Legends of Lunare: A World Divided

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  1. The roar of battle...

    Ras' feet came to a rest on the ground and he straightened his stance. The purple aurora that surrounded his body pulsed and leaped in a fiery dance. Streams of violet light extended from his shoulders and his blade, tracing back to the Fallen soldiers that stood motionless behind him. It was as if rivers of spiritual energy flowed into his body from the undead foes. His right hand, loosely gripping his trademark sword, shuddered momentarily to remove the flesh from his blade. He breathed in deeply, and as he exhaled, he sheathed his sword, allowing it to rest on his waist, and the flame-like aura that surrounded him faded. At the same time, the bodies of seven Fallen soldiers that he previously cleaved fell to the ground in a large heap, resting in the dirt of the battlefield.

    All across the grasslands could be heard the roar of intense battles. Nearby, Ras could see Harken, clad head-to-foot in his imposing black armor, engaged with a small legion of Fallen warriors. Several blows were made, the loud impacts of metal on metal ringing out across the blood-stained fields. Ras' gaze then came to a small hill many meters in front of him. Atop the mound stood a hooded figure, cloaked in all black. Though his face was hidden, his words invaded the minds of all those engaged on the field:

    "You're resistance is futile, my brothers! Why fight us? We are here solely for the sake of the Branded! We are shunned as outsiders, looked down upon but the retched masses that cannot see us for our gifts! They fear us. So why fight us? The Organization fights for the good of the Branded! We should be taking the fight to them! Displaying their inferiority!"

    The hooded figure continued, but Ras' mind could only think of what would follow...War between the Branded and the general populace. But why? What is the purpose of all of this? What does the Organization have to gain from creating such chaos? And how were they able to revive the Fallen? Ras' mind suddenly snapped back to reality as the hooded figure raised his hand, holding his arm aloft in the air.

    "But I can see that you will not go easily.", his voice boomed. "You all insist on resisting us, but you will not keep us from our goal. The Branded shall rise, and stand above all others as the rulers of Gaia!" The hooded figure snapped his fingers, and his arm dropped back to his side. At that instant, black smoke surrounded him, swirling furiously and blocking him from view. After a moment, the smoke dispersed, and a large group of Fallen soldiers stood surrounding the hooded figure.

    Ras readied himself. The Man in black gestured forward, and the Fallen soldiers charged forward. Ras and several of his allies dashed forward to meet them, preparing for a battle that could decide the fate of land....

    So! This the basic premise of our story, which takes place on a world known as Gaia (original, right?) I will highlight a few of the key features here:

    1) You may choose to play as a human, or a being known as a Branded. The Branded have special abilities, such as my character Ras above, who has the ability to absorb latent energy around him and use it to his advantage. There are endless possibilities, and you are more than welcome to come up with fresh ideas for abilities to include with your character.
    2) The story takes place on Gaia, which has 4 different kingdoms (Aurelia, Korijin, Barako, and Terahime). The majority of our story, however, takes place within the relatively young city-state of Lunare, which is sort of a melting pot for all of the other nations. It is somewhat more advanced, utilizing more Magitechnology than the rest of the world.
    3) The RP will focus on the growing conflict between the Branded (those with abliities) and the general populace. There is a growing collective of Branded joining together, a shady "Organization", that is gathering Branded followers. However, their motives are still a mystery at this point.
    4) For the sake of simplicity, we are not allowing the creation of Organization members at this point in the story. We will expand this at a later date, once we get a feel for how the story is flowing. These members will be the primary sources of events, so becoming one may be challenging, but very rewarding.
    5) Apart from that, however, your character can be anything that you'd like. A traveling merchant that just came into Lunare to sell his wares? Sure. A mercenary looking for new work? Why not! A Branded outcast that was thrown from his previous village? You're welcome here!
    6) This brief post just dabbles with a few of the concepts that I've come up with. I also have a fairly well fleshed out History, as well as further notes on the setting (which could come in very handy for providing backgrounds for your characters) and notes on the abilities of the Branded.
    7) I, personally, will be concentrating on the battle portion of the RP, and will hope to further that successfully. However, if you do not wish to engage in combat, that is perfectly acceptable! I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for you to join us and do something fantastic :)
    8) We are welcoming RPers of all skill levels! There will most likely be some mature content, including gratuitous violence in certain portions, as well as some sexual content depending on the personal relationships that are fostered (I won't restrict any, but the mods of course will carry out the rules of Iwaku, and we shall obey them accordingly). Please feel free to make a character, or message myself or Harken if you have any questions.

