Legion: Soldiers and Drakons IC

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It began like any other day that April.

School had ended for the day as Sirius drove himself home, eventually leaving his abode as his parent fawned over the daily life and accomplishments of his younger brother, making him sick. He then began to wander into the local woodlands, going in far enough where he had built his own treehouse as the years had gone by, his response to one of many unfulfilled promises. Make no mistake, Sirius was a good older brother when he forced his smile. But it was not so much being an only child for so long as being far more neglected than he should have been. He drew his hood to combat the cool air that blew into his face as he climbed up the ever familiar rope ladder and reclined against one of the walls. His wavy blonde spikes were snug beneath the charcoal black hoodie. The hoodie itself was comfortable, with gray stripes running down the length of the arms. He wore beige cargo pants and tennis shoes otherwise, containing a wallet with three hundred and ninety-four US dollars, an iPhone 5s, as well as a small notebook and a black pen.

It was then as the teenager sighed that a grey flash of light caught the attention of the boy’s grey-blue eyes. He jolted up to his feet and looked about the area, seeing the light emit from large artificial mound he had assumed for years was a burial ground for Native Americans in times long past. However, he would soon learn that such was not the case. He then climbed down the swaying rope ladder, walking over to the protruding object that had emerged from the large pile of earth. He thought to himself, deciding that it most likely emerged from the record-breaking rainfall as of late and the expedited erosion that would have taken place as a result. He then pushed away more and more of the surrounding mud and soil to discover what appeared to be a sphere roughly the size of a baseball and carved from some unknown crystal. He then gingerly probed it with his right index finger, a great and powerful roar echoing in his mind while he made contact with it. He then retracted his finger and hesitated, wondering what he has just heard. It was then that the orb began to levitate and approached him, heading towards the hand he had prodded it with. Unsure why, the young man raised his arm so his palm made contact with the sphere. Unmoving and without any expression he was petrified as it entered his body as the roar resounded throughout his mind once more as a grey flame appeared on the back of that hand, burning his new Sigil into his flesh as he emitted the same roar he heard in great pain. Only when it ceased did the pain stop, leading the young man to fall unconscious.

Some time later (the next morning in fact) he would begin to stir, hearing voices above him. The first was feminine and kind, but the other was deep and had an air of power to it.

“Headmaster, are you sure that he should be awarded such a high class? He is a human, after all.”

“It’s been decided, Nurse. The Academy Board of Deans have chosen to award him SS Class. After all, let’s look at what we know. Somehow, this human was chosen by a First Stone, so we have no idea what that will do. Secondly, this is that a human, albeit one that reincarnated from another species, has ever been chosen by a Legion Stone at all. Thirdly, I’ve finally heard from the Soothsayer. This boy is the reincarnation of the Grey Dragon! It took all three Dark Lords to defeat him, and even then he killed them all before they died! If anything, we may be underestimating this boy. Besides, we’ll need to place him accordingly. The new year starts tomorrow and he doesn’t have long to become acclimated to all this.”

“Headmaster, he’s waking up!”

It was then that Sirius’ eyes opened, sitting up as he identified the two people those voices belonged to. To his left he saw a tall, disgruntled old man wearing a white button-down shirts, a black sweatervest and slacks, as well as a black tie and belt with loafers of the same color. Upon further inspection it could be seen that the man was bald, and had yellow eyes and abnormally pale skin. The woman herself was slightly stouter than the man, wearing the stereotypical nurse uniform and corresponding white flats as her clothes adapted to her pear-shaped figure. Her skin was more akin to that of the region, her face affirming this. The faculty members looked to one another and remained silent, the teenager speaking up to break the tension after checking his right hand, affirming that he hadn’t been dream when he gained the Sigil.

“Alright, I’ll bite. Who are you, what is this mark on my hand, where am I, why am I here and how did I get here?”

His tone was calm but not demanding as he spoke up, the headmaster putting a pair of glasses to his eyes and clearing his throat, speaking aloud for himself and the nurse.

