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  1. This will be my first time creating an Rp since joining Iwaku. I got this idea by watching anime and realizing that feelings like love, friendship etc. can be turned into power. I then thought how great it would be if one side had all of the power and forced their strength and ideals onto another side. Since men have been somewhat dominant over women for some time i thought it would be fun to let them have their time. I decided to bring this Rp back from the dead since i played it before on another Rp site. It worked out really well and i'd like to have it work out here as well.

    Lend Me Your Strength.

    History lesson: Everyone remembers the Meteor that hit 17 years ago, it practically wiped out all of existance. After the meteor the world changed. Some, mostly women would say it changed for the better. That meteor was no ordinary piece of space rock it was in fact chalked full of radiation and when it hit the earths core it sent out a shock wave that changed everyone's chemical make up. Women were hit the hardest most of them died, however the ones that survived were able to do amazing things. Some women could create elements, others could control plants, animals, and some women could do the impossible. Men on the other hand seemed to be unaffected, that is until they received a kiss from a female. It seemed as though the males would receive the females gifts through kissing (DNA exchange). Not only could the males receive the gift but they can also amplify the power, pushing the gift to the extreme, although they couldn't control it. After several years of trial and error a new device was invented to help the males control the power they received from the women, however there was a side affect. The males that used this device which was later known as "the leash" were completely under the females control, it was as if their free will was taken and they were just a puppet for the females to use however they saw fit.

    Since the meteor wrecked the entire planet only bits and pieces were usable. This sudden change to the land mass had people scrambling around to get on a nice piece of property so they could continue to survive. The women realized that talk was getting them no where and suddenly started settling things with their new found abilities, they would capture males force a "leash" on them and use them to fight for them. This started a war that is still going on today, Women continue to fight over better pieces of land all while using their male puppets to do the dirty work for them. Men finally had enough and fled the cities and hid underground, there they would avoid women at all cost praying to whatever god will listen to keep them safe.

    Women realized they needed men, some for war, some for manual labor and some they used for breeding. Men were looked upon as mere tools at this point, to be used to serve their female masters then thrown out as soon as they outlived their purpose. A few pockets of resistance popped up, men that still had some fight left in them started attacking female bases. This only angered the female overlords as they put together hunting parties to collect every male in their territory, and that is where our story starts.

    Plot: Male - you lost the genetic lottery my friend. You are looked upon as a mere tool to do the females bidding that's why you joined the resistance. You joined so you can try to put a stop to this madness, and hopefully one day live in piece where men don't have to look over their shoulders anymore in fear of a women. work with the resistance to put a stop to this madness.

    Female - you are a powerful woman who has been blessed by the heavens with a wondrous ability. You realize that the expansion of your territory is necessary so you decided to join the military and devote your life to fighting for a better piece of land. You are pretty confident in your abilities of course, however you have always wanted to see what you can do when you finally get a man on a "leash". You decide to join the hunting party with your eyes set on the biggest, strongest, sturdiest man you can find. Word just came in that a resistance camp has been discovered you prepare to leave. A smile crept across your face as you think finally i'll become stronger.

    Naturally i would like help with this RP something along the lines of a Co-Gm. I would like to insist on a female that way we can share messages back and forth on what the plan for attack or capture might be. I also would like to ask that only people that have a knack for staying with an rp respond. I plan on making this rp jammed packed with action, adventure, drama, and maybe even romance but i don't want anyone to take a spot that will drop in the first page.
  2. I like strong female characters so I feel like this would be fun. :)
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  3. I think I would like to be a male who is running for his life in this situation
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  4. I'd like to play a male
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  5. Hang on, creating elements and controlling plants doesn't class as impossible? Nice. I'd play a female and I'd be up for Co-GM-ing, though I have one suggestion:

    How about adding some kind of downside to being a woman? Since their genetic makeup has been altered so extremely that it doesn't even interact with basic physics properly, perhaps they have a high chance of sustaining a gene-related disease like Cystic Fibrosis? Since most of the women died, then a heightened chance of gene diseases could explain that, and would also allow it to apply to any newborn females.
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  6. I like your idea, to be honest i didn't think of there really being a downside to being a woman in this universe. I figured the need for males to fight for them and breed with would be enough. But yeah that would include another element in the need for males.

    Also if you don't mind my asking how often are you on? I would love to have you as a co-GM but i would need you to be somewhat active.
  7. Why would I mind you asking? I'm usually online from 5 to 11PM GMT and from 6 to 7:30AM. On saturday I'm online from about 2PM until 11PM, and Sunday I'm online from 6AM to 11PM (excluding when people make me go outside and do things). Obviously that's not all the time, I usually check every 15 minutes or so, 5 minutes if there's a particularly active thread. Oh, and on monday IE today, I'm not online between 6PM and 7:30PM.
  8. Wow ok so you pass the active enough test. Lol. Ok first things first we should work on getting more interest.
  9. Thank you all for your interest in this rp I would like to have at least 3 of each gender before I put up the ooc.
  10. Getting interest isn't much of a strong point of mine :D All I can think of is making a roleplay banner - another of my weak points :D I'm better at coming up with setting details and making them integrate neatly into the preexisting setting without too many plot holes.
  11. ok I'll let you handle that. See if you can come up with a proper setting for when the two sides first meet. I'll work on a banner although it might take me some time. I do know how to do it, although i am a spoiled artist i only work when i feel like it.
  12. Hah you and me both :D There's no monetary motivation involved either so theres often a case of "I can't be assed writing an entire paragraph here I'm going to do 2 lines and ignore describing the surroundings."
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  13. What if you made the sign-up/OOC page to attract interest I'm sure there are a lot of members who look there first when trying to find new RP's to join.....just a suggestion
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  14. that's true, I often forget about the interest check subforum
  15. ok sounds good. Karakui and I will hammer out the details and post it as soon as possible keep posted to find out.
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  16. finished the banner.

    banner lend me your strength.jpg
  17. Looks good.
  18. Gonna try to put up the sign ups by the end of the week
  19. sending out pm's to those who expressed interest earlier.
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