    Soooo that's the idea. If you have any questions at all, I'd be more than happy to answer them. You could also speak with my friend, Harken.

    Anyone interested?
  2. You know I am!! <33
  3. Good to know :D
  4. If anyone would like to see the story or want more information. Let us know. I'm more than happy to post all of the information here.
  5. I am quite intrigued! Though before I made a character, I personally would like to see character sheets for Ras and Harken (so I don't copy abilities, histories, etc). Or if not whole character sheets, at least a brief summary of the characters. (more specifically, their weapons/abilities) I like adding variety to rps.
  6. That's fine with me! I have a few finishing touches to put on Ras, but will post him here shortly for you.
  7. Thanks! I also have a few questions if you don't mind.

    1) How did/do Branded come into existence? (Are they born with it, or does it develop as they grow older?)

    2) Other than the special abilities, is there any physical way to tell a person is Branded? (A mark on their body? If so, are the marks all the same or do they differ from person to person?)

    Those were the two main ones that came to mind. If there is more information you'd like to share (about Branded or anything else), I'd love to hear it!
  8. I also have a few things to take care of on Harken. I can PM you the story if you would like.
  9. Only if you want to! (I don't want to force you to give me more info than I need) The main things I'd like to know are about the Branded. (so if I do make a Branded, it will follow the rules you set for them)
  10. I am totally interested in this! I have an idea for a character though he probably won't be doing a lot of combat. Would that be fine?
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  11. Absolutely. We can always send you more information. If you don't mind what kind of ideas do you have? I'm curious to know. =)
  12. I'd need more info on the branded. And I too would like to see character sheets. Helps make things concise for me! :)

    But other then that I may dabble into such an RP :)
  13. @Harken Alseif

    Of course! More information to work with is always better. I was thinking of creating a Branded whose ability is indefinite reincarnation but with some serious side effects. Basically whenever he is killed he would be reborn into a new body on the spot, like a snake shedding its skin. However with each reincarnation, his new body grows more and more frail. During the timeline of the RP, he has already died and reincarnated so many times that he is physically unfit for combat. His role in the RP would probably be as a source of information since he has probably lived longer than most people have.
  14. Wow...I really like that idea. I would have never thought of it
  15. I believe Ras has all of the updated information, unless I'm lazy. I will let him know and we will probably throw a link into the information now.
  16. Cool! Glad you liked it! Now I'm really pumped up to finish his character profile!

    Will be waiting anxiously for the official start of this RP.
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  17. To be honest, since Ras and I are both new to this site..we are trying to figure out how to organize the RP and all of that.
  18. Well, I have put up a couple of group RPs here on the site so maybe I can help.

    First you need to know which section this RP belongs to. This probably belongs under the Fantasy Roleplays section:

    Next thing is to create a sign up thread/OOC thread for the RP. You can do so here (for Fantasy Roleplays):


    A neat feature of Iwaku is that you can make a banner ad for your RP to attract more players. You can do so here:


    The In Character/Roleplay Thread for the RP goes here (for Fantasy Roleplays):

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  19. It sounds interesting and I like how everyone can add their own ideas to help the RP grow. I lack of thinking up plots on the whim but once I brainstorm with someone, then my mind takes off! I'm always up for action and adventure! That being said...

    I also very much agree with Xylime.

    A few questions of my own,
    Could I role play more than one character?
    Could I role play a character that is part of the Organization? Or any villain?

