Legion: Soldiers and Drakons

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  1. Thousands of years ago the Three Dark Lords, the supernatural beings who govern the world of monsters decided to put an end to the unorganized warfare and human involvement in feuds and combat between one another. However, in order to do so they went to a powerful race known as the drakon to seek a power as great as the Sun, and such was given to them. They gave them hundreds of small, crystal-like spheres about the size of baseballs they named "Legion Stones." Legion Stones, being sentient, immediately left after their instruction were given, going to choose those who deserved their powers. Those who Legion Stones bonded to became known as "Legionnaires." These Stone granted Legionnaires the ability to form a "Legion" and choose other monsters called "Soldiers" to follow them through a simple act known as the "Blood Oath." The Blood oath is performed when the Soldier takes a ceremonial dagger that Legionnaire possesses and cuts themselves with, letting the blood drop onto the Legionnaire's Sigil, a mark on their body that appears after being bonded with a Legion Stone. After this a copy of the Sigil will appear where the cut was, binding the Soldier to their Legionnaire until one of them dies. When the Legionnaire dies, however, all of his Soldiers are released from their Blood Oaths. After the Legionnaire dead, the Legion Stone that bonded to them leaves their body and seeks out a new person to make a Legionnaire. In the modern world monsters and ranked and are sent to what is called the Academy while they are typically 17-20 years old. The Academy itself is a collection of Branches, which are the individual schools. Each country typically has one Branch, though some countries have more. As dragons and drakons reawaken, our story soon begins...

    IC Link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/legion-soldiers-and-drakons-ic.115295/
    CS Template

    Species: (If a halfbreed or reincarnate, state the non-human parent/previous species)




    Sigil (if a Legionnaire): (if not a Legionnaire, specify where it is on your character's body)

    Legion Stone Type (if a Legionnaire):


    Academy Year: (First is roughly 17 years old, Fourth is roughly 20 years old)

    Appearance: (Images and/or descriptions. Please include their human form and true form)



    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:



    Magic: (if any is known)

    Soul Weapon:



    -There is no need to randomly declare a Bellicus or demand a War Game. If you want to have one, talk to the owner.

    -All posts should be at least one well-written paragraph

    -Smut in PM ONLY (this includes succubi/incubi and their Destined Mates)

    -No forced romances

    -Entry posts should be 3+ paragraphs

    -Ranks are determined by Legionnaires

    -Classes for characters are determined by the owner and the admins

    -If your species can "turn" another character into a "turned" version of their species, notify an admin and get the consent of the other person before you "turn" the character
    Available Monster Species
    "SSS" Class (WAY OFF LIMITS)

    “SS” Class (off limits for now)
    -Dark Lord

    “S” Class (consult with me before taking one or using one for a reincarnation character)
    -Pureblood Lycanthrope
    -Pureblood Vampire

    “A” Class
    -Halfbreed Vampire
    -Snow Woman

    “B” Class
    -Lycanthrope Mutt
    -Turned Vampire
    -Turned Werewolf

    “C” Class
    -Lesser Demon

    “D” Class
    -Reincarnated Human
    Skype Group
    There will be a group on Skype available for OOC discussion and general chatting. To be apart of it, please add AceSorcerer on Skype.
    Example: Name 1 (site 1.site 2), Name 2 (site 3)=Characters

    -AceSorcerer (Iwaku/Skype)= Sirius Nocturne
    -AstrayaRosewood (Iwaku/Skype) = Aya & Raya Rosewood
    -Karakui (Iwaku/Skype) = Taruko Maikami, Amako Vateika
    - ★Under The Stars★ (Iwaku), under_the_stars2 (Skype)=Lilith Atkinson
    -Silverdawn (Iwaku), silverdawn99 (Skype)=Aust
    -The Silver Paladin (Iwaku)=Romulus Aquilus
    -ResolverOshawott (Iwaku)=Baddiel Kaiser

    About the Academy:

    The Academy
    The Academy is the collective name for a group of schools that are organized in Western-style classes (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior with students ranging typically from 17-20 years of age) and Japanese style school years and schedules where monsters are sent to learn their way of life and how to survive among human, as well as to begin being incorporated into Legions. Each school that is part of the Academy is called a Branch, with typically one Branch for every nation. This roleplay will take place in the Japan Branch. Branches can lobby to receive certain S or SS Class students, but otherwise English is used in every Branch in addition to the local language. Students live on-campus until they graduate and housing is separated by Legion, leading dorms to be coed, typically with one building per Legion depending on its size. Upon admittance, every student has their Soul Weapon unlocked. Once this is done each student can call their own Soul Weapon forth instinctively, though use of Soul Weapons is heavily monitored.

