Leionas: City Born of Dragon

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    Leionas: City Born of Dragon
    Leionas, unofficial capital to the world. Leionas, market centre of trade and export. Leionas, peaceful, prosperous, home. Leionas, the start to the end of magic as the world knows it. No one knows it, but it's happening, magic is changing.

    For hundreds of years magic has been a reality. The revolt, destruction, and hesitation is over. Nearly 99% of the world can do magic, and those who can't usually die before they're even five. It's commonplace, a peice of society that has woven itself into everything. School, religion, family, politics, games, sports, hunting, growing, even technology is slowly 'bastardizing' itself with the ebbs and flows of magic.

    It was a wonderful thing, sparking insight and creativity. It created unity, and question. WHy was there magic, and how? How had magic become a part of them, and if it had already been a part of them, what sparked it? To answer these questions, people turned to religion. The Dresiden were born, mainly out of fear, and rejected the magic. At first it was the majority, based off of a bastardization of the peaceful Christian religion. They feared magic, and distrusted anyone who used it. It was a religion based off hate, and fear. However, magic was neither violent nor optional- it was needed. With that and the isolation of the religion, it slowly became a much disliked extremist religion. Now in the modern day, the Dresiden are clique like isolationists. They don't involve themselves in politics or anything else, they set up their church wherever they are and usually stick to living all in the same area. The primary religion changed, Wicciah's took over and their peaceful religion with a deity of non-gender origin. This deity meant neither peace nor harm, and the Wicciah people's primary focus was not to worship it. It is a peaceful religion, that has most of the population today. Though the churches across cities and towns are not connected, they all have the same general system of hierarchy set up. They are run by the mages of the church, people who dedicate themselves to the religion and to magic, as it is a way to be closer with the Deity and each other.

    Mages are classified in classes 1-3, 1 being the most powerful. In Leionas, you go through 4 years of training after you come of age to be an official mage- meaning the youngest you can be as a class 3 mage is 20. From then you grow in class by merit. It is more difficult to move up the closer you get to class 1. A class 3 mage is of average strength and extraordinary training and is usually the age group of 20-46. A class 2 mage is of extra strength and a dedicated life of training, they are usually of age group 29-60. A class 1 mage is the most powerful at magic and the most knowledgeable as well. There are many tests to pass in order to become a class 1 mage and there are only about 20 or less in the entire Wicciah church. They are formidable, and your character (if you choose to be one of the ‘special’ people) has more raw power than them. However, you will not know more than them and their training makes them more skilled than you. This age group is from about 50 up. Class 1 mages have the highest rank to pull when meeting about how to run the church.

    It was 4067, when finally the world was calming down from the initial havoc that magic spread through the world. Population still easily at an 8th of what it once was, humans no longer feared extinction. Leionas wasn't born but Evah was- a small church town with around 30 happy families. It was attacked, violently, by a large dragon. The result was disastrous, though the mages of the Wicciah church fought as hard as they could. The dragon was eventually defeated, in a ferocious final blow by the mages that the Church would forever refer to as an act of god, the dragon died. However, the great beast wasn't defeated until after it had destroyed the town and many of its inhabitants. The citizens of Evah were devastated, and strong. They named their new home Leionas, as that was the spell they used to destroy the dragon.

    They moved, going down to the beach and making a marketing town. The placement of the city couldn't be better, woods to the North-West, great farming to the South-West, and the ocean to the East, serving as the Eastern border to the city. The 4070's were a time of travel boom, and being refugees and travelers themselves, Leionas became the home and refuge to those who had been nomadic for centuries. Their name traveled, and while governments were independent to small cities and towns, Leionas became the unofficial capital of the world. Even now, people will travel for months at a time with the hope of reaching the haven of Leionas.

    As far as the people of Leionas, they are a strong and large mixing bowl of cultures in a city where infrasture, re-birthed technology, and religion have returned.

    Leionas is a leader in infrastructure, having one of the only walled in cities of the world. With a government, military, and education system this city thrives and only grows day by day. The government provides many resources for the community, a large library, organized city market weeks every three months for trade, and much more. Ruled overall by 6 elected officials that serve one year terms, the citizens of Leionas have the stability of a well developed system of ruling as well as a protective military. The 6 representatives are:
    1. Mage Representative: This is the person who represents the Wicciah Church influence on the government, their goal is to represent the Wicciah people and this person is a mage.
    2. Miliatry Representative: This is the head of the military. Their focus is on keeping the city safe.
    3. Trade Representative: Their focus is controlling and conducting the trade in the city. They set up taxes and such on the imported goods and are in charge of making the trading weeks go smoothly.
    4. Education Representative: This is the person in charge of all schools that are government run, which is all but the schools within the Dresiden and Wicciah church. Their focus is on education.
    5. Engineering Representative: This is a representative who works to keep the city running. They are in charge of keeping the city maintained and the power/water/etc. running. They work with the government magicians closely.
    6. Citizen Representative: This representative is there solely for the focus of quality of life for the citizens and even though they have the same amount of voting power, they run the meetings and are viewed much like a city leader.
    The positions of these jobs are currently filled by the following people
    1. Mage Representative: John Touche, a 59 year old Class 1 mage
    2. Military Representative: Jamie Williamson, 27 (Reserved: @Ace)
    3. Trade Representative: David Treck, 45
    4. Education Representative: Suzie Jackmonson, 24
    5. Engineering Representative: Jesse Allweather, 33
    6. Citizen Representative, Chair Leader: James Touche, 32, (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    OOC Note (open)
    Anyone in this that doesn't have a person's @user next to them they are open to be taken. If you want one of them it is imperative that you keep track of everything that they've said and done so far. Other than that, post on the OOC, and make them your own! :)

