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  1. Job Ad 223.d

    Hiiiiiiii! I'm Pei! Rhymes with 'pay' which can be yours if you come work aboard my spaceship!


    The Feline Purrsuasion needs your patronage! And no that's not a new restaurant, it's a state of the art interstellar bombercraft I mean pacifistcraft and wow is it empty right now! I need you to come be on it with me and do stuff!

    bomber 1.jpg

    To any spacecops listening, we only do legitimate worktype things! Totally legal jobs given to us by outright people! And deeefinitely not things like spacepiracy, spacemurder, or flying without seatbelts~ But uh... if you happen to be good at those things- and hate seatbelts- then make sure to come on by!

    Space is limited- well not actual space space is infinite but like, room on my ship- so don't delay! Plus I may have to leave this station very soon for... unrelated reasons. So applications will have to be speedy!

    I need people who can! (do... some of the following things, not all of them necessarily):

    Repair the broken stuff- There's a lot of it
    Shoot straight- Firearms and mounted weaponry. For uh... recreational purposes
    Be strong!- Because muscles are sexy- er, and there's heavy stuff to lift. And swing
    Patch up wounds- Because, I'm clumsy eheheh~
    Drive a Ground Assault Peace Vehicle- So we don't miss the... parties?
    Be useful some other way- I dunno you're the one who wants the job, you impress me!

    And everyone should be able to!:

    Deal with cramped living quarters- Seriously I swear to singularity if I let you on my ship and you snore...!
    Clean up after yourselves- If you shed, you vacuum! If you ooze, you mop! If you drop leaves, you sweep!
    Have an- ehm, ascended outlook on the societal implications of dubiously ethical actions- Y'know... so we can have lofty philosophical debates...?
    Provide their own gear- Not because I'm cheap, but because gear is expensive
    Be a carbon-based, oxygen-breathing lifeform- Yeah I said it! I'm not catering to your pansy ass methane preferences! ... Feline Purrsuasion is an equal opportunity employer.

    What I don't want!:

    Last of your race-
    That's gotta come with a lot of baggage and my ship just doesn't have the storage room for it all~
    Artificial entity struggling to come to terms with being sentient as well as synthetic- I already have one and she's enough of a pain, thanks!
    Spacecops- Because... you... have so much better things to be doing! Like keeping this big ol' galaxy safe. Super important job. Keep up the... doing that!
    Uggos- My crew's gotta be glamorous! Not- better looking than me just, I don't wanna feel bad being seen with you. No offense ugly people it's jus- what do you mean I can't put this in the ad I'm not goi

    So stop on by today! Like real soon today. Within the hour actually. You will be paid well and get to see the galaxy and meet interesting people while doing it! 100% respectable businessjob!

    IC Thread

    Can be found here! OPEN SIGNUPS - Legitimate Spaceship Crew!

    OOC Section

    Hi everyone! I want to run an over-the-top, humor-filled, action-packed space western/opera/saga! Something not too serious or grimdark, with high stakes and crazy stunts and a mandatory flexibility of the laws of physics and whatnot~
    Wanted Players

    I'm looking for creative, spunky players to form a diverse and interesting crew! Emphasis on the 'creative' part because- unlike my usual approach to running an RP- I'm going into this without any planning whatsoever! I want this to be a group collaborative story-telling experience more so than me running a game and you all the players confined in the boxes I create. To that end, if you have a cool idea I want you to be able to present it and we can as a group flesh it out and run with it- or adapt it or go with something else if there's a better alternative. In other words, be able to work with others for the best of the story, not your own personal glory or control of the narrative. I'm still the GM in the end so if things do get drama-y then I'll step in but I'm hoping to find a good group where that won't be needed.

    I want people to be able to post once a day. Once every other day at the slowest. Stuff comes up from time to time and all but as long as you let us know and don't make a habit of it that'll be fine.

    Quality writing for posts. The usual stuff. If you can't do grammar or spelling, [polite way of saying 'go away' here].

    Have a good sense of humor. Humor is timing, pacing, skill, not just lolrandomwacky- a kooky character can be done skillfully in an interesting way, without being shallow and one-dimensional... and annoying. And not everyone needs to be kooky! A colorful cast has to have a straight character to contrast against and all. =P

    Looking for anywhere from 1 to 4 players at most, and it's not necessarily first come-first serve. I reserve the right to reject anyone for any reason whatsoever. And, as always, no SJWs.