    Each Branch has a Student Council, which consists of all of the Legionnaires and Representatives for students who are not members of a Legion. Legions attend the same classes, and as such are separated from students who are not Soldiers. These classes elect Representatives, with the Student Council officers being elected democratically. However, the trend is that the strongest Legionnaire at the beginning of the year is elected Student Council President.

    Male Uniform:

    Female Uniform:
    Legion Stones
    No one is sure how Legion Stones came to be. Despite the near immortality of most monsters, Legion Stones choose only to those whose lifespans will come to a definite end, as when they die the Legion Stone will leave their body and await its next Legionnaire. There are a few cases of Legion Stones awaiting their master since they emerged, and these stones that await their Legionnaires still are called First Stones. Legion Stones themselves are separated into categories depending on what ability they grant their Legionnaire. They are classified as follows:

    -Dark Stone
    -Earth Stone
    -Fire Stone
    -First Stone
    -Healing Stone
    -Ice Stone
    -Psychic Stone
    -Thunder Stone

    Each Stone grants the ability to perform the Blood Oath to the Legionnaire they've selected. Their names indicate a domain of magic that they grant to their Legionnaires. An example would be a Legionnaire who has obtained a Psychic Stone will have enhanced telepathic and telekinetic abilities.
    Legions: What You Need to Know
    A Legion is any group commanded by a Legionnaire and comprised primarily of Soldiers. A Soldier can be any of the following ranks:

    -Lieutenant: The highest rank of Soldiers that hold high authority in the Legion. There is usually one Lieutenant for every ten to fifteen Soldiers. Lieutenants can give orders in the absence of the Legionnaire.
    -Immun: A senior-level Soldier with duties that include the training of Munfexes and the recruiting of others into the Legion.
    -Discen: The standard rank for full Soldiers after their training as a Munfex is complete.
    -Munfex: A probationary or new Soldier in the Legion.

    While there are no specific limits on how many people make up a Legion, the Academy tends to regulate a Legion of their students at forty-five members maximum, with one Legionnaire, four Lieutenants, and a total forty Immunes, Discens, and Munfexes.

    Soldiers join a Legion by performing a "Blood Oath" with their new Legionnaire. The Blood Oath is performed by making an incision on their body where they wish for their Legionnaire's Sigil to appear on their body, and they drop the blood onto the Legionnaire's Sigil, permanently binding them to their Legionnaire until either of them dies. There is also an enforced rule that all members of a Legion at a branch must be the same year.

    Legions are ranked internationally, nationally, and within the Branch if they still attend the Academy through War Games and Bellicus. The War Games are hosted by the local Branches and the Legions are graded by how they perform in a series of events similar to a tournament. A Bellicus, however, is a formal war between two or more Legions that only ends when the enemy Legionnaire dies or surrenders. While attending a Branch any and all Bellicus are approved by the Headmaster and the Student Council, but killing the enemy Legionnaire is forbidden. On another note, Legionnaires who are within the top one hundred of all Legionnaires are called "Centurions." The top ten Centurions are further referred to as "Magnus"(this is both the singular and plural term). Lastly, the greatest of all the Magnus is called the "Grand Magnus." The Grand Magnus will typically act as the head of the supernatural world in a judiciary sense, but otherwise conflicts are resolved by the Legions, villages, tribes, etc who were involved.

    Legions within the Japan Branch:
    -The Grey Dragon Legion (Legionnaire Sirius Nocturne)
    -The Cursed Banner Legion (Legionnaire Taruko Maikami)
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  2. Name: Sirius Nocturne

    Species: Reincarnate (Dragon in previous life)

    Rank: Legionnaire

    Class: SS

    Legion: The Grey Dragon Legion

    Sigil (located on the back of his right hand):
    Sigil (open)

    Legion Stone Type: First Stone

    Age: 17

    Academy Year: First

    Human Form/Sirius (open)

    Half-Dragon/Sadon (open)

    Draconian & Dragon Forms (open)

    Height: 5' 10"

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Eye Color: Grey-Blue

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Skills: Sirius is a fast learner and a natural tactician given his mindset. He plays cello, piano, and ocarina and can speak English and Japanese. He pursued fencing for a few years before he was brought to the Japan Branch, giving him some background in combat.