    It's morning Saturday, August 12, 5082. In the past years everyone has agreed, Athiest, Dresiden, and Wicciah alike that something is changing. Where the Dresiden believe that years of magic and corruption will bring an end to the world, the Wicciah aren't sure of anything, except that change is coming. Athiests merely believe that, like the time when magic came, it is possible that an earth shattering change could be coming. Overall, with the exception of the Dresiden, the community is not worried. Many people around the world, all making their way to Leionas (either for the safety, community, or some other reason, they're all drawn to Leionas), had extraordinary amounts of powers. Few have thought much of it, and few have impressed anyone with it. Mostly, it's gone unnoticed. Magic is changing, but into what?

    OOC *MUST READ* (open)

    Welcome everyone! The story and adventure begins now, aren't we all excited? If you found this and are interested, please, check out the OOC and submit a character sheet. For everyone who's on her, let's begin! Every once and a while I'll post a where we are, and I'll keep posting the date at the top of all of my replies.

    Current Character Sheet: Full Character Sheets (ALL)
    • Ethan Ralston, 16, Nurse: Training to be a Doctor (@SereneDeity)
    • Rist Shiromori, 22, Military Personnel (@MissChoco)
    • Mary Adams, 23, Researcher at Library, Specialization: Dragons and Magical History (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    • James Touche, 32, Citizen Representative (Elected Official) (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    • Alex Arc, 20, Shop Owner, (@MissChoco)
    • Jamie Williamson, 27, Military Representative (Elected Official), (@Ace)

    RULES Updated *MUST READ* (open)

    1. This is going to be an involved role play! Please keep that in mind when you sign up. If you do not post for a week without letting me know we will kill off your character or otherwise send them away. If you're going to be gone for a while I will work with you to get your character somewhere so that you're not slowing down the role play and won't miss out.
    2. No one liners!
    3. Romance is allowed and encouraged in this role play, it works in with my plot on the magic so it's something you're more than welcome to do but if you're going to get all steamy sex scene-y then put that part in a disclaimer and write so that people don't need to read the sex scenes if they don't want. Also, plan with your fellow role play-er- no rape is going to happen in this plot.
    4. I'm going to lead the plot, if you want in on the plot I have planned let me know.
    5. Be realistic, there is infrastructure and power but technology doesn't really include cell phones or internet. It's a steampunk-y vibe. Stoves are generally worked by magic as they don't connect to anything. Phone lines are used frequently, however, and they stay with the house they are at.
    6. Obviously, follow Iwaku's rules.
    7. If you read these, somehow involve your characters favorite color into the initial post.
    8. When you're replying to someone, use the quote feature in Iwaku. It makes it easy to keep track of conversation.
    9. Also use the @user feature frequently, if we all do this right it'll be easy to keep track of during.
    10. When elections come, I'm going to actually have everyone vote on who wins. Get excited, and if anyone feels like running for office, elections are November 12th and the only requirement is that you have finished primary school and are at least 16.
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  2. Morning Saturday, August 12, 5082

    "Mary?" A kind and amused voice woke Mary from her rest, in the library. "Mary," The voice chuckled as she slowly woke up, "It's not like you have a deadline, why do you stay here so late?"

    Mary sighed, attempting to run her hands through her brown knotted hair. Her large brown eyes droopy and tired, she tried to explain it. "I was researching," She said. "If I keep up at it-"

    "No, no no no," The voice said, "get out of here Mary."

    "Suze," Mary said to her best friend. They were both 23, they'd been friends since almost birth. Same classes in primary school and a shared apartment in Lawrenceville while they received their higher education. They knew everything about each other, close like sorority sisters. Mary and Susan even looked alike, their faces the same size, their hair the same big, long, and banged manner. There were differences though, Susan didn't have large brown eyes but blue, and no dark brown hair but blonde. "C'mon, just, one more hour."

    "And another and another- you researched through graduation!" Suze said, pulling her friend away from the books. "I'm not letting that happen today."

    "Oh what's so important about today?" Mary asked, snapping her fingers like the nothing it was to pack up her things. Suzie smiled lightly, looking at her drool and sleep painted friend.

    "Today is the day that you get a date!" Suzie said, her usual peppy self. She'd always been that way, happy go lucky and giggly.

    "Oh really now?" Mary asked, her messenger bag hanging off of her right shoulder as her friend shoved her out, and right into Suze's older brother, the Citizen Representative James Touche.

    "Hey Jamie," Susan said, "Sorry, I have to go doll her up for date night."