    When you say "special abilities" and I noticed the character Raz example but I would need a little more detailed on what I could do and not do.
    I don't like or want to play as god-modding but in my opinion I want my character to have the ability to have elemental abilities. Or what if I want a character who could read minds. Is this too powerful or does it fit into the world?

    When I make a character those certain attributes means a lot to me when I create them.
  20. Thanks for all of the feedback everyone :)

    I'm going to try and address of few of the specific questions we have here first (some of them are addressed in the included readings, but the walls of text...and the sifting through it....I'll save you some time)

    1) The powers are fairly wide open, as we are leaving that mostly up to the player. Discretion in some cases is a must! We may not necessarily restrict you from using a power, but will expect you to use sound judgment when RPing. If we see that an ability may be abused in practice, we will let the user know. If there any questions, PLEASE PM US! To distinctly answer your question, Poetic Justice, elementalist abilities are perfectly fine! On more than one occasion, we've used those ourselves :) Telepathy is not off the table, but would have to be used with care, given that using it could easily lead to God-Moding. When the character is made, we will look more deeply into it, but I want you to know that most abilities are not too off the wall.

    2) ONLY FOR THE MOMENT are we going to forbid the creation of more than one character. This restriction will be lifted, but we want to try and draw in as many people as possible first so we can create diversity in the RP. And for now, that character cannot be an Organization member. We will allow people to make Organization members later, and this will most likely involve an application process (or you may be tapped by one of us and asked to become one). This is because the Organization members could be construed as "bosses" for the RP, and will be driving forces for the RP. As a rule of thumb, they may be slightly more powerful than the average Branded. We will introduce the Organization members (starting with a couple played by Harken and myself) at a later date. HOWEVER, feel free to include encounters, run-ins, etc...with the Organization and its members in character histories IF YOU'D LIKE. This can be an Organization member that you wish to apply to make later, or you can ask Harken and I for a character name to include.

    3) You are more than welcome to play as a villain! Our world is not perfect, so there are bandits, thieves, murderers....It doesn't matter. As stated above, that character won't initially be an Organization member. Perhaps later, when availability opens, that character can become a member! Only time will tell.

    Hologram, your idea for a character is very unique, and I love to see that! I think it would be a great addition.

    I hope that helps! If I've missed anything, let me know. I hope to have my character done soon (been a little preoccupied), so that could help as well. I'll let you know very soon.

    In order to be more transparent and get all of the information out, I'm going to go ahead and post all of the information that we have here.

    BE WARNED! I've been busy so there's a lot of reading :) If you can make it through it all, you may have +1 internets.

    Legends of Lunare (open)

    • Legends of Lunare: A World Divided


      A land rich with history. A land suspended in the air, held aloft by ancient magic and ruled over by the Four Great Spirits. A land whose inhabitants are divided amongst the many sky-islands by the kingdoms that rule them.

      Korijin is a nation unmatched on the water, made up of seafaring adventurers and icy explorers. It consists largely of smaller islands, icy caps, and the ocean itself. Terahime, with its varied terrain consisting of mountains and valleys, is home to hardy people and booming industry. Barako is a land surrounded by fire, consisting of a large desert, a small grassland, and expansive mountains with active volcanos. Its people are strong willed and gifted metallurgists. Aurelia is home to sky-faring, spiritual nomads, moving between sprawling temples and cities atop dragons. It is often called the enlightened lands, as they dedicate themselves to perfecting both body and mind.

      Though these four nations had found themselves at war with each other for countless generations, a new threat loomed on the horizon. The Fallen invaded… an ancient evil that arose from the forgotten lands, the mantle far below the floating islands. This “Dark Army” marched on the warring kingdoms, decimating every force they came into contact with. The four nations were forced to band together in an effort to fight back against the primordial foe, but…


      It was an overwhelming feeling for the people living on Gaia. The Fallen had crushed all forms of resistance, its armies on their last legs. The soldiers that remained sat awaiting death...