    Abilities: When his Legion Stone awakened his powers from his previous life, Sirius obtained a massive healing factor. He also gained enhanced physical abilities (such as speed and strength) and the ability to fly while in his Draconian Form. Given that dragons can communicate and understand all creature telepathically, he also gained the ability to harness this same telepathy. His actual dragon form, however, is still unavailable to him.

    Magic: Sirius can breathe grey fire from his mouth at will in either form. He can harness raw magic in order to use it as weapons or shields, as well.

    Soul Weapon: The Draconian Longsword, Lingrahtuz

    Personality: Sirius prefers to be by himself as opposed to be in the company of others. He tends to be rather blunt, telling people the truth if they want to hear it or not.

    As Sadon (open)
    The Grey Dragon, Sadon, is said to be one of the first dragons to exist. Sadon was not too well-liked, but that didn't let stop him from pursuing his fate. Only fragments of Sadon's memories had been revealed to Sirius, such as Sadon's rivalry with a hydra named Ruko (who has reincarnated as Taruko Maikami) and his death at the hands of the Three Dark Lords.

    As Sirius (open)
    Sirius was born and raised in the Unites States before stumbling upon his Legion Stone. He was born in Oconomowoc, Wisconisn, to a father who was attending the Nashotah House seminary college in order to become an Episcopalian clergyman. His mother was a licensed realtor who later obtained their house where they soon moved. Sirius remained an only child for the most of his life until his mother gave birth to his little brother a few days after his tenth birthday. Sirius came to resent his family and took to wandering in the nearby woods and forestry, leading to his discovery of the Legion Stone that chose him.

    Other: Sirius seeks to gather the memories of his shattered past, believing his First Stone to be the answer.
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  3. Names: Aya Rosewood and Raya Rosewood (twins)

    Species: Kitsune

    Rank: Immuns

    Class: S

    Legion: The Grey Dragon Legion

    Sigil: Aya has half the sigil on her right hand and Raya has the other half on her left hand.

    Age: 10

    Academy year: First year

    Appearance: http://userimages-akm.imvu.com/userdata/50/63/95/40/userpics/Snap_DKAqZlgQcb1577840846.jpg (Applys for both of them.)

    Height: 4 feet

    Weight: 55 pounds

    Eye-color: Crimson Red (glows brightly)

    Hair color: Silver

    Skills: Naturally work in sync and never fight without each other. They can play the ocarina and play in harmony making music that can appeal to even the darkest creature. They always know what the other is thinking and don't need to talk to be able to communicate.

    Abilities: (Applies to Raya) Castle of stone [She becomes made of invincible stone for 30 seconds but also can't move during that time.] Anchor howl [Forces all enemies who hear it to attack her. If they choose to attack someone else even if they her it they get hit hard by a feint attack that they don't see coming.]/ (Applies to both) They can use illusions, have a natural charm about them and can use rainbow fire.

    Magic: (Applies to Aya) Aya can use many different elemental magic.

    Soul Weapon: Aya has four magic cannons, one on each hip and on her upper arms. The cannons can become powerful rail guns that must be supported by Raya or elemental pillars. Raya has a tower shield that is as big as her and a great sword that she wields at the same time.

    Personality: They hate to be alone and are extremely childish. They love to mess with people and tease them using their charm and magic. They also love to help people and can become very attached to a person.

    History: WIP
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  4. Name: Taruko Maikami

    Species: Reincarnate Hydra

    Rank: Legionnaire

    Class: S

    Legion: The Cursed Banner

    Sigil: (Located in different locations on each form: Back of neck / palm of hand / center-top of chest / forehead / lower back / upper arm. She takes the form of Ao for initiation ceremonies due to convenience.)
    Show Spoiler


    Legion Stone Type: Psychic

    Age: 18

    Academy Year: Second



    Alternate forms (open)


    Height: Varies between forms. Normal - 160cm /5.24 ft. Blue - 150cm /4.9 ft. Green - 160cm /5.24 ft. Yellow - 145cm /4.75 ft. Red - 165cm /5.4 ft. Orange - 140cm /4.59 ft.

    Weight: Varies, but always just below average for each form.

    Eye Color: Her right eye is white, not red. Her left eye, the one that's covered, changes colour based on which aspect of her ability she is using - it can be blue, green, yellow, red or orange.

