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  1. Sorry for the wait everyone, but the time has come. The IC will be posted soon, but for now let's begin discussing the story and plotlines, and the potential characters. Your character sheets can be posted here at anytime (Harken will handle approvals), and rules will be posted shortly as well (and edited into this post).

    We will begin the RP within the week (most likely in a day or two), and it will begin in Imen, the port city. This will allow for the most interactions, I believe, because some characters can be just arriving on the island. Imen is a bustling city in its own right, as you can see in the Setting notes. This will allow for plenty of activity, and it also means we can move through the forest to the capital, and I'm sure some fun stuff can happen in there.

    So let's get started!

    Interest Check


    • Legends of Lunare: A World Divided


      A land rich with history. A land suspended in the air, held aloft by ancient magic and ruled over by the Four Great Spirits. A land whose inhabitants are divided amongst the many sky-islands by the kingdoms that rule them.

      Korijin is a nation unmatched on the water, made up of seafaring adventurers and icy explorers. It consists largely of smaller islands, icy caps, and the ocean itself. Terahime, with its varied terrain consisting of mountains and valleys, is home to hardy people and booming industry. Barako is a land surrounded by fire, consisting of a large desert, a small grassland, and expansive mountains with active volcanos. Its people are strong willed and gifted metallurgists. Aurelia is home to sky-faring, spiritual nomads, moving between sprawling temples and cities atop dragons. It is often called the enlightened lands, as they dedicate themselves to perfecting both body and mind.

      Though these four nations had found themselves at war with each other for countless generations, a new threat loomed on the horizon. The Fallen invaded… an ancient evil that arose from the forgotten lands, the mantle far below the floating islands. This “Dark Army” marched on the warring kingdoms, decimating every force they came into contact with. The four nations were forced to band together in an effort to fight back against the primordial foe, but…


      It was an overwhelming feeling for the people living on Gaia. The Fallen had crushed all forms of resistance, its armies on their last legs. The soldiers that remained sat awaiting death...

      There was little that could be done; the numbers of the undead army seemed limitless, and they advanced relentlessly. Black clouds loomed ominously over the forces of death that pushed towards the gates, as the fields were stained red by the ceaseless march. Those few remaining leaders of the resistance stood in the barracks, debating what could be done. They were far fewer in number than they were before, after years of bloodshed. As the end grew near, dread overcame the army and these leaders sank into their seats...

      Not far away, the Great Spirits, that had long ago forged pacts with each tribe, were overcome by the grief that they, too, felt due to the bonds they had with the humans. Defeat was at their doorstep, and the Spirits felt compelled to act, to save these younger creatures from a fate they had no control over. They saw no other alternative. These timeless creatures, born in primordial fire, used their infinite wisdom and called upon all of the remaining strength they could muster. They made their way to the Shrine of Lunare- the holy land on the only grounded strip of earth left in all of Gaia - and they did what only the Great Spirits could: they exhausted all of the magic at their disposal to drive the Fallen out of Gaia.

      Light! All-consuming light erupted from the root of the world! The light extinguished the flames of war, and ripped the undead army out of Gaia. But the effect was so much greater! The islands that held the many cities and peoples of Gaia were taken out of the very skies they had long inhabited. Whole cities were neatly placed back on the mantle of Gaia!

      The magic that suspended these islands was extinguished, as was the presence of the Spirits. By expending all of the magic that made them, they disappeared from the world...

      Such was the price for saving it...The world grieved over this devastating lost. Many were lost: friends, partners, family members, brothers-in-arms. The lives of these mighty saviors were celebrated. Gaia returned to its roots, and with this fundamental change, the world was given new life!

      Gaia pulled through all of the chaos and peace reigned. Magic was not extinguished from the land, but with the loss of the Great Spirits, the strength of the magic usable by the humans had slowly waned. Though there were still small feats of magic that humans could perform, the majority of magic that remained became bound to ancient relics. When this discovery was made, the people went about turning these relics into useable pieces of technology. These were mostly used for transportation between the nations, as the amount of magic they held was directly related to their size. The process of using small relics was not perfected until much later, where they could be used as weapons. It was a fairly drastic change, and many lamented the loss of magic. However, society adapted, and overall the people were happy. Without these powers, the citizens no longer believed they were at the mercy of those few all-powerful people.

      Prosperity reined across the land...And nearly a millennium passed.

      Times are changing once again: there are new forces at work now. Over the past few generations, several changes have occurred across Gaia.

      With the advent of technology that allowed for better travel, the boundaries that separated the many people of the world have come down, and people freely move between each country.

      The four kingdoms have changed over the multitude of years, but still remain as they were, governed by separate ruling families and governments. However, although they are different sovereigns, they are united through peace and for the goodness of the people.

      Another nation has also popped up: the city-state of Lunare. Named for the Shrine at which the world was saved, and built on the sacred land where the Shrine stood, Lunare is both a city and a sovereign nation. Formerly a meeting place for the leaders of the other kingdoms, it now stands as a testament to the efforts of the four nations. They have joined together and created this thriving city, a melting point that is free to inhabit by nationals from any country. Truly, it represents what the kingdoms can do when they band together.

      And within this metropolis, a mysterious group has emerged. They operate of their own accord, independent and carefree. Run by a small collective of powerful and unknown individuals, this shadowy Organization and its motives are shrouded in secrecy. However, it is known that they are gathering a very specific following...They are looking for Branded, and have amassed a small army of followers, with numbers growing ever steadily.

      The Branded…by far the most significant change: an evolution occurring throughout Gaia. There are a growing number of people that are emerging with stronger magic, as if the magic of old has once again returned. This blessing, as before, is bestowed upon a small portion of the population, and they are referred to as "the Branded". Because of the long-held belief that it was magic that led to so many deaths and wars, the men and women who obtain these gifts are considered outcasts. They are shunned by the general populace.

      Though the actual cause of this sudden change is unknown, it does appear to be linked to the bloodlines of those that were former pact partners...though countless years have passed, these bonds were preserved over generations of descendants. And the Branded have used these abilities to adapt! Though the human kingdoms have adopted peace, the world is still a dangerous place. They have found ways to utilize their abilities in productive ways, such as mercenary or military work.

      And so it all has led to this! This mysterious organization is seen as a safe haven for those that society is shunning. But what are their motives? By joining with them, the Branded have further alienated themselves from the general populace. There are those Branded that resist joining the Organization, but it has been said that it some cases, there are no other choices. Many of the Branded are leaving their own cities behind and moving to Lunare, seeking new opportunities. Among the mixed population, surely there will be a larger number of Branded to mingle with. Perhaps they are even seeking the help of this "Organization", rumored to be headquartered within Lunare.

      With all of these revelations, we are left asking numerous questions. Why has abundant magic suddenly returned to Gaia? What is the purpose of bestowing such abilities on these unsuspecting people? What are the motivations of this mysterious Organization?

      Answers will come with time, for this is only the beginning.

    • I’m sure there are many questions concerning the Branded and their abilities. I hope to address those here.


      The people referred to as "Branded" are called so for a few different reasons, explained below. The powers that the Branded possess appear to be linked to the person's ancestry, because powers manifest from people that have had ancestors who were pact partners with Great Spirits. These powers seem to have been carried down through the generations. No one knows exactly why they are reappearing now (although the Organization may have an idea...)