“Patience, Legionnaire. I am Alphaeus Mortis, a lich and the headmaster of the Academy’s Japan Branch. The Academy is a collection of schools for young monsters where the join into Legions lead by Legionnaires like you. We brought you here with the aid of Nurse Ayumi, the kind, young witch over there, and her magic. You’re in the Japan Branch’s infirmary. That mark on your hand is called a Sigil. It marks you as a Legionnaire, the master over a Legion. Your Legion will be made up of monsters who choose to swear loyalty to you called Soldiers. Now, Mister Nocturne, you are here because of more that mark on your hand. You were chosen. That silver orb that entered your body is known as a Legion Stone, but you will learn more about that later on. More importantly, it’s because you were a dragon in your past life. Not only that, but you were one of the most powerful dragons: the Grey Dragon, Sadon. Because of that I’ve lobbied for you to be here, and of course I succeeded. You personal effects were moved to your new dormitory. Your clothes, however, were burned. Get dressed in your uniform and I’ll show you to your new home.”

Sirius decided not to argus any of the arbitrary and questionable point brought up by the headmaster, giving two questions as he went behind a screen to silently change into the suit-like uniform. “If everyone is a monster, why do you look human? Also, sir, have my parents been notified of this?” The undead headmaster cleared his throat once more before speaking again, his voice clairvoyant and loud. “They have been notified. They agreed actually and registered you, although they were told something a bit different as the supernatural world wishes for as few humans to know as possible. You will likely go through more than your share because of that fact that you are not only human but are also an SS Class monster, a dragon. The Board of Deans has yet to come up with a proper name for what you are yet, however. Two of the favorites were ‘dragonkin’ and ‘dragonoid.’ To put it frankly, Mister Nocturne, there has never been a situation quite like yours before.”

It was then that Sirius came out in the school uniform, hearing some more the ancient headmaster as he was given a brief tour of the campus, taken to a four-story dormitory building at its end. It was surrounded by others like it, though this one had a flag flying. The flag itself was primarily black, with black borders and a grey dragon in the center. The headmaster then took him inside, showing him the ground floor which included a common room, a training room and gym, a moderate dining hall and kitchen, study rooms as well as a few other features. There was also a connection to the nearby bathhouse the dormitory also used. The next two floors were divided by the ranks, with each room being different depending on rank. His, given he was the Legionnaire, was the most lavishly furnished and doubled as an office space given its size. They headmaster spoke about some other first years likely stopping by later in the day who had been asked to join his Legion to begin with, providing the young man with the Legionnaire’s Dagger with which to perform Blood Oaths. The lich then took his leave after teaching the young man how to perform Blood Oaths, turning his attention to the rest of his Branch. Sirius then took up his familiar notebook, phone, and wallet as he put them in his pockets. He then inserted the dagger into a special slot on his belt before taking off the coat and hanging it up, after which he returned to the common room and turned on the television. He sat and explored on his own until it was about three in the afternoon and he heard a knock on the door. Given that an upperclassman had already delivered his schedule to him he figured it must be another First Year. He stood up, walking over to the door and opening it curiously. He spoke calmly, trying not to be rude. “I am Legionnaire Sirius Nocturne of the Grey Dragon Legion. How may I help you?”
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Not to long after the new Legionnairegets settled in, two little kitsunes had knocked at his door. The moment he opens the door they both tackle him yelling "Big brother!" They both wear a purple baby doll outfit that seemed to be completely against the academy uniform but they are small rebelious kitsunes. They both nuzzle under his chin in a very adorable way.

They get up and smile happily as they say in sync "We would like to make a blood oath wif you and become part of your legion." They giggle and huggle him some more trying to act as cute as possible because they want to get him to recruit them.
Sirius' eyes widened as he looked down at the young kitsunes. He rubbed his eyes quickly to ensure he wasn't hallucinating. The name, however, did sound familiar as he recognized it from the list the Headmaster Mortis had given earlier of students that would be placed in his legion. So he picked them up by the scruffs of their necks and set them down in from of him before he spoke again. It was then he was further in disbelief that they called him "big brother." "You two are the Rosewood twins, right?" It was then that he coughed briefly, seeing a small grey flame emerge from his mouth before going for the dagger. Well... That was new. Now, how did that old lich say I do this... He thought to himself for a moment before they presented him with the palms of their hands for the Blood Oath.

It was then that he spoke aloud, asking them questions that all had the same response.

"Do you swear your eternal loyalty to the Grey Dragon Legion?"

"Do you swear to obey the commands of your superiors?"

"Do you swear to respect your fellow Soldiers and to aid them in any way you can?"