    Hair Color: Dark blonde in normal form. See alternate forms for specific colours.

    Skills: She is highly intelligent and can calculate quickly. Otherwise, her real world talents are very limited.

    Abilities: The Psychic Stone grants her normal form powerful abilities. She can detect the presence of anyone within 50 meters. She can tell what anyone is thinking, provided she has eye contact with them, and can manipulate their thoughts if they are as weak as a human. Additionally, if they have a weak mind, she can delve their memories to learn about them. Typically, anything above B class is resistant to this. Most importantly however, she has, and always has had, the ability to transform and differentiate between her 5 other forms. She can also separate these 5 forms, using her normal form as a kind of focal point. These 5 forms can fight independently of one another and simultaneously, but will go rogue if the normal form is destroyed. If any of these 5 forms is destroyed while the normal form is still alive, it will simply regenerate, and will have increased power for a short time. Her power is split evenly between each form. If 3 forms are fighting, each form will have 33% of her power. If 5 are fighting, each will have 20%. She cannot yet access her true form - that of a 5 headed dragon. She cannot exist normally in an alternate form, and the only time these forms manifest physically is when she is summoning them for combat.

    Her normal form has access to the full magical power of any of her alternate forms, although can only use one at a time.
    The first form, Ao, has regenerative abilities, high resilience and a unique passive spell: "Beast". The more damage she takes, the stronger and faster she physically is.
    The second form, Mirii, has access to binding spells that restrict movement, and the unique spell: "Marionette". She can select inanimate objects that have forms similar to that of a living animal, and temporarily animate it as a familiar. Works on humanoid forms too.
    The third form, Kii, has high defensive abilities. She takes reduced physical and magical damage, and the unique spell: "Rage". While charging, Kii cannot move. After release, Rage deals damage to each target equal to the total amount of damage absorbed by her defensive abilities. (Does not include the damage she actually took, only what was negated).
    The fourth form, Akai, is adept at confusion and illusion. She has the unique spell: "Feint". This creates a phantom image of herself and hides the real one, useful for ambushing and fleeing alike.
    The fifth form, Iiro, has raw physical strength. She has the unique spell: "Vengeance". For each of her fallen sisters, her strength increases. This increase is temporary and lasts only until the sisters regenerate.

    Soul Weapon: Taruko's soul is, and always has been, split into 5 parts. As such, they all have different soul weapons. Each sister can only access their own, however, the normal form can use any one of them at a time by switching to the appropriate sister fragment. These weapons are as follows: Short Sword / Scythe / Ridiculously Sized Shield / Ridiculously Sized Greatsword / Ridiculously Sized Metal Pugilist Gauntlets.

    Personality: Each of her 5 souls is dominated by a single emotion. Though each soul possesses the same basic personality, these emotions come out stronger in their corresponding character. These emotions are: Desperation / Envy / Superiority / Sadism / Hatred. As one can tell, these are all negative emotions - since these are all pronounced in every soul but the 'representative' (that which takes the name Taruko), she tends to come across as a cold and generally bad person.

    As Ruko the Hydra (open)

    Ruko was born as one of the first Hydra in existence, a year before the creation of Sadon the Dragon. When he first showed up, she did as she had with the previous newcomers and attempted to assert her dominance. However, these dragons were much stronger than herself, and she was beaten after a good struggle. This caused the fragmentation of the soul that was Ruko, into two entities - Ruko and another, Kii - the embodiment of her feelings of superiority. She tried again, targeting her newfound nemesis, the gray dragon. Once more upon defeat, her soul fragmented, creating Mirii - the embodiment of her envy of Sadon's power. Once more, she challenged him, birthing Iiro, the representation of her hatred. Next came Akai, then Ao. Sometimes she neared victory, other times she was defeated easily. Despite him being ranked higher, she knew they were almost evenly matched, however, just before she could challenge him another time, an incredibly rude creature of unknown name came and slayed her, claiming her six heads as trophies.

