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    Everyone remembers the Meteor that hit 17 years ago, it practically wiped out all of existance. After the meteor the world changed. Some, mostly women would say it changed for the better. That meteor was no ordinary piece of space rock it was in fact chalked full of radiation and when it hit the earths core it sent out a shock wave that changed everyone's chemical make up. Women were hit the hardest most of them died, however the ones that survived were able to do amazing things. Some women could create elements, others could control plants, animals, and some women could do the impossible. Men on the other hand seemed to be unaffected, that is until they received a kiss from a female. It seemed as though the males would receive the females gifts through kissing (DNA exchange). Not only could the males receive the gift but they can also amplify the power, pushing the gift to the extreme, although they couldn't control it. After several years of trial and error a new device was invented to help the males control the power they received from the women, however there was a side affect. The males that used this device which was later known as "the leash" were completely under the females control, it was as if their free will was taken and they were just a puppet for the females to use however they saw fit.

    Since the meteor wrecked the entire planet only bits and pieces were usable. This sudden change to the land mass had people scrambling around to get on a nice piece of property so they could continue to survive. The women realized that talk was getting them no where and suddenly started settling things with their new found abilities, they would capture males force a "leash" on them and use them to fight for them. This started a war that is still going on today, Women continue to fight over better pieces of land all while using their male puppets to do the dirty work for them. Men finally had enough and fled the cities and hid underground, there they would avoid women at all cost praying to whatever god will listen to keep them safe.

    Women realized they needed men, some for war, some for manual labor and some they used for breeding. Men were looked upon as mere tools at this point, to be used to serve their female masters then thrown out as soon as they outlived their purpose. Please private message me the code word boys vs. girls so i can verify you read the history lesson. A few pockets of resistance popped up, men that still had some fight left in them started attacking female bases. This only angered the female overlords as they put together hunting parties to collect every male in their territory, and that is where our story starts.

    Where to start

    Boys - You are stationed in the rebel base camp approxiamately 3 miles away from the enemy base, your base is mostly underground, that has been dug out for generations thanks to the men before you that wanted to live a free life without women oppresion. You are on your way to Camp's Leader, Assaragi, Kei,'s quarters. On the way you will visit the armory, where you have stored all of your weaponry and body armor, you will then say good bye to any loved ones before heading to the evenings briefing.

    Girls - you have just arrived on base and as you are being given a tour a senior soldier returns with a man beaten and bloody. she says she has just beaten the location of the enemy base out of him. Your General orders you all to go with the sole mission of capturing a male to increase your potential. You are given a leash for capturing men, once you hold them down and place this over their neck you will own him.

    Each side is about to clash for the first time, Fight hard for you will not just lose the day but your life.

    you may post
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    As the leader of the rebel alliance Kei had alot on his mind, where to strike next, how to keep the men at his camp safe, where their next shipment of weapons will come from and finally what happened to the missing scout he sent out 4 days ago. Kei sighed heavily "he's most likely been captured. I know my men are strong but the body can only hold out for so long, plus they have women there who could rip the information from his mind if they wanted." Kei went to the door and swung it open. "they have 10 mins to get here, anything longer than that and i'll consider them out of this suicide mission."

    The other men were hard at work in their own areas of specialty. there were the hunters that would travel at night and bring back whatever food they could find. There were the cooks who would turn the mutated animals into something edible. the weapons smiths who have really come along way crafting swords, knives, armor, shields any thing the watchmen or the Thorns needed. Thorns, named after the popular expression a thorn in my side. it was the perfect way to explain what they were, they would sabotage bridges the women used for trading, poison their meat supply, ambush caravans, anything they do to cause them even a light bit of discomfort. They knew that they weren't strong enough to kill them, after all how does a mortal kill a being so close to becoming a God.