    I'm not going to provide a character sheet template or demand certain fields from you. Provide what you think is relevant and put forward a well-rounded, fleshed out character for this and you'll be fine! Anime pictures/drawings are good, photos are fine, detailed descriptions aren't ideal but if you can't find a picture to represent your character than just be sure to be thorough in your description.

    So what sort of races can you choose? Well, whatever you want! Within reason. You can come up with your own race or use your favorite one from an existing canon setting, or tweak such. You can go with basic humans or modified humans, or aliens-that-look-like-humans-but-slightly-off like Pei (a Vulpinoid), or humanoid aliens or even non-humanoid aliens. I have final say on what's acceptable, and for the love of the singularity please try to make your character make sense given the setting- it's a small, cramped space ship and your character has to fit in it and be able to survive in it. If you give me a forty-foot-long alien worm thing with an insatiable appetite for flesh I'mma be all '... really?'

    Insommie's Character Makin' Suggestions!
    Okay, so, I was a bit vague up there so I'm going to try to be a little more helpful! The primary thing I'm looking for is Interesting Characters. I cannot stress that enough. That means characters with engaging personalities, rich histories (or at least the potential to fill their past in with crazy stories should the opportunity arise), and intriguing biologies.

    That last bit refers to your character not being a vanilla human. Humans are alright but they are very basic, the standard, the usual. I'm only going to allow in a very small number of humans, probably just one in fact. So if you create a character whose race is something other than you human, you vastly increase your chances of getting accepted, just sayin'!

    So if not humans, then what? Well like I said, you can always take an existing sci-fi setting race and use that, or come up with your own custom one. But another idea is to take a monster girl race and turn them into aliens! That's what I did with Pei! Want to play an Alraune medic with healing sap and massaging vines? Go for it! A spidertaur/drider marksman who creates her own sniping spots out of silk? Just do it! A patchwork/zombie girl mechanic who can detach and hold out an arm to reach high up loose screws? Marvelous! Just make sure to come up with an explanation for how or what they are, and how they fit in a sci-fi setting, but since this is science-fantasy it doesn't even have to be that plausible~

    Q&A Q: But wait, you said monster girls, what about monster boys?

    "I'mma just leave dis here~" Author Appeal - TV Tropes

    A: Pei, get out of the Q&A, you are a fictional character! Anyway, I happen to greatly enjoy the theme of cute/sexy/competent female characters kicking ass and taking names, so I am biased. That doesn't mean I won't let in a male character, they just have to be interesting in other ways!

    Q: But if you're more likely to let in female characters than male, isn't this likely to become a harem?

    "Yiss, a harem for Pei, fufufu~"

    A: Dammit Pei! Ahem... While this is NOT a libertine roleplay it is rated 18+ Only for a reason. Sexual content/romance themes should not and will not be a primary focus of this RP... but they can be included for those who want to. I'd expect any explicit content to be put in labeled spoiler tags so that others who don't want to read it/participate don't have to. And I want to emphasize again that this is not a libertine RP, such things should be a side dish if included at all.

    And finally,
    Do not assume that a role is taken just because someone else makes a character for that role!
    No roles are reserved until I say they are, which will be right before we are ready to start playing, assuming an amazing profile doesn't come along that blows me away and earns a spot right off the bat.

    Starting Location

    Space Station Epsilon Gorthrak 7

    asteroid space station.jpg

    A mining station built into the largest chunk of rock in the now-depleted asteroid field of the Xantos star system. Sharing the system with two other inhabited planets, EG7 is a monument to a boom-bust cycle that finished a long, long time ago. The mining and refining equipment that hasn't been looted already deteriorates further every year but still the station remains inhabited as no one has bothered to put the place out of its misery. Now it is a hub... for all sorts of things- both legal and illicit- and its only natural exports are stowaways and some surprisingly tasty glowing orange mushrooms.