    As Taruko - Reincarnate Hydra (open)

    As fate would have it, Ruko's soul was reborn in a human body, which, by chance or not, bore the name Taruko. Taruko was horribly bullied as a child for her white eyes, causing her to become secluded and to harbor feelings of disgust for the world around her. And when she broke down, they were waiting for her - the other fragments. When they awoke, they selectively returned memories to Taruko of her real identity, though kept nearly all of them a secret, giving her only what she needed to harness the power of her fragments, whom she refers to as her 'sisters'. Unfortunately, she had a habit of using her abilities to lash out at her tormentors, and of course that's the great thing about being a child - no one will ever believe you when you say you were attacked by someone who can bring toys to life as weapons. She was quickly moved to the nearest Academy branch as soon as she was old enough. Here, she demonstrated formidable strength, and power equal to that of some of the elites. She was granted permission to found a Legion. Her recruitment requirements are tough, and she takes only the best she can find. So far, during the year she has been here, her Legion has lost not a single battle against another legion.

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  5. Name: Amako Vateika

    Species: Purebreed Vampire

    Rank: Lieutenant

    Class: S

    Legion: Gray Dragon

    Sigil: Front center chest - directly above windpipe.

    Age: 16

    Academy Year: First


    Height: 140cm / 4.6 ft

    Weight: 32kg - below average.

    Eye Color: pale pink. Glow crimson when using vampire abilities, and turn black and emit small amounts of grey smoke when using dark magic. If using both, they will be black but will still emit the red glow.

    Hair Color: Black

    Skills: Amako is a natural born sword-fighter, and is a talented fencer too. She prefers shortswords and katanas, although has no problems with other weapons, even the greatswords used by the goth tribes. She knows Japanese and Italian, and given enough time, she can translate English, German and French into a language she knows. She has a photographic memory and remembers everything she reads as individual pages. It can take quite some time for her to recall a given page though, due to having to locate it in her memory.

    Abilities: As a pure Vampire, Amako has all of the normal vampiric traits.
    + She is considerably faster and stronger than humans and indeed most monster species.
    + She can regenerate very quickly and without creating scars, provided her heart isn't destroyed.
    + She does not age and will not die of age-related diseases (a side effect of her regeneration)
    + Her senses are all stronger than those of humans, and she can see in the night as if it were day.
    + She can fly for short periods of time.
    - She cannot walk outside during the day. When close to ley-lines, she can draw upon their power to negate this effect. There is handily a Ley-line inside the academy grounds which extends around the entire campus. She will not incinerate when exposed to sunlight, however, there is a mental barrier which prevents her from going outside. If she is caught outside, she cannot access her other vampiric strengths.
    - She is constantly tired and weakened during a sunny day.
    - Requires a feast of blood regularly. She can go 2 days without drinking, though will become incredibly hungry after about 12 hours to the point that it hijacks her instincts and causes her to become easily distracted and unfocused. Any blood will work, however, that of non-sentients will only put off the hunger for about an hour. The blood of higher class monsters is more effective than that of lower classes, too.
    - She cannot enter an interior without being invited inside. Once invited, this invitation lasts forever.
    - She cannot cross running water unless there is something between her and the water - be that a bridge or another person carrying her. She cannot fly across running water unless there is a bridge below her flight path.
    - Has a fear of any holy item from any faith. This fear is greater the more powerful the item is. This works in two ways - for example, a church, a "house of God" is much more frightening than a crucifix, which only has traces of God around it rather than an entirety of it's presence. Additionally, a crucifix is more frightening than a spirit tag, since Christianity has more followers than the pagans who use the spirit tags. Does not apply to cursed items.

    Amako knows several aspects of a dark magic, which has it's roots in Catholicism. It is a corrupted form of holy magic, and idolises the dark, sadistic side of the Christian god. She has four main spells, and a myriad of small utility spells.

    Isolation: Severs and destroys any holy link. This will curse any holy item, and prevent holy mages from accessing their magic. In the case of the mages, this link will regenerate. Items will remain cursed forever.

    Shadow Flare: Amako can conjure small flames of an eerie purple color and launch them as a fireball-like attack. These flames are cold and burn physical stats rather than dealing direct damage, lowering the target's strength and speed.

    Phantom Servant: Amako manifests a solid form for any nearby shadow. It has no free will, and acts a bit like a remote control car, with Amako sending commands to the servant which it then carries out. It cannot physically interact with the environment, but it can make itself infinitely thin and pass through cracks etc.

    Dark Matter: Amako's signature spell. She can create a mysterious mass out of nothing, which absorbs 100% of light - it looks completely black. This mass can be fluid or solid, and can switch between the two at it's user's will. It can be shaped into anything, and can be locked in place, so that it remains where it is in relation to the thing it's locked to, even if the host moves or if the two items are not touching.