      There was little that could be done; the numbers of the undead army seemed limitless, and they advanced relentlessly. Black clouds loomed ominously over the forces of death that pushed towards the gates, as the fields were stained red by the ceaseless march. Those few remaining leaders of the resistance stood in the barracks, debating what could be done. They were far fewer in number than they were before, after years of bloodshed. As the end grew near, dread overcame the army and these leaders sank into their seats...

      Not far away, the Great Spirits, that had long ago forged pacts with each tribe, were overcome by the grief that they, too, felt due to the bonds they had with the humans. Defeat was at their doorstep, and the Spirits felt compelled to act, to save these younger creatures from a fate they had no control over. They saw no other alternative. These timeless creatures, born in primordial fire, used their infinite wisdom and called upon all of the remaining strength they could muster. They made their way to the Shrine of Lunare- the holy land on the only grounded strip of earth left in all of Gaia - and they did what only the Great Spirits could: they exhausted all of the magic at their disposal to drive the Fallen out of Gaia.

      Light! All-consuming light erupted from the root of the world! The light extinguished the flames of war, and ripped the undead army out of Gaia. But the effect was so much greater! The islands that held the many cities and peoples of Gaia were taken out of the very skies they had long inhabited. Whole cities were neatly placed back on the mantle of Gaia!

      The magic that suspended these islands was extinguished, as was the presence of the Spirits. By expending all of the magic that made them, they disappeared from the world...

      Such was the price for saving it...The world grieved over this devastating lost. Many were lost: friends, partners, family members, brothers-in-arms. The lives of these mighty saviors were celebrated. Gaia returned to its roots, and with this fundamental change, the world was given new life!

      Gaia pulled through all of the chaos and peace reigned. Magic was not extinguished from the land, but with the loss of the Great Spirits, the strength of the magic usable by the humans had slowly waned. Though there were still small feats of magic that humans could perform, the majority of magic that remained became bound to ancient relics. When this discovery was made, the people went about turning these relics into useable pieces of technology. These were mostly used for transportation between the nations, as the amount of magic they held was directly related to their size. The process of using small relics was not perfected until much later, where they could be used as weapons. It was a fairly drastic change, and many lamented the loss of magic. However, society adapted, and overall the people were happy. Without these powers, the citizens no longer believed they were at the mercy of those few all-powerful people.

      Prosperity reined across the land...And nearly a millennium passed.

      Times are changing once again: there are new forces at work now. Over the past few generations, several changes have occurred across Gaia.

      With the advent of technology that allowed for better travel, the boundaries that separated the many people of the world have come down, and people freely move between each country.

      The four kingdoms have changed over the multitude of years, but still remain as they were, governed by separate ruling families and governments. However, although they are different sovereigns, they are united through peace and for the goodness of the people.

      Another nation has also popped up: the city-state of Lunare. Named for the Shrine at which the world was saved, and built on the sacred land where the Shrine stood, Lunare is both a city and a sovereign nation. Formerly a meeting place for the leaders of the other kingdoms, it now stands as a testament to the efforts of the four nations. They have joined together and created this thriving city, a melting point that is free to inhabit by nationals from any country. Truly, it represents what the kingdoms can do when they band together.

      And within this metropolis, a mysterious group has emerged. They operate of their own accord, independent and carefree. Run by a small collective of powerful and unknown individuals, this shadowy Organization and its motives are shrouded in secrecy. However, it is known that they are gathering a very specific following...They are looking for Branded, and have amassed a small army of followers, with numbers growing ever steadily.

      The Branded…by far the most significant change: an evolution occurring throughout Gaia. There are a growing number of people that are emerging with stronger magic, as if the magic of old has once again returned. This blessing, as before, is bestowed upon a small portion of the population, and they are referred to as "the Branded". Because of the long-held belief that it was magic that led to so many deaths and wars, the men and women who obtain these gifts are considered outcasts. They are shunned by the general populace.