After she gave successive responses in the pauses between each individual question, he the took the dagger and made he incision on the backs of their hands, moving his forearm so that their blood would fall onto his Sigil. He then spoke once more, finishing the rite. "Then I do admit thee, Aya and Raya Rosewood, into the Grey Dragon Legion at the rank of Immun. Let the Sigil sear itself onto your flesh and let all know you have joined this Legion forevermore!" It was them that a grey light appeared as the incision closed, a series of flames emerging in the center as his Sigil formed over the area where the incision had been made. The process was to some extent painful, but the pain would cease after a bit.

He then went and pulled out two the key cards to the dormitory, handing one to each before giving them one of the Immun rooms on the third floor, the magic of the Japan Branch having moved all of her stuff into it already. Otherwise he would give the twins a tour similar to the one that the headmaster had given him before he returned to his room, adding her name an room to the map of the dormitory. He would have to start coming up with a variety of training schedules soon enough, as the legion's ranks would soon be swelling up. He would sit at his desk, reading some of the student handbook and some guides to various types of monsters he would be dealing with. He reclined in the chair after, over the course of an hour, completely finishing the entirety of the massive volumes that laid before him as he rubbed his temple as he walked himself outside.

He would further explore the areas designated for training his Legion as well as discovering what he was capable of, having no idea what he could do himself while his new Soldiers would likely have some idea of what they were capable of. He remembered his cough from earlier, deciding to see it he could replicate it. He closed his eyes, taking in deep breaths as he opened his eyes once more. He focused the energy in his lungs and on his throat, building something up within him. He then released it in one massive breath, his breath manifesting itself into the grey fire that now passed through his lips and captured the attention of a variety of onlookers. Even some of the Fourth Years turned their head at the peculiar sight, curious and desiring more information on the young man. Sirius took no notice, continuing to practice breathing these flame from various distances, eventually coming short at a range of roughly ten yards.

Immediately after, he felt a physical change in his body as he was surrounded by a grey flame. Soon enough, He felt six bumps begin to protrude from his head, ending up in various sizes. Soon enough, they had all grown into full horns. His forearms and his lower legs and feet soon were covered in scales. In conjunction with this, he soon felt he had a tail as well as a few other series of scales interspersed about his mid-torso. His garb, as this happened, soon changed from his school uniform into a version of kilt. He felt stronger, as his muscle structure had changed visibly and would carry over into his human form. His pupils became slits as his eyes changed color, the young man examining his new form and getting some combat practice in with it. A surge of lightning went through his head, as he regained a few random memories as Sadon that revealed that this form was Sadon's base form. Going further into a meditative state, he found himself covered in armor as his trail vanished, soon practicing the ability to cycle between what he would label as his "Human," "Half-Dragon," and "Draconic" Forms. For a good while he practiced cycling between all three forms, eventually reaching the ability to go the next transformation in just over a second.

He then decided to try something else, extending his right arm outward and trusting his instincts to call forth what had been referred to as his "Soul Weapon" by the headmaster. He then watched as almost effortlessly a grey light emerged from his palm as his Soul Weapon, Lingrahtuz, materialized in his hand. Lingrahtuz itself was a longsword, meant to be used with both hands as the total size of the blade was over three feet long. However, with his new dragon strength he only needed one hand. He grabbed it with both hands and drew upon past experiences as he chose to examine the blade first, knowing that this was supposedly his ideal weapon. He then went up to the training dummy, which due to the Japan Branch's magic wan't in cinders, and performed a series of attack and combat patterns as he explored the uses of his own weapon and after a while had it vanish. Lingrahtuz itself was a great and powerful weapon, but Sirius would need to train with it a bit more. It was then he went back into the common room of the dormitory, sitting on the couch and turning on what appeared to be campus news.
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They answer yes to all the questions and wince in pain once the sigil starts to form on the palms of their hands each of them having half the sigil.

Aya and Raya follow Sirius outside and watch him with a deep curiousity in their eyes as he practices. They sit on the ground tempted to be show offs and show him what they are entirely capable of and the sheer raw and destructive power they possess. Before Sirius goes inside Aya digs her fingers into the air seeming to cause the very fabic of space to open as she pulls strings of ether from some unknown place.