    Reference for the material (open)

    Believe it or not, there is a black material in that pot besides the tin foil. That is how dark the Dark Matter is.

    Soul Weapon: Technically a staff, but she doesn't use it because Dark Matter is stronger.

    Personality: Amako is ferocious and is always up for a fight. However, she is not overconfident and knows when her opponent is considerably stronger. She is egotistical and enjoys showing off her superiority, often using her Dark Matter for nothing more than aesthetic reasons. She has odd hobbies, that one would find unusual even for a monster, including skeleton reconstructing. Her room contains several skeletons held together by wires - those of cats and other small animals.

    Amako Vateiko was born in some location within Italy that isn't the Vatican City, as part of an experiment by the pope and his subordinates. She is number 4 of a 7 item large project to try and create the ultimate weapon. The 7 siblings were created by IVF methods using gametes of the most perfect pureblood vampires they could find, and were separated at birth, with as much distance as possible between them to prevent them from being discovered. Amako was raised in Japan. She never attended a normal school and instead was taught by her guardians - everything she would need to know and be able to do in order to fight.
    This plan was cut short by an earthquake that hit the town, completely burying her home under a landslide, killing her guardians. She protected herself by making a shell of Dark Matter, before digging herself out by injecting additional material inside the pores between the rocks, forcing the cracks apart until they were wide enough to walk through. She was quickly located after her escape by a local representative of the Academy, who had her register there after observing her abilities. Thanks to the quantity of other students, the Vatican is not able to retrieve her, and she has been here ever since.
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  6. So what's the difference between a pure blood lycanthrope, turned werewolf, lycanthrope mutt and a normal werewolf? Just asking before making character through would you guys mind if my schedule is a bit well inactive? My personal internet is dead and now using mobile for the time being but I can definitely try to post once or twice a week or maybe even more.
  7. Seems to me that Werewolves in this universe are a little different to those in normal folklore. A pure blood lycanthrope is one born into lycanthropy - the offspring of 2 pure blood lycanthrope parents. Naturally, they'd be the most powerful. They're typically the speed-type S class monster, whereas Vampire is the strength-type and Kitsune is the magic-type. Werewolf is probably the half-breed equivelant - with one lycanthropic parent and one human. Turned Werewolf would be someone who's bitten by a werewolf in a certain way that made them become one - like vampirism. Not sure about the mutt. GM says it'd be a pain in the arse to put explanations of every monster, so I'm going purely on details from an anime this seems to be heavily influenced by.
  8. @ResolverOshawott allow me to explain:

    A lycanthrope (lycan for short) comes from western European folklore as opposed to werewolves that come from Germany. Lycanthropes can control their transformations, changing into their beast form at will (even during the day). Unlike werewolves, they cannot turn others into lycanthropes. Lycanthropes who aren't in Legions act in packs. Your purebloods are the stronger of the two variants, and make up alphas and betas. A lycanthrope mutt is the offspring of a lycanthrope and another species and inherits a weaker form of lycanthropy. As for werewolves, a "turned" werewolf is a werewolf who has just been turned and is still bound to their maker. Once they are released by their maker and have the full range of power, they become a normal werewolf. Regardless of variation, werewolves are weaker than lycanthropes as they are still bound to the moon.
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  9. ... technically, Germany is part of west europe.
  10. Germany is classified as eastern Europe, but let's not argue that on here.
  11. Is it? Huh. Seemed more western to me.
  12. Ah alright

    I have a pretty interesting character in mind but is a pure blood lycanthrope though I need your consent for that.

    I don't plan her to be a alpha (since I can't see how that would work right now at leant at the start of the RP) if you're wondering.
  13. You have my consent. And the alpha bit is for if they choose to live in packs as opposed to joining a Legion.
  14. (I'm on mobile so this app might take a while to finish)

    Name: Baddiel Kaiser

    Species: Pureblooded lycanthrope

    Rank: Discen

    Class: S

    Legion: The Cursed Banner

    Sigil (if a Legionnaire): Located on of her left shoulder/ located on her forehead as a wolf

    Legion Stone Type (if a Legionnaire): N/A

    Age: 18

    Academy Year: Second

    Human Form (open)

    Wolf Form (open)

    Height: Around 5'10ft as a human and 5ft from the shoulders as a wolf, well even if she's a size of a race horse in her wolf form it would not be a good idea to try and hitch a ride on her back ever.

    Weight: 110 lb as a human and 1,100 lb as a wolf. though this often varies she can either gain or lose weight overtime.

