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    Lend Me Your Strength.

    History lesson: Everyone remembers the Meteor that hit 17 years ago, it practically wiped out all of existance. After the meteor the world changed. Some, mostly women would say it changed for the better. That meteor was no ordinary piece of space rock it was in fact chalked full of radiation and when it hit the earths core it sent out a shock wave that changed everyone's chemical make up. Women were hit the hardest most of them died, however the ones that survived were able to do amazing things. Some women could create elements, others could control plants, animals, and some women could do the impossible. Men on the other hand seemed to be unaffected, that is until they received a kiss from a female. It seemed as though the males would receive the females gifts through kissing (DNA exchange). Not only could the males receive the gift but they can also amplify the power, pushing the gift to the extreme, although they couldn't control it. After several years of trial and error a new device was invented to help the males control the power they received from the women, however there was a side affect. The males that used this device which was later known as "the leash" were completely under the females control, it was as if their free will was taken and they were just a puppet for the females to use however they saw fit.

    Since the meteor wrecked the entire planet only bits and pieces were usable. This sudden change to the land mass had people scrambling around to get on a nice piece of property so they could continue to survive. The women realized that talk was getting them no where and suddenly started settling things with their new found abilities, they would capture males force a "leash" on them and use them to fight for them. This started a war that is still going on today, Women continue to fight over better pieces of land all while using their male puppets to do the dirty work for them. Men finally had enough and fled the cities and hid underground, there they would avoid women at all cost praying to whatever god will listen to keep them safe.

    Women realized they needed men, some for war, some for manual labor and some they used for breeding. Men were looked upon as mere tools at this point, to be used to serve their female masters then thrown out as soon as they outlived their purpose. Please private message me the code word boys vs. girls so i can verify you read the history lesson. A few pockets of resistance popped up, men that still had some fight left in them started attacking female bases. This only angered the female overlords as they put together hunting parties to collect every male in their territory, and that is where our story starts.

    Plot: Male - you lost the genetic lottery my friend. You are looked upon as a mere tool to do the females bidding that's why you joined the resistance. You joined so you can try to put a stop to this madness, and hopefully one day live in piece where men don't have to look over their shoulders anymore in fear of a women. work with the resistance to put a stop to this madness.

    Female - you are a powerful woman who has been blessed by the heavens with a wondrous ability. You realize that the expansion of your territory is necessary so you decided to join the military and devote your life to fighting for a better piece of land. You are pretty confident in your abilities of course, however you have always wanted to see what you can do when you finally get a man on a "leash". You decide to join the hunting party with your eyes set on the biggest, strongest, sturdiest man you can find. Word just came in that a resistance camp has been discovered you prepare to leave. A smile crept across your face as you think finally i'll become stronger.

    Character Sheet.

    Special skill: (no magical abilities)
    weapon: (no guns)


    Please Complete the character sheet and make sure you read the history lesson there will be a hidden message in there that has to be private messaged to me in order for me to even look at your CS. if you have any questions please ask either myself or my co-Gm Karakui, Thank you.

    Approved Characters.

    Kei Assaragi - Kurogane
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  2. Male-
    Name: Keita (Kei) Assaragi

    Age: 20

    background: raised during the highlight of the Aftermath of the meteor, Fighting is all Kei knows. He was raised by his father and a group of other men and boys who decided that they needed to hide in order to live peaceful lives without becoming slaves to the women. Although Kei's father was a pacifist he still Taught him what little self defense he knew. When Kei was 13 he was caught by a woman with the power to set herself on fire, before he was taken his father intervened and took his place. Kei watched as his father was taken away and later found out his father was used to completely destroy an enemy strong hold. Kei has vowed revenge on the women and formed a pocket of resistance for which he is the leader.

    Special skill: (no magical abilities) Kei was taught a handful of different martial arts over the years giving him his own fighting style that concentrates on counters and using his opponents power against them.