      The powers of the Branded usually manifest early in a person's life, normally in the early teens. The Branded are referred to as such for several reasons:

      1.) On the outset of getting the powers, the first usage of the abilities will place some sort of mark on the user,
      2.) In some cases (not all), the utilization of the power will result in seals, runes, and other visual effects appearing (*note* ever used magic in a "Tales of" game? sort of like that )
      3.) Metaphorically, they are called Branded because of the negative connotation they are met with after the emergence of their powers

      Regardless of the name given, it cannot be disputed that these abilities give the Branded an inherently different life than those without them. The abilities vary greatly from person to person; there are elementalists that can harness nature's most primal forces; there are those that can alter parts of themselves or their environments for a multitude of effects; there are those with expanded physical and mental capabilities.

      The possibilities are endless!

      Basically, a normal person has a very limited ability to use magic, if they can at all! Some humans do not harness magic in any way. But the magic that a Branded wields is much more expansive.

      A normal human’s affinity with magic is such that they may be able to light a candle. On the other hand, the magical output of a Branded would allow them to incinerate the very table the candle sat upon! This of course is conjecture, as each Branded has a specific ability that may not allow them to go around turning tables to ash.

      So be creative with your abilities!! Don't be afraid to try something. If we find it too much, or if we believe you are being too modest, we will let you know!

      Thanks for reading! And happy RPing everyone :)


    • Because I was attempting to leave the story at a decent length (I failed) so as not to be daunting (read: a pain in the ass) to read, I was vague within the story about some of the details regarding the place and time within which the story takes place. To help bring clarity to those that are new to the storyline, or to those that decided not to read it…I have included here a breakdown of the setting.

      Our story takes place mostly around the city-state of Lunare, and this information is mostly for helping you, as players, delve deeper into the world and its lore. We are using a standard fantasy setting for the most part, although there will be more revealed of that at the bottom.

      I hope that this information makes it easier for you to provide background with your characters. Enjoy!

      The Kingdoms of Gaia

      For millennia, there have been four kingdoms that divided the land:

      Aurelia: The eventual home of the nomadic Spirits of air, Aurelia is a sky flier's utopia. The city of the same name was situated on an island that mystically floated far above the mountain range that split the land in twain. Far below all of this lay a windswept plain, nearly untouched by the peaceful denizens that, largely, called the mountains and floating cities their home. Once the islands were placed on the ground, the capital city found itself situated within a valley, surrounded by these impenetrable mountains. Through great hardship, paths were made to the surrounding villages, and life went on.

      Aurelia has stood as a paragon, for they value the entire self: body, mind, and spirit. Considered the country of enlightenment, Aurelia is as well known for its dojos as it is for its libraries. Aurelians revered the Spirits, and considered each other as family more so than countrymen. Undying loyalty seems to be the defining trait of these hardy people, for, as the wind blows, they grow restless and desire to move and travel, but they always make their way back home. Because of this, the cities of Aurelia are mostly small and spread out, but numerous, for they desire their freedom and their space; such is the way of the people of the wind. However, the capital is large, heavily fortified by natural surrounds, and heavily populated with a multitude of people, from master swordsmen to well-studied scholars to battle-hardened mercenaries.
      Barako: It goes without saying that the Great Spirits of fire picked an appropriate place to settle in Barako. Barako has always been seen as a very hostile environment, for though there are some grassy highlands, the majority of the land is a large desert, surrounded on all sides by mountains. However, this did not stop the people from settling here, and they made the best of it. A strong, hardworking people, Barako has always been the most militaristic of the four nations. With strong, prideful people and an undying loyalty the the Emperor, the nation is known for its great metal works; they have created some of the best weapons ever seen on Gaia.

      Among the mountain ranges are the only volcanoes that dot the landscape of Gaia, and it was in the center of this ring of fire that the capital of Barako was built. Utilizing the molten rock to their greatest advantage, the people of Barako have become the best blacksmiths and engineers to grace Gaia. In years past, this kingdom has been viewed with contempt and disdain, and who can blame the other nations? One look at Barako's inhospitable environment would give anyone reason to run at breakneck speeds away from it. But the people of Barako are strong and wholesome, and have survived centuries in their harsh environment. It is a challenge they are more than welcome to meet, with smiles on their faces.

      Korijin: The birthplace of the water Spirits, Korijin is well known for its small green forests that surround several large lakes. In fact, the land mass that is considered the kingdom of Korijin is mostly coastline, and the body of water that it touches is actually the majority of the kingdom. With this ease of access to water, the people of Korijin are well known travelers and seafarers. This is somewhat necessary, because Korijin is also made up of several islands that would otherwise have no access between them.

      The climate of Korijin runs the gamut of tropical at the southern reaches, to tundra in the northern parts. The sea north of the main Korijin landmass is normally covered in a think layer of everlasting ice. Some of the cities are located on these frozen waters. The people of Korijin vary just as much as the environs in which they live. Culturally rich and diverse, partly because of the travelling nature of the people, Korijin has a rich heritage, and are far more reliant on spiritual and familial bonds, and the intense one they share with nature, than on material possessions. The lands of Korijin are known for soothing, peaceful landscapes, and this may have rubbed off on the inhabitants: the people of Korijin are looked up to as a people that, above all else, can engage in peaceful discourse. They will, however, fight for what they believe in, and are very dedicated to the land and its people.

      Terahime: Ages ago, the Earth spirits called Terahime home. This land is large, varied, and beautiful. Humble and traditional, Terahime is largely a place accustomed to old fashioned human ingenuity. The land is evenly dotted with mining towns and farmlands. The people always have a hardy working mentality, and everyone always seems busy doing something. They see their lives as simple, and are completely content with their easygoing way of life. They are dedicated and hardworking, if somewhat stubborn. This is somewhat expected, however, coming from the people of the earth kingdom.

      With expansive prairies and canyons, Terahime offers long lines of sight, and has one of the flattest landscapes. This is mostly due to the large amount of mining work that was done over generations, which has leveled whole mountains. The capital city is surrounded by these canyons, making it a natural fortress. Though there are some mountains in Terahime, many of them have been leveled by the hard working people, or are still currently being mined. Either way, the rugged men and women of this country continuously move forward, nigh oblivious of the world outside their sleepy towns and quaint hamlets. Honest and forthright, they are completely content with the lives they lead.

      And of course, we have the setting of our story as of now…


      For over the passage of time, the city of Lunare was introduced. As a nation that is a combination of the other four, it is much more diverse, combining all of the best qualities of the kingdoms. It is situated on a centrally located, small island. This particular piece of land was formerly the location of the Shrine of Spirits, and the only piece of land still located on the mantle when the lands of Gaia floated in the air. Now that the kingdoms lay back down, this island has become a merging point for all of the nations. It is a safe haven for people of all kinds to inhabit.

      The island itself consists of a bustling port city, known as Imen. Though small, it is the first place travelers see when they come to Lunare, and its gates have welcomed countless people. The harbor for Lunare, there is a large dock for the multitude of ships that come and go. Beyond the docks, there are numerous smaller settlements that make up the quaint town. As the first stop when coming to Lunare, many that have immigrated have chosen to stay here and make a life of their own. Many shop keepers and small workers have taken advantage of this, and the city has a heart of its own.

      Following the road out of Imen leads through a section of grasslands and into a large, dark forest known as Emmeryn. An expansive, dense wood that extends to the south and east of the large city of Lunare, there are paths that lead through the forests to the surrounding towns. Life is abundant within the lush wood, as it teams with wild animals and beasts. Not far from the capital city is a large lake, where many people gather to take refuge from bustling city and bask in the beauty of nature. Given its secluded nature, and the fact that the trail bisecting the forest is the path connecting the port to the capital, it is not unheard of for bandit attacks and other foul activities. Also, if someone were to look hard enough, they may find that the Branded seem to frequent this secluded area as well, safe from the watchful eyes of humans and their persecution...