    Eye Color: Bright yellow in both forms.

    Hair Color: Black on the top of her head and slowly fades into blonde color at the tip.

    Skills: Intelligent and a very calculating individual and can spot what kind of power another Monster has just by observing them in battle other than that she does not have other note able skills.

    • Naturally, being a pure blooded lycanthrope she can turn into a wolf, at anytime and any day she wishes though she has to take to account if her wolf form can fit in the area she's in. Also she still keeps her clothes when she transform back into a human (to avoid NFSW situations of course).

    Most of her other abilities are exclusive to her wolf form but as a human she has enhanced senses such as hearing and smell and also enhanced endurance, stamina, reflexes, jump, durability and finally night vision, other than that she is a pretty normal as a human. Do note that all these enhanced abilities are stronger if she is in wolf form. And something to add to her enhanced smelling, she can smell emotions such as grief and fear, especially fear

    Werewolf Physiology:
    • The name says it all this is of course mostly exclusive to her wolf form except to the enhanced abilities listed above (which are increased in wolf form not by too much though) with more enhanced abilities such as enhanced agility, strength, but most importantly, enhanced bite in fact her bite is stronger than a jaguar's but not as strong as a crocodile or alligator but definitely strong enough to chew through bone like butter.
    • Weather Adaptation: She The user is unaffected by the weather, including wind, rain, temperature, electricity, fog, etc. Their senses, movement or any actions are not affected by weather in any way. (May not work for things such as smoke from a fire).

    Magic: (She can use magic whatever form she takes on of course )
    Lunar Empowerment:
    • This can only be used during a full moon or a total eclipse. This enhances all of her abilities to 3 times to their power and thus becoming very, very powerful (however in depends what form she's in whilst using this said ability )it even stops her aging at least for the night but only takes effect when she's under the moonlight outside so being indoors with little to no windows means this ability does not work, it also won't work if there's a storm that night.
    Lunar Healing:
    • Is able to heal by using the power of the Moon, this can be used at any phase of the moon but with varying degree of power, under a full moon she might be able to revive someone from being brain dead if they're still on life support, but might only be able to heal a deep cut during a half moon.
    Ice Manipulation:
    • Not just normal ice but Dark Ice which she can can create and manipulate the darkest aspect of ice that is straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in downright malicious ways. Dark ice doesn't just freeze, it crushes and shatters all things, including regular ice. But it still melts and breaks if hit with enough force like any ice, this ability is the only way she can make constructs but of course they're only ice or snow. (Nothing that intelligent either)

    Soul Weapon: A pair of clawed gauntlets

    Personality: Baddiel is, well a rather egotistical, proud and cold person to say the least, rarely does she cares about others who she doesn't consider a friend or at the very least someone she respects. And is often rebellious and brutally honest unless she's trying to suck up to someone higher up than she is but even then it doesn't stop her from being rather snarky, sassy and blunt about things. But to those who are friends with her would know that she can be a pretty good friend despite her bad side but it would not be wise to get on her bad side as you would never know what she could or would do, basically she's unpredictable in general.

    History: Being a pure blood of course meant she was born to two pure blood parents, she was born with a fraternal twin sister named Morgause. The two were constantly trained by their parents on how to fight and what to do and what not told in certain situations etc, there was constant rivalry between the two both trying to earn their parents favors, Baddiel always had the she's the very best kind of thinking whilst Morgouse is more of the opposite of Baddiel. The two got in a big fight one day that left Baddiel badly injure and so to avoid anymore conflict Baddiel was sent to the Academy in hopes that she can still hone her skills without getting a relative killed, she does however does not know what happened with Morgouse but she assumes she might have been signed up at another academy but currently she could care less. She joined the Cursed Banner as she wanted to be different and not join the seemingly more popular faction the Gray Dragon.

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  15. It's no issue, just alert me when it's finished
  16. If you're doing it on mobile, I find it works best to do it in a richtext editor, then copy and paste it later, so you can save it etc and you won't lose it if your phone disconnects or something.
  17. We'll I'm on a apple iPad mini specifically with relatively limited internet for the time being so I can't post everyday but then again this doesn't seem like a very fast paced roleplay anyway.
  18. Name:
    Lilith Atkinson




    Gray Dragon

    Sigil is located on her her right oblique.