    weapon: (no guns) Kei carries a dagger hidden behind his back

    picture: th (2).jpg
  3. Female-

    Name: Ayaka Kaikami

    Age: 19


    Power: Pseudoplasma
    Pseudoplasma is a very rare ability that has only been observed twice outside of the Kaikami bloodline. It is a very powerful but very difficult to control ability, and is highly sought after. There is a somewhat more powerful form that is genuine plasma manipulation, which has much higher destructive capabilities, hence the name pseudoplasma, but pseudoplasma cannot transition into actual plasma. Instead of plasma, Pseudoplasma is the manipulation of electrons - specifically the transition state of electrons where they are neither particle nor wave. All energy and mass produced by Pseudoplasma is pale green.
    Pseudoplasma has 2 aspects to it. The first, and more important aspect, is "solid-state". The user creates a small orb or area of the energy. This will disintegrate anything made of metal that passes through it, and is used as both a defensive tactic and as the origin of the second aspect - "energy-state". If the user has a solid-state orb active, they can fire this orb at a target within their field of vision. If they do, it will turn into a beam with the same disintegrating properties as the solid-state, and will cause a small explosion (radius 1 meter) upon impact with a non-metal item. Since Pseudoplasma is the manipulation of electrons, it can induce a current in a conductive material, and interfere with a pre-existing current, though it cannot directly conjure lightning or electricity.
    Since they are electrons, they can be bent through use of magnets. Otherwise, the beams continue in a straight line until they hit a non-metal solid. Additionally, she can use large crystals to refract an individual beam into several beams, to cover a wider area. Each beam generated through this method will be proportionally weaker than the original though. The most perfect kind of refraction item can turn one beam into 20 beams, though only one of these items is owned within the entire bloodline. Multiple orbs can be combined together to create an exponentially larger shield or beam, although these will be more volatile. Shields will need to be dispelled earlier, and orbs will explode if not fired quickly enough after merging. Merging orbs like this doubles the 'cooldown time' for each orb beyond the first, leaving the user defenseless for longer periods of time - 24 seconds is required to recharge after using a merged 4 orbs. (Note that using each orb individually but at the same time will mean the normal 3 second cooldown, though the damage done will be that of 4 orbs. If merged, the damage done would be that of 8 orbs.)
    Pseudoplasma demonstratory images (open)

    The beams, with 2 additional orbs ready to fire:
    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler


    The shield: (Note that the object colliding with it is made of metal and is therefore being disintegrated.)
    Show Spoiler


    - Pseudoplasma is a slow ability. Beams take a second to charge up, and after being shot, another 3 seconds are required before an orb can be summoned to replace that beam.
    - Ayaka is still only semi-proficient - her shields are small, only 50cm diameter, and she can have only 4 individual solid-states active at a time, including shields.
    - Anyone who is well versed in how magnets work will easily be able to negate her abilities and even use them to their advantage.

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  4. i was hoping to start as soon as we got 3 girls and 3 guys but at this point i think we'll be ok with just one more of each. i already put the rp in advertising. not sure what else to try to get members.
  5. I don't know anything either.. Strange considering the Interest Check seemed relatively popular. Maybe you should PM those people?
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  6. Yeah your right. I'll do that
  7. Male-
    Name: Johnny Blade
    Age: 18
    background: This new world is all that johnny knew. He at first saw women in power as no big deal growing up, but over time when they began to round men up he began to feel scared. His grandfather actually died in helping him escape at one point. So now he chooses to run when women come to hunt them, but if he needs to he will fight for his freedom.
    Special skill: He can fix old machines and hack into computer systems.
    weapon: A katana given to him by his grandfather, throwing knives, dagger, and a bow with a quiver of arrows.
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Sasori Hetake
    Age: 25
    background: Acquired early on by the resistance, he has only grown up with the fact that males had to fight to stay alive. Whether this was in the service of some female or just to etch by on the run. Since turning the age of 17, he has been owned by, luckily for him, one female. The first one died and he was able to escape before her opponent killed him too. A second one got careless and tried to enslave him, but he managed to escape her attempt.
    He hates being bound to women and therefore, always tries to find loopholes and escape if applicable. He is currently hiding within a rebel camp.

    Special skill: he is able to see very well in the dark and is very stealthy and quick due to his stature and fit body
    weapon: butterfly knives (able to manipulate where they will strike by how he throws them) and knows some hand to hand grappling techniques.
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  9. If I understand correctly, the slavery is magical and involuntary - ie you have to remove the leash before you are able of contemplating escape.
  10. Gender: male
    Name: Xavier McIntosh
    Age: 15
    Background: Xavier was born after the earth had been hit be the comet that turned the world upside down, this he never stood a chance. He was sold at as a baby to a group of woman who decided to use his as a weapon and one day a breeding machine. One day he overheard some of the woman talking about him starting to breed with them and decided he was not going to be used like this and he finally managed to escape. For the past few weeks he has been on his own. He has no idea there are rebellions among the men and is just looking for a safe place away from women.
    Special skill: Xavier is extremely flexible and due to his small size this allows him to fit into small spaces which he does sometimes when scared.
    Weapon: currently a rusty old knife he found after he escaped. He's not very good with it but it's the best he's got.

