Legends of the Frost.

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    At the south..

    Stories abound of a realm gripped by frigid blankets of ice and snow. Where the sun dares not kiss the land with it's warmth for weeks on end. A country in which Frost giants and other beast stalk the land. Void of the fear of man. Villages are said to vanish leaving but frost bitten corpses in their wake. It is a tough environment, in which only the most strong of heart and unwavering resolve can truly survive. Amongst the frozen woods giant structures of civilizations lost remain. Enshrouded with a stagnant and seemingly everlasting sense of torpor. Structures which know not the stain of time or it's decay. Harrowing a tale of apexes lost to the pages of history. Yet despite the harsh nature of this realm. Many riches and beauty could be found scattered across the frozen land. Artifacts of great magical power remained buried in the belly of the earth. As well s countless archeological mysteries waiting to be unearthed. To the south of the realm rest a city barely touched by the song of ice and blood. The heart of the empire which had begun to push north. In an attempt to seize one of the last unexplored regions of this world.

    This city was known only as the pale. Outside of its stone walls and ivory towers could be found deep and lush woodlands. Most of which held secrets of their own. If one were to stop and rest within it's walls they would hear whispers of men cursed with the spirits of animals. Several tribes which have banded under a single banner to the north. Their leader was a man they known only as the silver eyed fox king. A clever creature which managed to hold off the empire and it's advancements for months so far. Resulting n a massive push and deployment of fresh boots.

    Meanwhile in the north...

    The first snowfall in many months had begun to decorate the woods. Covering the earth to the tallest of trees. An omen that winter had finally arrived. And with it soon would the darkness. The locals could hear lady winters daunting song as the birds flew south seeking warmer climates. Many of the wildlife had begun to prepare for the coming months, which will prove as a test for survival. From the hare to even man none could escape the trials to come. None could outrun the mountain of snow and frigid nights soon to enshroud the realm. Soon the rolling hills would become buried in a sheet of ice. As drifts taller then any man would soon litter the land. If one were to follow the windy path, they would find themselves heading deeper toward the heart of the woods. And closer to the mountains of Iroth and the town of Wiltinhelm. Where the rumored beast men dwell. And though they be but a few miles from the Pale and it's walls. This land still belonged to this tribe of savages.

    Silence was all that would beseech them. As the piercing eyes of their scouts could be felt barreling down on any traveler. Creating a sense of despondence. Just up a nearby hill the faint sound of a lute being played would bring a welcome clamor. And there nesting on a tree stomp over looking the lake a blonde hair blue eyed man could be found. His frame adorned with exquisite furs to provide warmth against the influence of the cold wind. Elegantly his fingers would dance up and down the neck of the string instrument. Plucking distinct chords as he hummed to match the tune. The melody he poured from his heart was dispirited and heavy. As if reflecting a great disposition in his heart. After a few moments had passed, the stranger would put away his lute. His hands rubbing against his rugged face. Feeling at ease in the wilderness. Void of any fear from these so called savages the empire loathes.
  2. Adalina pulled her white fur coat closer to her neck and she paced her walk against the snow. It was getting deeper each day as the winter months set in and walking was starting to become a hassle in the woods. She could feel the cold metal of her gun graze her skin in it holster on her side. Even under her coat, the bitter cold was ravage and seeped its way into every fiber of her body. Her hot breath blew out white puff of smoke that were quickly evaporated into the air. She leaned her head forward to cover her face against the gently falling snow, her blue eyes seeking the trails that were becoming harder to find.
    Any other day, this would have been gorgeous scenery. The snow cascading down onto the flush terrain, glittering, begging to be sought after and played in.
    This wasn't the time to enjoy this though. She has orders from the general to take down the cart providing food for the South and she had another mile before she reached the men waiting for orders.
  3. There was no rest for the wicked. And all parties involved in warfare are by nature wicked. A truth the silver eyed fox king had come to terms with long ago.And so it came as no shock as he felt the presence of a few of his scouts approaching. With a heavy sigh the blonde hair blue eyed man would rise. Turning to face the scouts as they crept forth from the foliage. The scout would bow as he delivered his report. "Milord our scouts detect logistical movements from the empire. A single woman carrying a cart full of food and supplies is making her way toward the Pale." The scout delivered his message with haste. Kirk would turn his back toward the woman. His eyes resting on the serene lake. He longed for the days in which blood would no longer taint the soil. An era in which his home could become the embodiment of this peaceful, unmoving body of water. "I see...Do not disturb this woman. It has been a while since I've made an appearance." He would reply. "But Milord.." The scout would find himself being abruptly cut off by Kirk. "Do not fret. The enemy knows now what I look like. And if they should attack I can hold my own long enough for you and the others to get involved. Though your concern is noted..." The silver eyed fox king retorted. Offering the scout a simple wave.