    Academy Year:


    True Form:

    5' 8''

    110 lbs

    Eye Color:
    Crimson Red

    Hair Color:
    Midnight Black

    ✧ Excellent Sword-Fighter ✧
    ✧ Excellent Liar ✧
    ✧ Sensitive To Those Who Are Extremely Powerful ✧
    ✧ Excellent At Discerning When People Are Lying/Telling The Truth ✧

    ❖ Lilith is able to see different spirits in the air, and if they are weak, she can control them ❖
    ❖ Lilith has a natural defense against any and all fire magic ❖
    ❖ Lilith also has a natural affinity for fire magic ❖
    ❖ Lilith is able to hypnotize people by looking people in the eye (She doesn't do it very often, but she could do it) ❖
    ❖ Lilith is able to 'possess' someone, but only if their classification is lower than hers ❖
    ❖ Lilith cannot handle being near holy places, but can stand against artifacts with holy properties ❖
    ❖ Lilith will get very sick is holy water ever touches her in any way ❖

    Hypnotize: Lilith chooses one target, which she can confuse to the point where they believe and will do anything she says.

    Blaze: Lilith calls upon the fire inside of her to increase her speed, reaction time, and strength.

    Cleanse: Takes away any semi-serious status effects. Also, heals for a small amount.

    Fiery Gaze: (This spell can only be used once a day) Lilith is able to incinerate an object that she looks at.

    Soul Weapon:
    A Claymore (Featured in her picture above)

    Lilith is a proud woman who knows how to get inside of people's hearts and minds. She's very manipulative, but is also considerate of others. She can be pushed over the edge and then she becomes a bitch, but the majority of the time, she's somewhat kind. Let's just say that Lilith is not predictable.

    Lilith is the daughter of a demon noble, which... Of course, makes her a noblewoman. Ever since the day her mother conceived her, she had been trained by her father to be an extremely powerful soldier for a legionnaire someday. She trained with many weapons and learned how to manipulate others. Her life was practically a training ground until the age of 16. When she was 16, her father sent her to interview with people for arranged marriages. Of course, each of these suitors were legionnaires. Lilith hated every moment spent in the presence of those who thought they were more powerful than others just because they had a stone. Some legionnaires were alright, but she knew that since demons were manipulative, that they were just trying to trick her father. Lilith thought that all they wanted was to tear into her like a piece of meat, which made her cringe at the thought. When her father couldn't find someone suitable for two years, he sent her to the academy in hopes of finding a suitable legionnaire to be her suitor.

    Lilith has a slight dislike for legionnaires.​
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  19. @ResolverOshawott , your character is not a Legionnaire. As such, she cannot have a Legion Stone or a unique Sigil. She has the same Sigil as her Legionnaire, but in an area of her choice.
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  20. Name: Aust

    Species: Drider

    Rank: Munfex

    Class: S

    Legion: Grey Dragon

    Sigil: Side of his neck

    Legion Stone Type (if a Legionnaire): N/A

    Age: 17

    Academy Year: First

    Appearance: (Images and/or descriptions. Please include their human form and true form)
    Human form


    True form

    This top half

    With this bottom half

    Height: 5'11" (human), 6'3" (Drider)

    Weight: 145lb (Human), 180lb (Drider)

    Eye Color: Red

    Hair Color: White

    Excellent Marks man ship
    Good swords man ship
    Incredibly sneaky
    Amazing low light vision

    Posion Arrow: Can fire poison arrows from his bow
    Spider climb: Can climb on any surface as long as it is no slippery
    Webs: (only in true form) Can create webs as spiders tend to do
    Poison bit: A side effect of his transformation

    Soul Weapon: Bow

    Personality: Aust is very sly, he rather kills people before they know what happens, if he can he will avoid any and all face to face combat. He doesn't like taking orders from anyone, but his Legionary as he believes no one else is worth his time unless he's the one giving orders.

    History: Aust was born a Dark elf and raised in a simple household where he learnt how to shoot a bow and fight sneakily. The sneaky part got him into trouble a few times. As he grew up he felt power less against everything and hated that. So many people where stronger so one day he went looking for a woman called Juleen who had magical powers. He found Juleen and he asked her to make him more powerful, she said she would if he collected the ingredients she needed. He found all ingredients as requested and she changed him to something stronger, at first he felt nothing, then he felt a large pain. Twelve hours of pain later he had become what he is today, a Drider. After a few years of wandering he decided to join thee Academy at age 17.

    Other: N/A
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