      And finally, we have the capital and namesake for the island. Lunare, The melting pot! A sprawling metropolis, and an amalgamation of all of the nations of Gaia. Built utilizing as much magic as was possible at the time, the city sports tall buildings made of glass and metal, far ahead of any other city on the planet. Always bustling with life, it is a place of opportunity: from its booming market, to its construction and expansion, to its mercenary work, and even pursuing darker exploits in the dark corners that every city has. This majestic cityscape has become the standard to which all other cities are measured. And with its large population, this city has become the destination for many of the Branded, making it easier to blend in. With this, the general attitude towards Branded is more open than in other cities in Gaia. Still, many have chosen to hide themselves away. And with the high concentration of Branded, the Organization has set its sights on the city as well...

      I may reveal more information about this as time passes, but I believe that much will be revealed as we RP, because this is the starting point for our story.


      Also, I was vague about the current state of technology in our world, so here is a rundown:

      I am hesitant to refer to the technology here, as someone previously put it, as "Magitech", but that is the best wording that comes to mind. As far as technology goes, it is mostly used for large-scale transportation: Trains, airships, sea vessels and the like. The development of these devices was mainly due to the usage of the remaining magic that did permeate the world so many years prior to our current story. In fact, the creating of these devices was in reaction to the loss of magic. With the loss of useful, more powerful magic, something had to be done. This magitech was made to compensate.

      I am not talking about cars (single person transportation), and it should be said that the main form of personal transportation is still atop horses or via carriage. Magitech weapons have been developed, and their main purpose is to supplement or strengthen the weakened magic of humans. These do include magitech guns, but they do not fire bullets; more or less, they use elemental forces, such as fireballs. They usually take the small amount of latent magical energy within a person and amplify it. This is why a Branded can usually not use magitech weaponry, because the stronger magical energy they exude causes magitech weaponry to overload and become unusable.

      This makes any skilled fighter able to overcome the more advanced weaponry, especially with the abilities that most branded possess. Among the Branded, their main form of weaponry beyond their powers are normally more archaic weapons, such as blades, polearms, and bows. Even general citizens, who may not have the ability, access, or desire for magitech weapons, still utilize more traditional weaponry.

      Thanks for reading!

      (~More could be added to this list overtime, an announcement will be made if that is the case~)

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      [B]Username:[/B] (Or an alias, whatever you’d like to be referred to in the OOC)
      [U][B]Character Information[/B][/U]
      [B]Race:[/B] (Which country are you native to, and are you branded or not)
      [B]Occupation:[/B] (If applicable, or you can include here what you'd like to do within the RP if you have a specific goal. Combat? Basic interaction? Something along those lines)
      [B]Physical Description:[/B] (Height, weight, that sort of thing. You can also tell how/where you are branded, if applicable. Pictures will do just fine)
      [B]Clothing[/B] (Pictures will do)
      [B]Personality:[/B] (THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF YOUR CHARACTER, BE DESCRIPTIVE. We need to have a good grasp on who you character is, because subtle nuances that would normally be displayed through conversation are somewhat lost when RPing)
      [B]Weapons[/B] (Pictures will do)
      [B]Branded Abilities[/B] (Give us the rundown of your Branded evolution. Remember, these are the abilities that you will rely on during the RP, so BE DESCRIPTIVE!)
      [b]History[/b] (Tell us your background. Needs to be at least a small paragraph. I am not a huge stickler for long histories, because that implies that I have to read them. Be as descriptive as you want, 6 Sentence minimum, feel free to leave it at that if you like)
  2. User Information
    Username: Rassius Luine
    Character Information
    Name: Rassius “Ras Fomalhaut” Luine

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race: Branded, lives in Lunare, originally from Aurelia

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Physical Description: About 6' tall, give or take an inch, between average and fit build. He has bright green, fairly short hair, and pale blue eyes. *Click*

    Usually wears the clothing seen in these images, a purple shirt that buttons over a black shirt, and dark grey pants with boots. He will nearly always have his trademark robe overtop of these. *Click*

    Calm, friendly, and open, Ras is often told he smiles too much, especially for someone in his line of work. He never seems to have a care in the world, even when faced with insurmountable odds; in a word, he is fearless. That carefree determination seems to endear him to people, but at this moment there are very few that are in fact close to him. He always keeps a distance between himself and those he meets because of one of the only things he is afraid of: losing or leaving them. After years of losing those he is close to, he knows the cost of losing a loved one. He is well aware of the issues that could arise from his being a Branded, as well as the fact that he constantly faces danger. Although he is confident in his own abilities, he would hate to lose someone he cares for on the battlefield. Even so, as a jovial soul, he is open to meeting new people and often spends his time in crowded pubs, enjoying a drink with friends.

    When on the battlefield, however, he lives up to his “Necromancer” moniker. Collected and focused, with his sword held in his trademark loose grip, he often finds himself laughing his way through battle. There is nothing but confidence exuded from his presence. This lackadaisical demeanor in the heat of battle has also helped fuel his nickname. After years of honing his sword hand in battles, he has learned his fair share of battle tactics, and uses all of them to his advantage. It is because of this that he lacks the desire to finish his enemy, for he values life, and is confident in his ability to destroy his opponent’s willingness to fight. Ras always remembers back to the time of his youth, spent in the “City of Enlightenment”, and knows that finishing his opponent in such a way would shame himself. Because of this, he is nearly always able to begin and end his battles with a smile.

    A sword that, for the longest time, he did not want, but that always found its way back to him. Signifying that the blade is his own, it has his name emblazoned on the side of the blade. He can summon the blade, and it is held within its sheath. He will normally cast the sheath away in the midst of battle. His blade will also, over time, grow and evolve.

    *Images Coming Soon!!!*

    Branded Abilities
    --- Vampiric Aurora --- Why rely on his own energy when has the energy of the entire world around him?

    Ras’s Branded evolution is called “Fibril”, a word that in the ancient language roughly means “Aura” or “Aurora”. Using this ability, Ras is able to absorb latent spiritual and magical energy from the environment around him, as well as absorb energy from nearby sources. This means that that he is able to absorb magic from any source that has a supply. This would include pieces of magitech, as well as energy based attacks. Under normal circumstances, he will simply gather latent energy around him, because by trying to absorb energy from a more volatile source (such as from a magical attack), he may end up hurting himself in the process.

    Truly the most remarkable aspect of this ability is its efficiency. Where most would exhaust energy, Ras is able to constantly restore the energy he loses. This does not mean that he does not tire; on the contrary, his body will still fatigue as time passes. However, the main reason his body tires is because of the pressure that his power puts on his body. Having such a large amount of magic stored within his body increases his body’s performance to peak human levels, almost to superhuman levels. Hearkening back to his upbringing in the “City of Enlightenment”, his physical characteristics (speed, strength, endurance) and mental abilities (reflexes, reasoning, senses) are all pushed to the limit based on the amount of magical energy he has stored. However, there are different levels at which his body will “Max out” the amount of energy he can store, and depending on the level his swords “Release”, he may fatigue even faster unless he expels some of this excess energy!

    Therefore, he must continuously release the energy to make sure he does not overload his body’s capacity. This is sort of a problem for him: at this point, he does not have many ways that he can expel that energy! He has three basic ways of expelling the energy: for offense, for defense, and for support. Offensively, he is able to release the energy as a purple wave of destructive, concussive force by swinging his sword, or possibly increase the force of a physical blow. This is, by far, his weakest utilization of his energy. He can harness a good amount of destructive force (able to pulverize boulders at point blank, or send a human sized target flying a decent distance), but he does not wish to kill his enemies, and this use of his energy is the most inefficient.