      Though the actual cause of this sudden change is unknown, it does appear to be linked to the bloodlines of those that were former pact partners...though countless years have passed, these bonds were preserved over generations of descendants. And the Branded have used these abilities to adapt! Though the human kingdoms have adopted peace, the world is still a dangerous place. They have found ways to utilize their abilities in productive ways, such as mercenary or military work.

      And so it all has led to this! This mysterious organization is seen as a safe haven for those that society is shunning. But what are their motives? By joining with them, the Branded have further alienated themselves from the general populace. There are those Branded that resist joining the Organization, but it has been said that it some cases, there are no other choices. Many of the Branded are leaving their own cities behind and moving to Lunare, seeking new opportunities. Among the mixed population, surely there will be a larger number of Branded to mingle with. Perhaps they are even seeking the help of this "Organization", rumored to be headquartered within Lunare.

      With all of these revelations, we are left asking numerous questions. Why has abundant magic suddenly returned to Gaia? What is the purpose of bestowing such abilities on these unsuspecting people? What are the motivations of this mysterious Organization?

      Answers will come with time, for this is only the beginning.

    • I’m sure there are many questions concerning the Branded and their abilities. I hope to address those here.


      The people referred to as "Branded" are called so for a few different reasons, explained below. The powers that the Branded possess appear to be linked to the person's ancestry, because powers manifest from people that have had ancestors who were pact partners with Great Spirits. These powers seem to have been carried down through the generations. No one knows exactly why they are reappearing now (although the Organization may have an idea...)

      The powers of the Branded usually manifest early in a person's life, normally in the early teens. The Branded are referred to as such for several reasons:

      1.) On the outset of getting the powers, the first usage of the abilities will place some sort of mark on the user,
      2.) In some cases (not all), the utilization of the power will result in seals, runes, and other visual effects appearing (*note* ever used magic in a "Tales of" game? sort of like that )
      3.) Metaphorically, they are called Branded because of the negative connotation they are met with after the emergence of their powers

      Regardless of the name given, it cannot be disputed that these abilities give the Branded an inherently different life than those without them. The abilities vary greatly from person to person; there are elementalists that can harness nature's most primal forces; there are those that can alter parts of themselves or their environments for a multitude of effects; there are those with expanded physical and mental capabilities.

      The possibilities are endless!

      Basically, a normal person has a very limited ability to use magic, if they can at all! Some humans do not harness magic in any way. But the magic that a Branded wields is much more expansive.

      A normal human’s affinity with magic is such that they may be able to light a candle. On the other hand, the magical output of a Branded would allow them to incinerate the very table the candle sat upon! This of course is conjecture, as each Branded has a specific ability that may not allow them to go around turning tables to ash.

      So be creative with your abilities!! Don't be afraid to try something. If we find it too much, or if we believe you are being too modest, we will let you know!

      Thanks for reading! And happy RPing everyone :)


    • Because I was attempting to leave the story at a decent length (I failed) so as not to be daunting (read: a pain in the ass) to read, I was vague within the story about some of the details regarding the place and time within which the story takes place. To help bring clarity to those that are new to the storyline, or to those that decided not to read it…I have included here a breakdown of the setting.

      Our story takes place mostly around the city-state of Lunare, and this information is mostly for helping you, as players, delve deeper into the world and its lore. We are using a standard fantasy setting for the most part, although there will be more revealed of that at the bottom.

      I hope that this information makes it easier for you to provide background with your characters. Enjoy!

      The Kingdoms of Gaia

      For millennia, there have been four kingdoms that divided the land:

      Aurelia: The eventual home of the nomadic Spirits of air, Aurelia is a sky flier's utopia. The city of the same name was situated on an island that mystically floated far above the mountain range that split the land in twain. Far below all of this lay a windswept plain, nearly untouched by the peaceful denizens that, largely, called the mountains and floating cities their home. Once the islands were placed on the ground, the capital city found itself situated within a valley, surrounded by these impenetrable mountains. Through great hardship, paths were made to the surrounding villages, and life went on.