The strings swirl around her forming into shapes at her hips and on her upper arms. The strings bond together forming into cannons with crystals that jut out the back. With a flash the crystals glow with a rainbow fire that burns within them. She aims her cannons well above his head and lets the barrels extend as Raya starts to support them. With a grin Aya charges them up causing an orb of rainbow energy to form between the ends of the cannon.

With a grin she fires off the railgun round that flys over Sirius's head before the loud boom is heard. Though as the round reaches high into the sky it explodes with a roar that rivals a dragon's roar causing the building of the academy to shake and trembles as if in fear of the roar. The flames of the explosion form into the sigil of their legion.

After seeing his reaction they smile and head back up to their room and shut the door behind them. Their room is an eerie place that is bigger on the inside then it should be because it contains a small shrine that kitsunes most commonly live within. The shrine is surronded by a bamboo forest and fog rolls along the ground as eerie rainbow flames dance across the bamboo plants. Strings of ether are strung around the bamboo plants that are closest to thw shrine and have lanterns with a pale blue flame inside them. The lantern is completely made of glass and the flames dance lick within its confines. Though the flames burn without air since the glass lantern has no slots, holes, or slits to cycle the air.
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Aust was in his true form as he left the Academy for a walk to do some private training in a nearby place. As Aust continued to walk away from the main entance he when first hears a loud explotion and spots an emblem in the Sky that looks like the one someone had . He sped up his movements and began to go around the Academy to see where the expositions came from. He spotted what looked like two young girls one of which had cannons attached to her upper arms and hips. Beside the pair was a guy in armor who seemed like he might have been the Legionnaire. After the girls' display they all went inside, Aust decided to follow the Legionnaire inside and found him in the common room.

"Hello sir, I believe you're my Legionnaire if I have the right person, I am Aust, you probably know me so I would happily make a blood oath with you," Aust said talking a small bow, "I may not be as powerful as those girls I saw you with earlier, but I'm a good fighter. Will you accept me into your Legion?"

He then Tilted his head to the left to allow Sirius to use his dagger on his neck.
Sirius would smile and chuckle as he was taken aback the sheer destructive potential contained within such adorable little girls. He then proceeded to pick up the girls, giving them a big hug as he spoke up. "That... was... FANTASTIC!!! It's.... it's amazing! You've got to show me this again sometime! But... but don't do it until I tell you two, alright? It seems a little too dangerous to perform in the open like this." After this, Sirius soon went back inside, occasionally looking around occasionally as he could've sworn that he heard the scurrying of a large creature on the walls. Regardless, it appeared that nothing was following him. Soon enough, he heard it again after he had settled down. Only this time, he fell out of his chair after seeing a giant arachnid abdomen and an elven top. "You're Aust, right? I remember you from the Headmaster's list." After being presented with the Drider's neck, Sirius began the Blood Oath.

It was then that he spoke aloud, asking them questions that all had the same response.

"Do you swear your eternal loyalty to the Grey Dragon Legion?"

"Do you swear to obey the commands of your superiors?"

"Do you swear to respect your fellow Soldiers and to aid them in any way you can?"

After she gave successive responses in the pauses between each individual question, he the took the dagger and made he incision on the side of his neck, moving his forearm so that Aust's blood would fall onto his Sigil. He then spoke once more, finishing the rite. "Then I do admit thee, Aust the Drider, into the Grey Dragon Legion at the rank of Munfex. Let the Sigil sear itself onto your flesh and let all know you have joined this Legion forevermore!" It was them that a grey light appeared as the incision closed, a series of flames emerging in the center as his Sigil formed over the area where the incision had been made. The process was to some extent painful, but the pain would cease after a bit. After this, Sirius gave Aust a key to the dorm and gave him a room on the second floor. He then gave Aust a brief tour before adding his name and room number to the roster in his room on the fourth floor, soon heading down to the common room and heading over to see what food there was in the kitchen.
"I do," Aust said in answer to all the questions, at first when Sirius cut into his neck he didn't feel much pain until a burning sensation kicked in when grey light began to seal his wound and create the same sigil as Sirius had on his hand. once the pain was over he smirked for a few seconds before requesting for Sirius to give him a tour and Sirius did so. Aust liked the look of the place and it had plenty of room and once they got to his room he thanked Sirius and proceeded inside.