    Casually he would increase the distance between them as his stride began to widen. Making his way through the woodlands following the dirt road. Knowing the only logical route she could take with a cart carrying any decent sized load. She was close to her destination by now. Within a mile or so by the time they crossed path. Nothing about Kirk screamed anything of import, let alone strategic value. His choice of attire was typical for this part of the realm. Most would confuse him with the middle class citizens. As he drew nigh to his target Kirk would offer her a warm and genuine smile. As well as a simple friendly wave from afar. "Hello, how are you this afternoon." He would attempt to exchange simple words with her for now. "It is unwise to traverse these roads alone. The rebels have been known to take down armed convoys. And though it seems you are just carrying food I advise being careful." Kirk offered her some friendly advice. His deep cerulean eyes attempting to lock with her own.

    "You're not from around here are you? You have the look of a southerner. One which is not yet seasoned to our clime. Don't worry in due time you'll barely notice the cold." The silver eyed fox king kept a genuine smile, his voice expressing sincere concerned for her well being. For though she was n enemy. He had no interest in preventing aid from being shipped. To attack her without being provoked would be dishonorable and unwise in his opinion.
  4. She looked at the man without any interest but, out of respect, stopped walking when he started addressing her. She ran her hand through her hair to remove it from obstructing her view and sighed a bit, keeping her eyes focused on him.

    "I'm aware of the danger that could possibly await me, though I thank you for the concern." She said softly, her voice was a bit weak from the cold and it bothered her how weak and feminine it sounded. She was a trained soldier and skilled at combat, for heavens sake, and she sounded like all someone had to do was throw a rock at her and she'd run off screaming. She smiled a bit at the amusing thought in her head.

    "And I am from another area," She returned his smile with a small one of her own, "But I actually find the cold refreshing. Its different, but change is always a good thing if you learn to embrace it. However, I need to continue my trek..." She said, keeping her voice light.
  5. This woman of the empire, servant to their lord and dog to the state seemed different then most of her fellow kin. For though she displayed the same egotistical attitude as most, she at least possessed enough proper social fiber to reply. As oppose to their normal policy of excommunicating the barbarous bantering of those outside of their rule. This display warranted a mental note as well as a smile. Though Kirk would refrain from expressing the thoughts coursing through that labyrinth he called a mind. For the moment he would follow her, hearkening to the melodies jettisoned forth from her foreign lips. "One can not simply become a child of the frost. It must be sown into their flesh and blood from their fathers." He spoke out of national pride. His deep devil blue eyes meeting her own if she dared to look his way. However he was uncertain how she would retort such words. And a part of him was oddly enough anxious to find out.