      Aurelia has stood as a paragon, for they value the entire self: body, mind, and spirit. Considered the country of enlightenment, Aurelia is as well known for its dojos as it is for its libraries. Aurelians revered the Spirits, and considered each other as family more so than countrymen. Undying loyalty seems to be the defining trait of these hardy people, for, as the wind blows, they grow restless and desire to move and travel, but they always make their way back home. Because of this, the cities of Aurelia are mostly small and spread out, but numerous, for they desire their freedom and their space; such is the way of the people of the wind. However, the capital is large, heavily fortified by natural surrounds, and heavily populated with a multitude of people, from master swordsmen to well-studied scholars to battle-hardened mercenaries.
      Barako: It goes without saying that the Great Spirits of fire picked an appropriate place to settle in Barako. Barako has always been seen as a very hostile environment, for though there are some grassy highlands, the majority of the land is a large desert, surrounded on all sides by mountains. However, this did not stop the people from settling here, and they made the best of it. A strong, hardworking people, Barako has always been the most militaristic of the four nations. With strong, prideful people and an undying loyalty the the Emperor, the nation is known for its great metal works; they have created some of the best weapons ever seen on Gaia.

      Among the mountain ranges are the only volcanoes that dot the landscape of Gaia, and it was in the center of this ring of fire that the capital of Barako was built. Utilizing the molten rock to their greatest advantage, the people of Barako have become the best blacksmiths and engineers to grace Gaia. In years past, this kingdom has been viewed with contempt and disdain, and who can blame the other nations? One look at Barako's inhospitable environment would give anyone reason to run at breakneck speeds away from it. But the people of Barako are strong and wholesome, and have survived centuries in their harsh environment. It is a challenge they are more than welcome to meet, with smiles on their faces.

      Korijin: The birthplace of the water Spirits, Korijin is well known for its small green forests that surround several large lakes. In fact, the land mass that is considered the kingdom of Korijin is mostly coastline, and the body of water that it touches is actually the majority of the kingdom. With this ease of access to water, the people of Korijin are well known travelers and seafarers. This is somewhat necessary, because Korijin is also made up of several islands that would otherwise have no access between them.

      The climate of Korijin runs the gamut of tropical at the southern reaches, to tundra in the northern parts. The sea north of the main Korijin landmass is normally covered in a think layer of everlasting ice. Some of the cities are located on these frozen waters. The people of Korijin vary just as much as the environs in which they live. Culturally rich and diverse, partly because of the travelling nature of the people, Korijin has a rich heritage, and are far more reliant on spiritual and familial bonds, and the intense one they share with nature, than on material possessions. The lands of Korijin are known for soothing, peaceful landscapes, and this may have rubbed off on the inhabitants: the people of Korijin are looked up to as a people that, above all else, can engage in peaceful discourse. They will, however, fight for what they believe in, and are very dedicated to the land and its people.

      Terahime: Ages ago, the Earth spirits called Terahime home. This land is large, varied, and beautiful. Humble and traditional, Terahime is largely a place accustomed to old fashioned human ingenuity. The land is evenly dotted with mining towns and farmlands. The people always have a hardy working mentality, and everyone always seems busy doing something. They see their lives as simple, and are completely content with their easygoing way of life. They are dedicated and hardworking, if somewhat stubborn. This is somewhat expected, however, coming from the people of the earth kingdom.

      With expansive prairies and canyons, Terahime offers long lines of sight, and has one of the flattest landscapes. This is mostly due to the large amount of mining work that was done over generations, which has leveled whole mountains. The capital city is surrounded by these canyons, making it a natural fortress. Though there are some mountains in Terahime, many of them have been leveled by the hard working people, or are still currently being mined. Either way, the rugged men and women of this country continuously move forward, nigh oblivious of the world outside their sleepy towns and quaint hamlets. Honest and forthright, they are completely content with the lives they lead.