Once inside the place was very empty and Aust didn't like it one bit, he began to create webs around the place giving it his own special look. Once he was done the place seemed like a huge maze of silk, he finally thought about what if he had a roommate. He ended up thinking that he could make a deal with his roommate but until then he would keep this place as it was. Aust decided to turn into his human form next time he left his room or if his roommate shows up.
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As Lilith arrived at the academy, she couldn't stop hearing her father talk about how important it was that she join the strongest legion and that she find an extremely capable legionnaire. Of course, when he said that, he meant someone of demon-kind. Though, Lilith completely ignored him. Actually, she did respond, but... On the inside, she didn't really care. I just wish that father would understand that I'm going to join whatever legion I want. I'm not just going to join the legion for the sole reason of finding a partner. That's stupid. I'm here to train myself and get better. I'm also here to make people respect me along the way. I can prove myself in battle and rise to one of the highest ranks. Then, I'll find whoever I want as a husband or whatever. There's no reason to listen to my dumb father.

As Lilith exited the car with her father, Lilith and her father changed forms. Lilith sighed as they walked. This is all so troublesome. And why does my father have to come with me? She looked at her father. "Lilith, you've been assigned to the Gray Dragon Legion. Make sure that you impress the legionnaire. And make sure that you make him love you." Lilith smiled sweetly, but in her mind, she was tired of her father's completely whacked ideals. If I wanted to impress the legionnaire, I wouldn't just do it to impress them. I'd work hard, and if they said that I was impressing them, then I'd be content. There's no damn reason why I have to impress them from day one. I will be spending a good amount of time in the legion, but I don't intend to rise above the ranks by seducing my superiors. "Of course Daddy~" I'm tired of having to play the 'sweet little girl who always listens to daddy'. It's sickening. My father is a man of high stature in our society, but how can he be so... So evil? He believes everything is achieved by pleasing others and taking the easy way out. He also believes in sabotaging your rivals. I don't understand his train of thought. If someone found out you sabotaged them, you'd just have larger consequences than if you didn't do anything. Father always said, "If you're going to do something, do it right. And if the thing you're doing happens to be evil, don't get caught." Lilith shook her head as she headed in the direction of the Gray Dragon dormitory. Before they arrived there, she turned to her father. "Daddy~ It might be a little weird if you show up at the door with me... So... Would you mind going back to the car? It's alright... I promise I won't let you down!" Father, go back to the car. I don't want to face the legionnaire with you there. You'll mess everything up. Lilith sat there with a puppy face as she stared at her father. "Alright Lilith. Make sure that you impress them! Don't let me down!" Her father started to walk away as she turned back to him. "Alright! I'll do my best Daddy~" As soon as her father was out of sight, she immediately switched into her prouder persona. Alright. Now that my father's out of the way, now I just need to introduce myself to the Legionnaire.

As Lilith walked toward the place where she was supposed to meet her legionnaire, she saw a spider-person. W-WHAT?! T-THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE THAT... I MEAN... I SUPPOSE THERE ARE. I MAY HAVE STUDIED THEM AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY LESS SCARY! As Lilith walked toward toward the two, she was already playing out what she was going to say in her head. Hello. I'm here to join the legion. My name's Lilith Atkinson. It's a pleasure to meet you. Hmm... That seems a little too formal, but it should be fine. But they walked away. Hold on. Why are they leaving? Lilith sighed as she waited for her legionnaire inside the kitchen of the place where she was supposed to meet him. Guess I might be waiting here a while...
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Aya and Raya hide in their room amongst the banboo forest.
Seeing a new pair of shoes under one of the kitchen counters after hearing a constant light tap of the heels, Sirius began to stand when *THUNK*! He hit his head as he made his way to stand and greet the young woman before him, the back of his head pounding constantly. He ruffled the back of his head as he looked upon the only other person who was wearing the school uniform. She was stunning, and he would have been blushing had the blood vessel not popped.

He rubbed the back of his head, smiling idiotically and kindly. This young woman was either the demon noble or the vampire, and she didn't have any fangs. Soon enough he began to speak, looking at her. "Heh... *cough* Sorry about that. Had to check the larder since we have a vampire and a drider set to join our legion. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Legionnaire Sirius Nocturn. You may, however, may recognize my past life: Sadon, the Grey Dragon. You are Lilith Atkinson, correct? It is a pleasure to meet you."