    Defensively, he has a stronger grasp on using his powers. Much like the first manifestation of his powers, he can create a barrier of swirling, violet energy to temporarily shield himself from attack, and possibly those around him. This barrier, though offering a wide coverage, consumes a large amount of his stored energy. Additionally, the barrier formation can be manipulated, but spreading the protection over a larger area can drastically weaken its viability. This is in contrast to using the energy in another defensive way: as a localized, concentrated shield of defensive energy. The shield is much more power, energy, and time efficient when compared to the barrier, but also means that he must know the direction of the attack as well as its intensity, otherwise he risks not protecting himself sufficiently. However, any magic based attack that strikes his shield would be directly absorbed and incorporated into his reserves. These defensive uses of his powers are his specialty.

    As a supporting ability, Ras has come up with a multitude of uses. Of course, he is able to increase the strength of his body, as mentioned before. Using intense concentration, he is able to apply his excess energy to the wound of someone else in an effort to heal it. This however, only works on very small wounds, and is usually only temporary, as they will need to seek medical aid from there. Although his body MAY be able to do this on its own, he would almost never be able to summon up the concentration to do it himself while also injured. He is also able to volunteer some of his excess energy to a nearby ally to give them a temporary boost in magical energy output or reserves, and the dense energy that surrounds him can sometimes be used by allies. This principle also works on magitech items, as he is able to restore some of their lost magic. Overall, this supporting role is one that he could excel at.

    Going back to the idea of “Release” states of his sword, the sword that Ras carries is, for all intents and purposes, the physical manifestation of his energy powers; the status of his energy level can be quickly determined by looking at his sword. Larger amounts of energy stored is apparent because, the more energy he has stored, the larger and more pronounced that the purple light that emanates from his sword is. Also, eventually, his sword will be able to undergo physical changes, which will be called “Releases”, which enhance certain aspects of his powers. Mainly, they will change the fatigue level, absorption rate, and overall energy storage capacity level of his powers. Generally, with each release, his fatigue level, absorption rate, storage capacity, and power of his techniques, will increase (there are 3 levels for his sword, its standard form, first release, and final release).

    Finally, the name of his Branded ability should be explained. It is so named because, when utilizing it, he creates a dense, magical aura of dark purples and violets that pulsates and flickers like a brilliant flame. This energy will usually start out around his sword, where he concentrates it in order to enhance his swordsmanship. But, it can extend to his whole body. During later release states of his sword, these displays can become much more spectacular. The energy will usually concentrate densely at his shoulders and hips, giving him the look as if he has been “cloaked” in his own spiritual energy. Also, the enemies that he faces can sometimes feel their energy being drained away by his abilities. He can be in the midst of battle, but still have a smile on his face as he drains energy from his surroundings and his opponents to use against them, much the way a vampire would. Thus is the origin of the “Necromancer”.

    Much like this:

    Ras was born in the capital city of the former Air kingdom, Aurelia. Named after the great dragon that fought alongside his descendant, Aslan Leingod (then Duke of Aurelia) so long ago in the Dark War. Ras is the third in line for the current throne. He was raised like any other royal of Aurelia, and given the best education that the “City of Enlightenment” had to offer. As a boy, he was fond of reading and had a love of music, inspired by his mother’s keen ear. She was a musical prodigy in her youth, and enjoyed nothing more than passing on the knowledge to her son. He also frequently enjoyed watching his father, Setzer, spar with any trainer or swordsman in the land. Fleet-of-foot and with a deftness only years of training could teach, his father was the greatest swordsman in Aurelia, and it was often said that he matched the warriors of old in skill, including Aslan. With a pedigree such as this, it is no wonder that the boy was praised as a prodigy in his own right, and beloved by the people of Aurelia. When he was not learning the basics of fighting from his father (and memorizing the advanced techniques that his father displayed while sparring), he was walking the streets of the city, becoming acquainted with a multitude of the citizens and immersing himself in the arts that it had to offer. His grandparents, the current rulers, showered the boy with praise and affection. Surrounded by a loving family and a wonderful kingdom, Ras enjoyed childhood quite possibly more than anyone could.

    When he was ten years old, Ras was accompanying his father and a group of men on a hunting expedition outside the city walls. In the shadows of the high mountains of Aurelia, with wind blowing like mad, Ras and his father made their way back to the city. It was a time of joy and adulation for the men, for it was a successful hunt, and there would no doubt be a celebration awaiting their return. They were still a few days march from the city, and took camp one evening on the high mountain roads. That evening, the men all gathered around a large fire, for though there were strong winds, who better than the people of Aurelia to know how to fend for themselves in these mountains. They gazed at stars and told stories of valor: of dealing with bandits, fighting in tournaments, and journeying around the world. Ras listened with earnest, wondering if these opportunities would ever fall on him as well…
    He would have his answer soon enough.

    For in the darkness someone approached, taking the men by surprise. A hooded figure leapt out of the shadows, and pounced upon a few of the soldiers. Using an ethereal blade, a glowing light that lacked physical form, he was able to slay one soldier after another. Ras’s father, Setzer, took up his own sword and was able to fight evenly with the man. For several bouts they stood toe-to-toe, but that soon changed, as the cloaked man, in a moment between bouts, stretched out his hand and mortally wounded Setzer with a flash of light that seared through his midsection. Clutching his side, he fell to the ground, several feet away from his foe. Ras watched in horror as the cloaked man inched towards his father. Ras rushed to his side, cradling his father in his arms. Setzer looked up at his boy, who only had time to shed a single tear.

    "My son, take the sword. It is our family's….It belongs to you!"

    Ras took the sword from his hand, and saw the etching on the side of the name suddenly change. "Setzer" was quickly burned away, and replaced with his own name, "Rassius". Grasping the hilt of the family sword firmly, he pointed it up at the coming assailant. Through the darkness that hid the man's face, Ras could see the glow of the fire in his eyes, as if they hungered for something. With an outstretched hand, he moved towards the father and son, reaching for Ras. Ras shook off the sorrow and prepared to stand. He let out a vicious yell, defying the rebel that approached. At that moment, when all seemed lost, there was a flash of light. The nearby fire was extinguished, but there was a new source of light; Ras and his father were instantly encased in a brilliant barrier made of swirling purple energy. The black hooded figure stopped in his tracks, but still seemed undaunted. He proceeded to test the strength of the energy dome. He clenched his fist, shining with a bright green light, and released a blast of energy against the barrier…..His green energy impacted, and faded, consumed by the flame-like wall of violet.

    "Hmmm…Nigh-impenetrable…. you have... potential. We had been hoping for this. That bubble of yours will not stop me, however...The Organization will have you, chi..."

    His voice trailed off as he spun quickly around, turning toward a growing commotion. Soon, there was a large group upon him, all seated atop mighty horses. The one in front, a man of incredible height and obvious strength, came to a halt and fell out of his saddle. He strode confidently and calmly towards the scene. In his right hand he held, and atop his shoulder sat, a massive axe. He surveyed the scene, taking in the child and the wounded man, protected by powerful magic, as well as the menacing, mysterious figure. This giant of a man had a calming presence. With a low, soothing voice, he called out to the stranger,

    "One of you again, I doubt you remember me though. The name’s Brendan Fomalhaut, and my men and I have searched wide for you. We’re good mercenaries, The Black Fang, and I’m tired of you givin’ us a bad name. No more interfering with our jobs. You have escaped me far too many times, and you will die, hooded man.”