    "U-hu...." James said, his long chestnut hair framing his large face, on his large body. He was easily 6'6" and towered over everyone, but he never looked down on them. He was wearing a crisp blue shirt that day, his favorite color, on his favorite day. He liked Saturdays, they were productive in their own right. Not because anyone had to, sans the shop owners that was, but because people chose to do the things they considered important in what was commonly the only free day they had all week.

    He looked at his little sister and her best friend, a researcher in the library they were leaving. He'd known Mary almost as long as he'd known his own little sister.

    "Well," He said. "Have fun."

    "Will do," She said. "Can't have Mary here working her whole week away. I'm not even going to bother to tell you not to work your happy away."

    James laughed as the two left and finished walking to his office. He had a lot of work he wanted to get done, and his office was the best place he knew to get work done. He was currently working with the planning committee and the rest of the upper circle to plan a government dance as a fundraiser for the orphanage run out of the Wicciah church. He imagined that that was why Susan wanted to get Mary a date so bad.
  3. Morning Saturday, August 12, 5082

    "Steady, Ethan. Steady..."

    Ethan concentrated, and poured a steady flow of magic out of his hand and into the potato, cut in half. He was supposed to use magic to make this potato merge back together completely, like stitching a wound, only more accurate. He was doing this so that he could improve at healing magic.

    Ethan's hand glowed with a yellow light. He closed his eyes, and placed his hand so that it touched both halves of the potato. He could feel the genetic makeup, he could feel the nutrients, and was starting to form an image in his mind of what the whole potato would look like. It was yellow, which just happened to be Ethan's favorite color. Ethan was ready. He took a deep breath, and after steadying his hand, started the merging.

    The halves of the potato started to glow, and slowly moved closer together. The halves touched together, and the middle started to glow immensely bright. He was going to finally do it, he was going to do it! The potato seemed ready to form together finally...

    But just then, the potato stopped glowing, and both sides started to violently shake. "Get down!" Ethan's teacher, Marco, yelled, before ducking himself. Ethan quickly got under the desk he was doing the experiment on, and just in time, too - as he ducked under the desk, there was a loud, high-pitched popping noise, and potato shrapnel flew everywhere. Ethan thought he heard a lamp shatter, but it might have been his imagination.

    After that incident was over, Ethan slowly crawled out from under the desk. Bits of potato were all over the walls and the floor of the small study in Marco's apartment, where Ethan was learning this. He had no idea that healing magic would be so volatile and dangerous - he thought it was just healing people, but apparently magic can make things... unstable. Ethan started to feel a little depressed - he had been reading a book on healing magic all of last night, and thought he was ready to step up to the task, but it appeared that he wasn't near ready.

    "I keep telling you, Ethan," Marco sighed, "You're channeling too much magic into the target at once. It has to be a steady flow, or else... well, this." Marco sighed deeper, gazing all around the room at the carnage, then noticed Ethan's rather dejected face."Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've never seen such a large reaction from a simple potato," Marco said somewhat cheerfully. "You must have been able to put a large amount of magical energy into that, which means you have plenty of potential."

    Marco grabbed a broom and a dustpan out of the closet nearby and started to sweep up the potato bits. "You'll be helping me clean this up later, but for now, I need you to get me a book from the library. Here's the name of the book." Marco scribbled down a name on a scrap of paper on his desk and handed it to Ethan. Ethan took the note, and walked out the door, reading the note. "Magical Applications of Forest Mushrooms..." Ethan muttered to himself. He had no idea on earth why Marco would want a book on mushrooms, but he decided not to question it, and started jogging down the street towards the library.
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  4. When Jamie woke up Saturday, August 12th, he had the subtle inclination to visit church. Jamie didn't exactly believe in foreboding, unless it was instinctual, but rarely did he wake up with the feeling. Always it came from a day of work, on his way home to his tiny apartment, a forethought in every sense of the word "casual". He always acted on it, of course, so it only made sense to act on it today.

    After getting out of bed and leaving his dusty room to the bathroom the size of a closet, if you could stuff a three-and-a-half- to four-foot shower space, toilet, and sink into a closet, he immediately began his day almost anew, because everything from then on was normal. His mind began swirling with thoughts of his job as water jetted from the shower head. He was probably in the shower for all of under ten minutes, then positioned himself at the sink, with a razor and shaving cream. His day had already become like all the others that he shaved without thinking. Before he knew it, he was blinking at himself in the mirror, suddenly realizing any over-night stubble was down the drain and out of sight. He ran a quick hand over his jaw, neck, and cheeks, just to make sure he didn't miss any patches.

    Satisfied, he left the bathroom and dressed, made himself a sort of fruity breakfast, complete with toast. He wore a thin long-sleeved shirt, partly because it was becoming fall and the air was beginning to chill. He also wore a pair of dark jeans and black shoes.

    Sometime during the day, just like every day, updates of information in all sorts of areas would fall into his hands. As Military Representative, he generally kept busy enough to be occupied. He was leaving his apartment complex and began walking in the direction of the closest Wicciah church, thinking that he would pop in for a session and... well, perhaps he'd go to the library. He'd think about that later, but he did know he was going to call Rose, Jamie's older sister, to accompany him at the government dance.