    The sun had already began to set, it was close to the perfect time to go look for their lost comrade. Kei hoped with all his might that they would find him in some mutated birds giant nest, bones picked clean by their 5 foot chicks. He knew if those damn women got ahold of him it was over they would have to run, and give up this rebel base given to them through the sacrafice of their fathers. Kei drew his dagger. "damnit dad, you lucky son of a bitch. Your gone now, none of this shit will bother you again while your drunk off your ass in heaven." Kei sheathed his dagger and continued to wait. "nine minuets."
  3. Sasori Hetake sighed as he polished his knives by the armory. Most of these men had never tasted the life of a collared. That was what he called the enslaved men under the female regime. He was only here on temporary duty and planned to be far from here in case some patrol or legion decided to crash the party. He'd been under that life once and never wanted to taste it again. Females rarely let you have a say in what you ate, where you slept, how you were treated or how shitty of a life you had as long as theirs was grand and prosperous.

    Needless to say, he lucked out the last time. Collars were already damn uncomfortable and no fashion sense whatsoever so he was glad to be rid of it the last time. He would fight till near death or likely try to get away before he got captured. He never wanted to go through that again. The entire system they had for that was weird....
    He noticed a few of the soldiers running from side to side, some of them arming themselves. "We can't be under attack. There'd be more screaming..more blood and more giggling. What the hell is going on?"

    Sheathing his polished butterfly knives, a rare and unique weapon in its own right, he stood up and decided to figure out what was going on. Be better than sitting there all night. Suppose I better go find this Kei...sounds like he's running this whole operation. Walking in the same direction as many of the other soldiers, he started to make his way to the commanders tent.
  4. Alex arrived on base with the other girls. Her mind wondered as she looked at all the other girls with physique to fit their family names, "Five minutes here and i already don't belong.." she sighed feeling out of place in her cargo shorts and black tee-shirt. It was obvious that she had worked in field with her tan freckled skin practically glowing from the rest of the girls palish skin tone. The only reason why she had came was because her mother had forced her to go and make a name for their family other than the farmers title they had shared since the beginning of the family crest. Though she had never enjoyed the game everyone played with always trying to fancy their family name. Sighing she walked further into camp to see what all it holds.

    All around her their was talk of fighting the rebellion and using the men to do this or that. Overall she was confused as to what they had meant due to the fact she was never told of what men really were or what they could do. Her mother had always sheltered her from society and raised her into the tomboyish girl she was today. Moments later someone had appeared with a lech and collar telling Alex orders, "Alex you will be assigned to capturing Kei he is the leader of the rebellion and needs to be taken down as soon as possible." the women instructed giving her the lech, "Once you put this around his neck you will have control over him and then bring him in." she growled with a wicked smile. Before Alex could ask her what she meant by anything she just said she saw a man beaten and bloodied. Instantly she felt her heart melt, "what happen to him.." she asked. When the general just laughed and teased her about caring for the toys she had never wanted to hit someone as bad as she did now. The general continued to the other girls giving them all different leches and collars for their own men and was sent on their way. All Alex knew was she didn't like one bit of what was going on, or going to happen.
  5. Ayaka Kaikami

    After the tour of the base, Ayaka stood with the other 2 girls, wondering what their abilities could be. One looked to be of a similar class to her own, while the other was evidently some kind of farmer. There was nothing to give away their ability type though. Just then, a woman in her late 40s appeared, and handed each of them one of the Male-human capture devices. "It's like real life pokemon! Kind of" she muttered. The general then continued to issue some orders. "We have found traces of a male resistance group in the forest to the east of town. They are mainly children and the elderly, so you should have no problem taking them down. These men have recently been kidnapping our children, of both genders, and we've had enough. Your primary objective is to eliminate them and rescue the hostages they are holding. You should take the opportunity to capture one for yourself too, but prioritise your own safety over completion of the mission. Try not to fall into any traps. Ayaka Kaikami." The woman turned to face the girl. "You will be the leader of this mission. It shouldn't be difficult so we expect perfect results from a member of the Kaikami household."