    "Though you may be capable of traversing the wild and untamed lands of your homeland. I assure you there are monsters far worse then frost giants wandering these frozen tundra." He would forewarn. Fully capable of sensing her justifiable heighten state. Her fear tickling his sense of smell from the pores of her skin. Being part man and animal of soul and body. Certain senses were far more powerful then that of any mere human. "If I may ask...Why do you fight? This is not your land and we have done nothing to you. Why does the empire wish to force it's reach and ways of life on us? I wish to know what goes through a soldier of the empire's mind." Kirk would inquire with interest. Knowing he was treading now on fragile ground.. The slightest suspicion would result no doubt in blood and chains if not both. "I promise to leave you be soon. I just believe even soldiers to be good people. And would like to understand my fellow man more." He would attempt to shed partial light on the reason behind why he asked.
  6. She nodded to him as he spoke of his people with pride and gave him a small smile, gazing directly in his eyes.
    "Just because one isn't accustom to a different culture or land, doesn't mean one can't appreciate it or learn to adapt. Humanity is a is strong race that adapts easily."She said as she gripped her coat tighter to her body and gave bit her bottom lip and looked down, knowing that regardless of what she just said, she was still freezing.
    She looked to the darkness of the forest. The cover of snow burdened trees gave it a colder feeling and she knew creatures were lurking even more so now that any other time of the year. She leaned on her right leg and felt the cold metal press to her hip and gazed back at the man, wondering why he was telling her of these things.
    Her eyes widened in surprise when he asked her why she fought. She gave him a half hearted laugh and shook her head. "Don't just assume that everyone wishes to push our ways on your people." She stopped speaking and sighed. Careful to chose her next words carefully. "I'm a soldier because I believe in loyalty and a common cause of peace. I believe in protecting those I love and the people I've grown to care for. As for our feud, I personally wish no harm to you, though should you come at me, I will defend myself." She made sure her voice was stern at the last few words, but lightened them as she continued to speak. "I fight for the honor of my family. Not to force my beliefs on you. Which is why," She kicked the cart with the heel of her foot gently, "I am doing this.... grunt work." She shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh.

  7. Her words were riddled with contrast. She spoke like one with honor and pride. Yet the actions of her military opined a different epiphany. The revelation it boosted was that of greed. A tale the silver eyed fox king wished in the hardness of his heart was seldom the case. Regrettably one's wishes ofttimes stray from the truth. Like all great powers before them, the empire sought to extend their reach. Which in turn would thin them out and ultimately birth disorder and chaos. They have sown their own harvest, and soon it prove to be the author of their demise. No nation; no matter how monolithic could maintain control of the world forever. Like the seasons the exchange of power often shifted. And in the wake of every fallen apex, an age of darkness would rise from the ashes. An era of conflict and plague, death would become that generations God. The only true form of justice which would show no clemency during that season of anarchy. This was something Kirk had beheld first hand on many occasions. Though such idle thoughts would remain tucked away. Never to surface.

    Though this mere soldier thought herself as pure, void of sharing the guilt of her leaders. In truth she bore the same level of culpability. Her choice to support this dictatorship meant only that the blood of innocents which was too soon be spilled, would taint her hands. This being said the silver eyed fox king himself would find his hands blemished as well. His soul blighted and wilted from the tragedies lurking in the storm over the horizon. And though it be far from his perceptive eyes. He could sense the ionization of the storm to come. None would escape the lightning of it's fury. From poor to rich, farmer to kings all will become deluged in the corruption soon to barrel down on them. A wise man once told kirk, History recalls not the calamity of the wicked; rather the silence of the righteous. Words which have always resonated well with him. Words many would rather ignore and deny then accept. For it was convenient to do so.

    Walking by her side he would listen to each syllable uttered from those lips of her. The threat she sonant failing to phase him and would evoke no reaction.For truth be told in his eyes she was incapable of killing him. Far too ill equipped to fathom what he was or what he was capable of. Sadly he too was just as ill equipped to explain as she was to comprehend. Still his body language and even eyes maintained their bearing. Failing to hint toward the complex thoughts coursing through his mind. The arches of his lips would arch, offering her but a simple smile. "You may justify it as you will. But nothing will guise the fact that your nation will paint the pure snow with blood. This much is unavoidable." His eyes darting to catch her own, unsure whether they would be fleeing. "It is a sin to be weak. And all must pay the price for their transgressions. In due time we will all know whom is just in this regard. And when the moon rises and darkness enshrouds the realm. The trial and tribulation will begin." His honeyed posed words emitting an undeniable sense of authority. But before she could piece who he was or what he meant. The silver eyed fox king would melt away from her sight as quickly as he appeared.