    Ever since he'd gotten the idea to invite her, he'd gotten that smile of someone imagining the result of such a good practical joke that the reaction is absolutely disastrous.
  5. Saturday, August 12th, 5082

    OOC (open)

    ((Since it's a little bit difficult to describe everything I might end up making for the Dresiden religion, why don't I just post first and you can decide if I need to severely change anything. Also, just a quick disclaimer. I am Christian and just wanted to say beforehand that this portrayal of the Dresiden religion in no way reflects my views on Christianity.))

    Lilica Mason woke at 6:00 am sharp to the cold light of the morning sun filtering through her window. It didn't require any prompting, that was just the time she'd woken up every day for nearly a decade. Before her morning meal, she offered up a prayer to the Lord. Even though she knew she had magic, she couldn't shake the beliefs and practices that had shaped her for the first half of her life. Pressing her hands together and closing her eyes, she prayed, as she did every day, that He would have mercy on her sinner's soul, and help cast away the demon that possessed her. She also prayed for the soul of her surrogate father, who had not been Dresiden and must therefore be suffering in hell.

    Finishing her meal, she exited her living quarters. Daniel Mason, the man whom she considered more father to her than her real parents had ever been, had been a man of simple means. The cabin they had once shared, now only her property, was a simple two-room affair with one bedroom and one combined kitchen and living room. Most of the furniture had been roughly made himself, and not all of it was completely stable. He had been a hunter, not a carpenter. Still, it was cozy and, most importantly, isolated. Standing atop the hill overlooking Hamilton Mill, on the border of the Northern Outskirts, the little house greeted the new day cheerfully, even as its mistress exited for another long day of hunting. Lilica breathed in the cool, fresh air and gave one last glance at the city below before setting out.

    She was already deep in the woods before it started, because it always started eventually. Yes, it always started with the fog. She saw the white mist creeping in through the corners of her vision, faster than she could run through the forest. Slow, but ominously unencumbered. She ran and ran, knowing, as she always did, that the demon would come and possess her again. And then the mist engulfed her, her hands began to glow as red as her hair, her favorite color. What would it make her do today? She stared at her hands, frozen stock still. Waiting. The fear built and built until it bubbled forth, little bursts of fire began to spit from her fingertips, though they were quickly smothered by the damp fog. Tears glistened in her eyes as she waited for it to be over, the fires turned different colors, changed their burst pattern, and then disappeared. Then, the fog disappeared suddenly, little drops of water falling on her head, rather like rain, but rain would never fall from a clear sky only over one person's head. The shadow of the trees seemed to elongate, change shape, whisper at her. She pressed her glowing palms to her temples and closed her eyes, breathing in and out slowly. The redhead opened her eyes again, and it was over. For now. Sometimes the sickness - the magic - came to her at different points during the day, if she wasn't careful, but the morning burst was over for now, and that in itself was some respite. Little was she aware that none of that would happen if she just learned to control it. She hefted her bow and quiver, checked her belt to make sure her hunting knife was still there, then began the hunt by checking the traps she had set up the night before.
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  6. OOC (open)
    @firejay1 I love what you're doing so far! The fear and such she has of the magic is great! :)

    (Also, try and do OOC in spoilers so the flow is clear, if you need to do OOC in this for some reason. Thanks.)

    Mary and Susan headed out of the library after running into James, Susan laughing at her friends expense.

    "You cannot possibly still have a crush on him," Suze said, not bothering to be quiet, as they walked out.

    "No," Mary said, exasperated. "Seriously, he has kids, that's a deal breaker, but he's the Citizen Representative, and and..."

    "Oh Deity," Suze said, "You've known him your whole life, and he's had this job for years, why do you care about the rep's now?"

    Mary shrugged and kept walking, it was a pretty day. The sun was out, the birds were singing, and other than a bit of rain she was overhearing about from the forest, it was a clear day. It was the type of day that made her even more proud of her city. She'd been born and raised here, and loved it. It was the type of place someone felt happy to be, and statistics boasting a 3% unemployment rate and almost no homelessness didn't lie. Free education, even secondary, was also a common occurrence.

    "Mary...?" Suze asked, as they had stopped walking while she'd gotten a cup of hot tea from a cart outside the library and now her friend was staring at a young adult. He had brown, messy hair and was maybe 17 by the looks of it. (@SereneDeity)

    Pulled out of her daze, Mary blinked repeatedly to realize she was staring at a boy quickly coming their way.

    In his office, James worked away. He called vendors, asking if they'd be willing to participate. After he'd gotten the food and such sorted, as well as an ad in the newspaper, radio, and at all schools, he decided it was time to call Jamie. As head of the military, he'd be a good guy to ask about security. He dialed his house phone first (@Ace), not knowing if he was home, in the office, or somewhere else. He hoped he was home or in his office at the Government Plaza- otherwise he wouldn't be able to get the phone. Because this was a strictly Citizen Rep project, the Military didn't need to help, but having Peacekeepers there was imperative to keeping everything calm and safe. Also, as area's like Lawrenceville would be empty for the dance, it would be smart to add some security there to prevent break ins.