He had addressed her as such because it was then took her hand, kissing the back of it in a gentlemanly manner before pulling out the Legionnaire's Dagger from its sheath. He moved so that he faced her properly, readying the mystic blade in his hand. "I don't mean to sound rude, but if you don't mind I'd like to go ahead and perform the Blood Oath. I will need you to present me with part of your body for the Sigil. And I'm going to warn you in advance: this is going to hurt a bit."

@★Under The Stars★
It was a horrible day. The sun shone brightly in the sky, not a cloud in sight. The morning fog had already been burnt away, and the ground had begun to undergo dessication. A gust of wind blew through the courtyard as she strode, her silent footsteps echoing off only the shadows, and it made her hair float slightly. She arrived at her destination, where she was greeted by the principal and several teachers. A large field stretched out before her, covered with assortments of dummies and scientific equipment. "So, you say this girl possesses rare strength?" "Yes. And an ability I've never seen before." "Alright... Amako.. was it? These dummies are part of a self detonation spell that will trigger if you don't destroy them all within 20 seconds. It is up to you how you dispose of these hypothetical bombs, although I would like to see this ability of yours."
Amako prepared herself, then ran forwards at high speed, conjuring a Dark Matter longsword. When she reached the first dummy, she charged past it, extending the blade as she ran so that it cut the model neatly in half. The second she did the same, and for the third. 2 left, but they were too far away to reach in time. She conjured hundreds of tiny, razor sharp crystals of Dark Matter, using her shadow flare to propel them at sub-sonic speeds, all but shredding the remaining dummies.

Some time later, after a comedic 70s cartoon time-skip animation, Amako found herself standing before the dorm of the newly founded Gray Legion. "A door? Impossible!" She threw a flare at the door, using the sound of the explosion to ensure she was heard, before shouting. "I'm looking for a certain Sirius Noc-something-or-other?"
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As Lilith was standing in the kitchen for a while waiting for her legionnaire, she was sure that he was a dunce. If he can't meet with me immediately, he's not doing his job right. Lilith sighed. As she looked around, she saw some decent cookware and ingredients. Maybe I should cook tonight just as a show of good faith to my fellow legion members. Hmm... That actually sounds like a decent idea. I do enjoy cooking... Suddenly, she heard a 'thunk' from behind her. Lilith turned around quickly to see someone who seemed a bit... odd. Lilith looked at him and laughed at the fact that he had just banged his head. She watched as the guy introduced himself as... a legionnaire. Mentally, Lilith rolled her eyes. But she decided not to break eye contact since it would be considered rude. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am indeed, Lilith Atkinson."

As Sirius kissed Lilith's hand, she was taken aback. W-What is this guy doing? W-Why is he kissing MY hand? He's my superior... When Sirius asked her to show a body part to have the seal put on, she decided to go with the right side of her torso. She always liked her right side and Sirius had kissed her right hand, so... She lifted up her shirt partially to reveal the right side of her torso. She blushed slightly as she showed him. "Go ahead and do it alrea-" Lilith was suddenly cut off by a bang at the door. "Uh... I think you should go answer that... The Blood Oath can wait. It's obvious that she wants to see you." Lilith put her shirt back down as she sat on one of the counters in the kitchen, waiting for Sirius to go and answer the door.​
Antioch, Roman Province of Syria, 68 AD.

Romulus sat in front of his father.
"Father, Since the business was given to my brother, I have determined that I will sign up for the Legion." Romulus said. " I feel as if it is honorable." His father sighed.
"Yes, young Romulus, it is the great thing to do. Protecting our great nation from the Barbarians who dare oppose us. Which legion will you be signing up for?" Romulus stared a his father, a the fountain near him, and at the marble imported from other lands. He would miss his life. His high, rich life. He would be living a Military life now.
"The twelfth." Romulus said. His father nodded.
"Right. Makes sense. May Fate guide you, my son!" and with that, his father sent him off.

Jerusalem, Judea, 69 AD.
Romulus was hot. He was in a Military patrol watching for the rebels known as Zealots. It was around Midnight, but it was still hot as hell. The armor wasn't helping either. His patrol group rounded the corner. That's when he saw the men. They wore all black. He and the rest of his patrol drew their swords. Their commander shouted orders. That's when Romulus felt it. He felt the sharp stab of a sword in his chest. He started coughing up blood, and he collapsed. His Staurolite stone lying on the ground. The last thing he saw was the man who had stabbed him running up to him. Apologizing.