    From the safety of the foliage and shadows he would watch her. Following her from afar, using his third eye to sense her movements. And though he appeared to be an apparition of sorts. She could still feel his presence. Almost as if his hands were resting on her shoulders
  8. He vanished in the snow before she could open her eyes from a blink. She thinned her mouth in a manner that said she was irked by this and and stood there for a second, thinking of this words and wondering what was coursing through his mind. Even though his eyes were shuttered from any inward thought or emotion, she could sense it. She glanced down at the snow and felt a tang of shame for herself and the people that would soon be ruining such a beautiful pure color with blood.
    Her eyes gazed up, seemingly searching outwards to the land, but she was caught in her own world for a second, then shook her head and glanced back at the cart. The burdening feeling in her heart left a metallic taste in her mouth.
    She joined the military to prove a point that women just weren't suppose to be good little house slaves meant for washing a pot, baring children, and raising a husband. She wanted to make something more of her life than that... but looking at what she was doing now almost made her wish she wasn't so stubborn and strong willed. What was really worse? Living in an ignorance or living in knowledge?
    The question made her look up to the skies, wondering if God was really there and if he was even watching them.

    "Why?" Her question didn't have any meaning, emotion, or thought behind it. It just escaped her mouth before she even realized she asked it. She gripped that cart and carried on to the camp in the woods without a further word, only the emotion of dread lingering behind her.
  9. Kirk watched this one from afar; he could feel her heart burdeningas her resolve began to dwindle. A promising sign that not all dogs of the empire were alike, and that some still possessed a soul. Though the fight had gone in the rebels favor of late, the silver eyed fox king knew better then to presume the war was over. History has shown how a struggle can shift in a moment’s notice. Even now he was certain the empire were plotting, weaving together new methods to save this war. Still he doubt there was anything they could do to stop them, being mere mortals and all. The smirk which plastered on his face would dissipate as another player stepped onto the scene. Something was differentabout this one; her spiritual signature was not that of a normal human…It seemed tainted somehow.
    Even his scouts could sense it; her odor was foul as if she were some sort of walking abomination. Whatever she was would undoubtedly prove to complicate things.
    “So it seems the empire isn’t out of tricks after all…still.” He paused while stroking his rugged face calmly. His gaze leaping from one scout to the next. As if to gather their thoughts on the matter. “ I doubt one person will make much of a difference in the end. I advice we watch these two for awhile longer. Study them before jumping into a fight. I’d hate to see needless bloodshed on our side.” His voice screaming confidence. Reassuring his men which only would reply with a simply nod.