    Some come there to buy and sell, others to provide services, and still others are marooned there or in-between hitchhiking to another planet or station. Every once in a while the Xantos Security Fleet swings by to stir up the hornets nest but otherwise there is next to no law enforcement on the station, gangs and crime syndicate protection rackets notwithstanding.

    There are numerous job boards posted in various junctions or seedy establishments all over EG7. Offers for work or recruitment holograms can be found in shady taverns and scrolling over gambling tables for everyone to read, and it is at one of those spots that your character can notice the ad posted by Pei hoping to entice some superhigh quality crew members to come apply for a position on her ship!
    Feline Purrsuasion

    V-63 Interstellar Bombercraft


    Regardless of what it's owner might tell you, this rust bucket has seen better years. A leftover from a war long concluded, the V-63 was intended for long-range autonomous strike missions and as such is nicely repurposed for mercenary work. The access ramp leads immediately to the bombing bay, which has been reconfigured into a storage room/vehicle bay for the AR-6W Armadillo Ground Assault Vehicle.

    Above the storage bay- accessible by a wide ladder- are the two cockpits. The primary one is for the pilot/navigator even though the ship's autopilot system is robust and really only needs input when deciding where to go or when engaging in high-stakes maneuvering. The secondary cockpit is for the weapons operator who can control the variety of hidden autocannons and disguised missile pods spread throughout the ship. Both also serve as romantic cuddling spots, with the thrum of the reactors and a great view of the stars- just don't hit any of the buttons. I don't care if they did it in Watchmen, don't do it. Ammo isn't cheap.

    Behind the storage bay are two doors, one leading to the crew quarters which has another door at the back for the watercloset. The other storage bay door leads to the kitchen/lounge which has a door that leads to the engineering access for repairs and claustrophobic hiding from boarding parties/mutinies.
    The Esteemed Captain

    Pei Mao


    With big pointy fluffy ears'n'tail it's clear that Pei isn't a human, but she is close! She's from a race called Vulpinoids for their similarity to Terran foxes. Their race has minor psychic tendencies and- after death- have actually been proven to reincarnate... sort of. At any rate it's caused their culture to evolve without as much emphasis on the terribleness of death or murder, since they are seen more as a temporary set back than a finality or conclusion. Which likely explains why so many Vulpinoids join up with dangerous groups to do high-risk jobs.

    In Pei's case she's done many, many gigs- from bounty hunter to mercenary, to contract killer and thief-for-hire and even babysitter- though to be fair, she was babysitting an unhatched giant monster egg. But after a botched mission that went south, FUBAR, and tits up simultaneously, she finds herself in need of a new- hopefully more resilient- team.

    Although nimble and quick, and gifted with minor psychic abilities- mostly focused around illusions and telekinesis- Pei is not very strong or tough. And at a mere 4'9" and a petite 104 lbs, she doesn't exactly cast an imposing figure. Fortunately that's why she has her own suit of seven foot tall Zenith Tier War Chassis power armor and an Eradicator Mk III Plasma Bolt Launcher (which she calls The Punch Line), both of which she keeps in the vehicle bay. And singularity take you if you try to touch or use them without her permission!
    Ship's Resident Robutt

    H37R439TQ72a.6 "Heather"

    NSFW Pic (open)


    Halfway between ship component and crew member and occupying the role of quirky, distant, and yet often accidentally lewd weirdo, is Heather. Hobbled together from the chassis of a sexbot, the computer brain from an exploding research station, and the software from a hacker friend who triple dog dared Pei to install it. The result is a hyper-intelligent, easily-distracted, adamantly-nudist gynoid who spends more time talking with the ship's computer than the rest of the team, though she is always willing and shockingly adept at breaking any sort of cybersecurity encryption stuff... which is the only reason Pei still keeps her around.
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  2. Background Setting Information

    So at the risk of thinking too hard about this, I figured I'd flesh out the setting a bit! This is all optional reading, but it might help to get a more complete picture of the galaxy of LSC!. Not to mention get ideas for future plot developments and jobs!

    Governments (open)
    "Spacecops. Nosy fake heroes with big guns and a bigger love for bribes."

    Galactic Coalition- The largest governing body, with a parliament consisting of elected representatives from every system (whose votes are weighted by an average of several metrics) and a standing 'peacekeeping' military. Their capital is located in the center of the Platinum Zone (which has the most colonized planets and as a result the highest population density). "Red tape. Red tape for lightyears. And guns to confiscate any scissors."