    (I will find a picture later my internet is awful so I have to go on mobile until it get's fixed and copy and pasting a pic on mobile is near impossible)
  11. I think his first master dying would allow the leash to be "nullified" but as for the second...hmmm....

    Perhaps for each master the leash is different? Like, perhaps when she was with the other male, her hold on him became weakened since she was, more or less, "Preoccupied" and he was able to get away. He would have to figure these things out slowly however.

    I'm just trying to make his history make sense, especially if he gets caught again...which is very likely. :P Any opinions or ideas the GMs have are welcomed as well. :)
    Also, has this officially started yet? Do we have a thread for it?
  12. The IC thread has not been put up yet. As for the leash - I'm under the impression that it's a physical device that utilises some kind of aura emitted by the female as a kind of key to activate weaker forms of the same power in the male - sort of like resonance of waves. (If you ring a bell on one hill while there's a bell on the hill opposite that's at the same height and rings at the same frequency, the other bell will also ring slightly, but not as much as the first bell). If there were a way to weaken the leash it would be through weakening the female. If she gained another male, she'd only get stronger. Thus, if it is at all possible, the only way to escape would be for the female to fight to near death or become severely ill or something, and then try to gather enough free will to want to escape.
  13. @andrew21234 2 things: He wouldn't be able to escape if he was actually escaping since he'd have a leash on. He'd have to somehow have had it removed first, and he's not capable of doing that himself. Secondly, due to how we've planned the introductory scene to play out, he's going to need to be part of the resistance group already or stumble upon them in his first post so that the female just assume he's one of them.

    @Kurogane86 We now have 4 males and 1 female assuming all these are accepted. I'll try to find some more females but I can't promise anything.
  14. 1. Okay I'll think of something
    2. I talked to Kuro and he said it was okay, if he wants me to change it I will though.
  15. I'm sure it's fine. We can figure something out later if we need to. For now, everyone just harass everyone you know until we get some!
  16. alright, I can probably change my second female to have her get sick or something after taking the male and that might allow him some leeway to eventually getting the collar off. I wasn't sure if the collar was actually physical or just some kind of psychic link the two shared. I was kind of going off the second one and that's why it turned out that way but if it's an actual collar....might be a little easier to try and fiddle with it to get it to come off.

    Question: How are the collars linked to just have the females take them off? Fingerprint? Voice activated? Linked to physical or mental state and willpower? Knowing these might help so that I can describe better how Sasori managed to escape one if not two of them.
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  17. Your best bet for escape would be if your female died on the battlefield. The collars are a physical device that utilizes the latent power in the males causing them to for fill their purpose of unleashing the females true power forcefully. While they are wearing the collar they have no free will think of them as a puppet. When the female isn't using the male the collar goes into a standby mode.
  18. FEMALE

    The Mitch family was known by their abilites to control dark energy. Her mother was the best dark energy manipulator. Trailing her mother's steps, Alanea tried her best to master the dark energy manipulation. She kept using her power to attack those who opposed her or her family, making her power to be more and more powerful. Craving for more power, Alanea would only take the strongest male to be her 'leash'. She didn't want the 'leash' who supposed to help her became stronger, turned to be nothing more but a pain.

    Dark Energy Manipulation
    Alanea can create, shape and manipulate dark energy, usually drawn from inter-dimensional or other similar sources. It can be channeled to a variety of effects as an absence of light, a solid, gaseous and/or liquid substance that can be shaped or manifested in various ways.

    Things she can do with her power:

    Dark Energy Attack
    (Release dark energy in many forms and intensities)
    Dark Energy Amplification
    (Strengthen the dark energy attack, needs more time to cast, will damage her body and vital organ)
    Dark Energy Construct
    (Turn the energy into tools, objects, weapons and other items for 15 minutes)
    Dark Portal
    (Teleport to any places Alanea wants, but limited to places she is already gone, can't be used repetitively)

    Dark energy manipulation consumes her human side, making her becomes pure devil. If she lost all of her human side, she would go insane and even killed herself. So, Alanea needs to control the using of her power. At least, she must rest herself before using her power again and of course do something or feel something to make her more human.

    Great with long ranged combat, but totally suck at close combat. Alanea needs someone to protect her while she throws her powerful dark energy.

    When exposed with too many light, Alanea's dark energy becomes much weaker than usual.

    Her dark energy won't work against woman who wields light energy.
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  19. @Azula I think you should create some weaknesses for the ability itself, not just for the character wielding it. At the moment it feels very strong and with only one downside - it doesn't work when exposed to light. The rest of them are only character flaws. Also, these are supposed to be new recruits, so she won't have had a chance to tame a male yet.
  20. @Karakui Ah I see, I will change her, wait~
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