    At this moment no doubt the human soldier would see the woman walking up the road toward her. Dual sheathed blades clinging to her hip. Her upper body adorned in a pearl white over coat. Underneath this coat couldbe found a vest which held tight to her frame. Her lower body covered by somesort of black dress. Her arms, legs and even eyes covered in some sort ofspecial dressing. A bandage which somehow gave off an awkward aura; as if theywere obscuring something. With what little cleavage and skin exposed by her alien attire one could see two scars. In the shape of an X across her upperbody, these scars seemed special to her as she so boldly flaunted it around. As if to boast some sort of tale. Though what tale exactly would prove elusive at the moment.
    Her stride much like the fox kings spoke a tale of subtle strength. Authority and meekness somehow melted into a single feeling. Her hips swaying ever so elegantly as she gracefully navigated through the terrain despite her obvious handicap. In truth this woman though appearing blind, saw the world in a way no words could do justice. She saw the souls of every living thing, even the earth itself for what it truly was. Making her the ideal hunter against theses totem beast-kin. As the distance between shrunk to a mere two feet the brunette woman would come to an abrupt halt. Waiting for the woman toreach her side before acting on her own accord. With a single fluid motion shewould grab her by the arm, holding her in place as she observed her aura.
    “Pardon me. I am sorry for coming off as rude.” She stated,leaning forward as her nose and lips dangled but centimeters from her neck. “I see you’ve had an encounter with these monsters of the north.” Gently she would let go ofher taking a few steps back. Hoping to air out the uneasiness undoubtedly inthe air. “My name is Mitsusawa the 3rd seat in the enforcer squad within the house of vipers. Also known as the crimson angel.” As soon as these words parted from her lips,the woman would offer her a simple bow. A gesture not common place in neither the north nor the south. Hinting toward the fact she hailed elsewhere withinthe providences.
    “Do not let them falter your resolve. I sense in you’re a strengththough not mature, exceeds that of most soldiers.” Her words reverberated with integrity and sincerity. “That is probably why they took a liking to you…Even now I amcertain they are watching us.” A warning, advising caution on both of their ends.
    The silver eyed fox king would chuckle, “Not bad, she sensedmy signature on that woman. I am almost certain she can sense us. Let us withdraw for now. We will have to watch from a more distant vantage point.” Kirk ordered, his men falling back with him.
    A faint smile now decorated her picturesque face as she felt the lot of animals withdraw. A soft exhale of relief exiting her lungs.

    (Link to Mitsusawa's proifle in case you're curious. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/entry.php?b=2367)
  10. She raised a brow to the woman and gave her a small smirk at her observations. She seemed very keen on you sense, despite the bandages and was curious to how to obtained them and what her skills were. Adaline placed a hand on her hip. She had figured the man had followed her towards this place and hearing it didn't surprise her the least bit.
    "Tis a pleasure to meet you Mitsusawa. And don't feel as if you came off rude." Adaline smiled warmly. "I'm Adaline of the Northern brigade." She added casually, turning around as soon as her name was called from the camp by a tall man.

    "We need a location report." He yelled in her direction and she nodded to him and sighed towards the woman.

    "Have a seat, rest your feet. Every soldier here is pretty well mannered, but should you ensue any problem, just beat the shit out of them and continue your day."
    She told the woman before turning to walk towards the Captain.

    Once in the tent, Adaline stood before a long table with a map laid upon in and several little pins sticking in various locations.
    "We need an update on the locations of any scouts you may have seen on the trek here." the Captain said, leaning over the map, staring at the pins then up at her. His gaze was glazed over with the thirst of war. He wanted to wipe out anything that wasn't sided with him and that left him cruel in battle.
    Adaline sighed and clenched her teeth together. The men outside had just suffered a battle a few days ago and many of them were still either very injured, or close to death. And with the snow setting upon them, illness was breaking out. And all their fearless leader could think about was slaughtering them off for his ideals of destroying what didn't obey. "And who is that woman outside?" He added.
    "I didn't see anyone from the South on my journey here." Adaline lied. She wasn't going to kill her fellow men, even though lying to an officer meant treason and death.

    "Nothing at all? No markers for them to follow? No derbies from a camp? Nothing at all?" He glanced up at her, disbelief in his eyes. Adaline gave him a stern glare back. "Would it speak much for their intelligence if they done such a thing? Its not like the want to be found and invaded."

    "You best watch your mouth, Addy. Speaking to a superior officer like that isn't smart."

    "Don't flatter yourself with rank, Derrick." She rolled her eyes at him, insulting is rank by calling him by his first name. "You use it as a banner to get your way. I didn't see anything."

    The Captain stood with his arms crossed, staring at her for a moment, then accepted her answer.

    "As for the woman, she is a wanderer. She's stumbled upon our camp and needs rest. I wouldn't worry about her. She is with neither side and is just seeking refuge."