    Recogi Protectorate- An ardently isolationist collective of over forty systems inhabited by an alliance between five different alien races united by a common religious/political ideology. They invest heavily in military space stations to protect their borders and maintain a robust fleet of capital ships that patrols and responds to incursions. "Very itchy trigger finger but very much money to be made for Recogi technology!"

    Federated Systems of the Adohoun Sector- The primary rival of the Galactic Coalition, the systems in the Adohoun Sector are designated by their GC counterparts as belonging to the Silver Zone. This is just one of the many provocations against the various Adohoun systems who eventually banded together to reject GC authority and form their own central government. So far clashes between the FSAS and the GC have been limited to violent but brief skirmishes that did not spread beyond the system where they took place. "Way to go, y'rebelled against the spacecops... and then became spacecops. Bra-freakin'-vo!"

    Megacorporations (open)
    "Bureaucratic bandits. Sophisticated thieves with catchy slogans and shady business practices."

    Stardust Mining Company- Specializing in 'resource extraction' and with as many lawyers as they have mining ships, the SMC brutally exploits property rights laws and loopholes and technicalities to strip-mine asteroid belts, moons, and planets of their valuable minerals. "They love their disposable assets, and sometimes they give me very shiny things!"

    PowerTech Industrial Conglomerate- Manufacturers of the most commonly-used FTL drives and many lines of space ship reactors, PowerTech has a near-total monopoly on interstellar vessel parts, which they very zealously defend. "And their extended warranties are pretty legit too!"

    Ascendant Solutions- Champions in the field of transspeciesism, AS offers a wide variety of ways to break through the limits of natural biology, including cybernetic prosthetics, biological augmentations, genetic modifications, and more! "Their recycling game is top notch, they'll totally pay for retrieved tech, just gotta wash off the giblets!"

    Moriancabri Agricultural Guild- Leading genetic engineering megacorp focused on altering vegetation and manipulating cultured meat to provide the most food for the smallest amount of effort, energy, and space. "They try soooo hard to seem benevolent, when they aren't trying to fade into the background anyway. I don't trust 'em but they are ridiculously rich."

    Starfuel Coffee Emporium- One of the largest megacorps in the galaxy, with over a dozen vassal planets devoted to growing mountains of coffee beans. "Their snooty shops are on almost every single spacestation and planet- you seriously think they don't have their fingers in other stuff too? Maybe skip the Quintissimo cup of morning gullibleosity, hmm?"

    Paramilitary Forces (open)
    "Tough guys. Macho pricks with a god complex and a serious need to overcompensate."

    Crimson Edge- One of the most successful pirate gangs, boasting a hodgepodge collection of captured military ships and retrofitted civilian vessels that provide a substantial amount of martial might. Not enough to stand up to a government navy, but still more than most poorer colonies, stations, or convoys can defend against. "A bloody band of cutthroats- they would be my kind of people but they're way too big on their stupid hierarchy and ranks."

    The Free Battalion of Terrans and Canoids- A professional mercenary organization whose membership is comprised entirely of humans and the dog-like Canoids. They are famous for their extensive training regime, excellent battle record, and fearsome combat effectiveness. "Heh, man's best friend indeed! Buncha lapdogs if you ask me..."

    Spectral Claws- A mysterious combat unit consisting of various dangerous monsters from a number of different worlds/habitats that normally would not ever work together. Somehow they not only don't kill each other, but they act as one giant warpack. Their leader is a enigmatic man who only accepts payment in the form of rare crystals, exotic minerals, and mind-altering spices. "Did you know they travel from planet to planet inside of a space whale? I'm not kidding, a friggin' space whale!"

    The Ventorian Elite Guard- A fighting force that refused to give up when their world surrendered, the VEG finished its campaign of planetary conquest only to find themselves disavowed by their people. As a result they went on to serve as an army for hire, only accepting jobs they deem honorable. "The doest-gooders of all the good-doers. I don't like messin' with 'em."

    Political Movements (open)
    "Rich cowards. Big-mouths with deep pockets, strong vendettas, and a fear of direct action."