    The hooded figure was hardly phased by the boasts of this newcomer. "Brendan, you say? I can’t say I’m not sorry for what I’ve done to you…But, I’m afraid, that you’re going to lose me again." He then turned to Ras, saying "I will be back for you, boy", and then turned, walking into a dark void.

    Brendan raised his battle axe with a single arm, and with a mighty swing brought the blade into the ground. A wave of energy burst forth, destroying all rock and ground that it came in contact with…However, the dark void had already enveloped the hooded man…

    And he was gone…

    Brendan looked to the boy, and their eyes met. The stern look left Brendan, and kindness fell over his features, along with sorrow. Ras knew by those eyes that there was no threat, and the shield fell. Brendan made his way over to the pair, and attempted to care for Setzer, who still barely held on to life. As he approached, though, Setzer reached up and grabbed his arm...

    "Take the boy! Take my son and go, as far from here as you can. Away from the city! He must be protected from the Organization! They will not think to look for him outside of the country!...Please..."

    Brendan sighed, and nodded. "So you know of 'em as well, I see. Fear not, Lord of Wind, I will look after your son...Aye, I know who you are. My mercenaries and I, we are the Fang, and we know as much as one might be able to about these bastards. I will take 'im for you." With these words, Setzer turned his head towards his son, eyes filled with love and pride in him...and then the light faded from those eyes. He was gone.

    Ras was taken with sorrow, but Brendan took the boy up in his large arms, and carried him off. And so, two Aurelian heirs were lost in one night...

    Brendan took Ras in, and adopted the boy. Years of taking care of him, and warming up to each other...He was the boy's father now. They traveled the world together, with Ras growing up as the son of a mercenary, eventually becoming a mercenary himself. It was a terrible burden, however, for Ras to bear, knowing the circumstances of his father's death. In all the years since then, he has tried to understand exactly what this Organization was. Unfortunately, the mercenary band that took him in, the Black Fang, have been unsuccessful in finding extensive information. What is known is that they are looking for Branded...And Ras now knows he is one.

    Years have passed, and Rassius, now Ras Fomalhaut, "son" of Brendan Fomalhaut, is a competent mercenary in his own right. The training he received as a boy combined with the ample experience he gained while growing up with his adopted family, has led to him becoming an expert swordsman. He is known now as the "Necromancer" for his skill with his blade and the sorry state he leaves his foes in. He currently passes the time in the united city of Lunare, taking odd mercenary jobs and spending his time in arenas. He is mainly seeking information, anything that could lead to him finding this organization...

    Information that could lead him to his revenge…To his father’s murderer…

    Why were he and his father targeted so ruthlessly? Perhaps only the "Necromancer" can find out...

  3. User Information

    Character Information
    Name:Harken Alseif

    Age: 19


    Race: Was born in Lunare. Ancestors from Terahime.

    Physical Description: Clothes W/ his sword.
    More casual clothes with his sword again.

    Branded form armor
    Ignore the little girl in the picture, just another picture of his armor.

    Weapons: see pictures above.

    Personality: (As his normal self) Harken is a kind, gentle, charismatic and sincere man, his eyes seem to carry his emotions but there is also a subtle confidence about him. Harken carries himself with a fiery side though, he is competitive in a playful nature and dislikes being out done, ironically though he is not too keen on fighting and killing but will do so to protect his family and friends. Harken shows a lot of compassion for the weak and less fortunate and this can sometimes be his down fall as he could be betrayed easily. Harken shows a lot of passion towards life and desperately believes that everyone has a choice to make the life that they want to live, he fights for the people in hopes that their dreams can come true.
    (Branded Form) Not much changes when Harken goes into knight form. However, he chooses not to talk his way out of fighting and instead will fight to kill if it means protecting what is important to him.

    Branded Abilities When he is not in his armor Harken carries a sword around with him. The sword was created with a very rare material known as Ribavious Ore. The ore itself has a special property that gives the sword the ability to diffuse simple energy attacks. Harken uses the weapon more for defense, but will fight with it when pressed.

    In his branded form Harken calls his armor forth but speaking the word "Restoration" His body is covered in a black armor that greatly enhances his speed, agility, strength, endurance and resistance to energy attacks. With this armor Harken can either fight bare handed, or can summon two spears to help him in battle. Either spear can be summoned from thin air, or more like a flash of light when he needs them. Also with his armor Harken has the ability to use pure energy. Whether it is to throw waves of energy at an enemy, send shock waves along the ground with the energy. Harken can create massive damage with this power, however the more energy he exerts causes more strain on his armor which limits his time in his branded form.

    History Having a normal life was ok with Harken. Being born in Lunare was a blessing because of the melting pot that Lunare had become for the people that had become branded. Harken felt himself blessed for many reasons, his ability to control his power, not being seen while using his power and again, having a normal life.

    Harken grew up with his parents in Lunare and despite everything that had been happening around him and even with talk of a suspicious group lurking about, everything seemed good. Harken was a nice young man, he hated fighting but did not mind sticking up for those who needed aid. His father worked at a local shop near their home and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Harken’s mother was a more aggressive person, who made Harken spend his free time in training. She would continuously make Harken fight, sometimes going as far as to beating him unconscious. Going back in time to a day while Harken’s father was away, his mother had dragged him downstairs to begin training again. Their basement was more of an underground cavern that was made to replicate their homeland, Terahime. Harken’s mother was also branded, her power was controlling earth and terrain. She was always careful not to shake the world outside of their home with her powers, but she did just enough to injure Harken. Her methods were brutal but she felt were necessary to bring out his hidden power….if he even had a power to speak of.

    The day had come; crisp and clear with the sun shining brightly. There were no clouds in the sky. Harken’s dad had left for work and, just the same as every other day, Harken had to begin his training. He was struggling with no power to call his own, but today had seemed different. His mother had been more vicious in her attacks, rock formations pounded against and mutilated him. He was thrown into the wall and laid lifeless on the ground. “Am I going to die? Why does my mom do this to me? I have no power…why can’t I just be normal?” Suddenly Harken felt his body rise, his mother was using her power to raise him on a stone platform and suddenly he felt crushed…his mother had also brought another platform from above and Harken was smashed between them. “Harken…you have to find that power, I know you have it inside you, if I have to bring you close to death then I will do so!”

    But before she could separate her rock pillars, a weird light had begun to emit from where Harken was smashed and soon the rock pillars had begun to crack with the light emitting from them as well. Suddenly an explosion and in the blink of an eye Harken’s mother was sent backwards and fell on her back, but with a figure in black armor standing over her with his left hand around her throat and the other hand holding a spear over her face. His mother’s eyes began to roll in the back of her head when suddenly the armor seemed to let go and fell backwards against the wall, the mask of the knight had faded away to show Harken in tears at what had just happened. How close he had come to hurting his mother…

    In terror, his mother had managed to get to her feet and scurried to the upstairs where she locked herself in her room. Harken remained in the cavern, breathing heavily. He finally gained his wits and had looked at what was surrounding his body. He felt a strange power surge through his body, he was now wearing a black armor that was sleek, not bulky but seemed to provide considerable protection. Rising to his feet he jumped slightly and he was surprised to feel no pain from his mother’s attacks. He began walking, then went into a dead sprint, he was surprised by his new speed, but wanted to test more of his power. Stopping to face a boulder Harken held both hands out and felt an energy emanating from his hands when suddenly the spear from earlier with his mother had appeared. Only now he had two at his disposal. Smiling he began a series of moves, flipping in midair, Harken sliced at the boulder and reduced it to rubble. However, soon Harken felt a huge strain on his body. The surge of power had made him very weak, and he fell unconscious.