    "Turn her away. We aren't a B&B."

    Adaline raised a brow. "How can you turn away someone in this weather? She's barely dressed."

    "Not my issue she can't dress herself. Turn her away."

    Adaline glared as the man leaned back over the map and looked at his coordinates of possible enemy locations and places of attack. "I'll take her back to town then." She huffed. The trek back was a few hours and it would be night by the time they reached there, but at least the woman could have a warm bed. Adaline snatched open the tent and was greeted by brisk air.
  11. Word had yet to spread of her arrival, but in her over coat's pocket lied a letter bearing the emperor's seal. Approving her arrival into the north and granting her officer level clearence. However she would refrain from displaying her authority over the region, and instead would listen to the banter spewing from the officers mouth. Her arms now resting against her defined abdomen as a hevay sigh parted from her lips. It was her way of truly finding out how full of shit these men were. It also granted her an outsiders perspective of their true capabilities. Still it would take every moral fiber of strength she possessed not to reveal her true purpose for being here. Less she succumb to her anger.

    The enforcer would permit her mind to wander, recalling the words of the woman she met on the road. Her name was Adaline...though she appeared human something within her shouted a somewhat different tale; for it's strength was above that of most mortals. Whatever power she felt slumbering within this one she herself seemed ignorant of. But perhaps this was best...

    A faint smile crept on her picturesque face as she felt the woman's presence depart from that of the arrogant officer. This woman's bearing and resolve serving as a refreshing change from that of the men who she could feel admiring her like a dog in heat. She found it odd that despite her condition; the lust of men still found it's way toward her. However such a thing would not rest on her mind for long. Nesting comfortably against the wall she would wait for Adaline to close the distance and rejoin her. No doubt ready to bring the quote bad news. However Mitsusawa would intervene before she had the chance to. Displaying her potent sense of hearing rather early on. "No need to say it, I heard everything from here. I do not desire to be a burden, if you wish Adaline we can part ways. I have enough coin to purchase a room for the evening. Needless to say I am not traveling on my own dime. And I'd rather not spend the evening alone. The road has proven a lonesome place." Her words softly posed, the arches of her lips bending as her smile widen a bit. This was her way of hinting toward her true position. However it wasn't enough to fully clarify the gravity or position of her authority.

    "Might I ask you something..." She'd ask turning her back toward the woman, preparing for the journey toward town. "If it's not rude of me to ask, what is such a gentle spirit like yourself doing in the military? I am not douting your combat prowess do not take it as such. However most of your comrades are males which give off a less pleasant vibe as yourself? Being a woman of war myself I was curious is all..." She'd ask waiting for Adaline to approach her side. If she should choose to press forward than mitsusawa would follow and match her stride. Her presence alone would thwart any advances from the enemy. For they seemed to still be stucked in recon mode at the moment. However she doubted that would last longer then a day or so at most. And so she felt the need to take advantage of their hesitation.