    The Phoenix Foundation- Pro-Terran racial supremacy group trying to remove the xenos from Terran-controlled systems. "Suuuper funny that they give me money!"

    Sons of Traxus VII- Survivors of a destroyed planet turned into migrant refugees eager to exact retribution for their dead homeworld. "They might not have a home but they still have spacebucks, and they don't like getting their hands dirty."

    Galactic Liberation Front- Radical environmentalist terrorist group set on sabotaging corporations and mining efforts. "The only green I care about is spacebucks! Yes I know they printed new ones that aren't green anymore- I don't care."

    Universal Equality Movement- Proponents of violent redistribution of wealth to end wealth inequality and bring about a new era of economic uniformity. "I'm sure you can guess the pun about redistributing dat wealth into my pockets!"

    Cult of Looming Eventide- A secretive religious sect devoted to a mysterious powerful entity that promises them ascension... or to destroy everything... or a pleasant afterlife. Reports are conflicting. "These guys creep me out buuut they have loads of cash and their jobs are weird, but easy!"

    Telecommunications (open)
    DataBridge- The largest of interstellar computer networks (with some competitors being Unet, MegaWeb, and the InfoSphere). Allows sharing of information and media across worlds through faster-than-light (though not instantaneous!) data transmission. Heavily policed by the governments and corporations that host its servers and provide the transmission hardware. Most commonly used for social networking, sharing pictures of small animals, and pornography. "Don't forget that the free trial datadisc makes a great coaster!"

    ShadowBridge- Also called ShadeBridge or DarkBridge or DeepBridge, it is a secretive, unmonitored mirror of the DataBridge. It uses all the same protocols but piggybacks its signals between systems and runs on a jury-rigged network of private servers so that only those who know how to find it can do so. It is used for illicit purposes like black market transactions, offering outlawed services, and pornography. "This is where all the real fun happens."

    InstaComm- Along with its competitor Ultratel, are methods of instantaneous communication from anywhere in the galaxy using quantum entanglement. The devices are bulky and have a limited number of contacts that can be stored, but are not limited or slowed by distance, regardless of how great. "Yeah but who wants to be caught with a phone the size of a suitcase, srsly?"

    DigiScape- A virtual reality environment that runs on the DataBridge (and MegaWeb if you can figure out how to configure the ports properly). It provides a fully immersive sensory experience for its users who can interact with other users on the same planet live, as well as on other planets with a (considerable) delay. "The only kind of escapism I'm after is escaping the spacecops! Plus copious amounts of alcohol!"

    MindLink- And the more accessible (and thus less exclusive) ThoughtStream- are mental networks for the psychic, psionic, magical, hive-minded, and extra-dimensional races out there who can tune in to the right frequency. Most often used for arranging physical meetups, sharing ideas and knowledge, and pornography. "It's basically just the DataBridge for those who can't be bothered to use a computer because they don't need to."

    Currencies (open)
    Credits- A quantum crypto currency that exists in a finite amount. No one knows where the central server is- or if there even is one- but due to the advanced nature of the currency it is unhackable, untraceable, immune to counterfeiting, and very difficult to steal. Because of this it serves as the most commonly used trade currency, often by people who live outside of the largest governments' territories- or travel between them. Corporations often use this to pay their 'deniable assets' as well, so that the transaction can't be pinned on them. Credits are infinitely divisible, and small payments can thus appear as '0.000228ʗ' or similarly small amounts. Some attempts have been made to introduce a 'MiniCred' which is 1 one thousandth (0.001) of the value of a Credit- or a LiteCred which was 1 one hundred thousandth (0.00001) of the value of a Credit but as of yet these have not caught on. "These are spacebucks! The goal in life is to collect all of them. If you do, you get an invitation to the super ritzy dance club at the center of the galaxy!"

    Notes- The digital fiat currency of the Galactic Coalition. It is controlled by the GC Chamber of Economics and is frequently subjected to 'availability injections' to 'ensure that the economic tools of liquidity remain available to a mobile, growing userbase.' Which is to say that it is constantly being inflated... and that's why everyone who has a choice, uses other currencies. Notes use the metric system of prefixes for larger or smaller quantities, so 1,000 Notes is 1 KiloNote, called 'a Kilo.' The exchange rate between Notes and Credits changes frequently but as a general rule hovers around 1ʗ = 6.25 KƝ. "Spacecops spacebucks- ditch in favor of actual spacebucks pronto."