  6. [​IMG]
    Wearing her favorite dark dress, Alanea walked gracefully following the tour leader who was explaining about her new base. It was quiet nice, enough to please Alanea's taste. She always wanted to come here, training her skill and finding the perfect 'leash' to aid her just like her mother. She would show the world the power of Mitch family. Her mind was wandering before something caught her attention. Her senior, she assumed, returned with a man who was beaten badly. Alanea could see his fresh red blood covered all of his body. It wasn't a pleasant sight, but Alanea realized that she too would brought back beaten man with her. She scoffed, giving him a small smile as she continued to follow the tour.

    The group suddenly stopped, the tour had already ended. Stretching her slender body, Alanea took a glance to her surrounding, to her future allies, two other women with power just like her. However, Alanea didn't wish to create any close bond with any of these women. For mission, she would befriend with them, but for personality life, she would think twice. Alanea gave a faint smile to each of the women, giving a nice first impression for allies was always a good step.

    As the tour leader left, another woman entered referred herself as The General and talked about the first mission. Crossing her arms, Alanea nodded as The General told her the mission which was to capture a man to be her leash. She held the leash with her right hand, squeezed it tightly as her lips curled a wicked smile. Her first mission was easy, Alanea could pick any men she wanted, her power could beat him down in no time. There was no specific place appointed to her, The General gave her total freedom to choose where to get her leash. Alanea bowed as thank you and off to the nearest city she could reach.
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  7. When the general left all Alex coud do is think of the beaten man and look down at the thing in her hand, wondering how many more would be just like him. She looked over to the other girls one had an amused look well they other held a wicked smile that made her feel sick. Stuffing the thing deep in her pockets Alex rolled her head on her shoulders then asked to no one in particular, "what'd the men ever do to deserve this.." her voice was soft but appearently someone heard cause she could feel eyes on her, and it wasnt the friendly stare from what alex could feel from the forming tension in the air.
  8. Xavier had been wandering around for two weeks. He had survived off of scraps on food he had found, nuts and berries. It wasn't a good life but it was better than being a slave to those damn women. He had heard rumors of a camp of men that fought against the women and he was pretty sure at one point in time he had been forced to fight against them. He couldn't be sure though since once the woman he was bonded to told him to do something his mind went blank.

    That bond was severed though, he hoped he would never again have to be bond to a woman like he had for so long. As he walked he noticed a building, afraid he had stumbled across a woman's camp he hid. Looking he saw a man, and then another, and then another and he knew that this was the fabled resistance he had heard about!

    Running forward he waved his arms in the air trying to get their attention. Once the guards saw his they brought him inside and told him to follow the other men. He wasn't sure if they knew he wasn't part of their group but decided not to say anything incase they tried to kick him out for some reason.

    As he followed the other men he couldn't help but grin. He was finally safe, he was finally with other men who wouldn't wnslave hin like the woman had. He was led to an armory and men were grabbing weapons left and right. He decided on leaving his old knife here and taking a new one.

    Finally he came to a room where all the other men were huddled together. There was a man in the center, a little older than him which he assumed was their leader, or at least a high ranking officer. He would have to speak with this male once this meeting was over to let him know he wanted to join these men, although it looked like he was already a part since none of the other men looked at him like he was an outcast.
  9. Kei grew restless as time went on, he paced back and forth. He starred out his window watching hordes of men march into the great hall. Kei saw everyone's face and recalled fun times with them, memorable times with them. These men weren't just his fellow rebels but they were his family, his friends, his special people. Kei walked along the crowd, the men shouting in their aproval of Kei's plan. That's when Kei saw him a small boy armed with a wooden sword.