    Days had gone by when Harken had finally woke up, his mother sitting at his side and for the first time that he could remember, she was smiling at him. “Good morning sleepy head. You have been out for a few days...” Her expression had changed has she sighed and looked down at the floor. “About that day you found your powers, I don’t want you to worry…I’m sorry for pushing you so hard.” Harken looked down at his feet on the bed and assured his mom that he was ok and very sorry for his actions.

    Later on that night Harken had packed a small bag of his belongings and left without telling either parent. He loathed fighting but wanted to know his power better for himself. So, he left the house and just walked…

    He found himself in Imen, the Port City. This was his first time in Imen, but he was intrigued with all of the lights and magitech that engulfed the city. Walking through the city Harken became more of a people watcher, seeing all of the different cultures and how people dressed was an awesome sight to see, people of all shapes and sizes, some branded and some probably not. Taking a deep breath Harken couldn’t help but think of his mother and father when he realized that this is the first time he had been away from them. Harken then bumped into someone, who was much shorter than he was. This person was wearing a black cloak that covered the person’s whole body and even hid their face. The person turned and faced Harken and spoke, but to Harken’s surprise was a female voice, that of a little girl maybe. “Hey you! You better watch where you’re going!” The young lady was very animated with her movements, but before Harken could speak a stuffed animal had jumped onto his shoulder, followed by more and more stuffed animals that had seemed to come alive as they tackled Harken to the ground. Catching a glimpse of the hooded girl running around the corner the stuffed animals seemed to just “die” as soon as she vanished, being stared at by a crowd of people didn’t help Harken’s embarrassment. Getting up and dusting himself off Harken sat on a bench that sat across from the port entrance, cupping his face with both hands. He sat, pondering what had just happened….and this is where his story begins…
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    User Information
    Username: Hologram Summer or HS​



    Character Information

    Name: Lazlo

    Age: Unknown, probably the oldest living Branded known.

    Gender: Male

    Race: Aurelia - Branded

    Occupation: Shopkeeper / Sage

    Physical Description: Lazlo has a slim build and stands about 5 feet 7 inches in height. He is somewhat lanky and weighs a little under 100 pounds. He has extremely pale skin, snow white hair, and piercing golden eyes. His most noticeable feature is a white flower growing out of his right eye socket (click here for reference pic).

    Clothing: Lazlo commonly dons a variety of robes with an oriental motif. His favorite one is shown in the picture above; a red robe with images of dandelions and birds dyed into it held together by a brown and maroon sash. For footwear, he wears a pair of sandals weaved from wood fibers but most of the time he walks around barefooted.


    Lazlo is a cross between a trickster and a person of great knowledge. One can definitely feel an air of wisdom with him but it is often overshadowed by his carefree personality. He will crack inappropriate jokes, blurt out random things, or just be generally unfocused. He rarely gets serious, probably because he has already experienced so much in his abnormally long lifespan that nothing really gets to him. Make no mistake though, he knows a lot about Gaia despite his seemingly comical personality. The lazy smile on his lips is permanent which compliments his eccentric way with words. Lazlo hates talking about his past and will always dodge questions and inquiries about it. Forcing him to talk about it can cause his mood to darken.


    Due to the side effects of his Branded ability, Lazlo is unable to participate in direct combat anymore. He can use some basic magic spells but it can be very taxing to his health.

    Branded Abilities:

    Od: The Flower of Mourning

    The flower in Lazlo's eye renders him immortal but with a huge drawback. When he receives a fatal injury or dies from an ailment, the flower in his eye grows into gigantic proportions and sprouts a "new" Lazlo from it. Lazlo's new body retains all of the memories and thoughts of the body that precedes it. The side effect of this ability is that his body becomes progressively weaker and frailer with each reincarnation. At present, Lazlo is barely able to jog for an hour without fainting from fatigue. As a minor effect of the flower, Lazlo's body never ages.​



    Lazlo is an extremely old Branded, having lived long enough to see the war between humans and the fallen. Information about his origin is scarce but according to historical accounts, Lazlo was once a mage for the kingdom of Aurelia. Lazlo was a reluctant soldier, drafted into the army by force due to the country's need for arms to defend it at the time. When his company faced a horde of fallen soldiers, Lazlo's heart faltered. He silently slipped away at the dead of the night, abandoning his comrades and allowing them to be slaughtered by the fallen. His cowardice angered the spirits and a curse was placed on him in the form of a flower that grants immortality, condemning him to suffer for his lack of valor for all eternity. Lazlo neither confirms nor denies this story.

    Despite his less than noble past, Lazlo is sought after by people from all walks of life. His knowledge of Gaia's past is second to none and it has earned him the reputation of a sage. From cutthroat grave robbers to aspiring kings, many seek an audience with Lazlo in hopes of finding answers from the pages of history. At present Lazlo tries not to meddle in Gaia's affairs, preferring to live a quiet life away from the turmoils of the world. Word is that he is living in Lunare with an apothecary, assisting him as a shopkeeper.

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  8. User Information
    Username: Xylime
    Character Information
    Name: Wendelia Berlendor

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Race: Barako (Human)

    Occupation: Researcher/Scientist/Inventor

    Physical Description:
    Wendelia stands at 5'6" (165 cm) and weights roughly 121 pounds. She is quite curvy, though her normal apparel doesn't show anything off. Her waist-length lavender hair curls in random directions, and she always ties it with a ribbon. Her eyes are a pinkish-purple color and her complexion is the palest possible without looking like she's terminally ill.

    (Random fact: Wendelia used to have brown hair and brown eyes. However, they turned purple due to a side effect of a random experiment she was conducting on herself. Even her skin appears to have a lavender hue at times, most prominently at night)

    Just like the picture above. Near the bottom of the dress, it splits in the front to allow Wendelia more freedom with her legs (but not much). She does wear small round glasses, which almost seem like a magical artifact themselves considering their ability to stay on her face no matter what she does. She wears purple pumps with heels that aren't too tall to make walking uncomfortable, but tall enough to give her an elegant appearance. Though not actual attire, Wendelia considers books accessories and is never seen without one in hand.

    Wendelia is an odd mix of noblewoman and mad scientist. She is prim and proper, almost to the point of snootiness in certain situations. She is quick to lecture anyone and everyone on proper etiquette should they show little to no sign of it. Her knowledge of the sciences is vast, as is her knowledge of weaponry. However, she knows there is much yet to learn and seeks knowledge wherever it can be found. The knowledge she lacks, however, is that of geography and the fine arts, finding them to be a waste of time.

    The mad scientist within Wendelia rears its head the moment she becomes fascinated with something or someone. Quick to ask "May I dissect you?", Wendelia's tact disappears and she focuses all her attention on said thing or person for a set period of time. Wendelia isn't afraid to do unethical experiments, though she will always tell her guinea pigs exactly what she plans to do and allows them the option to opt out. Wendelia has often experimented on herself, which hasn't caused any considerable damage...yet.

