Legion of Familiars

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  1. Any race is allowed, but characters must specify. Default races include:

    Each character may have 1 element attatched to them and their familiar (if present):
    1. Fire
    2. Water
    3. Wind
    4. Earth
    5. Spirit/Energy

    If you'd like, your character may have 1 familiar (animal companion) of your choice. Also, character spots are open to an existing character's familiar, if you want.
    1. No godmoding
    2. No killing other players randomly
    3. Stick to the story, don't try to change the main theme

    Now to the story...

    Nations are divided due to war and opression. No side is good, no side is evil, they all fight for one thing: Power
    The Bonded are people chosen to bring an end to this war. To help them on their journey, they are gifted with animal guides to aid them. To end the war, they must travel to each region. North (reptilian races), South (canine races), East (feline races), West (Neutral) and either convince them to stop fighting, or overtake the region entirely.

    Name: Alex
    Race: Human
    Element: Spirit/Energy
    Familiar: Snake

    Alex stood at an overhang cliff looking the city over. Jade slithering next to him and affectionatly coiling around him.
    "We're getting close." He said. "Maybe this time we'll find some people willing to help." He began to make his way down the slope toward the city
    "I hope so." Jade replied as she followed.
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  2. Name: nivek
    homeland: south
    element: air

    nivek has been searching for one he could trust, someone thats loyal and that he could be layol to. he always has the worst kind of luck. he will have good intentions but always get the short end of the stick. one day when his first companion was on a hunt they were abushed the people of the northern nations and nivek did all he could to save his copanion but there only so much he could do now he wonders the southern lands in hope he'll find a new companion that he can be usefull with and loyal to.
  3. Name: Rose Galliwit
    Homeland: South
    Element: Water

    Rose was climbing a tree. She had no companion and thought she might not need one. Wearing a black schoolgirl skirt with white long socks that went up to her upper leg, black shoes and a white shirt she kept climbing. She wore a snow fox hat with most of her hair tucked into the hat, all except a couple of strands of natural blonde hair that caressed the right side of her face sticking out if the hat. "Almost there" she said.
  4. Name: Akiko Isumni
    Homeland: South
    Element: Earth

    Akiko Isumni born a Princess, Her parents were murdered by Vampire hunters. Her butler rescued her and raised her as his own. Akiko, half Vampire, decided she wants to go in search of a Wolf Familiar. She has alway felt Conected t wolves, despite her vampire blood.

    Wandering through the Forest outside her home town of Isumni, hears the trickling of a brook, she wanders towards it. She smells a scent that she cannot quite grasp. The girl kicks a bit of snow off her boot and continues to walk towards the brook smellign the fresh water as she gets closer.

    She decides to sit by the brook underneath a tree. Akiko sits underneath the tree and dozes off into a nice sleep.
  5. Rose felt a couple of branches fell under her, she climbed faster but her branch fell as well as she did screaming.
  6. Hearing the screams, Alex turned around. "What was that?" He said.
    "It came from the mountains, It didn't sound too far away." Jade replied.
    Alex thought for a moment. "I'm going to check it out, you coming?"
    "Well, of course!" She said. "I can't leave you anywhere alone."
    "That's true." Alex said. He turned around away from the city and headed toward the mountains in the direction of the screaming.
  7. raoming the plains of the southern lands traveling west to the rumored to be nutral teritoy in search for a purpose nivek kept moving forword in hopes of finding a peaceful land that wont be the cuase of so much destrcution. as nivek was moving he came across track that lead to a small amimal that he could eat for the moment so he hunted it down as fast as he could so he could get to the west as fast as he could.
  8. Rose grabbed a branch but it too started cracking. The girl tried not to panick as she pondered what to do. It suddenly cracked some more and another scream escaped her lips.
  9. Akiko wakes to the sound of a small bird chirping next to her. She opens her eyes and gets to her feet, swaying a bit.
    She sarts walking away from the brrok in the opposite direction, heading north hoping she will hit more mountains and find a nice loyal wolf.

    she walks for what seems like hours until she found a cleazring in the woods she had found herself so lost in. She has lost sense of direction and had decided she needs to stop for the night.

    Akiko sets up camp in the small clearing to regain her footing and sanity before she moves on to, well, she doesn't even know what she is getrting herself into. she had not packed much food so she find a samll branch and walks a little way from her make shift camp to a small creek.

    Small fish floated close to the serface, she stabbed the spear she had made with her small swiss army knife, into a fish. she pulloed it out of the watera nd examined the medium sized fish.

    "This will do well for dinner." she told her self.

    The woman builds herself a small fire out of the few dry branches she could scavenge from the surounding woods. The fish cooked nicely.

    After finishing her meal, The Girl decides she needs to sleep,so she pulls out the sleeping bag that she packed and curled up inside it not worried about the things that might be waiting for her to drift to sleep.

    Akiko drifts into a deep sleep on the cold winter night.
  10. Alex followed the screams until he found the source. He saw a girl hanging from a tree branch high up in the air, and the branch was begining to crack. Alex held his arms out. "Hang on! I'll catch you!" he called.
  11. She looked down "huh?" she said but then the branch broke and she fell in his arms. She buries her face in his chest thanking him. She then looked up and blushed. He was the most handsome man she ever laid eyes on. She slowly moved her hair, her heart skipped. "Thank you" she said.
  12. Alex smiled. "Don't mention it." He blushed in return. The woman was very beautiful. "So...um...what are you doing out here?"
  13. She was pointing to the tree she just fell from. "I was trying to get a good view of the land from here...I was hoping to stop by a village of some sort..." she couldn't stop staring at him.
  14. "Oh," Alex said, gulping. "There's a village not far from here, I could walk you there if you'd like. So...What's your name?"
  15. "Rose yours?" she saw that she was still being held but didn't mind it.
  16. "Alex. And this is Jade." He said, nodding toward his snake familiar. Realizing he was still holding her, he gently set her down. "Oh...sorry." He said, blushing again.
    Jade hissed in his ear. "I'm surprised you were able to catch her, as bony as you are." She teased.
    "Oh, shut up!" he snapped at the snake, then turned to Rose. "Shall we?" he asked.
  17. "Umm sure!" she smiled and held the straps of her dark green backpack that was on her back. A sword was sticking out of her bag the whole time. As she walked with him she was thinking about what to say to the cute boy next to her and how to say it to sound cool. Finally she just decided to say it "I'm an adventurer..." she said "what about you?"
  18. "Same here. I'm one of the Bonded. I'm trying to get a team together to help me stop this war." Alex said. "So far, I haven't had much luck."
  19. almost on the outscurts of the southern lands as night fell opon the grass nivek decided he should make camp for the night before even trying to go on with his journey. nivek flattened the grass around him then started to make camp.

    then nivek herd cracking of dried grass as if he is being stalked, so nivek crept low trying to keep him self hidden what he could. then a human jumped and ran him through his rear leg with pike making nivek lay still momentarly then more humans reaviled them-selves and nivek realised that he was just surounded by a hunting party.

    "i dont want... trouble.. so leave me alone!" nivek tried to threatended but with the injury taking a toll he sounded like an empty threat.

    man: "we dont care your just a beast to us no one will care if you live or die so we figure we'll put you down for good and save you the trouble" the man said as his friend lunged a sword at nivek.

    nivek yanked the pike and hit the sword man with it then quickly backing up trying to hold his gropund dispite his injury.
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