      And of course, we have the setting of our story as of now…


      For over the passage of time, the city of Lunare was introduced. As a nation that is a combination of the other four, it is much more diverse, combining all of the best qualities of the kingdoms. It is situated on a centrally located, small island. This particular piece of land was formerly the location of the Shrine of Spirits, and the only piece of land still located on the mantle when the lands of Gaia floated in the air. Now that the kingdoms lay back down, this island has become a merging point for all of the nations. It is a safe haven for people of all kinds to inhabit.

      The island itself consists of a bustling port city, known as Imen. Though small, it is the first place travelers see when they come to Lunare, and its gates have welcomed countless people. The harbor for Lunare, there is a large dock for the multitude of ships that come and go. Beyond the docks, there are numerous smaller settlements that make up the quaint town. As the first stop when coming to Lunare, many that have immigrated have chosen to stay here and make a life of their own. Many shop keepers and small workers have taken advantage of this, and the city has a heart of its own.

      Following the road out of Imen leads through a section of grasslands and into a large, dark forest known as Emmeryn. An expansive, dense wood that extends to the south and east of the large city of Lunare, there are paths that lead through the forests to the surrounding towns. Life is abundant within the lush wood, as it teams with wild animals and beasts. Not far from the capital city is a large lake, where many people gather to take refuge from bustling city and bask in the beauty of nature. Given its secluded nature, and the fact that the trail bisecting the forest is the path connecting the port to the capital, it is not unheard of for bandit attacks and other foul activities. Also, if someone were to look hard enough, they may find that the Branded seem to frequent this secluded area as well, safe from the watchful eyes of humans and their persecution...

      And finally, we have the capital and namesake for the island. Lunare, The melting pot! A sprawling metropolis, and an amalgamation of all of the nations of Gaia. Built utilizing as much magic as was possible at the time, the city sports tall buildings made of glass and metal, far ahead of any other city on the planet. Always bustling with life, it is a place of opportunity: from its booming market, to its construction and expansion, to its mercenary work, and even pursuing darker exploits in the dark corners that every city has. This majestic cityscape has become the standard to which all other cities are measured. And with its large population, this city has become the destination for many of the Branded, making it easier to blend in. With this, the general attitude towards Branded is more open than in other cities in Gaia. Still, many have chosen to hide themselves away. And with the high concentration of Branded, the Organization has set its sights on the city as well...

      I may reveal more information about this as time passes, but I believe that much will be revealed as we RP, because this is the starting point for our story.


      Also, I was vague about the current state of technology in our world, so here is a rundown:

      I am hesitant to refer to the technology here, as someone previously put it, as "Magitech", but that is the best wording that comes to mind. As far as technology goes, it is mostly used for large-scale transportation: Trains, airships, sea vessels and the like. The development of these devices was mainly due to the usage of the remaining magic that did permeate the world so many years prior to our current story. In fact, the creating of these devices was in reaction to the loss of magic. With the loss of useful, more powerful magic, something had to be done. This magitech was made to compensate.

      I am not talking about cars (single person transportation), and it should be said that the main form of personal transportation is still atop horses or via carriage. Magitech weapons have been developed, and their main purpose is to supplement or strengthen the weakened magic of humans. These do include magitech guns, but they do not fire bullets; more or less, they use elemental forces, such as fireballs. They usually take the small amount of latent magical energy within a person and amplify it. This is why a Branded can usually not use magitech weaponry, because the stronger magical energy they exude causes magitech weaponry to overload and become unusable.

      This makes any skilled fighter able to overcome the more advanced weaponry, especially with the abilities that most branded possess. Among the Branded, their main form of weaponry beyond their powers are normally more archaic weapons, such as blades, polearms, and bows. Even general citizens, who may not have the ability, access, or desire for magitech weapons, still utilize more traditional weaponry.

      Thanks for reading!

      (~More could be added to this list overtime, an announcement will be made if that is the case~)
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