    Nobles- The resource-backed currency of the Recogi Protectorate. The actual currency is digital and represents holdings of iridium, rhodium, rhenium. An Iri is the most valuable, being twenty-four times the value of a Rho which is itself twenty-four times as valuable as a Rhe. Although arbitrary, the monetary system is as zealously guarded as Protectorate space itself, though there are still opportunities for smuggling in the metals used to back Nobles in exchange for Recogi technology. There is no official exchange rate between Nobles and the other currencies, but as a general rule four Rhe have about as much purchasing power as a Note, so 1 Iri is about 0.0221ʗ. "At least they don't aaaactually carry around pockets full of metal, how weird would that be?"
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  3. The Weapons Operator

    Damien Atlas [ Nekoid ]

    5'6" 135 lbs

    Damien was born an orphan so he always would be looking up into the sky, dreaming of touching the stars. After he was old enough he hitched a ride on a mercenary vessel. He didn't care where it was going nor what it was doing, only wanting to get away so he could live his own life as he pleased. After making friends with some of the mercenaries, and Damien telling them his life story they took pity on him. The mercenaries always would give him advice on things from surviving a fire-fight to learning how to cook. He really looked up to the weapons operator named Lance. The ride only took around a week but he learned more there than anywhere. Ever since then, Damien had a fascination with cooking and weapons. I didn't matter whether it was a simple conventional pistol with regular bullets or lasers shot from a massive cannon attached to a spaceship.

    To sate his interest in weapons Damien choose a more unsavory route of business. He joined quite a few mercenary groups to learn how to properly be a weapons operator for a ship. Thankfully he had a knack for that sort of thing and he had very quick reflexes. Most of them were either simple merchant protection missions or simple body guard requests but enough for him to get a bit of experience in combat. He learned how to use his tail to quickly in the buttons in the small weapons operator cockpit, making his movements with the weapons that much faster than if someone else had been doing it. One of his most memorable jobs was a collaboration between his captain and another, named Pei Mao. She was one of the most bouncy and impulsive people he ever met. It wasn't every day you would find a person like that much less a captain. She ended up being a person short and because he was the rookie he was sent over there to fill up the vacancy. From the beginning they hit it off, their countering personalities of impulsiveness and logical thinking to have quite a smooth run. Regardless of him being a Nekoid they seemed to work together very well. It also seemed like Damien had a little crush on Pei.

    However because of his last job he is now stranded at Space Station Epsilon Gorthrak 7 in the Xantos star system. It wasn't where he wanted to be but at least it was a good place to find a new job. Thankfully he saw an ad from somebody he knew. Pei Mao. It would be an interesting job but Damien thought it would be quite fun to be aboard her ship from now on.

    Gear wise Damien carries a small laser rifle and a knife that he almost never separates from. The knife had saved him when one of his missions went bad and he hasn't been without it since.​
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  4. Definitely interested! I'll write up a character sometime tomorrow!
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  5. I wasn't looking for a new roleplay when I looked at your RP ad, but damn, that is a good advertisement. If positions haven't been sniped by the time I wake up, I'll be putting something up.
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  6. Sounds good everyone! Also, nobody's character is going to be approved until there are enough submitted- like I said, this isn't first-come first-serve. So don't be feeling like you're too late or there's already too many people interested/characters posted, you've still got a shot!

    Things I consider for who gets in are: proper grammar and spelling, and how interesting or fun I think your character will be to have in the RP. I'm sorry to be a stickler on grammar but I have nearly crippling OCD so things like missed capitalization or skipped apostrophes are like a wrench in my cerebral gears!

    Also, the IC thread is up! It can be found here, by clicking on these words. No posting until your character's been approved, obvs. But I finished it already so figured might as well post it. :3

    And for the record... she is immensely huggable~
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  7. Case-by-case! As an idea, it's perfectly fine with me!