    Kei walked up to him and knocked him on the head. "what are you doing young man?" the boy covered his head and rubbed it while muttering a few curse words. Kei picked up the boy and tucked him under his arm like a football. As the boy struggled he pleaded with Kei begging him to let him fight. Kei turned and faced the men, "look at this these are the strongest men in the world, they are willing to give their lives so that you can go outside and play, live without worries that is why we fight." Kei faced the men "what say you men!!' the men threw their arms in the air and yelled. "now go play, kid."

    Kei smiled and closed the doors to the great hall. Kei walked up to the podium and roared "one of ours is missing!!! i need a hunting party, i admire all of your eagerness to go, but i need most of you all to stay, to continue to live, to continue to be free." The crowd roared in agreement. "so i will ask for a few men to come with me." the hall grew silent then whispers started to arise. "that's right, i am going. i can't let you all put your lives at steak while i sit by and watch."
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  10. Alex grew tired of being surrounded by a bunch of people she didnt know she turned to her mission leader, "im going outside to go get a better intake of where im at." She explained and added, "ill stay in shouting distance." Then walked outside the base getting away from the commotion and girls.

    About a mile later she could hear the faint sound of a cheer, "I wonder what that could be.." she muttered and started walking twords the cheer not knowing it was the rebel base. All the time she couldn't help but think about the bloody man and how all the women laughed at him, "its not fucking fair!" She yelled in frustration not caring who could hear she even grabbed a rock and threw it. Looking back at the way she came she noticed how far away she was, "maybe if I run away they'll just send a letter home saying I went MIA.." she grumbled and dug out the leash from her pocket, "why do we even need to control them cant they just do what they do well being asked.." she mumbled and grew angery again and almost threw the leash before realizing she could get in trouble for it though she really just wanted to burn the thing... before to long she was bout two miles from the base.
  11. As much as Sasori felt for the lost member of the rebels, this had nothing to do with him. He knew they were talking about rebelling against the females and that they were supposedly close by. That alone sort of set him on edge and, no offense to them, he was not the pure rebel that he should be. He was content sneaking around and surviving day to day without owing his life to some chicks collar and whim.
    Slipping in between the calls of volunteers and exiting the tent, he sighed at the cool air. Better walk it off. Best not be there right now..bunch of hotheads!

    As he crossed the edge of camp, he made sure to keep the sounds and dim lights of the camps members and fire at least within eye or earshot so he didn't lose his way. Much as he didn't really fit in there, they had shelter and food. Something scarce for men these days. He stayed for that at least, maybe he could donate some of his prowess to them when it came to it.
    It was then he heard scuffling along the grass and he ducked into the darkness of a tree, the moonlight shading him from sight as a figure entered the clearing.

    It was a female! He knew it from the voice saying it wasn't fair. She even threw like a woman, though he would never say that out loud. As she turned her back to him, he noticed she was heading to camp. A scout? Are they trying to find them? He stepped out of the shadows, his hand arching behind him revealing it to hold one of his curved butterfly knives.
    He spoke just loud enough for her to hear, but not to shout and alert anyone nearby..friend or foe. She was only about 7 or 8 steps away from him.

    "You turn around or scream female and you die. Tell me what you're doing here. Speak only loud enough for me to hear. Are you a scout?"
  12. Alex jumped and threw the leash at his voice being that was the only thing in her hand, thankfully she hard it hit a tree instead of the boy. She sighed and spoke, "im not a spy for anything, im a famer who is being foced into the war, my name is Alex and honestly if you're gonna threaten me next time pick someone who actually wants to fit you." She stated and dug her hands into her pokets, even her stance was like a guys, "oh and maybe try someone who can fight back being I dont have any weapons on me. You can even search me if you want I dont know how to control men nor do I want to." She added rolling her head on her shoulders and popped her neck.
  13. Doesn't want to fight? No weapons? Even threw the leash connecting the makeshift collar away? This is kind of bizarre. He stayed near the edges of the darkened forest as to not give too much about him away as he slowly circled in front of her. She could now see him. He wore dark colored clothes and even his face was hidden from sight. He still managed to speak clearly, through months of practice doing so. the glint of moonlight off is weapon was all the proof she needed that he, unlike her, was armed.

