looked him in the eye gently, slowly lowering his head in a deeply gracious, and thankful bow.
  9. The creature that stood before him was one of elegance and beauty. Its head reared, a gorgeous silvery mane flowing and its hooves excitedly dug into the ground. The unicorn was nothing short of magnificent and Aslan was proud he'd received such a gorgeous prize. For a moment, they locked eyes. Aslan had never seen such silver eyes before, brimming with so much life - the Unicorn dipped its head, a slight bow for the King in thanks. If Aslan had a mouth to speak with, he'd have smiled, but instead settled for returning the gesture with a nod.

    They entered the garden, the gates closing behind them with a little click and the unicorn was off, galloping into the shelter of forestry. Aslan took comfort in an open clearing, where a pond surrounded by foliage rested. He lowered himself beside the pond and let his tongue slide along his paw, cleansing the dirt away. It was a long while before the unicorn came into view and entered the clearing. Seeing the majestic animal so defenseless, sparked a fire inside Aslan. The predator wanted to catch its prey. His pupils dilated, and the lion was on its feet. Its tail wagged slightly as Aslan lowered himself to the ground, his stomach nearly brushing against the dirt and hid beneath tall spades of grass. He moved quickly and quietly, until he was some feet away from the creature. Only when the unicorn had turned away did the lion pounce. His claws dug into the tender coat - but lightly enough not to shed blood - and his head reared, digging sharpened teeth into the poor stallion's throat. A rumble came from the lion, but not quite a growl nor a snarl. It was a gentle purr, so loudly heard that even the Unicorn would be able to feel it. The lion waited until the unicorn had fallen to its side and calmed before releasing his hold on his prey. The lion looked pleased with himself, his tail curling to the side with content and his eyes half-lidded. He purred loudly, a noise that reverberated throughout his entire being. He rubbed his cheek against the unicorn's muzzle, one paw pressing down upon its neck to prevent the prince from rising. He lowered himself, splaying his chest over the stallion's neck so that his head continued to rub against the unicorn's muzzle and so his hind legs ran along the length of the creature's back. The lion nibbled playfully at the unicorn's ears and even groomed the stallion with his rough, spiked tongue.

    When Aslan felt satisfied, he moved away from the unicorn, releasing it from his grip, and returned to rest beside the pond. The sun was high in the sky and Aslan felt drowsy, drunk on sunlight. Light slumber easily took ahold of him. When he awoke, no more than an hour had passed. The lion sluggishly made its way up some stone steps and into a small gazebo. There was only two chairs and a table furnishing the gazebo, and a small sheltered bookcase of book that had clearly been read many times. The lion assumed a human form, one that picked up a book and took a seat. He could not see where the unicorn had gone but Aslan assumed he was somewhere within the perimeter of the garden.

    For a long time, they spent their time in the garden. Aslan supposed that being taken away from home so suddenly had left the little unicorn a little bit home sick. Seeing the unicorn gallop by so happily made Aslan at ease. An upset unicorn would not do at all. He much preferred his unicorn to be happy. Perhaps now he'd eat his meas properly. Aslan flipped the page and eyed the slimmer of white that sparkled through the many trees beyond. A few hours had passed since they'd arrived at the garden and Aslan knew it'd be time to return soon. For a while, Aslan gathered his thoughts. He wanted nothing more than to make the unicorn his, claim him as his own but the little prince wasn't quite ready yet. The lion itched to see the prince keen for his touch - itched for the day when the unicorn could not bear life without the lion.

    They returned to the castle some time later. Aslan had Rois escorted back to his room and the King himself headed out to handle some matters. In the meantime, the young maid that had woken the prince in the morning returned to Rois' room with a platter of snacks to fill his stomach. "What an honor it is," she gushed, "To see the king's secret garden!" She set down the plate upon the coffee table in front of the couch. She rummaged through the wardrobe and set out some formal clothing for dinner with the King and turned to face the unicorn, her hands clasped together and her eyes nothing but dreamy. "You're quite the lucky one, your highness!" She rested the clothes atop the couch and fixed Rois' bed, fluffing the pillows and tending the sheets as she continued, "You are the first being to ever step foot inside the garden besides his majesty. Tell me, was it as marvelous as the stories say?"

    The unicorns that had been taken from their homeland had been found and were residing in a safe house. Aslan had ensured that they would arrive safely in the Unicorn Kingdom by tomorrow morning. In the back of his mind, Aslan wondered if Rois was settling in well in the kingdom. He'd be spending the rest of his days here, after all. The prince had been nothing but obedient, save for skipping some meals the previous night. Upon that thought, Aslan spoke quietly with his chef, that he should be informed at all times should Rois ever send back a plate that had been left untouched. A starving unicorn would not do well for the agreement between his kingdom and the other. Rois was not aware of this but his loving father had absolutely insisted that Rois would come home every third Samhain, each Ver. Once a year. That time would be soon, three months. In that time, Aslan was determined to have Rois' heart in his hands, so that he desired nothing but his Master's touch. A Cheshire-like grin spread across his face at the thought. The plan was already set in motion - and the necklace was proof of that.

    When dinnertime came, Aslan opted to dine in a more casual setting - the balcony where they had eaten lunch. Gorgeous bulbs of light hung from the umbrella, illuminating the small space, and a candle in the center set for a more romantic-sort of atmosphere. Donning a tailored white shirt tucked into loose black pants, Aslan greeted the unicorn by taking the prince's hand and pressing his lips to his knuckles. "Gorgeous as always, my prince," he held out a chair for Rois before taking his own seat. "Have you enjoyed your day? You seemed quite fond of the garden." Aslan always had a gift for the prince with every meeting and it was no surprise that upon the first plate set out in front of the unicorn, would be a velvet box in the center. Inside, Rois would find stormy stone with specks of blue and gold, encased in a simple gold band that was light on the finger. The same inscription found on the necklace could be found on the inside band of the ring, in small letters. Aslan waited until Rois had opened the box before speaking.

    "It is an opal, only found in the harshest waters beneath the Ulna Sea. I had it fitted to your size - I do hope it fits. Now, won't you tell me about yourself, Rois?"
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