Jerusalem, Israel, Modern Day.

The priest stood over Romulus's body. Two more priests flanked him, and there was a Rabbi standing by. Romulus's body lay with the Staurolite in the middle of a Pentagram.
"Father, are you sure this will work?" The Rabbi said. "I mean, creating a Lich, the consequences could be dire!"
Father Abernathy turned to him.
"Relax. We'll be fine. It will turn out ok." He turned back, and slit his wrist, letting the blood leak onto the Staurolite, and into the corpse. The priests and Rabbi did the same. The lead priest began chanting in Latin. The two other priests brought out a young girl. Her hands were bound, and she was gagged. They lay her down in the center next to the corpse, and drew daggers. They killed her, allowing her blood to mix with the blood of the priests. A dark mass came out of the bloody circle. It was a spirit in a black robe. Like the effigy of Death. He stabbed the two priests.
"Excellent." said the leader, "I told you. The Lich would be successful!'

The Academy, Dai Nippon, One Year Later.

Romulus sat in the Church car as it pulled up to the academy. He sucked on the necklace Father Abernathy had given him. The rain poured down on the vehicle. "Wait here, Romulus. I'm going to see if they'll accept you." The bishop said. Romulus stared outside at the falling rain, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played on the radio. Fitting, considering what Romulus was, and what he pretended to be. Romulus waited for an hour or so, watching the rain fall. The Bishop finally walked in. "Grab your bags, you're in. Though, you may hav

Some Time Later:

Romulus was tired. he hadn't met with his legate, or here they called them Legionnaires, which he found odd, yet. He paced back and forth, before finally deciding to go to the kitchen because his human form was hungry.
For Baddiel, today was a rather... Annoying day to say the least. She laid lazily on the grass below the shade of tree within the courtyard, she disliked the idea of having a rivaling faction, specifically disliked the idea of having a reincarnation of one the strongest beings ever as a rival but then again Baddiel dislikes a lot of things in general but apparently not the Twilight series. Either way she figured meeting this person wouldn't hurt, plus she was feeling too lazy to do anything else today. She forced herself on her feet and dusted the dirt off her uniform before making way towards Sirius Nocturne's dorm room.

Not too long later she was met with the sight of someone throwing a flare at the door which of course produced a explosion that made Baddiel flinch. "Boy, some people just love making a explosive entrance don't they?" She said aloud as she slow approached Taruko.
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He sighed, motioning for the demon to follow him. Seeing the lich as he walked by, he remembered the name and spoke up, snapping his fingers. "You're Romulus Aquilus, right? I need you to follow me, please." With that, he continued at his hurried rate, greeting the designated lieutenant at the door and letting her inside. He then had them assemble in the common room as he pulled out his Legionnaire's Dagger.

It was then that he spoke aloud, asking them questions that all had the same response.

"Do you swear your eternal loyalty to the Grey Dragon Legion?"

"Do you swear to obey the commands of your superiors?"

"Do you swear to respect your fellow Soldiers and to aid them in any way you can?"

After they gave successive responses in the pauses between each individual question, he the took the dagger and made the incisions where they desired , moving his forearm so that blood would fall onto his Sigil. He then spoke once more, finishing the rite. "Then I do admit thee, Romulus Aquilius the lich and Lilith Atkinson the demoness into the Grey Dragon Legion at the rank of Munfex. And in accordance, I do admit Amako Vateika the vampire into the Grey Dragon Legion at the rank of Lieutenant. Let the Sigil sear itself onto your flesh and let all know you have joined this Legion forevermore!"
It was them that a grey light appeared as the incision closed, a series of flames emerging in the center as his Sigil formed over the area where the incision had been made. The process was to some extent painful, but the pain would cease after a bit. After this, Sirius gave them all keys to the dorm and gave Romulus and Lilith rooms on the second floor. Following this, he gave Amako one of the Lieutenant bedrooms on the third floor, near the twins' bedroom. He then gave them a brief tour before adding their names and room numbers to the roster in his room on the fourth floor, soon falling onto the bed and sighing, choosing to process what had happened for a while.

