Legends of our Time

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    This is a land where anything is possible. It is a universe where the smallest of men can become legends and where the greatest of them fall. In this place you can make your wildest dreams come true yet where the greatest of nightmares can haunt you. Let your mind shape what you want and let your heart guide you. Legends Of Our Time is an interactive site that focuses heavily upon each characters individual story, however, there are many more stories other than your own. Fates will cross as people meet. Lives will change. Some for the better some for worse. Now, it is time to begin the story of a lifetime. It is time to begin your legend....

    In short, L.O.O.T is an original world created for the mind to work freely within a found space. The world of L.O.O.T takes place in modern times but is split between three varying worlds: Demon, Human, Magical; with each kingdom harboring its own history, race, geology, and more. Human, Demon, Elf, Fairy, Spirit; perhaps you are a Mixed-Blood or are you something else? Whatever the case, the door is open. Currently our site plot deals with the infamous author H.P Lovecraft!