    The Feline Purrsuasion is an equal opportunity employer and all!
  8. Nice but considering how early you are you could use this time while other people are working on their characters to search for a picture! I'd recommend using a site like safebooru, which compiles a whole bunch of pictures and lets you search through them using terms to filter the results to your desires. Here's a link with some search words I put in there that might be relevant for your character: Safebooru / 1girl original solo jeans or this one for a skirt: Safebooru / 1girl original solo skirt

    If you find one that's close but not perfect (for instance this one seems pretty close though a bit off) I can always photoshop it for you in GIMP. I'm pretty good at image manipulation when it comes to simple stuff like color, so I could make her hair black and change her eye color for example.
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  9. Alright, so I took my best whack at it. It's always hard turning bright colored hair to black hair. And I wasn't sure entirely what you meant by hazel eyes- mine are hazel, and they change every day, from gray to green to brown and sometimes multi-colored. Google search showed the most common result for hazel was green on the outside with brown on the inside, which actually is the color of mine today, so I went with that.

    Let me know if this works for you. I saved the project file so I can still adjust things, including the shininess of her hair.
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  10. Interesting. I do like how you advertised the RP. Got me interested.

    Would you be okay if my character sheet was in the form of a letter with all the necessaries in it? This letter would be handed to Pei by someone in the IC and she can read it and she can tell the person her answer, in which that person would return and give my character her answer.

    If not, i'll figure something else.
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  11. Tis fine with me, I specifically avoided giving a character sheet template so people could be creative with their submissions!

    Glad that works, make sure to edit your character sheet to include the pic! =P
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  12. Insert this:

    And to everyone who's already read the thread:

    Please review the first post, I greatly expanded the section about making characters!
  13. Now I'm wondering if I should make up a new character rather than stick with the one I'm making now.
  14. Up to you! But either way, you should definitely capitalize the 'I' in 'I'm'~
  15. Guess I learned something new today lol. Well I lost the data for the character I was making on here by accident now so...*Cri*

    New character is it then...Maybe.
  16. Huh, I just realized, did you ever post up to the interest check area before putting up the OOC? The most traffic goes to there as opposed to RP advertising.

    In anycase, I'm working on a sheet.
  17. I... did not. I didn't think one could do that, figured Interest Checking was only for before an OOC was posted. And I just up and posted the OOC without bothering to see if anyone was interested! Can I still post a thread there? Probably not, right?

    And cool! Let me know if you need any help with it!

    Nope, only what you want to add. Maybe a list of gear Nichole might bring along but otherwise just whatever ya wanna do!
  18. It's confusing between the two, but yeah. Generally you advertise for a new RP in the interest check, and after the RP is in full swing and you want more players, you post up in the RP advertisement section. Since this is barely a day old though, I'd say you can get away with an interest check with a note saying saying the RP hasn't started yet but the signups are up.

    Will do with the CS.

    Edit: Alternatively, I can move the roleplay advert to there if you'd like.
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  19. Uhhh... sure! Please do! :D
  20. This RP looks like a lot of fun! I've got a few ideas for a character, but I wanna preach one of them before I devote the time to writing it up.

    I know you said you wanted oxygen breathing, carbon based lifeforms and that you didn't want synthetic characters who are troubled by not being human...

    What if my character was robotic aka synthetic... but has absolutely no qualms about being artificial and in fact thinks being a robot is the shit and existential crises are for inferior operating systems. He'd still be a fish out of water character, but one that doesn't bother trying to figure out how to be emotional.

    A robot that's less "teach me how to love" and more "KILL MAIM DESTROY (for a price)". One that doesn't understand organics and doesn't want to. Doesn't understand compassion and the fact that people generally see killing someone as a BAD thing. Doesn't get that murder isn't what everyone else is thinking about too. (But when you've been programmed for violence, it's kind of hard to think of other things people might be interested in. Math maybe?).

    I get that I'm pushing the bill with a character that doesn't fit all the criteria, but hopefully I can get the "If it's good enough, I'll take a look at it at least."

    So would I have permission to try to write a non-sympathetic killbot who only thinks of death (but also has some interesting opinions on theoretical mathematics due the fact that he's a walking, talking, killer calculator) and fires more rounds in ten minutes than a small SWAT team fires in ten years?
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