    Then again, this wasn't his turf, Jamie would know better.
  7. OOC (open)
    Since the Christmas holidays are coming up and all, from 5 PM EST today I'll be visiting my dad's parents ^^ I probably won't be online after that today, but I'll be back tomorrow.

    Whenever he was in a church, Jamie was always reminded of the rising apprehension. People of all walks seemed to always be in search of answers, and Jamie couldn't blame them for looking to the church to provide them. He had spent a long time in this particular church, and as he grew older, figures and members of the church became less like teachers and more like friends, so he knew to some degree that they did not have any answers either.

    As he tried to make his away around a particular clot of people, he evaded his way into a quieter room, where quite a handful of people sat either with themselves or with one or two others, separated only by prayer. Jamie took a seat close to the door and closed his eyes. He didn't actively pray at home, and curiously enough, he did not pray much during church. He frequently sat in this quiet, comfortably personal room and spent his time in a relaxed state of peace. Jamie loved his job, he didn't care at all about the busy nature and occasional reorganizing, but more than once did he wonder if any of that would be possible without these visits.

    The sound of a pair of wings flapping rapidly sounded very close in the sudden quiet. Jamie opened his eyes to see a little bird with a note attached to its foot, perched on a chair next to him. It inched its way closer, and Jamie reached out to receive the note from the bird. On it was a simple scrawl, signed by his assistant, explaining that a call came in for him from James Touche. Jamie sent the bird away without a response and searched for the nearest mage, asking them politely if there was a phone he could use. They directed him to an area where a public phone could be used and he quickly dialed the number of James Touche, waiting patiently as it rang.
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  8. OOC (open)
    I feel like I'm a little late.... Sorry, I wasn't getting any alerts that people were posting here. Thankfully I checked back here in time. Just saying, I would've posted a reply earlier if my alerts didn't decide to mess up.

    August 12th

    "Alright, now calm and steady..." Rist slowly guided Alex's glowing, hot hand to in front of a beer bottle that was set up in a lonely area of the plaza. "Take that energy and imagine the magic flying towards the bottle in a quick yellow zap, shattering it into a million pieces of lonely glass. Don't get too carried away, just let the force hit what it needs to." Rist held onto Alex's arm, keeping it positioned towards the bottle.

    Alex tried to concentrate on his energy; he was never good at keeping his magic in control, no matter how badly he wanted to be in the military. That's why he recently asked Rist, who was a proud member of the military, to help him. Rist of course was reluctant at first, especially since practically everyone in the whole town could hear the commotion that Alex would make in his backyard when he would try to train by himself. But since standing around all day having to guard the government plaza could become quite dull, she happily decided to try to teach him. In fact, she always wanted to be a teacher, so teaching Alex could give her a chance to hone her teaching skills. It was a great idea that they could both mutually benefit from.

    Well, it was a great idea at first. Alex, focusing as hard as he could, imagined the bottle in his mind just as Rist instructed. However, as he recited what Rist said to do over and over in his head, the more his short attention started focusing on Rist. He wanted to make sure that Rist would be proud enough of him to teach him again tomorrow, and maybe he could become her official apprentice of some sort. The happiness of possibly having an official military teacher to get him into the military overwhelmed him, as he slowly lost control of his energy... and then all at once the beam he was focusing went haywire and zapped past the bottle at light speed, uncontrollably jetting into the sky and spiralling back down - all within less than a second - towards Rist.

    "Agh, you blabbering, bumbling idiot!" Rist fumbled back towards the ground using her hands to catch her fall as the beam was absorbed into the stone pavement. "I mean, uh..." Rist was never the one to shout or speak without thinking, in fact she never stopped speaking with authority even when she talked to her own parents. That was one of the habits she gained from joining the military. "It's not your best work, Alex." She grunted as she pushed herself up, dusting off her black leggings and tight, white vest.

    Alex stood with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open. "She's never going to teach me anything again! You really are an idiot!" Alex scolded himself. "I-I'm so s-sorry!" He stuttered. "That's why I asked you to help me because I'm terrible with fighting even if it was just a bottle and I don't know what to do on my own and so I don't have that great training you know so I didn't know how to concentrate-"

    "You can be quiet now." Rist blatantly said. "Don't worry, if my reflexes were any slower, then I would've died right there. So if it makes you feel any better, you have enough power to kill somebody."

    "No, that doesn't really help..." He mumbled to himself.

    "If a bottle can defeat you, then you're going to need more help on staying calm. Hey, you got most of your training from reading book after book, right?" Alex nodded quietly. "Then lets use that skill to find you some books that will teach you how to act in a heated situation, as well as give you some fighting techniques." Rist, who was still quite frazzled from almost being annihilated, started walking towards the library, not giving Alex any time to respond as he trotted obediently behind her, mumbling worries to himself.
  9. OOC (open)

    @Ace, yeah pagers don't really fit... However, they can use birds to transport mail and since it's in the city it's much faster- almost like email. Your secretary, if you have one, in the office would likely send you a message when James called your office. At that point you could ask to borrow the church phone, go to James directly, go to your phone, etc.

    Sorry to be so particular, but I just can't see a pager fitting in since they don't have any phone system beyond the basic.