    Mitsusawa was unsure how Adaline would react toward her inquiry. Perhaps it was rude and presumptious of her to pry into such things. But this woman seemed to have a rather open door policy about her. And if her assumptions should prove wrong she need only apologize. The enforcer knew that this woman probably had as many questions for her as she had for Adaline. And since it seemed they would be traveling together longer than intended they could at least entertain one another for a while.
  12. She glanced at the Misusawa and gave her a raised eyebrow, then sighed. "I'll assist you to wherever you wish to go. I don't feel comfortable just letting another woman walk these parts alone, even if she can handle herself. There are a lot of enemies lurking and they hunt in packs." She muttered, remembering her encounter earlier. Even though she only saw that man, she knew more were surrounding her. She could feel their eyes on them now and looked off into the distance for a second.
    When she looked back, she looked at Misusawa and gave her a smile. "Those garnets aren't very....modest, are they?" she asking, trying to hide a laugh, then a sudden glare at a passing officer. The officer smiled sheepishly, but kept looking and Adaline rolled her eyes in disgust. Such a service to the military, these men were. She dug in a chest near them with supplies and pulled out a warm coat and tossed it to her. "It'll least ruin the men's fun." She winked at her.
    She grabbed some more supplies; a water canister, some bread, another gun, and a blade. Then paused as she was asked about why she was in the military and sighed. "I wanted to protect the people I loved. Make a name for myself. Show that women were just as capable as men in the field and give my family some honor. I was naive. I didn't understand the hate behind wars." She got quiet and placed the pack on her back and adjusted it. "If I could go back to being blissfully ignorant, it would be a tempting offer. But I can still make a small difference." She glanced sideways to see if anyone was in earshot, then looked back. "I didn't attack the man I encountered earlier. Hopefully that makes a small difference already. Maybe he'll spare the life of someone else." She shrugged, knowing she was rambling and her words were a little jumbled.
  13. The arches of her lips would subtly curve, forming a smirk which adorned her picturesque facial features. Though her eyes were shielded, she could still see the coat in her mind’s eye. As the coat of fur was hurled her way Mitsusawa would grab it just in time. Looking down on it as her comment struck her as odd, birthing a chuckle. Truthfully though she could feel a few wanting eyes bursting with sexual lust. They were few and far between, however she would digress. Perhaps she simply lacked the skills to perceive such things? Casually her attention would drift back toward Adaline. Feeling her disgust grow within her as a passing higher up took note of both her and her blind company.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Your concern is noted and valued…” With this being said she’d pause giving herself enough time to hand the fur coat back. “However I am unable to accept gifts or payment of any kind. That is a rule within my house. Plus do not fret; my cloth wrapping are not normal. They regulate my body heat and are a sign of my creation…Something I harbor no shame with flaunting.” Her defense would appear flaccid to most, but in her eyes it was firm. Her words reverberated a sense of resolve and determination. Making it painfully clear her opinion would not be swayed. Some might interrupt this as a mean to flaunt off her defined form. However this was not the case; in truth she simply saw no shame in her attire. Being that it was what embraced her frame whenever traveling.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    A frigid and soul breeze would whip throughout the realm. Winter was almost here and Mitsusawa knew it would be a long and bloody season. Deep in her heart she found it poetically ironic that during this frigid season of death and decay. A war would without doubt blanket this realm. Snow once pure and white as pearl, would become like crimson as the blood of many decorated it. Being a masochist she found it somewhat appealing; however this was to be expected considering her occupation as a woman of war. She loved disproving the assumptions of arrogant fools that her sex somehow meant she was weaker or incapable next to them. Her flamboyant disability also only added fuel to this ever present fire.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “The man who followed and stalked you…He doesn’t seem the type to thirst so barbarically for blood. Therefore I doubt he will start slaughtering innocents. For a beast he appears civil. I can tell by the signature her intentionally left on you. It’s almost as if he knew I was coming and could find you. Which strikes me as a bad sign…” The weight of her body shifting to her right side causing her hip to arch a bit.
    <o:p> </o:p>
    “Thank you, I could use the company. But before we go may I ask you something?” Her arms nesting against her defined abdomen as she looked down at the soil…Her tongue tracing her luscious lips as she pondered the proper way to formulate her inquiry. “I see one’s soul for what it truly is. I can somewhat gauge an opponent’s strength and resolve. Despite this I am unable to fully examine yours. A sign that within you a deep power slumber in a state of torpor. And when it awakens I feel you’ll find yourself seeking clarifications if not training. I believe this is why that creature was drawn to you. Powerful entities are usually drawn like a moth to a flame by other strong beings. Do you feel anything at all? Do you dream vividly?” Her questions coming off as a bit odd no doubt. Still she felt the need to ask. Regardless of her answer she knew what she had to do. However what exactly this entailed would remain elusive for the moment.