Legion: Soldiers and Drakons

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Thousands of years ago the Three Dark Lords, the supernatural beings who govern the world of monsters decided to put an end to the unorganized warfare and human involvement in feuds and combat between one another. However, in order to do so they went to a powerful race known as the drakon to seek a power as great as the Sun, and such was given to them. They gave them hundreds of small, crystal-like spheres about the size of baseballs they named "Legion Stones." Legion Stones, being sentient, immediately left after their instruction were given, going to choose those who deserved their powers. Those who Legion Stones bonded to became known as "Legionnaires." These Stone granted Legionnaires the ability to form a "Legion" and choose other monsters called "Soldiers" to follow them through a simple act known as the "Blood Oath." The Blood oath is performed when the Soldier takes a ceremonial dagger that Legionnaire possesses and cuts themselves with, letting the blood drop onto the Legionnaire's Sigil, a mark on their body that appears after being bonded with a Legion Stone. After this a copy of the Sigil will appear where the cut was, binding the Soldier to their Legionnaire until one of them dies. When the Legionnaire dies, however, all of his Soldiers are released from their Blood Oaths. After the Legionnaire dead, the Legion Stone that bonded to them leaves their body and seeks out a new person to make a Legionnaire. In the modern world monsters and ranked and are sent to what is called the Academy while they are typically 17-20 years old. The Academy itself is a collection of Branches, which are the individual schools. Each country typically has one Branch, though some countries have more. As dragons and drakons reawaken, our story soon begins...​


Sounds fun keep me updated please
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