    @MissChoco , no big, it's the holiday season (okay Christmas, so kind of singular) so everyone is busy. I'm happy you got on! :)
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  10. OOC (open)
    Not a problem! Honestly, I could have done something more creative, but I went with pager because that's what they use in present day. xD; Thanks for providing me with a legitimate item though, I actually appreciate you saying something, otherwise I would have just assumed it was okay. The post is fixed!
  11. Late Morning Saturday, August 12, 5082

    As they headed towards Mary's house, Susan interrogated her friend.

    "What have you been researching, anyway?" She asked Mary.

    "Dragons," Mary said, "That is my job."

    "Okay, yes, and dragons are scary-" Susan stopped when a loud pop exploded from a far off side of the Government Plaza. She continued when it appeared no-one was dying, though she was confused as to why a fresh adult was having issues with their magic like that. "-and all, but are they really prevalent enough to be worthy of all nighters? I mean the last dragon sighting..."

    "4087," Mary said, "The exact amount of time it takes for a dead dragon to rebirth added to when the attack on Evah was. This baby dragon was sighted by people on their way to early Leionas, headed South, and away from us. Fact, baby dragons instinctively head to the Dragons Islands, along the equator. Fact, dragons take around 1,000 years to mature and leave said islands alone, and most of this time is spent in hibernation in which the dragon can speak to other dragons telepathically. Fact, 1,000 years is coming up and it is not an exact number. Another dragon wouldn't come to this land, as they are territorial, but the same one may."

    Susan rolled her eyes, "You're too worried about hypothetical situations."

    "You're ignoring the prophets because it makes you feel safe," Mary said. "Additional fact, prophets of all religions are currently stating that change of some form is coming."

    "Uhu..." Susan said, worried about her friend. Yeah, people said something was changing, but it wasn't as big of a deal as Mary seemed to think. "Look, let's get you done did and then meet a guy at the bar."

    "It's only 11, and the bar doesn't get busy until 5PM, how long is getting ready going to take?" Mary asked.

    "We have to get you new clothes of course, and lunch, let's stop for that after you get cleaned up." Susan said, not noticing Mary's amused face. She wasn't half as concerned with how she looked, or having a date for that matter, but it amused her and it was a good way to spend time with Suze.

    James answered the phone, having no way to know who it was but thinking it was probably Jamie.

    "James Touche, at your service," He answered the phone(@Ace), grinning lightly as he remembered his little sisters (Mary and Susan's) mutual crush on the guy. It had amused him, and as Jamie was a good guy, he didn't see any need to intervene. "How can I help you?"
  12. "James, it's Jamie," he said, straightening up as if he was speaking face-to-face. "I heard you called, I'm sorry I didn't to you then." he began, sliding his hand into his pocket comfortably while the other hand held the phone to his face. He occasionally cast glances behind him, probably more than was strictly necessary, just in case someone made it obvious they needed to use the phone. He didn't want to use the public service all for himself. Every so often a mage would walk particularly close, and he waited to see if they would politely ask he end the call, but they never did. He watched as more people filed into the church, and a particular group caught his eye, wearing a very deep, dark blue. At one time, that blue was his favorite color—the blanket his mother swaddled him in was that exact color, and she'd always kept it. It made him feel safe. Over the years, his favorite color changed. At one time it was the color of his military uniform. Nowadays he rather liked the color red, but that dark blue still had a special place somewhere.
  13. As Ethan jogged down the street towards the library, he noticed there was someone staring at him. She was a little short, and an innocent-looking face, as well as long, flowing brown hair. ( @HelloBeautifulChild ) She looked a little tired, as if she had just woken up, and carried a messenger bag over her shoulder.

    When Ethan noticed that he was staring back, he immediately looked forward again, blushing, and continued on towards the library.

    Ethan could never not be amazed at the library. It was so huge - There were just so many books in this building, it would be impossible to read them all. On that matter, looking at the bookshelves towering all around him, Ethan did not have a clue where to look for the book he was looking for was. Ethan decided to walk up to a desk in front of him, where a library worker sat, reading a novel with a bored expression. "Excuse me," Ethan said to the worker. The worker raised his head a fraction of an inch to look at Ethan. "Well, err, I need to find this book..." Ethan showed him the slip of paper. The worker stared at the paper for a few seconds, then said to Ethan in a monotone voice, "Try the botany section, in nonfiction." Ethan nodded, and continued upstairs to the nonfiction section.

    The botany section was not particularly large, yet it still took Ethan a solid 10 minutes to find the right book. It was a little dusty, and it was fairly small and leather-bound, with "Magical Applications of Forest Mushrooms" written in large white letters on the front. Ethan was not particularly interested in the book, and did not even bother opening it.

    Ethan decided to browse the medical section before he left. Ethan grabbed a random book that looked like something entry-level, and began reading. It was a book on the history of healing magic. Ethan had been wondering about this topic in particular, so it was lucky he grabbed this book.