    During her weapons development years in Barako as a late teen, Wendelia took a small magical artifact and decided to craft a bookmark for herself, one that would always hold her place in her book through magic. Wendelia did indeed succeed in her endeavor, but due to her tinkering, the artifact has another use. When gripped firmly in Wendelia's hand, the bookmark transforms into a large greathammer. Although the weapon is massive enough that a large man would have trouble handling it with two hands, the mix of Wendelia's magic and the artifact's makes it effortless for the purple-haired woman to wield it one-handed. For some reason, the artifact bound itself to Wendelia, making it impossible for anyone to wield it other than her. (like this, but imagine the head of the hammer being much larger and the shaft a bit longer)

    Wendelia has no battle training. When an enemy gets close, she hits it with her hammer. She doesn't move her body much and prefers to staying stationary, letting enemies come to her. Dodging is a no-go, as her speed and dexterity in battle are laughable.

    Branded HUMAN Abilities:
    Wendelia is not Branded, and thus has no true magical talent. However, she is an impressive inventor and scientist. She has also crafted many weapons and armor in her lifetime, both magitech and regular.

    Wendelia grew up in Barako as the daughter of a former noblewoman and a scientist. Her mother gave up her nobility to marry the love of her life, but what she didn't give up was her upbringing. Raised as if she were born a noble, Wendelia was taught everything that her mother knew. Though she didn't mind most of the lessons, Wendelia's true calling was science. Following in her father's footsteps, Wendelia attended school. Thanks to her father's personal tutelage, Wendelia became a recognized scientist at age 18.

    Starting with weapons development, Wendelia spent a few years creating weapons and armor for the military. Though she had a few mishaps (namely the bookmark/hammer incident) Wendelia's contribution to Barako was duly noted by her subordinates. However, as she reached her early to mid twenties, Wendelia craved new knowledge and began moving to different departments. It was during this time that Wendelia's younger brother, Nalen, became Branded. How quickly the community turned on him, and Wendelia watched as her dear little brother was ostracized by friends and distant relatives alike. Wendelia and her parents, however, still loved Nalen and refused to let his condition change their view of him.

    When Wendelia turned 26, her brother left home. Despite the love of his family, Nalen's life had been growing more and more miserable by the day. He told them he'd make a life in Lunare, and that he hoped one day his existence wouldn't bring shame to his family. It was then that Wendelia became obsessed with the Branded. She researched them exclusively, trying to pinpoint what made a Human turn Branded. After two years, she still had little to show, but she finally realized what her ultimate goal was. Wendelia's desire was to find a way to turn Humans into Branded. With an army of Branded super-soldiers, the Barako military would be near unstoppable, at least that was what one of the Barako generals thought. Giving her funding, the general directed Wendelia to pursue her research, however he ordered her to keep it a secret from everybody. And thus, Wendelia set out for Lunare in search of Branded who would be willing to be test subjects, and hoped to see her brother again.

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    My Character
    User Information

    Username: GeminasM

    Character Information


    Name: Elizabeth (Eliza)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Terahime ~ Branded

    Occupation: Wherever the RP takes her.

    Physical Description: She is 5'7" and weighs... Wait. Why're you asking a woman's weight?! Anyways, she isn't very amazing in strength, but she is quite fast and agile. She is quite acrobatic, as well.

    Clothing: Just look at the picture.

    Personality:She can be mischievous and she loves to just play around. She can be shy and easily embarrassed at times. She is quite understanding.

    Weapons: She uses a silver katana and a jagged silver dagger. She is also experienced with any long ranged weapons.

    Branded Abilities: She is a shifter, meaning she can shift forms between different organisms. When she touches an organism, her body absorbs a small amount of DNA and stores it for later use. She cannot, however, copy the powers of any other branded. She is not skilled enough with her power to do that. Nor can she gift her powers unto another.

    She has a secondary ability that allows her to change her clothing and make it appear/disappear.
    (Just for convenience.)

    History: Abused by her father and loved by a mother who couldn't help her, Eliza's childhood was horrid. She was one of the smartest students in her school and liked to read. She kept to herself and was picked on because of it. After her fifteenth birthday, when she got a katana she had always wanted, she packed a bag and left. She had traveled ever since. She lived in many places, working for food and shelter. She met many kinds of people, from monarchs to demons. She learned to fight, haggle, pick locks and pockets, anything she could use to survive. She became a Jill of All Trades, basically.

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  11. User Information
    Username: Poe/Poetic
    Character Information
    Name:Aria Stella



    Race: Branded, Homeland is Korijin, resides in Lunare

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Physical Description: Standing 5’3 slightly short yet her body is slender and toned with muscles at 120lbs. Her ivory skin has a slight natural tan to it since her transformation. The Right eye is a bright green and her other eye, is a pearly white that distinguishes her Branded; Along with the black tattoo across the same left eye. Long wavy white blond hair that ends below her shoulders is usually braided back and tucked behind her green cape.

    Clothing Quick Reference

    Creative, adaptive, and insightful. When her mind is set she will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Her down falls, is her impatient and judging people too quickly yet it’s just part of her fiery, passionate personality showing through. Loves life and to enjoy the humor and passion it has to offer. She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing and dance in taverns and gatherings. Devoted to friends, lovers and family to fight for their causes. She has natural born leadership qualities that when a situation gets dire she automatic takes a step up to take control. She isn't afraid of meeting new people and exploring Gaia and to venture what the world has to offer. She gets along easily with society with her charm and charisma yet there are those who fear her because of her Branded left eye. She keeps her inner turmoil’s to herself and would consider herself weak to open up such sorrows to a stranger.

    Very proud of her heritage and protecting the rights for all human kinds, she is bold and will go out of her way to restore justice. When protecting her loved ones and defending herself in battle, she is agile and quick on her heels as she dances like a wild flame. Her tongue it just as quick, as her heart pounds with passion, as she taunts her foes with her sarcastic remarks along with a sly smirk teasing on her lips. When she is caught off guard and provoked, she won’t hesitate to lite your hair on fire. If someone challenges her, she foolishly doesn't consider the odds but jumps right into the thick of it, to claim victory.

    She worked hard and disciplined herself, acknowledging the different techniques from her parents to harness each element by training and learning the lore. Deep in her heart something called out in the distance, beacon her to leave as her spirit cried out to seek the answers.She felt there was something bigger out in the world that needed her and she is determined to find the answers.

    She uses a wooden bow with
    arrows to extend her harnessed powers and uses it to her advantage. The bow has a crystal socket in the middle of it, which amplifies her elemental abilities and alights to its according element. She also has a small dagger sheathed to her right hip, more used for a tool than a weapon.

    Branded Abilities

    Once she hit the age of 16, her Branded abilities surfaced. Her left eye already marked with a black line going vertical since she was born, but with a burst of energy a bright beam of light shot out from her eye and her body immersed into flames. The flames didn't scorch nor leave any burns, yet her fingertips flickered with flames as fire coursed through her blood. It was a very painful transformation as this happened to air, water and earth as well. Her left eye was blinded but became enhanced with greater perception of the energy around her and to use it to her advantage. She learned different techniques on how to weld her elements in a defensive stance without a bow yet it took a lot of energy to control it. She could use attacks with small energy spheres and fire whips and use rock walls to protect herself from others. She only can control the basics of air and earth and suffered the lack of self training by only books. She has the aid of her bow an arrows and being connected with a natural element of wood, she trained her abilities through long range attacks.

    Fire- Palm size elemental spheres and whip with the help of static electricity (more to learn with RP)
    Air- Small person size tornado that can cause the foe to be knocked back and become winded.
    Water-Focusing on the temperature to drop, she can create ice and use them to be flung at a foe.
    Earth-Bring forth up from the ground and mold it to her advantaged. Example: Sharp stalagmites and quick sand.