    "So you don't want to fight? Don't want to control men? That's a first I've ever heard. Fine, I guess I should search you..Alex. Don't try anything funny or I will have to kill you...which would be kind of shameful considering how peaceful you've been so far." Alex sounded like a guys name. Was this actually a guy in disguise? What if it wasn't? What exactly was he going to do to her? Strip her to prove it? What then? Bring her back to a camp full of female hating warriors? Yea, there was a bright idea.

    He started to walk forward, keeping his hand prone at his side to use at a moments notice. She now had a full view of him and his main feature, his darkened silverish hair. He grabbed the leash along the way, holding it in his opposite hand. "Keep your hands in your pockets if you please. It will make me trust you a little more that you won't try anything." As he got up to her, he sheathed his blade and started to pat her down, feeling her up and down to make sure she wasn't lying and keeping a close eye on her.

    Huh...look at that. No weapons. Color me surprised. As he stood, he tossed the leash back at her. "Still have to explain that though. You have a choice...came with as a prisoner or run. If you run, I guess then what happens happens. If you stay a prisoner, I'll use that leash as a restraint for your hands and I'll bring you to camp. See what the leader wants to do with you...it's your choice." He didn't know why he was being lenient with her. Maybe it was because she didn't seem threatening. Then again, that could be part of her magic. He'd heard stories of women who could charm an island from someone, just with a bat of an eye.
    Still, she had told him the truth. No weapons, no aggressive remarks or movements, and no help or even calls for it. Now all that was left was for her to choose.
  14. Alex laughed a little when he patted her down and shrugged at her choices, "well considering I dont belong at the base I might as well go with you." She said casually not realizing the danger she was in and smiled. Then seeing the man she remembered the beaten man back at her camp and looked down, "after all why would I go back to a place where they beat men and laugh at them... if thats what it means to be a girl then I want nothing to do with it." She growled getting frustrated and kicked a rock at a tree in anger since she couldn't use her hands.
  15. When she stated that she'd rather go with him, to say he was shocked would be about accurate. She wanted to go to a camp full of women haters since she didn't fit in around women? This is getting very weird. Shrugging, he tied up her hands witht the leash as he listened to her speak of the men back at camp, beaten and laughed at. Could that be the man Kei was looking for?
    "Guess then you could count this as a taste of your peoples medicine huh? A personal feeling of what we all go through?" His eyes held a mild spark of anger, but it faded just as fast.
    Just before he ushered her to move, she kicked a rock at a tree. She definitely seemed to not like the whole dominating lifestyle, which was different from most women.

    "Come on...." He gave her a small shove in the direction of their camp, walking behind her as he spoke. "You're a strange woman. Letting the enemy capture you willingly, not a single weapon on you, no powers from what you've shown me and yet you say you basically hate women." He did not trust her, not any more than he could throw her. She had done him courtesy by being honest, but the memories refused to budge away his conditioned feelings towards them.

    As the reached the hill outside the treeline of camp, he grabbed her shoulder and stopped her. "You're waiting here." He went to the edge of the forest and whistled, catching the attention of a border guard. "If the leader hasn't left yet, can you tell him that one of his members has a prisoner to bring in? Keep it quiet too....ok?"
    The guard went wide eyed as he rushed back to camp, eager to share the news with Kei. Sasori sighed as he sat in the grass across from her, his eyes completely focused on her.
    "Now we wait and see what happens to you."
  16. Alex mumbled, "my mom said that I should of been born a man with the way I act and as for powers I can control fire but not very well im just now learning." She smiled at him then added as they reached the tree line, "honestly if it means getting beaten and punished for being a girl i dont blame them I saw the way girls acted at the camp it was horrible I wish they would be kinder and get off their high horse and realized that they're not as powerful as they think." She ranted

  17. [​IMG]
    The sound of Alanea's heels echoed as she made her way to the exit. Her long dress sweep the floor, making the sight of her leaving more graciously. Alanea turned her head to her right and left, checking her surrounding before she decided where to go. List of cities gathered in her mind, but information about the rebel base tickled her to explore that place. There would be plenty of strong men there, she assumed. Playing with dark energy on her right hand, she set her foot to break in the rebel base, a good place to train her skill.