    Ethan looked up after some time of being absorbed, and noticed he had already been here an hour! Ethan quickly shut the book, and almost ran down the steps carrying both books. He quickly checked the books out, and bolted out the door and back towards the apartment, although the books' weight did not help.
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  14. Alex still carefully followed Rist, with his head down in shame. "D-do you think I still have a chance to become better?"

    "Everyone has a chance to become better. We just have to get some knowledge into that head of yours." Rist never turned back to face him as she continued to walk towards the library, which they could now see in the distance.

    "Well, I've already read a lot of books. It's what I do in my freetime when I'm not at the shop or when I'm not taking care of my grandmother."

    Rist looked back at him, "Your grandmother?" Alex opened his mouth to respond, but Rist shut him off as she didn't want to get off the topic of books, "Never mind. What kind of books have you read so far?"

    "Well, I've read a lot about a bunch of characters who have to try to control their magic. There are also some people who have overwhelming power and can never control their random bursts of magic. Did you know that? I mean, it's crazy how something that is so ingrained into our everyday life is still so hard to understand." Alex became lost in thought, thinking of all the crazy stories he had read before.

    "Let me guess," Rist turned back around, seemingly annoyed, "The stories are fictional?"

    Alex looked back down in embarrassment, "Well, some are... But the people who can't control their magic are real!" He said matter-of-factly.

    Rist sighed, "You're never going to learn actual stuff on how to use your magic correctly if you never read nonfiction books."

    They were just outside the library now, and Rist went to grab the door handle until a busy young boy (@SereneDeity) burst through the door with a large pile of medical books, not paying any attention to them as he went on his way.

    Rist shrugged it off and let Alex walk inside the library first, "Okay, now show me where you normally get your books from." Rist demanded.

    Alex led her towards an expansive wall of nonfiction books. "I hope I get to read all of these some day..." He stared, mesmerized, at the wall of books.

    Rist put one hand on her hip and another on her forehead, sighing. "Didn't you hear what I said while we were walking here? You can't learn real stuff with fiction books. Where's the area where you said you found that real story from?"

    "You have no imagination..." Alex mumbled quietly enough so that Rist couldn't hear him. Alex shuffled over the nonfiction side across the room. "See? That's the story about the people who live hard lives because they can't control their magic." Alex pointed towards a dark purple book laced in gold. "That's a nice color..." Rist thought as the color captured her attention -as dark purple was her favorite color-, ignoring Alex for a little while. Alex continued with his talking, "Most people see them as freaks, even though no one has seen any of these people in the Wicciah areas. Most of the Dresiden people don't know much either, even though they seem to have more of these types of people in their history."

    "Mhmm, that's nice." Rist ignored Alex, scanning the shelf for any books that Alex could use. She squinted her eyes and moved her pointed finger along the books, narrowing in on one book in particular that was titled "Using and Controlling Magic - Tips and Techniques for Beginner Fighters". Rist hastily grabbed the book, quickly scanning through it's pages. "Perfect!" Rist unknowingly interrupted Alex's speech about the barely known people who have a hard time with their magic. "This is just it! Do you like it?" Rist ignored her authority and let her excitement take over.

    "Uh, yeah..." Alex carefully flipped through the book that was shoved at him. "It's yellow, and I like yellow, so it's nice I guess."

    "Good enough for me!" Rist shoved him through the corridors of the many shelves and aisles towards the checkout area, forcing Alex to check out the book, as they went on their way.
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  16. James smiled at Jamie's call, he was so professional. Almost 10 years is senior, and with Jamie in his little sister's age group, James tried hard to make sure he showed the respect that Jamie deserved.

    "It's fine, really," James said. "I am actually calling you for a favor, this dance that's coming up, to raise money for the orphanage, I'm hoping some peacekeepers could help out. We're going to have most of Lawrenceville and much of Hamilton Mill and the Seaside empty so I'd like to get some patrol there. Also, some people standing around at the dance itself would be amazing." He looked out of his window as he waited, the mostly clear glass made of sand and magic. You could see the swirling in it, and as always it made James lightly nervous. He had always been really bad at magic, hurting people with simple color charms and the like, heck he'd accidentally turned his cat green and it was never going back. He didn't like having it, more magic, there.

    Not that he was a Dresiden or anything, James was just scared of what he couldn't do. He tried hard to not be, educating himself helped and most of his family were mages so that was helpful too. His wife, Jennifer, knocked on the door lightly. Once she noticed he was on the phone she sat down and waited quietly, patient as always. He smiled at her beautiful blonde self and felt lucky again. They say that once you get married that the 'magic' goes away. They'd gotten married at 18 and 19 and he still got girlish butterflies whenever they kissed, or she happened to look at him, or he happened to think of her.

    Mary got out of her almost hour long shower happy and clean, she liked showering. She was clean, and after brushing her teeth she decided that towels were too old school for her good mood. She closed her eyes and focused, using her hands and magic to air dry her hair and body. It was when she got to her hair that things went haywire.

    "OWOWOW," She yelled, the wind had gotten her hand stuck in her now knotted hair.

    "Mary," Susan said, coming in the help her out. "How do you mess up such a simple spell?" Susan snapped her fingers to untangle Mary's hair. Mary blushed and grabbed her clothes, a white dress with a light green sweater, thick green tights, and her boots charmed brown.