    Fire-a ring around her
    Air- barrier around her to deflect most man-made objects
    Water-healing minor wounds
    Earth-Walls and caves
    Her parents lived in the city of Korijin. Her father has the Branded ability of Fire and her mother is Branded with the Water ability. They knew as Aria grew up, she was a prodigy in the making. She sung so passionately and danced to music so lively she made flowers grow and dance beside her without even realizing she helped Gaia grow before the age of 16.Once her transformation surfaced, Aria learned more about her different elemental abilities as her father helped her control and harness techniques that he had learned. Her father was originated from Barako, and he worked to provide for his family with his abilities as a blacksmith. Even though only knowing the one element he briefed Aria on the others yet without the proper training, she would need to learn on her own. Her mother worked night and day in the fields to harvest herbs and make remedies for the locals as a healer. She uses her Branded abilities of water, to help cleanse the ill. Aria voice is gifted with a beautiful melody as she loved to sing since she was young. Her mother taught her songs and even ones that helped heal minor wounds. Aria was passionate of her family and always worked hard to make them proud. Once Aria became older in her twenties she desired to learn more of the city-state Lunare. Her family stayed behind for they couldn't afford losing their popularity with the regulars in Kor
    ijin and said their farewells.
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  14. Character Information

    Name: Qi Mai

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human, Out skirts of Korijin, she is Branded.

    Physical Description: Thin almost frail in appearance. Her skin a soft pale tone, yet a hint of rose to her cheeks and lips. Her eyes, a pale blue, hint of the blindness she bares alone. Her long silk strands of chocolate hair, frames her gentle face. She has a small mark between her shoulder blades, though it is mostly hidden by her clothing.

    Clothing: She is normally known to wear simple Kimono’s of soft spring colors. From pale blues and cherry blossom pink. The decorative patterns of mystic beast or that of nature’s true beauty, dances along the silk of each one. Though there is one that she always seems to favor the most. The kimono is of soft purples along the sleeves and a plum through the center giving it a calming appearance. Though the sleeves of her gowns always seemed longer than needed it acts as a form of comfort. Her hair is always tied back with a soft pink rose ribbon, though her hair tends to linger in her face to keep her eyes hidden the best she can.

    Personality: Kind and gentle, she is wise in her own way. She may seem shy and timid at first, but her kindness is something more. She had never been known to raise her voice or harm another. Even though she is blind she tries to see the good in all, her words are pure, as is her heart. She is known to lend an ear to a friend and a shoulder to cry upon when needed.

    Weapons: A quarter staff, she also uses it as a walking stick.

    Branded Abilities:
    Healing Touch: This allows her to touch a minor wound and allows it to heal. She can heal small cuts, bruises, and small burns. She is also able to slow down the loss of blood, but only slightly. It causes her to go drowsy after each use and it takes time for it to fully take effect. She cannot use this ability from a distance; she must be touching the wound itself.

    Healing Wind: This allows her to heal minor wounds through a gentle breeze in a five foot radius around her. It takes more from her than a touch but it allows her to heal those that are close enough to her. While she is doing this she is left completely defenseless to any on coming attacks.
    Prayer of Hope: Like Healing Wind, this ability leaves her defenseless and open to attacks. This ability takes several minutes to complete but allows her to heal slightly more severe wounds. It can tend to deeper cuts and wounds and even help mend a single broken bone. But she can only do this every four days without completely passing out, this is only if the high need is brought forth. This ability has a farther reach, but no farther than ten feet from her. For her to use this it completely drains her to the point that after using it she becomes completely weak.

    History: The sun was high, yet hidden by dark clouds. The wind blew in warnings of ill weather. Screams of pain echo within a small farmer’s home. A young woman laid weeping and panting from pain. Two older women stand at the ready as another wave of pain rushed the young mother to be. Something was wrong and they all could feel it. Labor was difficult and tasking on the women, though even more so on the young mother. One more scream had filled the air and soon and sudden pool of liquid crimson formed as the faint whimpering of a newborn broke through the noise. Just as the child drew in its first breath lightning had streaked across the sky lighting up the room with a brilliant white light. The flash of the lightening had seemed to rip open the heavens as rain poured to the earth. Thunder boomed with such force shaking the walls and the hearts of those inside. The women took to the child quickly than turned to the young mother only to find she bared no breath. The father had rushed into the room without warning to see his wife and child only for his heart to shatter as one of the women were covering her face. The man had no idea of what he was going to do only to know he would be alone, that was until he felt a bundle of warmth in his arms. Tears fell like the rain outside as he looked down and upon the child. A little girl with such a gentle face, though what had caught him off guard was the pale color to her eyes.

    He would raise her on his own though his heart always seemed heavy with sorrow. It wasn’t till Mai was about one did her father fully realize that she was blind, this took a harsh strike to his heart. He could not bare to allow her to suffer from her blindness. He would not allow himself to show his weakness towards his daughter and would force himself to harden his heart just enough to show no true pity. It was time consuming to teach her even the basics of maneuvering around their home. He found it nearly hopeless to a point, until he had just sat there to watch her. She would walk around with her hands out in front of allowing her fingers to reach out and brush over everything. Even her steps were unsure, with each step; her foot would tap the ground ever so slightly before taking a full step forward. He gave some thought as to what she was doing and gave a slight nod before he took a day from the fields just to move the furniture around in the home giving the clearest of paths from the bedrooms to the front of the house. With each passing day her movements around the house became smooth and sure. She was able to help her father the best she could to help keep the home clean, even if it made more of a mess.

    When she had turned four her father had carved her a small staff and taught her to use it to help guide her around the farm. Though as she got older she didn’t depend too much on the staff, and since her father rarely allowed her to leave the farm without him, she would give aid to him on the farm. She didn’t have much skill but she was able to feed the animals and gather eggs from the chickens. She was sitting outside just allowing her to listen to the world around her. She could hear her father working in the fields and the chickens pecking at the ground. She tipped her head allowing her to hear a little clearer on her left side as she sat down her staff. She could hear better than her father and she had proven so a few times. Though there was one thing she could never hear coming a mile away. She had grown faint and weak causing her to fall over. Everything in view had begun to spin almost violently. She tried to call for her father but her voice was lost to the wind. A chill had moved through her as she listened to everything seeming to fade.
    Time had passed till she was eleven when chaos had broken loose causing panic to fill the village.

    She could smell the smoke and it was stronger than she could have ever dreamed of. Fear had gripped her; her hands gripped the walking stick, one she had ever since it was given to her by her father. She listened to the sounds around only to find that she could not fully pinpoint anything. She could hear the animals in a panic, the hissing and crackling of the raging fire. The scent of burning hair and flesh had filled the air to the point it made her stomach roll. She didn’t know what to do, though the sounds of others moving about had caused her to hold her breath. She listened to the sounds of their approach only to miscount the foot falls. She would have stood her ground; only fear had ripped through her leaving her shaking. Her knees had given out beneath her causing her to drop to the ground clinging to her walking stick like a life line. Just as she had thought everything would come to an end she could hear that voice that had seemed to whisper to her through her dreams, come forth through the flames. Her head turned toward the sound and carefully she had lifted herself up from the ground. Soon she was walking forward past the flames that seemed to reach out towards her only to be dismissed as she moved past.

    Hours had passed and she did not stop, though what she did not know was the fact that the voice she was hearing was her own. Her own strength had formed a voice when she was frightened or unable to find it with in herself. Since she had lost everything, she had learned to live on her own. Though after so long, she wasn’t completely alone. She had met a few people that had shown her some form of kindness and helped her grow. Oddly she had no true clue of her skills and abilities.
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