    After walked for almost one hour with several times taking a break to catche her breath and wipe her sweat, Alanea finally stopped walking and looked around her. It was dark as the moon hid itself within the clouds, preventing its light from shining the night. From afar, finally she saw a dim light. Squinting her eyes, Alanea tried to make a better look. It might turned out to be the rebel base or just ordinary camp. She walked slowly, minimizing the sound of bushes and grasses she crossed. When she was sure that she was close enough, Alanea hid behind the tree and gathered information as many as she could. It was quiet, only several men standing and walking around which must be the night guard, "It must be the rebel base, I'm sure," She could just walk in and attacked them with her power, but she shouldn't haste for she was outnumbered. At least, she must waited another women to come since join forces would be more profitable for her.
  18. Kei was in the middle of selecting his scouting party when a watchmen rushed in. "I beg your pardon Sir." He quickly ran up to Kei and started whispering in his ear. As the guard spoke Kei's eyes widened, he knew this was odd, they would never take prisoners unless it was a woman. Kei smiled, "it seems as though something has come up, for now disband and return to your duties." The men groaned but did as they were told.

    Kei ran with the guard to the border that's when he saw Sasori. He got closer and smelt a vague aroma of perfume. He was angry he knew the types of powers women had, she could be broadcasting their location as we speak. He walked to Sasori, "clench your teeth." Kei punched Sasori in the stomach. He used 60% of his strength so it was just enough to knock him to the ground.

    "Watchmen, leave this area." Kei knelt down by Sasori. "Sasori, you have yet to do anything for this camp and when you finally get off your ass you endanger the whole group." Kei raised his hand in anger as if to strike again but held back. "Show me your prisoner." Kei drew his knife.
  19. Sasori sat there until he heard footsteps leading from the camp towards his location and he got up to head down and meet them. Kei looked pissed, whether that was from him wandering off or knowing there was a female prisoner he could not tell but he got his answer when Kei launched his fist into his gut. With a small groan, he fell to his knees. The hell was that for!? He heard Kei reprimand him for not doing anything and when he finally did, he could have endangered them all.
    "Life is dangerous Kei." He coughed a bit as he knelt there. "No matter what we do, it's a risk so don't spout that righteous crap at me." He lifted his head as Kei's fist raised up to strike again and if he did, this time Sasori would fight back.

    He didn't mind tagging along with this ragabond group, but he wasn't going to just take abuse. When Kei rethought his attack and asked to see the prisoner, Sasori was grateful for it and he stood. "She's in the treeline there. Do what you want to her...she's not a risk. I'm heading back to camp." Walking past Kei, Sasori had made up his mind.
    He was going to leave the camp. It was time and he was better on his own anyway. Easier to sneak past patrols and not so obvious to be caught when you're alone. He'd grab some supplies from the campsite and then ditch before light came.

    He wasn't like the rest of these guys. Sure he had loathing for women and how they treated his kind, but what was the point of fighting and dying over it when you could play the stealth game and just survive alongside them without them even knowing? That was how he did it all these years and he'd become rather good at it. Still, now Kei had his small little band of rebels, the female had her freedom..for whatever that was worth, and he could move on to the next adventure.
  20. Kei reached grabbing Sasori by his collar. He spun him to face him and tossed the knife at Sasori's feet. "I'm not cleaning up your mistake, you need to see this through. There are hundreds of men and Boys here I'm not gonna put them in danger all because you lack the spine." Kei stepped to the side and picked up his knife. "Now show me where she is."
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