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"Forever more? Sounds like a bit much." Despite her complaining, the vampire complied, and followed the boy. She spent a while in her room, unpacking what few possessions had survived the demolition of her home, before heading downstairs again. She paused at the foot of the staircase, looking around, before catching a glimpse of the girl in the kitchen. She walked silently over. "You would be Lilith the demon? I swear that name sounds familiar. Are you royalty or something? Or maybe you slayed a whole bunch of people. One of those normal ways that people get famous."
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As she sat on the counter, she noticed two other people move into the room which had been previously occupied by her and the legionnaire, Sirius. She sighed as she looked around. Lilith was bored and wanted something more exciting to do. This whole process of the blood oath was so unimaginably boring to her, that she wondered why she was born to be put in a legion in the first place. It was all very formal and sweet, which matched her status in society. But in Lilith's mind, she wanted something more on the wild side and... Something... Something more... Intriguing. Not that she didn't find the other people boring of course. She smiled at the vampire girl because she seemed a bit clumsy in her eyes. Or... What might've seemed to be clumsiness. She wasn't really sure if it was fake or not, but... It didn't really matter to her. She wasn't being affected by it... Well.... Not yet at least. And then there was the other man who had walked into the kitchen. He seemed a bit... off to Lilith. Maybe it was the fact that he had a necklace on or... Something. Something just made her uncomfortable around him.

As she received the mark on her body, she clenched her fists and ignored the pain. Well... That was certainly unexpected. Lilith received a key to a room, but she would go and check it out later. For now, she turned around and went straight for the cabinets inside the kitchen. She pulled out a large pot and then looked in the pantry. From what she could see, they seemed to have a bit of food. Enough for her to make something decent. She grabbed a few things, like some cayenne pepper and some chili flakes. Then, she went into the fridge and saw that they had beef, which made her smile. I know what I'll make! I'll make some curry for everyone! That should give me a bit of a better view in their eyes!

But before she began cooking, the vampire girl stepped into the kitchen and nearly startled her. If she wasn't about to turn around, she knew that she would've been taken by surprise. The vampire girl, whose name she couldn't remember at present, asked her about why her name had sounded familiar. Lilith raised an eyebrow and gave a slightly puzzled expression. "Well... I am from a long line of demon nobility, but... I find it hard to believe that you've studied demon society before. My family name is known by many-a-demon, but I do not see why a vampire such as yourself would know of me. Of course, I'm not saying there isn't a way you couldn't find out... I just... Find it a bit odd that you seem to know about me."
Aust had grown bored of waiting for his roommate and left the room covered in webs, transforming into his human form and left the room. He headed down the stairs to the areas below he spotted a few people downstairs that seemed to have just completed their blood oath. By their fresh marks, but then he could also smell something nice in the kitchen so he thought to go investigate. Spotting inside he saw a pair of girls in the kitchen who seemed to be talking about something so he didn't bother to join there converstion and instead looked around for either his Legionnaire or anyone else who seemed willing to talk.
Aya and Raya leave their room though Raya can be heard coming. Aya on the other hand you can't hear her foot steps, her breathing or even her heart no matter how trained you are or what you are. Aya is known and feared for her ability to disappear in the midst of battle without a trace then take her enemy out from afar with her cannons. Raya is known and feared because of her durability and capability to take a dragon on without her weapons and armor. Though between the two Aya is the more dangerous one as you have to be extremely vigilant and listen for the movement of her gear to hear her coming.

They both head down toward to kitchen in search of something to drink more specifically in search of sake to drink.
"Nah, the name Lilith definitely rings a bell. I suppose it could have belonged to one of your ancestors. Though, I don't believe there's anyone alive who isn't at least semi-familiar with the name. I'm not well versed in demonology at all, and I know it. More importantly though... Your blood smells delicious. I don't suppose you'd let me have a snack before dinner, would you?" The vampire licked her lips, then her left fang, and was almost visibly having to restrain herself to wait for permission. Though she couldn't eat the half-prepared curry, it was adding to her hunger, and she wouldn't have been very surprised if her mouth had gained an extra lump off the bottom that for some reason happens to indicate a lust for food. She was considerably shorter than the demon, and hoped it gave her a slight cute value despite her general viscious nature.
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