    "I'm not sure," She said, braiding her hair without magic before grabbing her empty glass containers from her bath supplies. "But hey, I turn these in and I get a free shampoo."

    Susan rolled her eyes as they headed out, Mary magically locking the apartment as they left.

    They made their way to a local shop that sold beauty products. Soap, makeup, shampoo, all of it. They made them with local ingredients and like everyone used glass containers. If you returned 20 of the containers, which they kept track of, then you got a free shampoo. It gave you something to do with the containers, and saved the merchant money.

    "Good morning," Mary said to the shopkeep once they were in the stall/store. "With these I get a shampoo."

    The lady behind the bar smiled, "That you do, right now we have blueberry and mint, which do you prefer?"

    "Mint," Susan said, "The same shampoo, body wash, lotion, toothpaste, and conditioner she's gotten her entire life."

    "It smells clean!" Mary argued, "So, yes, mint."

    "Here you go girly, enjoy," The lady said.

    "Of course!" Mary said with a bright smile, "It's mint!"
  17. Jamie directed his thoughts to that particular branch. Much of his work relating to the peacekeepers was usually fairly basic, often asking a particular job and leaving their bosses with the appropriate rosters and knowledge of their character to see it through. Jamie didn't mind it this way, however; a soldier was not a peacekeeper in any definition of the word, so he fully entrusted those with more experience to make better decisions.

    "I think I can manage that. I'll speak with one of my men and make sure his peacekeepers patrol those areas directly. As for the dance, I'll ask around, see if we can get enough peacekeepers to be there without being too spread thin. How many do you want?" Jamie asked, a passing person catching his eye. He glanced around like a wary meerkat, making sure no one was waiting for the phone again.
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    James laughed characteristically, "You know I wouldn't know about that!" He chuckled before continuing, his voice getting more serious. "However, I'd thing that 2 or 3 peacekeepers would be fine. I know a couple at least are going to the dance as civilians, so if something were to happen they'd be there. As far as the housing parts, I'm not sure. I don't know enough about how much you use now so.."
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    Sounds good to me. ^^ It doesn't bother me either way.

    By the way, where is the government dance being held?

    Jamie smiled idiotically, reminded of how much he liked James as both a co-worker and acquaintance. He had such an easy laugh, and it was one of the most relaxing and best qualities of someone who worked so high up in the government. It certainly made things easier to like the guy, and Jamie had always felt they both had mutual interests: the safety of Leionas and her people. "I'll take care of the patrols near housing, don't worry," he said with a chuckle. "I was just wondering if you had a set plan—since it's clear you don't, I'll look into it. I must be used to everyone else just asking my permission, which usually includes a procedure if it wasn't obvious. For what it's worth, two or three would probably do the job fine."
  20. Ethan dashed right past a woman with long black hair and a man with short blonde hair ( @MissChoco ) as he left the building. He raced down the street, holding his precarious stack of books. After about 10 minutes, he arrived back at Marco's apartment, entirely out of breath. Ethan knocked on the door, and leaned against it. When Marco opened the door, Ethan stumbled backwards and fell inside. Ethan groaned, and muttered a "Sorry" to his teacher.

    "You're late," Marco said sternly. "I've already cleaned everything, so I guess you're lucky." Marco took the book he needed from the pile, and said to Ethan, "Remember to come back here at 8:00 tomorrow morning. You are dismissed."

    Ethan stood back up a little shakily, grabbed his books, said "Thanks" to Marco, and quickly headed out.

    Back outside, Ethan wondered what he was going to do today. He had the day off from his job as a nurse, but didn't know what to do with his free time. He remembered that he hadn't visited his family in a week - he decided to pay them a visit.

    Ethan dropped off his medical books in his apartment a few blocks from Marco's house, and then started walking towards the bakery. It was a quite a long walk, as it was on the other side of Hamilton Mill. As Ethan walked, he thought about that girl he saw on his way to the library. ( @HelloBeautifulChild ) She was beautiful, yet the bag she carried looked like it had a lot of books in it, so Ethan assumed she was a student, maybe. She seemed interesting, and was someone Ethan would like to get to know, although he doubted he could find her again. "Oh well," Ethan sighed, and continued on.

    He finally arrived at the bakery, and walked in. "Hello," He said to his father putting a tray of bread into a case. "Ah, welcome back, Ethan!" His father came over and ruffled his hair - he always did that. "So, how's the lessons going?"

    "Well, they could be going better, but I'm definitely improving. I'll be a master in no time!" Ethan smiled as he said that.

    "Great! I can't wait, Ethan. So, why are you here today?" His father asked.

    "Oh, I've got the day off, so I decided to visit. I hope I'm not intruding or anything..." Ethan said.

    "No, of course not!" Ethan's dad said with a smile. "However, if you've got the day off, would you mind helping me around the shop? Your mother is out with a friend, so I've been all alone here."

    "Sure thing," Ethan said, and got to work. He swept the floor of the shop, and carried bread trays to display cases. After a good 2 hours, there wasn't anything left to do, so his father let him go. Ethan said goodbye and walked out. "Where to next..." He wondered.
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